Prologue- Beached 0.1

It was an oddly misty night, just after sunset, with a pale moon rising above the city-by-the-sea. And the air was still, lacking sound of any sort. For there was something off about this night. The quiet was unnatural, and had fallen upon the city even as the day finally turned to night. But it was more than the silence...

Something had come to Brockton Bay, and what it was, none knew, save that it was of fearful nature, and that it had come with the oppressive fog. But while the average citizen was merely uneasy, the Heroes and Villains that called this place home found it much worse.

All across Brockton Bay, the various Parahumans were wracked by unearthly terror. But of them, Four were effected worse than most.

Colin Wallis held his Halberd close to his chest as he crouched in a dark corner, fully armored, barely able to move.

Lisa Willborne fell to the floor of her room screaming, blood dripping from her eyes.

Chris Daniels found himself paralyzed in front of his bathroom mirror, heart beating so fast that he thought it might explode.

Sherrel Bailey died of an overdose, after taking every drug within her reach in an attempt to fend off her panic.

And inside a Locker located within Winslow High School, a crying girl felt an odd sense of comfort, even as a strange verse rang through her ears.

Curse Here... Curse There...

A Curse for He, and She, why Care?

A Bottomless Curse. A Bottomless Sea.

Source of all Greatness, All Things that Be.

Listen for the Baneful Chants.

Weep with them, as one in Trance

And weep with me, oh, weep with me...

For my Sweet Child now sleeps in the Bottomless Sea.

And so, Taylor Hebert's cries for help were answered. For those above, Greater than all, are Sympathetic in Spirit.