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Weiss Schnee was walking through the white halls of the Atlas military base, holding a small case of dust vials tightly. Determined to make her weapon more efficient, she was making a quick stop to the laboratory just for some upgrades for Myrtenaster.

The metal sliding door of the lab was standing out in this regular hallway, the Schnee logo atop the frame. Weiss was about to knock until it suddenly opened by the lab head, a short man with messy black hair and large glasses.

"Oh, hello Miss Schnee." He greeted the heiress, quite surprised to see her, "How unexpected for you to arrive here, I thought you were at Beacon. What brings you here?"

"I'm only making a quick stop here to find some upgrades for my dust rapier. I figured that it would be best to just come here myself, see to it personally" The girl replied with an informal smile.

"Miss Schnee, have you visited your father? I'm sure he'd like to you at home."

"Yes, I did." She said this quickly "May I enter the lab? I would like to see what my family's been working on."

"Miss Schnee, this room is off limits to you at the moment," He responded, "We wouldn't want anyone to mess around inside."

Of course, the heiress was not going to let herself be defeated by that statement, "Sir, I only want to get my weapon upgraded, I'm not asking for anything else. I'll make a quick look around and gather some equipment, and be back here in no less than eight minutes."

The man sighed, "Well, eight minutes wouldn't be a bad thing. Just be sure to get what you need. And only that." He checked his watch and set the timer to eight minutes, giving the go ahead for the heiress to walk in the lab.

Blue lights shined down the room as the heiress walked inside, looking for the ingredients for her rapier, half of which were inside a miniature case. After unlocking it and taking the dust samples, her blue eyes noticed a caution sign painted on an unlocked door.

'How careless of that guy to just leave a door open for anyone to just enter.' Weiss thought to herself, however something about the room beyond the door felt intriguing to the girl. She stuffed the case in her pocket and approached it. Looking inside cautiously, she saw that there was a glass box in the center of the room.

The box contained a dozen spiders, the eight-legged arachnids walked around the box with no possible way to escape. Weiss was quite amazed at the sight of the arachnids, not because of their nature but because of the glowing colors on their backs. White, red, yellow, all sorts of colors were flashing on and off.

"Wow…" She kept her eyes on the sight of the arachnids, unaware of one of them slowly prying out of the small breathing holes. This one was blue and white, and once it was out of the glass box it began to walk to the hand of the heiress.

The eight legged creature was gone unnoticed as Weiss backed up from the box with no intention of harming one of them. Before she can leave, the spider crawled onto the back of her hand and started to sink its fangs right into the skin. The bite had caused a great dose of pain, but she suppressed her scream and backed away from the glass box, falling onto the floor. The spider had fallen off the wrist in a weakened state, leaving a bite mark behind. She stood on her feet and headed to the door very slowly.

The spider bite was proving very effective, but she hid away the pain as best as she could while snatching another case of vials for the rapier and stuffing them in the case. Leaving hastily out of the door she nearly fell but thanked the walls for being able to support her movements.

"Miss Schnee, are you alright?" The scientist asked, looking up from the watch and approaching the girl with great concern.

Weiss only looked at him for a second before trying to walk. "I'm doing fine...just feeling a bit...unwell." She fell on her knees but tried to stand back up.

"Do you wish to be taken to the Schnee manor-"

"No, it's alright. Please take me to Beacon Academy."

"But miss Schnee, don't-"

"Please just bring me there!" She shouted before holding her hand as the pain was slowly increasing.

Her orders were accepted as she was being taken back to the academy in an Atlas aerial vehicle, however the longer it took to reach their destination, the more sick Weiss got. After sending a message to a Team RWBY about her condition but was a bit cryptic about it, she was already thinking that it was her fault for being curious about the spiders, but yet was wondering why they were even under the watchful eye of Atlas.

She didn't had time to figure out the reason as the door opened up and she did her best to walk out, noticing the three figures that were her friends and teammates.

"Weiss!" Ruby used her semblance to reach the heiress and gave her a soft hug, "Are you okay?"

"Y-Yeah…I'm okay." She said, but nearly fell on a Ruby's shoulder.

"Are you sure, because you look a lot less than okay." Yang walked towards her, also showing concern over Weiss. Even in her agony, the heiress was able to notice Blake walking towards her.

She was a bit surprised given as to the previous event with Blake being revealed as a Faunus caused a great argument between themselves, now that they were in the clear she wasn't really expecting something like this.

"Don't worry, we'll get you to the infirmary. Just keep walking, you'll be fine." She told the heiress, who nodded a little in response. Both Blake and Ruby started to move their teammate while Yang went ahead to inform the medical staff of Weiss' state.

As she was carried by her teammates, she could only feel the pain increasing in waves. Whatever the spider did to her, however, was about to change her life.