Hello Everyone! Welcome to my Harry Potter X Transformers Crossover!

Now this story is in a way a crossover with my Transformers: My Sibling story but at the same time it's not related to it.

It has its own story and does not affect my Transformers: My Sibling story.

I will also be bending the timeline, I want to rub it in the Wizarding worlds face at how far behind they are with technology.

I do NOT own Transformers or Harry Potter in anyway shape or form, I just own my OCs and story idea.


It was a sunny day in England, people were doing their daily business while the children played with their friends and had fun. Dog owners were playing in the park with their dogs and some mothers chatted as they watched the children play.

All in all a normal day for the little Village of Little Whinging, but unknown to the residents it would not stay normal for long.

Parked outside of Privet drive street around the corner, was a maroon with twin silver racing stripes was a Shelby Mustang GT500. But this was not your normal car, Oh no! It was, in fact, an robot alien in disguise, also known as an Autobot or a Cybertronian.

Athena who was board out of her processor, she had been sent on a mission to scout out a Decepticon signal. So far she had found nothing! It was starting to run both her and her team's patience thin, with a sigh Athena did another scan of the area.

Only to raise an optic rig when her scanners picked up a strange disturbance, it was an unknown energy of some kind. Opening her comlink she asked her human friend if he knew what it was.

": Hey Figs? Do you know what this energy is?:" Athena asks before sending the scan to her friend. Fig raised an eyebrow before looking at the readings, a few seconds later his eyes widen.

"You bet! Where is it coming from?!" Fig asked reaching for his human made comlink. ": Over at the fourth house on Privet drive, why?:" Athena said as she got a bad feeling in her spark.

"Get me over to that house, quickly!" Fig said jumping into Athena's now open driver side door. The femme did so but minding the speed limit, the two arrived at the seemingly normal house. Athena did another scan only this time she let loose a low growl, her scanner had picked up an injured human with an older man hitting him.

"Fig get in there now! A young child is being beaten!" Athena's engine revved in anger as the army man nods turning on his comlink.

"My squad to my location at once!" Fig yelled down his comlink and got out of the 'car' and ran to the house, this also caught the interest of the local residents.

Fig nearly growled when he heard yelling inside, calming his breathing he saw his squad arrived along with two police cars. Nodding Fig turned and kicked the door in yelling "Hands in the air! You're under arrest!"

In the hallway of the house, a man who looked like a whale yelled as he was caught off guard and sent stumbling away from the whimpering child, who had curled up on the floor.

Fig grunts running over he knelt down and gently as he could picked the child up saying "Your OK now, you're safe," the shaking child whimpers before clinging to the army man.

Fig stepped aside as Police rushed in tackling the whale of a man and with a bit of effort pinned him down, as the police handcuffed the whale two of Figs squad had pinned a woman in the kitchen and a young boy in the living room.

"Sir! We have everything under control, you take care of the child," A policeman said as he handcuffed the whale of a man. Fig nods turning he ran out of the house, he had to get the child medical treatment and fast.

Outside Athena was waiting for her friend, she was nerves was everything OK? Was the child alright? She was shaken from her thoughts as she saw Fig running over with a small black haired child in his arms.

Making sure no-one was looking Athena opened her driver's door letting Fig in, he wasted no time in his orders "Get us to the nearest hospital! Double time!" Athena took one look at the child and drove as fast as she could to the closest hospital she could find.


Athena who was now parked outside the hospital where Fig and the injured child were, she had not left or moved in the last three hours. She wanted to know how the child was doing, she was about to drift off into recharge when she felt a tug on her spark.

"Athena, how is the young one?" driving over to the maroon and silver car was a dark pink Ducati 848 bike with a woman in a black biker suit and black helmet.

Athena smiled at seeing one of her mates before speaking "I don't know, Fig has been in there for three hours now. How are things on your end? Did you get the Con?"

Arcee parked up and making sure no one was watching turned her rider holoform off, she soon spoke "The Decepticon has been taken care of, but everyone is now worried about the youngling,"

Athena sent Arcee calm emotions saying "He had a strong heartbeat when I drove him here, He'll be fine,"

'I hope' Athena thought to herself as she waited.

It would be another half hour before Fig exited the Hospital with a frown on his face, he went over to Athena who unlocked her doors. He got in as the car femme asked: "How is he?"

Fig sighs saying "He's in recovery now, he has two broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, and a sprained ankle. The doctors also found signs of malnourishment,"

Both femmes felt anger grow in their sparks, how dare those people do this to a youngling! Calming Athena asks "What is his name?" Fig gave a sad smile saying "His name is Harry Potter,"

It would be 2 more days until Harry was allowed to leave the hospital, the little boy had been given new clothing by a few of the soldiers who were fathers themselves. Fig had been assigned the kids 'escort' as he was given permission to take the kid back to base.

Athena watched as Fig talked with little Harry as the older man 'drove' them to the pickup point. She smiled the child was a bit shy at first but after relaxing he was very talkative and eager to know where he was going.

Athena was glad that his spirit was not crushed, behind her the Arcee triplets followed close behind. They could feel Athenas growing Opiluk feelings for the youngling, it made them happy.


Harry smiled as he felt the car pull to a stop, his smile got bigger as he saw the big cargo plane waiting for them on the tarmac. He heard "Out ya get Harry" Fig said as he got out himself.

The young 5-year-old did so, being careful of his sore sides though. Wincing Harry held his side as he went to stand by Fig who was talking to...the car and bikes? What?

Harry watched with a confused but curious look as Fig stepped away from the vehicles and turned to him, Fig gave a soft smile as he knelt down to Harry's level asking "Harry, do you believe in aliens?"

The young boy thought it over before nodding saying "Yes, why?" he looked at the vehicles, he had been getting a strange feeling from them since the hospital.

"Well, meet four of my friends" Fig turned on his knees to the car saying "Go ahead girls, it's time to show the kid who his real rescuer is" he smirked as Athena's engine revved to life followed by her biker mates.

Harry gasps in awe and shock as his eyes went wide as he watched the vehicles before him change! The car got bigger and it grew legs! His mouth dropped open when he saw the huge robots in front of him!

"Whoa!" Harry gasped as the biggest bot knelt down her amber optics locked on the child a soft smile on her face, "Hello Harry, it's nice to meet you face to face," she said her voice soft and gentle.

The young boy gazed at the bot who was a girl!And she sounded nice, almost like a mother. He then did something that shocked both Figs, his men and, the femme-bots. Harry moved forward and hugged Athena's face, he let his cheek rest on Athenas own this robot made him feel safe.

Athena smiled as she glanced at her sparkmates, they nod as they walked over being in their normal forms instead of speed forms. Harry jumped as the bot picked him up, she stood up holding him close to her chest as the smaller bots came over.

"Harry, my name is Athena and these lovely femmes are my sparkmates. Arcee, Chromia, and Moonracer," Athena said as she gave a gentle purr making the boy relax.

Harry raised his head from the warmth of her chest asking "Sparkmates?" Athena paused for a moment before answering "My wife's in human terms"

Harry nods his child innocents took this as a normal thing, Athena looked over to her mates as she felt their emotions and heard their thought's down the bond. She looked at them before nodding, looking back at the young boy she asked a question that would change Harry Potters life.

"Harry" The young boy looked up at her "I've talked with my mates, and we have an important question for you," Athena said as she locked eye to optic with Harry.

What Harry heard next shook his whole world "Would you like to be our son?" Athena asks as she watched Harry's eyes widen in shock.

Indeed Harry was in shock, here he was sitting in the hand of an alien female robot, away from his so-called 'relatives' and being asked by said robot if he wanted to be their son! He wasted no time in answering her question.

"Yes!" Harry yelled tears peeking in the corner of his eyes from how happy he was, Athena smiled holding her new youngling close to her chest. Arcee, Chromia, and Moonracer gathered around the young one to give him a hug as well. It was a big day for everyone.

For the soldiers, they had saved a young life, to the femmes they gained a child of their own. And Harry? Well, he gained his biggest dream. His dream of having parents to love.

So as everyone boarded the cargo plane, they all left England soil with high spirits and a new addition to their family.

Done! I hope you lot like it.

I have also decided on who Harrys sparkmate will be, so until then this is SaberbladePrime signing out!