This was written quite quickly, after watching what was Kyle's last scene on Facebook.


"It'll be alright, Phoebe. " Ricky was desperately trying to hold in the tears as she comforted her friend. Kyle had just been sentenced to 13 years in prison, Ricky had thought he'd been stupid going down for a woman he barley knew, but Kyle knew Isla had to look after her girls.

The two girls watched Kyle being handcuffed and Phoebe wiped away the tears as they walked out of the court room.

Ricky unlocked her car, she was going to drive Phoebe to the station. They arrived and both girls ran out of the car, up the steps and through the double doors.

"Can we see Kyle Braxton, please?" Ricky asked.

"He's about to be transferred to prison" the officer told them.

"Please?" Ricky asked.

The officer sighed. "You can have a few minutes with him"

"Thank you" the officer opened the door and Phoebe stepped in. "Hey" she whispered.

Kyle turned and looked at her. "Hey" he whispered back.

"I can't believe it Kyle" she sat down beside him.

"lt'll be ok" Kyle was trying to sound reassuring, if Brax could handle prison, then he could to, it wasn't like it was his first stint inside, but he knew that if he got out, Phoboe may have left the Bay, even though she had hooked up with Ash, following the miscarriage of hers and Kyle's twins, Kyle had always remained her true love, the Braxton's never forgot the first woman they fell in love with.

"Phoebe?" Kyle questioned.


"It's you, it's always been you "

Phoebe smiled, a weak smile, she knew that was Kyle's way of telling her that he loved her.

"I love you too Kyle " She replied, wrapping her arms around him, pressing her lips lightly to his, she knew that this would be their last kiss for a long time.

The door opened and then their spell was broken but they both knew that their love would last forever.

Stepping in to the transport van, Kyle sat down on the small, wooden seat and sighed.

"Kyle Braxton " He told the guard on the desk

He was given a shower, his clothes were searched and he was given his prison clothes, a green t - shirt and pants.

Walking along the corridor, Kyle could hear the shouts of the imamates, wondering who this was. He stared down at the floor, waiting as the officer unlocked an empty cell. He stepped in.

It wasn't very big, it had a narrow bed, a toilet and a sink.

He knew that Ricky would want to bring baby Casey in to visit his uncle, but Kyle had refused her, she'd done it when Brax was sent to prison, he didn't want to see Casey for a couple of minutes each week.

Sitting in his cell, Kyle took out two photos, he'd been allowed to have two with him: He'd taken one of baby Casey and one of him and Phoebe together. He pinned them up on the wall, stroking the faces of his loved ones. He knew Brax would be proud, but he still felt bad, he had promised to look after Ricky and Baby Casey, and he had failed that.

Ricky needed him, her marriage to Nate hadn't last long, he'd cheated on her one his stag, but had kept quiet, fearful she would go back to Brax if she'd found out, it was only after a conversation with Hannah that she had found out. She had been furious, she'd shouted and took off her ring, moving out of the Palmer household and moving back in to the flat, which had remain unoccupied since she moved out.

Taking the picture of Phoebe off the board, Kyle turned it over and was surprised to see a few words written on the back.

"I love you Kyle "

"I love you too Phoebe " He told the picture, before putting it back up.

This was his life now.

Thanks for reading.