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Claudius Templesmith had just called out that there could only be one Victor, which now that I thought about it, I felt completely stupid that I could believe they would allow such a thing to happen. It was obviously a ploy for the audience to have a good show and in my opinion; Peeta and I definitely gave them one.

I had been zoning out on Peeta's big, passionate declaration on love…how he wouldn't be able to move on without me…that people needed me (that was true)…

Looking up at Peeta as he finished his grand speech, "…there can only be one Victor."

Hmmm, I felt a metaphoric lightbulb turn on above my head, I had an idea, an idea that would please the audience and get us out of the arena.

Peeta stopped his speech as he saw me reaching into my pockets and pulling out the nightlock that I had gathered earlier, "No!" He exclaimed.

I looked deep into his blue eyes, as if I was really in love him, "Trust me," he looked back and allowed me to pour half the pile of berries into his hands.

We stood back to back and he said, "Hold them out, I want everyone to see." I wanted to snort, the Capitol had amazing cameras, and they could probably see our individual eyelashes if they wanted to, but instead of that I answered, "Okay."

"On three?" Peeta asked and I agreed.

"One," I said. I'm not nervous at all, because even if they allow us to eat the berries, they won't kill us.

"Two," Peeta said. I know that I told Peeta they were poisonous, but most people of District 12 have built up immunity to it by eating animals that can eat the berries.

"Three." We said together and ate the poisonous berries. They stung my throat as they went down and I'd probably have a horrible stomach ache for days; just because they didn't kill doesn't mean they wouldn't mess with me because they are still somewhat poisonous.

I was shocked that they allowed the two of us to die, like really! I know I'm quite popular in the Capitol, I suppose they wanted to do the whole Romeo and Juliet thing. Finally I decide to look to see if Peeta is alright only to see him dead.

"Peeta?" I shook him, trying to wake him. "Peeta?" It was then that I remembered that he was from Town and was wealthy enough to buy meat from the butcher, and therefore had no immunity to nightlock…oops.

I then jumped about three feet when I heard, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Victor of the 74th Annual Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen from District 12!"

Just a short one-shot that's been rolling around in my head. I have no idea about the science of getting immunity to things so whatever. It's just for fun don't read too much into it.