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Mabel woke up 3 hours before the alarm clock, too excited to keep wasting valuable daylight with sleeping, well if there was any daylight at the moment. Checking the time, 4:20, she bounced out of bed and quietly sneaked up to her brother's bed and carefully… Screamed in his ear.

"Dipper! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" She screamed so loud that the blankets covering the still skinny boy flew off as he tried to attack Mabel with a pen that he chewed a while back.

"Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Oh, it's just you Mabel. You gave me the scare of my life. Please don't ever do that again."

"Sorry not sorry! You know why?"

"Because you're really annoying, all the time?"

"No dufus! Because today we get to go to Japan!"

"Oh yeah. Wait, why are you waking me up so early?"

"Because I'm 99.56% sure that we need to be early for our plane flight!"

"Ugh, planes. I regret this already."

"Well suck it up Dipstick! Now come on! I'm starving!" Mabel dragged her very reluctant brother out of the attic and down the stairs, much to his complaining. Plopping him into a wobbly chair at the table in the kitchen, she opened the fridge only to find spoiled milk, gargoyle eggs, and something extremely fuzzy that happened to be moving. "Ew, ew, and more ew. How about we just have cold cereal?"

"Sure, sure," Dipper said with a highly distracted tone in his voice. Sighing to herself, Mabel snatched the new Journal out of her brother's hands and threw it on top of the highest shelf she could find. "What the hey Mabs?! I was using that!" He jumped and as usual, he failed to be tall enough to grab it from the shelf. "Just cause I'm STILL shorter than you doesn't mean you can just do that!"

"Well then could you stop reading or writing in that book for 5 minutes and help me figure out what to eat for breakfast?"

"Sorry, but I have no idea. Actually, why don't we just-"

"Wait! How about… MABEL JUICE?! That make a great breakfast!" The very eccentric teen was about ready to leap back up the stairs and grab the necessary supplies when Dipper grabbed her arm.

"No. Not in a million years, and even then, NO. That stuff is evil. I was going to say we just go to Greasy's Diner. You know, normal food?"

"Ugh, FINE. I'm still making some Juice for me anyways, I could use the caffeine." Mabel grabbed her highly decorated purse, her brother, and ran out the door.

"Okay, first off, you don't and will NEVER need caffeine and second, that's what coffee is for," Dipper stated, as he was being dragged behind his sister once again.

When the twins arrived at the surprisingly open diner, they were greeted with a bear hug from Wendy. "Hey you two! Why are you guys here so early?"

"We're getting breakfast!" Mabel said as Dipper was saying,

"I'm pretty sure Mabel is the only explanation needed here."

"Okayyy~, Hey! I heard you're going to Japan! Sounds boring and cool at the same time! 'Cause you know, school. But it's a school for the best of the best! That's awesome!" She wrapped them in a hug again.

Dipper blushed a soft, but noticeable pink, "Th- thanks Wendy," Regaining the little confidence he had, "So, umm… Why are you here so early?"

"Rule number one of being a lumberjack's daughter: life starts before the sun. At least I have the comfort of knowing I can never be late to school!" Said the now seventeenish redhead.

Laughing a little too hard, Dipper grabbed Mabel and walked over to one of the many empty tables and picked up a menu, "Hey Mabel, I'm scared about, you know..."

"Wait, I thought you were over Wendy!" She nearly screamed, seeing her brother's panicked way of shaking his head, she calmed down. Or, at least as much as Mabel Pines could. "Okay, so what are you scared about this time little bro?"

"I'm not scared at everything Mabel! Anyways, I'm still worried about going to Japan. I mean, I've been studying the language and stuff, but that's not it. It's…" He looked down and sighed, "It's Bill. The fact that there's a statue of him in the forest is STILL freaking me out. I've been trying to find out anything, and I mean ANYTHING, on it. There's nothing. Not even a story, or a legend, or anything!" He was sick and tired of not being able to find answers to even the most simple questions, he used to be okay at it but he had lost his touch for mysteries in the months he's been away from this town.

Mabel groaned, "This again? Can't you just drop it for once? So you can't solve it on your own? What's wrong with that? How about this, when we get to Japan, go ask the professionals about this. They're sure to have answers. Until then, take a chill pill. Got it?"

Nodding, her male counterpart looked back at the menu for something to eat that didn't involve coffee. A few minutes of silent reading of the menu later, Lazy Susan finally came over.

"Hey kids! What can I get you this morning?"

"CanIgetfrenchtoast,youknow,thekindwithstrawberriesandwhippedcream,andacottoncandylimeadewithextracottoncandyandasideofbacon?" Mabel said in one breath Much to Dipper's disbelief, Susan managed to write it down correctly.

"And you?"

"Oh! Umm, just chocolate chip pancakes with scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast please. And can you add an orange juice to that?"

"Sure thing kiddo! Be back in a second! Don't go anywhere!" Susan walked off with their orders and the twins resumed their silence for about 20 seconds until Dipper broke it.

"Okay Mabel, you got us up this early for this, but quick question, are you ready for this? I mean, it's not just a new school, it's a whole new country!"

"Dipper, Dipper, Dipper. You silly goose, of course I'm ready! But Japan isn't ready for the Mystery Twins~!" She said, singing the last few words, "I have it all planned out: first, we make a grand entrance and immediately become friends with everyone, then we (or at least you) ace the classes and rise to the top! Finally, we graduate with perfection and become exorcists right after!"

Dipper was taken aback by this, "Okay wait, since when did YOU make plans for how to do something?"

"I thought that since you always do it and fail, but I'm the ALPHA TWIN~, I could pull it off with flying colors!"

"Stop with the Alpha Twin, K? I get it, moving on. What makes you think we can be exorcists that fast?"

"Let me think… oh yeah! 'Cause we're awesome?!"

"Mabel, it takes about a good 3 years to be fully qualified. And even then, we'd have to work our tail-ends off in order to be a higher rank."

"Please, we can do it all in 2."

"Yeah no. Life isn't like that. Seriously."

Just then Dipper looked over Mabel's shoulder to see Susan coming their way with the food. "Here ya go Kids! Dig in!" The twins thanked her and started to enjoy something that didn't have hair in it, like other breakfast options they had.

"We're home~! Let's get to that airport!" Mabel dropped all of her stuff at the door, leaving Dipper to fall over them.

"Ow. Grunkle Stan? Ford? Are you guys even here?"

"We're in the gift shop!" A grouchy voice shouted.

The twins ran over and opened the door to find everyone standing around. With some weird guy in pink. "Soooooooo… when are we leaving for the airport?" Mabel questioned, surprisingly not taking notice of the stranger.

"Actually, you're leaving right now." Ford gestured to their bags, which they had packed almost a month ago.

Dipper, who was pulling wood shards out of his arms and legs, spoke up, "Well let's, ow, get going! Ow. What are we waiting for? OW! MABEL!"

"Well you couldn't reach it!"

"You. Could. Have. Asked!"

"You. Would've. Said. No!"

"Ahem, sorry to break up this 'touching' moment, but we need to leave. I have other things to attend to," The stranger had finally said something. He pulled out a keyring and started to insert one into the keyhole for the main entrance.

"Uhh, what are you doing?!" Dipper gave a face of confusion and shock.

The stranger gave a small frown, "I don't like airplanes. We're taking a much faster method. Trust me~!" He opened the door, only to reveal a white void instead of the forest that surrounded the Mystery Shack. "Hurry up! I have eternity to wait but you don't~!" Dipper and Mabel shouldered their stuff, said good-bye, and walked through with the strange man.