Rin woke with a start. Where was Yukio? He looked around only to realize that he wasn't in the dorm. Or any place that he had ever been to, kinda. It looked like a fusion between Shiemi's garden and the playground that he and Yukio played in when they were little. Walking forwards, he stared in curiosity as the monastery rose in front of him. Where was he?

"In case you're wondering, this is your mind." Whipping around, he was face to face with a triangle that looked like it was smiling. That is, if it had a mouth.

"What are you doing here then?!"

"Two weeks of whatever I want in your dreams, remember?"


Bill ignored the half-demon and proceeded to explore the long halls of Rin's memory. "You know if I wanted to scare ya, it really wouldn't take much to make you an insomniac." Bill pulled open a small door and listened to the screams of people calling Rin a demon. "Like seriously, your waking moments are nightmarish enough."

Rin slammed the door shut. "Stop that! It's creepy." Bill shrugged and followed the teen as he walked and turned to head down a new hallway decorated with colorless pillars and stained glass. "The cram school. Wait, why is it here? Why is anything here?"

"You really are the dumb one. It's your memories obviously, Whatever you've seen, heard, smelled or something, is in here."

Rin looked around at all the memories. Chuckling at all the arguments that happened with his friends-er-classmates really were something to him. Turning back to face his torturer, "So, what you going to do to me? Come on you wanted to, so here's your chance."

"Let's start with something easy shall we?" And with that, Bill snapped his fingers and Rin was surrounded by a darkness. It lifted, only to coat his eyes in blazing blue.

Oh you've got to be kidding me. Rin thought to himself. Like he didn't see this all the time. And now I'm going to- Instead of blood gushing from one of his friends however, he saw a long hallway, lit in soft light given from crystal balls that hung from a thread. A closer look however, and you could see a small, wispy personage struggling to break free from their prison. What the actual-

Isn't this lovely? Bill whispered inside his head, You can finally see this place. Or well, how I remember it. Take a look around kid.

"And why would I do that? I could get killed!" He yelled to the voice.

Kid you can just think to me, no need to actually talk outloud to yourself. Only people who want attention do that.

Okay well, how do I not get killed then?

There is literally no one here, considering it's a dream. Seriously, you're an idiot.

Rin didn't have a very good answer to that, so he followed the prompting and walked down the hall. There were ebony doors lining the walls, along with thin windows and small tables with purple orchid and hydrangea arranged in elegant bouquets. Who the hell lives here?

That's for me to know and you to find out.

Fuck you.

I'd rather not. Bill's maniacal laugh resonated in Rin's head as he realized the stupidly confused and angry look on the teen's face. Rin pulled on one of the doors, only to be greeted with emptiness. Look, I didn't get explore the entire place when I was here that one time. Just keep moving, and turn left! He closed the door and turned left as he was told. A few moments later and he came to a massive door decorated with crude iron and sapphires. Well open it kid!

Okay, okay! I'm opening it! Inside was a beautiful room, that was basically empty. A glass roof allowed cold light to shine down unto a curving throne. Can I know where I am now? Because this place gives me the creeps.


Uh, no.

Come on kid! Throw me a bone here!

Your place?

Nope. I prefer yellow and random things floating around.

Fuck it, I'm out of ideas.

You can't be serious. Here I'll make it easier. Blue flames lined the sides of the circular room, illuminating it with an eerie light. Now can you guess?

A look of realization came over Rin's face. Gehenna. I'm in Gehenna.

No, it's Narnia! Of course it's Gehenna you idiot! Honestly after the quick wit of the Pines family, you are the dumbest human I've ever met.

Hey! I'm not that dumb! But why am I here?

Two reasons: One, I want to scare ya by showing you your home sweet home and two-

This is not my home! I live in Assiah!

Oh will you shut up! Bill raged, As I was saying, I also just kinda wanted to see your reaction to the throne room. Why don't cha take a seat? Bill finally detached himself from Rin's mind and reappeared in the material world, or the dream world in this case.

I am not sitting there!

You already are.

Rin looked down to find himself seated comfortably in the smooth stone. How the hell did I-

It's. A. DREAM! How do you say it? Oh right: DUH!

Can I be done with this before anymore weird shit happens?

You are so lucky that you need to wake up right about now or I'd show you the arena!

NOPE! And with that Rin shook his head so as to force himself awake.

Rin's upper body came flying upward. Rubbing his temples, he turned to check the time. 7:45 I'm actually awake early for once. Pulling himself out of bed, he went to go get ready for the day.

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