Hi Guys so I'm back with a new idea and I really want to try it out so here it goes. It's going to be a Gaoranger1 triple crossover with Percy Jackson and the Anime Movie Kimi no Na Wa2. Down at the bottom are brief descriptions for the series marked since they are not from America. But since the site only allows two stories technically, I will mark it under Percy Jackson and Super Sentai.

Universe Summaries and Differences:

Gaoranger: Kakeru Shishi is actually the first chosen Gaoranger and still becomes GaoRed but the other chosen are actually scattered throughout different universes so Kakeru must embark on a quest to recruit his new comrades.

Kimi no Na Wa: Takes place after the movie but the events in the movie are still canon. However by this time, Taki and Mitsuha have fully regained their memories and have been now engaged for several months.

Percy Jackson: This is a universe where Percy has been cheated on by Annabeth and most of Camp also turning on him. With only Jason, Piper and a few others by his side he must learn to overcome new obstacles while falling for a certain silver-eyed goddess.


GaoRed: Kakeru Shishi

GaoYellow: Jason Grace

GaoBlue: Percy Jackson

GaoBlack: Taki Tachibana

GaoWhite: Mitsuha Miyamizu

GaoSilver will not come in yet to make it more fitting as a Sixth Ranger but his identity is a complete secret.

Also there will be very surprise appearance by another hero but he won't appear till much later on.


Percy & Artemis (This pairing stands out to me the most which is why I chose it)

Jason & Piper (Still think this pairing is absolutely beautiful)

Taki & Mitsuha (OTP enough said)

Kakeru & Misaki (If you watched Gaoranger Misaki is a former assistant to Kakeru back during his days as a vet and I know she is apparently married in the original universe but I personally thought they would have made a great couple so in this universe she is single and she and Kakeru clearly have feelings for each other.)

And there we go. Now I won't be giving up on my other stories. But to work on this story I will have to place the other 2 on hiatus until further necessary. That is the basic outline for my upcoming story. So you can see this is going to be a big project story I will be working. Thankfully I watched the entire Gaoranger series, read every single Percy Jackson book until the end of HOO (The Trials of Apollo and Magnus Chase are considered non-canon as including those two series are far too complicating to be added). So I will hopefully be able to make no continuity errors but if I do, please notify me as I hate them as much you guys probably do. Thanks to all who are interested and be on the lookout for the first chapter of Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (Alternate Timeline).

1: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger is a Tokusatsu Super Sentai Series aired in early 2000. It was also the 25th anniversary for the Super Sentai Franchise as a whole. Featuring 5 warriors chosen by the GaoAnimals, they would wage a fight with the evil Orgs who seek to cause chaos and mayhem.

2: Kimi no Na Wa is a Japanese animated drama film that was released just a little over a year ago in the summer of 2016. The movie follows a young male and female from two completely different parts of Japan as they switch bodies every once in a while and experience each others' lives.