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In this chapter Harry meets his new 'uncles' and 'aunts', also he will learn of his strange power.

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Harry groans as he awoke from his nice warm slumber, thankfully he had no strange nightmares this time around. Harry yawns as he pushed himself, up rubbing his eyes of sleep. He then noticed how warm his 'bed' felt, looking down he almost jumped at seeing himself sitting on Athena's chest. The femme bot who was also waking up from recharge blinked a few times before spotting her new son on her chest, she smiled remembering how he fell asleep in her hands as she entered the cargo plane. So she had let him sleep on her chest plates for the ride.

"Morning Harry," Athena said as she checked the time, it was early morning now.

Harry calms down saying "Morning papa," yawning once more as he watched Athena fully wake up.

"The term is Opiluk, for father of our race," Athena said as she scooped Harry up placing him on the floor while she stretched.

She then yawned herself saying "Follow your new Danniluk's or mothers outside, I'll be following right behind ya,"

Harry nods turning he ran after the three bikes as they left the plane, with a soldier right behind him to keep him from getting hurt.

Athena smirks, transforming she drove out of the plane to follow her little one. She went over to the main hanger where Fig, Will and, Epps were talking with two people who had the same energy that her young one was giving off.

The femme wrecker walked over to Harry as she saw one of her brother's walk over, smirking she transforms before kneeling down to one knee next to Harry saying "Harry, I'd like you to meet one of my brother's,"

Harry looked up at his pap-uh Opiluk, before looking over at the new bot. The bot looked more male-like with Navy blue armor and Emerald green optics, Harry then saw the twin weapons on his arms folding away.

'Cool!' Harry thought as he watched the weapons vanish into the navy blue bots arms.

"So this is the little guy that's got the whole base on edge, I can see why," the male bot said as he looked at Harry. The boy was too thin for his liking, oh boy were medics gonna have a fit.

"Harry meet Dynames he is Squad Alpha's weapons expert," Athena said with a small chuckle at seeing Harry's awed look.

Dynames smirked at Harry before glancing at the two unknown people talking to Epps and Will. "I'll be right back, oh and kid? Call me Uncle Dynames if you want," Dynames said with a wink and smirk as he walked over to Will and Epps.

Harry grins as he watched his new 'uncle' walk away, he almost jumped when a new voice shouted "Yo! Athena! Where's my new nephew!?"

Over walked another female bot who was navy blue with a golden color across her armor, she also had light green optics. Athena looked at the new bot with a big smirk giving a wave of her hand in the 'keep calm' motion.

"Right here, Virtue! Harry this is your Aunt Virtue. She is a scout and my sister," Athena said as she looked back at Harry.

Virtue looked at the little boy with a smile saying "Hello Harry, it's nice to meet you," she then looked at Athena asking "Have you asked Exia?" Athena nods.

"I have, but before we can do anything. We have other matters to sort out," Athena said pointing her thumb over to the unknown people.

Said unknown people were making their way over to the two femme's and the young boy, Athena kept her optics on them her frame and doorwings becoming tense. Who were these people? Where they here because of Harry? Athena watched as they came closer, just to be on the safe side she readied her weapon system. What? She was slightly paranoid when it came to Harry.

"Greetings Athena, I am Duke Henderson. President of the magical side of America," The male spoke first he looked to be 31 years old, he had short brown hair with fair skin and dark blue eyes. He also had on a smart but casual business suit.

"This is my assistant, Miss Olivia Brooke," Besides Duke stood a woman around 32 years of age, she had on a navy blue business suit with a white blouse.

Athena raised an optic rig, the magical side? Well, their energy signatures matched Harry's.

"All right, prove it, " Athena said, she wanted some solid proof about this 'magic' thing.

Duke nods as he pulled out a pen and placed it in his hand, Athena watched as the man's middle finger ring glowed a light blue. Then to her internal shock, the pen became a glass of red wine! Okay, now she was convinced.

"You've proved your point," Athena said with a sigh, she turned her weapon system off. "But what does this have to do with Harry?" The femme asks as she glanced at her new son.

"You see Miss," Duke started to say, only for Athena to raise her hand saying "Call me Athena, none of this Miss business with me," a small chuckle left her lips as Duke nods.

"Of course, as I was saying, young Harry here is a powerful child and in England is hailed as a Hero for defeating the dark lord, known as Voldemort, as an infant," Duke said as he adjusted his tie.

"Flight from death? What a coward," Virtue said behind Athena, this made Olivia snort in agreement.

"How did Harry do all this?" Athena asks as she saw Virtue lean down and gently pick Harry up, hopefully, to distract him.

"We are not sure, but we think it's linked to his mother Lily Potter, we had a theory that she had used an unknown set of runes that uses a willing sacrifice to ensure that a loved one is protected from harm," Duke said with a sad sigh, he hated to see such young life be cut down before their time.

The weapon femme nods saying "I understand, but why was he placed with the Dursley's?" she secretly hoped those animals went to jail.

"We don't know, I'm sorry about that," Olivia said as she looked through her notes.

Athena sags slightly, Damn it! There went her chance of blasting the one responsible! Oh well.

"We also wish to talk to you about Harry's heritage, when he turns 16 he will gain his title as Lord Potter," Duke spoke as Athena glanced at her son.

"But what if my kind adopts him? Will he still be able to claim this title?" Athena asked with slight worry lacing her voice.

"By adoption do you mean to stay as human or?" Olivia trailed off as she looked at Athena.

Said femme answers saying "By becoming a Cybertronian,"

Duke looked over at his assistant, who in turn nods. Reaching up she tapped her phoenix necklace making it glow twice as a low pop like noise was heard, Athena's optics widen when she saw a short creature appear in front of the two humans.

"Athena meet Griphook, he is in charge of the Potter account's," Duke said as he knelt down and shook hands with the goblin.

Said goblin then turned to see the giant metal being and was impressed with how advanced she looked, Athena nods as she lowered her hand to at least shake hands or in this case finger with the goblin.

"It's nice to meet you Griphook," Athena said as she locked optic to eye with the goblin.

"Same here Miss Athena," Griphook said as he shook the giant finger, once done Athena pulled her hand back. The two were soon talking about the adoption with Duke's help.

Olivia smiles as she glanced over at Virtue to see the femme playing with Harry, though the femme was now in her human form. How Virtue did that without anyone noticing amazed the woman, how did she do it?

'Wait, isn't she one of the scouts?' Olivia thought to herself, well she just answered her own question.

Olivia shook her head at her own thoughts, she then looked back at the femme and goblin who had finished talking.

"So if Harry still has magic he can still be recognized as a Lord, is that right?" Athena said as she held her chin.

Griphook nods saying "Yes, there can also be a witness to his adoption, so it can go on file at Gringotts. That way we at Gringott's all know he is still Harry Potter," Griphook said as he crossed his arms.

Athena nods as she looked over at her son, who was playing with Virtue. Though at some point during the talk about Harry's adoption, Lunaclaw had wondered over to see the newest member of the family.

So right now Harry was riding Lunaclaw who was in her normal wolf mode, the young boy was laughing as he held onto Lunaclaw's neck. He was having so much fun! He had a cool playmate now!

Athena chuckles at the sight if they played their cards right then the adoption should go through without a problem. She just hoped this magic would accept the Allspark energy and the energy from her and her mates.

After signing the paperwork Athena sent a message to her brother to meet them in the hanger, she then turned to see that the hanger was now empty except for Harry, the Arcee triplets, Lunaclaw, Virtue, herself and the magicals.

Lunaclaw then paused in giving Harry his ride when she felt her partner arrive, smirking Lunaclaw walked over to Athena.

"Exia and Optimus are here," Lunaclaw said as she lay down to let Harry off.

He carefully jumped down letting Lunaclaw stand up and walk over to the entrance where two trucks arrived. Harry looked over wondering if the trucks were the same as his new Opiluk?

He soon got his answer as the two trucks transformed into two big bots! He gasped in awe as they walked over to them.

"Hello Athena, I take it this is my new nephew?" The white and golden mech asked looking down at Harry.

"Yes, he is," Athena said before kneeling down beside Harry.

"Harry, this is my oldest brother Exia Prime and his Sparkmate Optimus Prime who is the leader of the Autobots," Athena said making Harry nod.

"Hello misters," Harry said making both mechs smile.

"Hello Harry," Optimus said as he stood by his mate who knelt down.

Exia reached up and rested a hand on his chest plates, he glanced over at the magicals and goblin. He then looked at Athena and her mates who stood close by looking tense.

He then looked at Harry a soft smile on his face. "Harry, how would you like to become a robot like us?" Exia asked making Harry's eyes widen.

"I can be a bot like Opiluk?" Harry asked with big wide innocent eyes making Exia's spark melt.

"Yes, it will hurt a little bit will that be okay?" Exia asked making Harry nod.

"Yeah! I get to be a bot!" Harry yelled almost jumping in place making everyone chuckle.

Exia smiled as he let his chest plates open and brought out the Allspark, it's cubed form starting to glow as it sensed it's guardians thoughts.

"Close your eyes and concentrate Harry," Exia said as he lowered the cube until it was eye-level with the boy as he shifts around before closing his eyes.

Athena knelt down beside Harry with her mates letting their chest plates open to show their sparks, the four sparks beated as one making the cube glow brighter. The cube shot out sparks of energy as it took a small shard of the femmes sparks making them wince before closing their chests, nearby the magical's had to cover their eyes as a bright flash lit up the area.

When it stopped everyone looked back over as a small chirp was heard, Arcee couldn't hold back the squeal as she laid optics on a little black and white Sparkling with big emerald green optics.

His helm, lower arms, legs, and hips were black with the rest of him being white. His little audios were like little wings and twitched as he took everything in, his size was around the small size and indicated that he took after his Danniluks frame wise. He also had these two little winglets on his back that twitched as he looked around, he then looked at his hands which were more claw like he jumped a bit when the tips of his fingers retracted to show rounded tips and then the claws came back making him giggle.

Exia smiled as he placed the Allspark back inside his chest, he slowly stood up saying "Welcome to the world little one,"

He then turned to Athena saying "He may grow faster due to the Allspark's influence and excess energy in his frame, his magic will also play a factor it would be best to have Ratchet keep an optic on him,"

Athena nods as she walked over and gently picked up her son, taking note that he was a year away from entering the youngling stage. Now, she needed to give him a name.

The Arcee triplets came over and chirped as they felt the new creator bonds form between them and Harry, Athena smiled as she said "Deltaclaw, welcome to the family,"

The magicals watched on with smiles as the family bonded while Virtue shared a smile with her brothers and Optimus, this was going to be a wonderful adventure for Harry now Deltaclaw and the start of his new life.

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