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Tale from A wandering bard

On a nightly sky like this one,

Under the gaze of a full moon,

A restless sea with resting tides,

Very calm with an untrusty vibes,

That would ran chills down one spine,

As this would be a memorable night,

As within the ripples of water a something would resurface,

And with heavy breath of life the sea return from its halt to restless motion,

And with this, soon than later, winds of change would follow.

A man who reeks of blood and insides with a history of violence;

And memories, the burden which lead him to misery,

Is given, another chance to live without the burden he once carried.

Thesis "Why males are not born in monsters wombs?"- By Aldia Hakutaku Scholar

This has been the quest for the holy grail every scholar before the generation of my mother, a mystery which does not have an answer and starts like this, "Why males are not born in monsters wombs?" and it isn't even a question a scholar often ask themselves, it mostly every person who have lived less than a century have asked whether they are peasants or nobles, philosophers or farmers, always the same question "Why males are not born in monsters womb?"

Over the centuries many sages and scholars theorized the possible end if the Lilims kept turning human settlements into monster settlement by forcing the female into monster and the male into incubi all doing without restraint as if were a campaign. Plus, adding the abduction of males from their homes at the hands of other monster. And generation after generation the human population starts to go thin to be considered a species in danger near extinction, until is wiped out.

The sages theorized that with the human species extinction the monsters of the new generation would try to snatch the incubi of those species with long lifespan to satiate their needs. Then they would agree to be in a polygamous relation with said male, which would be appealing for the open minded of course. This later would be referred as the "Patriarchic Arrangement"due to the center of everything being the male which is a patriarch of the community. Multiple parties would benefit from that arrangement however it has downside which would rise more conflict later.

The conflict the sages theorize to occur is that all female surrounding the male would keep growing until there is less liberty for the male to do anything else just mate with everyone. But the conflict will not start by the male since he would too eager with his lifestyle rather it will be the first mates who will throw the first rock to start conflict with the others. And years later turned into war.

The sages said that there is possibility that with alongside the extinction of males the monsters would start to develop or rather they would resurface remnants of their primal monster nature before the rise of the current monster lord. Alas resulting in what can be compared to the human history: conflict after conflict.

The sages theorized that the war would be self-destructive which would be like having an enemy on every corner, until there was none just one last standing.

Since I diverged to the possible future here is my thesis: Why males are not born from monsters womb?

I guess that the reason behind the "why" incubi and monster can't have male offspring is because the incubi are very moldable to one's desire and the same could be said of the human. But that would going too far to be considered prejudice if I didn't point that females adapt themselves to please their partners. But then again I am not pointy out the most important factor which is: The Setting. It is theorized that the setting is what rules the world even though we are unable to see it only or sense it and the only ones that are able to interact with it are the Monster lord and the Chief god which would explain our existence and our purpose as well the humans and their conflict with us since we both represent this two entities since they are both struggling to rule over it.

My theory is that the males are too submitted to the setting that are unable to break the shackles of it as they can be molded to the desire of their mate when they turn into incubi. The same submitted state is the monster's bodies which will always give birth to one of her species.

The only solution I that I theorized is: What if all that was required to avoid the setting working is that if there was some sort of way to move a strong willed male outside of this setting. My theory is since the male would not enter into conflict it would not follow the rules of the setting plus would not submit to it if forced to. Then when he mates with one monster this property might be passed to his offspring and on to his descendants.

Although to others would this theory would sound ridiculous, but the solution I presented is the only viable way to break the heavy chain that will drag us to extinction.

-Notes leaved by Aldia Xin Hakutaku in Haze Academy in the Mist Continent.

At the Sea

Water… was all that filled his vision and lungs, as he's body struggled with the tides of water, after waves of salty water rolling and throwing him in his weakened state as he leaned on a piece of wood, to who knows where… possibly to his damnation or possibly to his salvation.

Regardless, his fate again wasn't in his hands as his life is at the mercy of one of the many extensions of the leviathan of salty water known as the ocean, or was it sea. He didn't see the difference.

But he would wonder where this abysmal beast which has devoured an uncountable number of lives would drag him to? It would be something he would find in his wake, as he's conscience slowly drifted to the world of memories and nightmares.

And thus the man who came out nowhere, floated motionless on the tides as the whore known as fate dragged him in his unconscious. Where the sea will drag him its unknown, but it's hoped that his torture soul may find peace... in this new world.

At the coast

It was night covered by stars on the landscape of a beach with salty scented cool breeze along with the clashing sounds of waves composing the background of relaxation.

This exact landscape is being felt by an insomniac who much to the case is unable to sleep or in "her" is just a daily ritual for slumber. Which is seeing, smelling and hearing everything on the landscape, then find a rhythm to follow till her head is blank of anxious thoughts.

By "her" it would be referred to the young woman standing gazing the sea the beach aqua blue eyes, long untied hair below the shoulder which was left flowing on the breeze like black curtains, smooth caramel skin which in contrast with her eyes made her an exotic beauty. Wearing a long sleeved nightgown hugged her chest covering almost all her body except her four long hooved legs.

The slumber-less lady who was gazing the beach is a centaur, a beast-man (woman) with the upper half of a human and the lower half of horse. Her lower half covered by brown fur with spots of white on it. Her long hooved legs knee below covered by furless white, made her stand between 7 to 8 feet tall in four, while standing in two it would be between 12 to 14 feet tall.

Her pacific ritual before slumber was interrupted or rather interrupted… Her senses were picking something out of the ordinary, odd, yes, ever since she started this routine she have never have sensed anything odd aside from some encounters with another soul, which is usual.

What she is picking was out the usual?

Her nose recognizes the unmistakable scent of blood carried by the salty breeze. Over the years she have carried this nightly routine she has picked many scents and in wide variety but most of them where common to pick in this part. The scent blood was one she learn to recognize since she owns a bar which often ends in an all out brawl-which a 30% of then is her doing. However it didn't carry the same heavy scent a fish carries, or any monster she have met.

What's more odd this scent of whatever kind of blood carried another scent around it, which kind of… arouses her.

She shook her head leaving those thoughts aside.

Her ears picked the sound what could be described as steady breathing retrained breathing, instead of hearing a solo from the wave crashing with the sand. And she was the only one to be near the vicinity at this hour, aside from some Sea Bishop that sometimes make her company and have some conversation with about different subjects, which are often related on their life as singles, which the Sea Bishop often refers to it as "her Existential Curse". But this isn't the case since that woman never breaths in that pattern and didn't sound so rough or ever coughing water out of her lungs.

Making her mind and fears aside she started to explore the beach looking for the source.

She might appear calm but her mind was ignoring what would be a warning from her her sixth sense/instinct with the message: danger. As she was getting nearer to the source the more the security as her instinct warnings become more intense.

And thus her gaze went to where her instinct warned her to avoid and kept walking straight to it ignoring every tensed muscle, as the scent turned stronger and the sound of breath was more hearable the more her instinct wanted to turn around. But, it was too late turn around. She halted to see the thing that made her entire being enter a state of alert.

There on the sand being washed by rays of moonlight and waves of water… a body. On the beach lying with its face to the sand with waves of water crashing with its feet was… a body. The body's torso was covered in a piece of tattered cloth that was to be a shirt showing where blood was splitting, its lower body cover in dark trouser which were in better state than the shirt but still there many cuts on it.

When she got nearer she started to see more details of the body thanks to the moonlight- as well the scent became stronger and she could have deeper insight of it.


The light around me was fading as I sink into the darkness of my own mind.

I could feel all my thoughts and memories starting to fade from my head making it lite.

My heated nerves and tensed body which screamed of lingering pain to deaf ears in after many previous battles, started to relax and cool down forgetting the hurt as my nerves ordered my lungs to cease any gathering air.

And my heart beating steady with my limbs falling to slumber.

This is how death feels like? Sink and keep sinking into the bottom of the darkness never reaching the end.

Being trapped in the loop?

Yet though my mind is sinking and my memories are dying. I wonder why I still see the light of those moments, that I once lived in what was various lifetimes ago?

Might this be the reason why I am kept in this loop of never ending?

Those memories of… who are they, why I can't remember?

Why I can't remember the reason to remember?

Hah, yes I can see the reason why… I have burned myself, soul and body.

With a screaming desire and blind passion on fulfilling a vengeance, just now after all that happened, just now I came to realize the heavy price I had paid in exchange.

Having done everything yet unable to recall what I did.

Of course I am able to recall somethings but they are quite foggy.

Like names, faces, hour and place, is like they were fleeing from me.

Yet why the hell I can't forget anything about him, my reason of being!

The hate, despair, confusion, respect and friendship, why I can remember all that about Griffith?

Might be because all started with his sword stabbing right through my chest?

Or everything ended with his lifeless body dehumanized by my sword.

Well it doesn't matter when started or how it ended.

So thinking about it won't change that I will be dying… soon.

Just once in a lifetime I have felt regret.

Though now I feel it, what I really truly regret is that I couldn't find my dream or I that could not experience a life outside raising my sword.

With my last breath in what is a, sure death I confess my final regrets.

My thoughts came to halt as I felt the heaviness that was pulling me down with its pressure suddenly cease to existing. My nerves firing up the tension the pain all felt like being stabbing with burning iron. My lungs being filled by air accompanied with the tasteful yet warm something on my throat, which was kind nostalgic enough to give strength for my heart to pound vigorously awakening my senses to not give in.

Suddenly looking up with my gaze around this darkness from below I saw a surface, a ceiling of water which from beyond was a shining light which was visible.

So swam toward the surface struggling to not fall against the pain and without breathing.

Each time got closer to it I felt anxiety and my body trying to give up, that was not option for me as I will always struggle to keep living even if it's a lost cause with no future, there will be always for me a present to live.

Upon crashing on the surface I heard a desperate voice with air refilling my lungs again as my head went through the ceiling… I only saw blinding white.

And woman with long black hair dressed in white with her arms putting pressure on my chest and seeing me with aqua green eyes.

As I spit water from my mouth-erupting from my lungs- and again everything went black.

Though one word escaped my lips was mouthed in my delusion I whispered "Casca" as my consciousness left me.

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Inspiration: first pages of Berserk manga vol.1 XD.

That scene when Guts is screwing with the female apostle before blowing her with the canon arm.

I will be using Monster Girl Encyclopedia setting which is mostly the monsters. I also will be using more than one series with the concept of Monster Girls and other stories as reference for characters and balance the nature of MGE's monster girl. And switch between the Old and New version on the monster girl data.

The first monster girl to appear is a Centaur:

Family / Type: Centaur / Beastman

Habitat: Plains, forests

Disposition: Violent, lustful

Diet: Omnivores (Carnivores, eats any kind of animal)

Which I picked her up because is the best option due to her nature in the Old version.

I will introducing her profile with just appearance and like and dislike no background because that would remove the purpose of her development.

Now for the plot I am not sure if I should use the concept of "Y The Last Man" which would be man of "male" but men of "human" being a last human combined with a Veteran's social integration program. Evolving the setting by applying Darwin theory of evolution since a 60%-80% percent of the monster girls feeds upon the fluids of their male partners through sex, not only they feed they replenish their mana/od which serves them live longer. So they will adapt to the lack of males and humans since they are either taken (turned into incubus) or dead. Thus restrain making for the lack of nutrients

Then economy and Type Moon's Magi logic is apply making the oldest profession the most profitable and selling and conservation of body fluids is the second, the first for male the later in general. The both serve the purpose for any female that have that kind of diet but it will not come cheap.

This might turn into harem or either special circumstances which would involve mutual agreement of both parties Guts and the ladies since Guts will not submit he will take killing as his first option in hand. Also Guts is asexual and reserve person and I would hate to write a forced development though this woman force anyone.

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