Hi guy s this is my first story I hope you ll like it, and I m not that good in English so I hope you can read it.

Chapter 1: The beginning

On a beautiful Thursday morning I stood up. I did go down to breakfast, and I brushed my teethes. Ones that was done I went down, pack my bag and go to school. A default day, as I thought. But when I came back from school, I saw a tour bus before my house. I couldn't read what was on it because it was totally destroyed. When I went in my house, and my mom wasn't looking well. She said that someone had rang the bell because his bus was destroyed and he wanted to call someone but his phone was dead. So my mom had let him in to call. And guess who it was: it was Zac Efron. My dream come true, I met Zac Efron. But he wasn't looking well either. My mom said that Zac s bus couldn't be fixed in a week so or Zac has to stay in a hotel, but they where all full, so unfortunately Zac Efron had to stay in my house. And because we don t have enough space for a guest Zac should had to sleep on the couch, but I gave my room up for him. We where looking some TV until the dinner. After dinner we where still looking some TV, I was thinking in myself come on you re with Zac Efron can t you do something with him, But no. we all went to bed. In the morning I went to school again, saying to everyone that Zac Efron was sleeping over at my place, no one did believe it until I sown them some pictures. It was so cool. At the the same time at home: Zac had nothing to do, so he was just watching some YouTube videos. And he was just tweeting pictures of himself in and around my house, and tweeting tweets about it. What was very cool for me, because everyone at my school was following Zac Efron. So everyone was like: is Zac Efron really in your house and can I meet him. But I said that thay can't meet him because he wants some rest and private.

When I got home:

Zac said: 'can we go out and do somethings , because if I have to stay here I want to see something from this country (The Netherlands)'. And I was like OK why not, so we went to Nijmegen (A city in The Netherlands). When we got there, Zac said: 'so what do we do now' I answered: 'well we can go shopping or we can go watch the oldest city and go to some museums' and we both said together: 'shopping' and we laughed. And we were going to stores like H&M C&A and HEMA (you probably won t know these shops but they are very popular in the Netherlands). In the afternoon, we hit the McDonald's, and go back to my house because I had some homework to do.

Back at home:

I made my homework and Zac was watching some YouTube. When I was done we decided to play some games. I at my PC and he on his Laptop. We were playing a lot of games like GTA V and Kerbol Space Program. After a while we hat to go sleep. Zac in my bed and I on the couch but Zac didn't like it that I had to sleep at a couch while he was in my bed. So he shove my bed out (it was a bed that you can slide out in to 2 beds ) and asked me if I wanted to sleep whit him in the, now 2 person, bed. I thought that that would be weird . But I had enough of sleeping on a couch, so I did. We went to sleep.

Next day (it was finely week end) Zac had his arm wrought around me. It was a nice feeling because his arm was so warm. And I didn't want to put it of because I didn't want to wake him up. When he was finely awake he got his arm of from me and asked if was awake I said yes and we went down to make some breakfast. When we where done whit the breakfast I asked him why he had his arm around me, he answered :'w-well uhhhh, I just don't know dude'. And I knew he was lying, so I said that I knew he was lying. there was a long silence of about 20 min. After the silence, he said :'OK I will tell you but don't tell anyone about this, I'm gay and I love you. I was in shock. But after a while I said : OK, than do I want to tell you something . I didn't tell him anything but I just kissed him. After the short kiss I said: is that enough to tell you it? and said: more than enough and he kissed me. After the kiss of almost a minute I broke up and said : we can't stay together 1st because you go away in 5 days and 2nd the press, your career will be ruined. He said: yes I know, so if you want to it have to be a secret relationship. I said: everything if it is with you. And he said again: than do I either know something at your firs problem, come with me back on tour and after that move with me to L.A. I said : why not?!, but what do I have to tell to my mom. Zac: we can tell her the truth, if she promise to not it to anyone . I: OK, when should we tell it her ? Zac: now? I: okay, MOM! . So my mom promised that she shouldn't tell anyone, and we told her. She was a little bit in shock. But after that she was okay. We had a little discussion about me moving to L.A. but she also agreed that .

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