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WARNING: Explicit Content & Language

There was only one rule at the Hideout; no problems. In order to step into the building, you had to leave all issues and affiliations at the door. The Hideout was common ground, an in-between, a meeting place. All gangs of every kind were welcome. On the condition that you didn't bring your violence inside with you. Once you were outside the front doors, well – that was a whole other story.


The group of them raced down the highway. They had managed to lose the cops for the moment but it wouldn't be for long. They always had reinforcements. He glanced back at the group following him and swore. They were too obvious all riding together. He stared up ahead and by the grace of God, spotted it. Thank fuck it was still standing. It'd probably been at least 5 years since he'd been this far north. He never even thought to seek it out. He was relieved that the building was still standing. It was old the last time he was here. Now it was decrepit and on the verge of caving in. He smirked, waving a hand behind him to guide his brothers. He veered to the right, leading the group off the highway and onto the dirt road that led to the Hideout.

When they reached the front parking lot, it was sparsely populated. Jax swore, they needed a good cover. They needed to blend in. He spotted the few 18 wheelers around back and continued on towards them. He parked behind it, making sure that his Harley was successfully hidden behind the beast of a vehicle. The rest of the boys followed suit. He counted to make sure everyone was with him. Chibs, Juice, Bobby, Happy, and Tig. Everyone was there. He climbed off his Harley began towards the back door.

"Let's go." He motioned for his brothers to follow, "We don't have a lot of time."

None of them knew where they were but they trusted their VP. With a shrug, they followed after him.


I heard the roar of motorcycles pulling into the parking lot but when the sound continued around the building I knew this wasn't just a pit stop. There were few that knew about my back-door policy. I flicked through the people who knew about my less than legal favour but couldn't figure out who could possibly be using it. At least not this early in the day, anyways. Knowing that someone was going to be knocking, I cleaned up the counter, folding the rag in my hand and looping it over the bar before heading towards the back.

As I rounded the corner, passing the washrooms I heard it. The distinct rapping against the door. I gripped the handle and shouldered it open a crack, greeted by baby blue eyes.

"Teller?" I asked in disbelief.

He gave me his signature smile, "Hey darlin'."

I pushed the door open further and counted four more bikers accompanying him. I turned back to him, the question already on my face.

He lifted his shoulders, holding his hands out and pouting, "You know in any other circumstance I wouldn't ask, but we seem to have pissed off a few officers on our way home."

I rolled my eyes. He was really laying it on thick. With a sigh, I kicked the door open all the way and hustled the group of them through the doors.

"How long do we have?" I asked, shutting the door and locking it for extra measures.

The one with black curly hair answered, "Ten minutes, at most."

I groaned, "Couldn't make this easy for me, could you?"

Jax chuckled. I shook my head and lead them to the main room. I scanned the main area for a minute, a plan forming. While I was calculating where to put the extra men while still making the nearly empty parking lot seem authentic, I felt eyes watching me. I glanced up to see the bald one watching my every move. I stared back at him, waiting for him to let up but he never changed. I took a moment to feel him out. My eyes flicked from head to toe, capturing his appearance fully. I couldn't deny that he was easy on the eyes. His arms were covered in tattoos and that sent me reeling. I couldn't place why, but something about this grump of a man really did it for me. I grinned inwardly, there would be time to address these feelings later. I gazed around the room one more time before addressing the group.

"Teller, you and grumpy – over there." I pointed to the far booth.

The one with the scars and mohawk raised their eyebrows at the descriptor I used for their friend. Jax pursed his lips, fighting the smile on his mouth, and grumpy audibly growled at me. I tilted my head, a pout full of attitude on my face.

"Don't like my adverbs, don't take my help." I flashed a grin.

I heard the muffled laughs from his comrades but he seemed to let it go. His haunches lowered but he kept a keen eye on me. He was trying to figure me out. Jax grabbed his shoulder to lead him away but I stopped them.

"Cuts." I said, holding my palm out to them.

"What?" The grumpy one spoke, his rasp hitting me straight in the crotch.

Shit. I was not expecting a voice that hot coming from him. I don't know what I was expecting but with his looks, tattoos and voice all coupled together I was turning into a puddle of hormones. I legitimately had to fight my own body from crossing my legs. All it wanted was friction and now was not the time.

I inhaled, steeling my resolve and continued, "If they come in here, they'll spot the leather right away and single you out. I'll hide them in my office and they won't know the difference."

He mulled over my explanation and seemingly agreed because he began slipping the leather off his shoulders. Each of the men around me all followed suit and they handed the cuts to me. I folded them over my forearm and guided them all to their hiding spots.

"You." I pointed to the black haired one, "there's a small opening under the bar, make yourself fit." He whipped his head around bewildered but I was moving on, "Grey hair, with me. Mohawk, you're on the other side of the room. Far booth to the left. Scars – pool table off to the right. Keep your back to the door."

The grey haired one followed me with an etching of laughter stuck on his face. I opened the door to the office and laid the cuts over the back of my chair.

"Stay in here." I told the biker, "I'm the only one with a key. Keep the door locked and do not come out unless I unlock it."

He nodded, settling against the desk. I grabbed the nearest baseball cap and let the door shut behind me. I heard as the biker in there locked it. I walked over to where the kid with the mohawk was and handed him the hat. He accepted it and pulled it over his head, then lifted the hood from his sweater. I made sure that each table they were at had drinks and food, to make it seem true. When I turned back to the bar I found the black haired one still standing against the counter.

"If you don't make yourself comfortable down there, I'll do it for you." I warned.

He shot me a wink before crouching down and shuffling into the space between the fridge and dishwasher. I turned to grab my rag when we heard the sirens. Screeching tires came in from the freeway, skidding to a stop in front of the doors. I closed my eyes, just in time.


I blinked up at the front door as it swung open. Three officers stepped in, all had their hands hooked against their hips, settled on their utility belts. I rolled my eyes. They always put on such a show coming in here. It was like they thought they were above the one rule. I'd made it clear plenty of times in the past that they weren't. They were welcome to come in here, enjoy a drink or two, but they weren't allowed to step into the joint with the intent to arrest any of my patrons. Not without the legal warrants, that is. I took notice of the third one. He was new. I zeroed in on his patch on the uniform. 'Shane'. Well it looked like my friends were bringing another one into the folds. The new recruit stood tall, his shoulders pulled back. I tossed the drying rag over my shoulder and let him approach the bar. He took one glance at me and his eyes nearly crossed in confusion.

"You must be lost." he stated, "A pretty thing like you shouldn't be hanging out in a place like this."

Disregarding the fact that his opening statement sounded like a horrible pickup line, I tilted my head at him. Was he for real? Not only did he not greet me in any way, he straight up assumed he could talk for me. Telling me that I was lost. He had no fucking idea who I was. I leaned to my left, an expression of pure disbelief on my face, and stared at the two regular cops standing behind him. They had their hands covering their mouths and were hiding the guffaws at their new recruit digging a hole for himself. I shook my head and mouthed, 'really?' The oldest one shrugged his shoulders and grinned. I rolled my eyes and straightened out, peering at the kid in front of me.

"Do you work here? Can you go and get the owner for me? We have a few questions for him." The young police officer spoke.

I fought from reacting and slapping his judgmental ass to the floor.

I blinked, my lips in a thin line, "I'm the owner."

The officer stuttered, clearly at a loss, "Oh."

My eyebrows shot into my hairline, "Oh? That's what you have to say for yourself?" I clenched my fists, "You come into my bar and disrespect my authority by assuming I'm lost and then to top that off, you request from me to go and get the owner, assuming I'm some sort of maid and that the owner is a he. But all you can say is 'oh'."

I heard a muffled laugh coming from my ankles and I kicked the body lying there. Whoever it was needed to shut his mouth if they didn't want to get caught.

The new officer stumbled over his words trying to apologize, "I'm sorry ma'am."

"Wow. No. Stop." I shuddered at him calling me ma'am. I definitely wasn't old enough to be a ma'am. I held up my hand, "Just get on with the questions. I'd rather not waste my day entertaining you guys. I have a living to make and the patrons who frequent here aren't on good terms with your type."

A thick hand landed on the kids shoulder and he jumped, turning sideways. His superior inclined his head to his partner and the kid backed up. A fierce blush filled his face and I grinned. Good. He deserved to feel embarrassed. You don't come into the Hideout and start making assumptions.

"Come on," Officer Smith cajoled, "Give the new guy a break."

I scoffed, "Not a chance. I don't take it easy on you. Why would he be any different?"

Smith threw his hands in the hair in surrender, "Alright, alright."

I crossed my arms, unimpressed with their game. Smith seemed to sense my mood and glanced around the room. There were a few customers scattered through. Caps pulled low, sipping at their drinks, a few eating some lunch. Jax met my eyes from across the room, hunching his shoulders in around himself. I got the hint.

"Any day now." I turned the attention back to myself.

Smith sighed, "Any bikers come through here?"

"You already know the answer to that is yes." I smirked.

The bald man sitting next to Jax in booth snapped his eyes to mine. Jax reached out, placing a hand on his brother. I didn't know any of the other Sons. Clearly, they didn't know anything about me, either. I ignored the interact across the room and grabbed a glass, drying it with my rag and setting it down in place with the rest. I continued my work, not looking at Smith, or any of the Sons scattered through the bar.

"And?" Smith tried.

My gaze flicked up, "You know the deal, Smith. I don't ask what they're running from, and they don't tell me."

Smith grit his teeth together, "They're wanted on gun charges."

I widened my eyes, "Well you better find them."

His fist slammed against the bar and I narrowed my eyes. I slapped his hand off my counter.

"If you can't follow the rules, then you need to leave." I hissed.

Smith hesitated but I was over their little visit. In a deathly calm, I set my glass down and pointed to the door.

"Unless you have sanctioned search warrant, get the fuck out."

Smith gulped, realizing he made a mistake. Maybe he was putting up a front for the new guy but I wasn't here for his ridiculous maleness. Assert yourself over some other idiot who didn't know better. Maybe his partner could stroke that ego for him. It sure as hell wasn't going to be me. Smith nodded, back away from the bar. As he made his way to the door, the three officers all gazed around the establishment, trying to catch their criminals. I peered out of the corner of my eye, and the man laying at my feet. He had his gun in his hands and was listening intently. I flicked my eyes back to the door and watched as the police left my bar.

Everyone held their breath while we listened for the car engine to start and the telltale sound of it retreating back onto the highway.


"A little help down here, doll." The voice from the cramped man sounded.

I dropped down, holding my hand out and pulling him back to standing. His eyes drank me in before he smiled.

I winked, "Not my type."

His brow raised and I chuckled. Jax and Grumpy came back over to the bar while I circled back to the office, unlocking the door and setting free a bored biker and the cuts. The two of us reappeared in the room to find the group of bikers discussing the previous encounter. I held out the cuts, allowing them to be picked up by their rightful owners and not for the first time that day did I feel eyes on me. I knew who it was. It wasn't like he was being shy about his perusal. Instead of meeting his gaze, I held out the cut and waited for him to take it. Ignoring his pause, I focused on Jackson. I was in need of compensation. Jax was well aware of my price.

I held my hand out, palm up in front of Jackson. He stared down at it, his smile turning down at the edges, ever so slightly. I bent my fingers to indicate for him to pay up.

"What's this?" Grey Hair asked.

I stared at him, "This isn't a free ride. A girl's gotta make a living."

Scars burst into laughter, while Grey Hair seemed stunned. Jax rolled his eyes and delved into the inside pocket of his cut. Curly black hair was quiet, watching me carefully. Grumpy still stared. I couldn't place the emotion on his face, but some might classify it as proud? Maybe even intrigued? Either way, it didn't matter. I heard the rustling of bills and found Jackson thumbing through what he had folded in his pocket. When he ran out of bills, he frowned.

"Five enough?" He questioned.

I sighed, poking my hip out and rolling my eyes, "Fine. I'm not happy about it, but I'll lower the price this one time." I shook my finger at him, "Next time though, you're not getting off this easy."

Jax grinned, handing me the hundreds and bending to kiss my cheek. I folded the paper and shoved it into my pocket. I glanced out the window, to see the sun setting and knew that the bar would start filling up soon. I flicked my gaze to Grumpy and found him still actively watching me. I wouldn't mind getting to know him. He seemed like he'd be a good time, when he was being less of a grump. I through him a wink and Scars caught it. Grumpy blinked but remained unaffected. This really would be fun. Trying to see if I could get him out of that little shell he had himself hidden behind.

Without taking my eyes off him I spoke, "It's getting late. Why don't you guys camp out here for the night?"

Scars chuckled, his grin turning into a smirk and nudged Grumpy in the side. I grabbed two bottles of my finest whiskey and five shot glasses.

"Booth closest to the back is yours for the taking."

Curly black hair whooped, while mohawk grabbed the bottles and followed after Jackson. The group of them all ambled over to the table, settling in for the night except for one. He sat himself down on the stool directly across from me.

"Need something?" I asked, wiping down the bar.

If I hadn't been staring at him I'd have missed it but he gave a slight shake of the head. I pouted. He wasn't even trying. I wanted more from him. A cheesy pickup line, a hand on my waist, anything. Except he just sat there, his face blank and gaze attentive.

"No drink? Nothing?" I tried again.

His eyes narrowed before he spoke, "A beer."

Well shit. That did it. Shivers collected at the base of my neck and spilt down my spine. There were so many phrases I wished to hear that voice murmur. Woah. Was it hot in here? Or was it just me. Calling my attention back to the scene at hand, I winked. I bent over, careful to squeeze my upper arms against my sides, making my cleavage that much more noticeable. His eyes dipped to the opening in my top and I bit down on the side of my lower lip. I let him enjoy the view while I grabbed a bottle, positioned it against the bar and popped the top off with a slight of hand. All the while, exaggerating my movements to make my chest bounce. I wanted to get his attention and I was pretty sure I had it.

I stretched my arms out, leaning across the bar to fix the cold beer in his hand. When our faces were only inches apart, I tilted to the side and pecked his cheek. If he wasn't going to take initiative, I was going to have to get this show on the road. He pulled back at my advance. I licked my lips, a grin forming. I stayed close to him. I let him figure out if he wanted the same things as me. It took him a minute of contemplation before he turned, his entire body towards mine. I ran my fingers along the rings on his left hand.

I winked again, "I like you."

"Yeah?" He nodded.

I felt the leap in my stomach at him speaking again. What I wouldn't do to keep him talking all night, if I could. He gripped his bottle and pushed off the seat. He stepped backwards, towards his rowdy group of biker brothers.

"Enjoy the night." I called to him as he left.

His head turned, his profile striking. Our gazes locked. He flickered his gaze down my body, slow and deliberate. I breathed in heavily. He could look at me all day like that, if he wanted. Without another word his back faced me fully and he joined his brothers in the booth.

For the rest of the night, before closing, I felt as he watched me work. I didn't mind. If that's what got him going, I was perfectly fine with it. We'd meet halfway at some point. I wasn't worried. Tonight, was going to be fruitful. I knew it.


"MORE SHOTS!" Tig (I managed to learn all their names at some point) hollered from his slumped over position, one hand springing into the air.

I laughed, as Jax told him to 'shut the fuck up'. Jax was hunched over the table, his head in his arms. Juice was snoring, laying full across the bar and Bobby was babbling incoherently into his empty pitcher. I felt a hand creep up along my side, eventually making its way to grasp my thigh. I glanced down at the hand and then followed the tatted-up arm all the way to his face. A coy smirk grew as my eyes grazed along his very muscled arm. His eyes were dark and smoldering as they met mine. I bit down on my lip, wrapping my hand around his fingers.

I leaned forward, brushing my lips against his ear, "Who said you could take any liberties?"

I tightened my grip around his hand and flung it off my body. I heard the inhale of breath he took as I backed away from him. I gave him a lazy wink and he let out a growl. Forgetting everyone else in the bar, I leaned back against the seat, resting my feet in his lap, crossing my ankles.

"Give me one good reason why I should entertain you?" I sucked on the inside of my cheek.

His nostrils flared. He gripped my ankles, tossing them off his lap and forcing me to sit up. Our faces were inches apart and his rasp sounded between us.

"Who said you could take any liberties?" He mimicked my own words.

A shiver ran down my spine and I shook it out, letting him know what effect he had on me. I liked him. A lot.

"Oh? Is that how you want to play it then?" I chuckled.

He remained silent, his eyes boring into mine. I bit down on my lip. I reached out for him, my hand pausing next to his neck. I waited until he nodded, giving me the ok. He held my gaze, the two of us battling for the upper hand. I let him figure out his feelings. It was clear to me that he was used to women being at his beck and call. Which was fine by me, but that wasn't how operated. Was I up for a good time? Hell yeah! But I wasn't going to just let him call all the shots. I needed an equal give and take. He gave a subtle nod and I cupped my hand around his neck, pulling him into me.

I melded my lips into his, lining his hard chest against mine. Shit. He felt good. This was turning out into an even better night than I originally thought. Getting comfortable with situation, I slipped over into his lap, straddling him. I broke the kiss, tilting his head back and biting on his exposed neck. I felt the twitch in his pants at that and giggled.

"Like that, did you?" I murmured, licking the sting away from my claim.

He grunted, threading his fingers into my hair and pulling my face back to his in a rough movement. I moaned into his mouth and his tongue darted out. I let him explore, slamming my hips against his. We fell into a quick rhythm, both frantic and wanting more. I planted my hands on his shoulders and shoved him backwards. He watched me with reverence, waiting for my next move.

"Let's go." I jumped down onto the floor, "I may like it a bit rough, but I'm not an exhibitionist."

I sauntered my way to the back of the bar. My office was just around the corner and only I had the key. I paused before reaching the door and glanced over my shoulder. Happy was still sitting there, panting, as he took everything in. I lifted my finger, bending in towards me, beckoning him towards me. I unlocked the door, slipped through and let it shut behind me.

Without waiting an even second, I was tearing at my shirt, ripping it up and over my shoulders. The latch of the door unlocking sounded from behind me and I tossed my shirt away, spinning to meet his hungry gaze. I licked my lips, seeing the absolute wild heat in his expression. I rolled my eyes in pleasure. Yes fucking please. I stepped towards him, reached around and pushed the lock in. Making sure that we weren't interrupted. As I straightened out, I ducked my hands beneath his cut and began sliding it down his arms. He slipped out of the leather, draping it over the lone chair sitting in the room. The moment clicked with both of us and an urgency neither of us were expecting his us full force. I grabbed at my jeans, tugging them down my legs while his belt jingled has he did the same. We undressed ourselves with expertise and speed.

As I was getting my bra unhooked, his body lined mine. His hands gripped my hips and I swung my free arm around his shoulders. Our mouths slammed against one another, all teeth and tongue. This was your epitome of an 'I need you right fucking now' session. I tripped backwards with the force of his kiss and crashed into the counter behind me. Happy's body thumped into mine and we both groaned. A mixture of pain and pleasure. I pushed him away, my hands reaching for his boxers and ripping them down his legs.

"Condom?" I asked, breathless from our last contact.

He dug into his jean pocket and produced a gold swore wrapper, "Always."

I snatched the condom from him, while his finger hooked into my underwear and he tugged them off. I hopped up further onto the counter, widening my legs enough for him to fit between them. He slid in and I produced the freshly opened condom. In a practiced motion, he slipped over himself and plugned into me without warning. Good thing I was well beyond being ready for him. I threw my head backwards, smashing it against the shelf.

"Ugh." I moaned, while he pushed himself inside me.

He bottomed out and we both cried out at the feeling.



I gripped one hand on his shoulder, my nails digging in and wrapped my leg around him, resting high on his hips. I curled my back, angling my body down, giving him even more access. No stopping now. He pulled out and thrust back in. Another cry sounded from both of us. I rolled my hips into him, meeting each thrust with equal force. We picked up our pace. The faster the better. My cries began to get louder; breathier. His face screwed up in concentration, one hand smacking against the wall next to my torso for balance. Sweat began trickling down my neck, down my spine. I could see the glistening condensation forming around his collarbone. His other hand, the one with the bruising grip on my thigh, contracted. I swiped it into my own grip and guided him to my breasts. I kneaded his hand against my chest. He let out a grunt and his body bucked forward out of rhythm.

I smirked, "That's it. Cum for me, baby."

His eyes snapped open. He met me with a determined glare. He scooped me up into his arms, causing a squeal to erupt from my abdomen. With his other hand, he whipped everything off the des next to us. Papers, files, mail, bills, you name it was fluttering through the air and scattering on the floor. He dumped me down onto it. My back slamming against the wood. He grabbed both of my thighs, thrusting into me. I screamed.


My fingers curled around the lip of the desk to keep me from flying off in every direction. He kept up his force and pace. I screamed with utter ecstasy each time he hit that perfect spot. I could feel him to start to lose a steady rhythm. He was close.

"Don't stop." I breathed. "Harder."

He let out a grunt before slamming even harder into me. My hips flew up and met him. He pushed through four more times before he began to lose it.

"Say it." He grunted, "Say my name."

I laughed. At this point, I was willing to do anything. I was right there. I murmured his name but that wasn't good enough. He changed his angle, hitting me in the perfect spot. I gasped, my eyes springing open. A few more hits in this position and I'd be a puddle on the floor. He searched my face, a glimmer of a smile on that serious face. What a little shit. All thoughts disappeared as he hit that angle again. Goddamn.

His body met mine as I begged him to sink in further. I needed that high. I needed to feel the release. It was curled up for too long. I wanted to let it out. I wanted nothing more than to have this fantastic, grumpy, gorgeous man to make me cum. Without realizing it was happening, I was screaming incoherently, my orgasm crashing in around me.

"Happy!" I bit out.

At the sound of my voice hoarsely screaming his name, he bucked again. He slumped forward, pushing until he was in to the hilt. I felt the pulse of his orgasm ride through him. I clenched my muscles, allowing for an even more euphoric end. We stayed completely still for a minute. Our breathing was harsh and the sweat was pouring off us. I stretched my arms up above my head, relaxing on the wood beneath me. The grin on my mouth was permanent.

He finally pulled away. I pulled my legs up onto the table, resting them on the edge. I was still in too good of a state to even try moving. It wasn't until I heard the metal clanging of his belt before I decided it would be a good idea to get dressed. In companionable silence, we situated ourselves, passing each other articles of clothing that we needed. I forwent trying to wrangle myself back into a bra and just tugged my t-shirt on. As Happy straightened out his cut, I admired the way his muscles contracted with each movement. This was one of my better decisions lately.

I definitely wouldn't be regretting helping these boys out. Not especially if…. Oh yes. That would be a great idea. I leaned forward, running a hand down the front of his leather. I stopped one finger to trace around the 'Unholy Ones' patch. I wouldn't mind him coming back, not one bit

"If you'll fuck a girl that good every time," I grinned, "Then you're welcome to stop by in my neck of the woods any day."

His eyes widened at my invitation. I pulled the door open but was stopped as he grabbed me, spun me around and slammed me against the wall to steal another kiss. I reciprocated. He was sweet tasting. We were only stopped by the door swinging closed on his back. He pulled back, allowing me to slip out the door before he followed. I began making my way back to the booth, when his hand clutched at my ass, squeezing. I giggled. Maybe, in a little bit, he'd be up for round two.