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It was the next morning and Harry after a very restful sleep was once again ensconced in his office just across the walk way from operations. He had been mulling over some ideas that where floating around in his head. Nodding to himself he made his decisions. As he packed up padd's into his case he quickly closed it and stood heading out to Ops.

Seeing Administrator Weasley he called out "Percy." When Percy turned to face him as he had been talking to one of the technicians he replied "High Chancellor?"

Walking up to him Harry said "Can you arrange for a full High Council meeting in three days time here on Avalon?"

"Of course sir." replied Percy.

"Thank you, please dial Atlantis." replied Harry.

As the gate began to dial up Harry made his way down the stairs. Just as he reached the bottom he looked up and said "Thank you. I should be back within forty-eight hours." and with that he walked through the event horizon to Atlantis.

It was an hour later when Harry was once again ensconced in his office only this time it was his office in Atlantis. Going over reports he took a sip of his tea. Placing his padd down Harry tapped his combadge and said "Potter to Alex?"

A moment later Alex replied "Go ahead sir?"

"Will you contact Asuras and have Javier come through. When he does I would like to see both of you." said Harry.

"Of course sir." replied Alex and with that the comm-line closed.

It was several minutes later when Alex and Javier both arrived in Harry's office. Harry had gotten lost in thought and it was Alex's slight cough that snapped him out of it.

Grinning bashfully Harry said "Sorry I was lost in thought. Come in both of you."

"Thank you sir." came the joint reply.

"Now I know that both of you are wondering why I have asked to see you, yes?" asked Harry.

"Yes High Chancellor." replied Javier with a quick glance at Alex who nodded in agreement.

"Well first off it's nothing bad. I have decided to promote both of you. Javier I want you to remain as the permanent Administrator on Asuras. Everyone who lives and work their on the civilian side of things will report and answer to you. You will in turn answer to me and the High Council. The military matters will be dealt with by the Admiral's and myself." said Harry with a smile.

Startled Javier took a moment to gather himself and replied "Thank you High Chancellor. I won't let you down."

Nodding Harry then addressed Alex. "Alex you will be receiving the same yet slightly different promotion. You will assume the administration of Atlantis temporarily and in a few weeks when Pacifica is brought here we shall swap the cities you shall then take over as permanent Administrator for Pacifica. Now where this will differ from Javier's assignment is that Pacifica will host a human contingent as well. Those from Earth as well as those from around the galaxy. I shall have an Ambassador assigned here permanently and we can spread the word to other worlds for them to send their Ambassadors to reside here so they can make trade agreements and so on. I won't go into too much detail on that yet until I have time to talk to Dr Weir."

Wide-eyed with wonder Alex couldn't believe it. "Thank you High Chancellor." Two years ago he had been a werewolf, looked upon with fear and scorn fighting along with his pack that included Javier just to survive. Now here they where cured and promoted to city administrators. He would not let the High Chancellor down!

"I have complete faith in both of you. Now I would like for the two of you to start thinking of your command staffs for each location. Alex as we have a contingent of humans from Earth here I would like you to work with them and decide who from them you would want as part of your team manning the gate room and helping oversee the administration of the city." replied Harry.

"Of course sir. Is there anything else?" asked Alex. He seemed to straighten up in his seat as he spoke.

"From the two of you no. Go and start making preparations and decisions. I would like for you to contact Commander Weasley on the station and ask him to come here for a meeting." replied Harry and then he paused for a moment before continuing on "I would also like to speak to Dr Weir and Col. Sheppard if they are about."

"Aye sir, I shall see to it immediately." replied Alex.

Nodding Harry said "Thank you, you may go."

Nodding and giving their thanks both Javier and Alex departed his office but not before Harry caught part of their slightly whispered conversation "Can you believe it Javier, City Administrators, who would have thought two..."

Harry smiled and returned to his reports.

As Alex and Javier arrived back in OPS Alex was about to contact Dr Weir when he heard her voice and if he was not mistaken she was in conversation with Col. Sheppard. Moving over to the railings he looked down to see the two of them walking across the floor area in front of the gate to the stairs. Rather than shout down to her Alex moved over towards the stairs and waited for them to come up.

Just as they came to the top of the stairs Alex called out "Dr Weir?"

Dr Weir turned in the direction of the voice calling to her and said with a smile "Alex how are you today?"

"I'm very good thanks. The High Chancellor is in Atlantis at the moment and he would like to see you and Col. Sheppard if you have a moment." replied Alex with a smile.

As the three of them made their way back to OPS Dr. Weir asked "Where is he?"

"He is in the office just across from OPS." replied Alex as he indicated with a move of his arm.

Moving through OPS Dr Weir and Col. Sheppard both could see that the High Chancellor was busy reading reports. As they approached the doorway they both paused and Dr Weir knocked on the surround of the entryway. Harry looked up with a smile and set aside his reports.

"Dr. Weir, Col. Sheppard please come in. Would you like some tea or coffee?" asked Harry.

With a glance to each other it was Dr Weir who answered "Coffee would be fine thank you."

Nodding Harry stood and went to the food dispenser that was behind where he was sitting and inputting some commands ordered a pot of coffee and the required accompaniments. Once the items materialized he took the tray and turned to set it down on the table beside the sofa that was in the room. Indicating that they should sit.

As they made their coffee to their own tastes Harry began to speak "Now I know you are wondering why I have called you both here, yes?"

"I admit to being curious, yes." replied Dr. Weir. One could see the question in her eyes.

With a chuckle Harry answered her "Well it is nothing bad I can assure you. As you know we will be swapping out Atlantis for Pacifica in a few weeks in order to conduct major repairs and so on. The reason I have called you here is when the rebuild starts on Pacifica I would like for you to sit with your department heads and find out what facilities they would need."

With a frown Dr. Weir replied "How do you mean?"

Taking a sip of his coffee Harry replied to her "When the city-ship is rebuilt I am going to have a tower built that will be specifically for your use. By that I mean science, botany, medicine etc. and I want your input on what to include. I was even thinking of including an Embassy so your people can make proper formal contact with the races in this galaxy."

Dr Weir and Col. Sheppard glanced at each other with wide eyes before Harry continued saying "I am well aware of your diplomatic skills Dr. Weir but I am not going to ask that you take on the position of Ambassador. No I want you to remain as the head of your expedition here in this galaxy. What I am proposing is that another would come and take the role of Ambassador but will answer to you."

"That's wow, I don't even know what to say. Thank you." replied Dr Weir. She had been greatly relieved to hear that she and her expedition would be able to remain in Atlantis and the subsequently Pacifica when it was repaired. To hear that the Alteran's where going to purpose build a tower specifically for there needs was something else.

Nodding with a smile Harry said "You're welcome. Also you should speak to Alex. I have promoted him to the position of permanent Administrator for Atlantis and then Pacifica when it arrives and the move happens. I have already advised him to include your people in gate-room operations and so on. Also he will be able to provide ideas and insights as to what you can include."

Stunned beyond believe at what she was hearing Dr. Weir could only nod.

Harry then fixed Col. Sheppard with a look "Now Col. Sheppard as you are the ranking Tau'ri officer here on Atlantis" when he looked to interrupt Harry held up his hand and said "I know Col. Cauldwell technically outranks you as you are a Lt. Colonel and he is a full Colonel but he is in command of the Daedalus not the military here in Atlantis. What I want for you to do is to work with Dr. Weir and Alex and design what you would need such as a gym and firing ranges for weapons and so on."

Startled Lt. Col. Sheppard did a fairly good impression of a fish. Both Dr. Weir and Harry seen this and let out small chuckles which had Sheppard snap his mouth closed with an audible click. "Sorry." he said sheepishly and then he a small frown appeared on his face.

"John?" said Dr. Weir.

"High Chancellor." said Sheppard as he addressed the man in question and then realised he had ignored Dr. Weir. "Sorry Elizabeth I didn't mean to ignore you.

She waived him off and Harry replied "Yes Colonel."

"Not long after our expedition arrived here and we started to explore we encountered a planet that was being protected by some of your technology an EM shield I think Rodney called it. Basically the field shut down any technology that entered it." said Colonel Sheppard.

With eyes dawning in recognition Dr. Weir inquired "You're talking about M7G-677, yes?"

"That's the one. The thing is we where able to adjust the shield to to expand it. However before we arrived the people living there had a ritual suicide that they all underwent the night before their 25th birthday in the belief that the Wraith would not return. Now we managed to expand the field so that they wouldn't have to do the ritual for at least several generations. I was wondering if there was anything you could do, to help that is?" said Sheppard.

Harry was horrified at what he was hearing. Twenty five years of age and having to undertake ritual suicide in the belief that it was the only way to protect themselves from the Wraith. Thinking for a moment Harry replied "I don't have time right now to assist as I have more meetings scheduled for today. I would like for the original team to assemble and review the information and tomorrow morning I shall sit with you and we can make a plan of action. More than likely we shall need to travel to the planet and discuss options with those living there."

"I can assemble the team and contact Teyla who is with her people on the mainland as she was with us as well." said Sheppard.

Frowning a little Harry who was not up to date on the comings and goings as he would like in Atlantis asked "Has Teyla left your team Colonel?"

"Nah she has gone to the mainland to assist her people in building a more permanent settlement there and I believe she also had a stock of seeds that she wanted to deliver to them as well for planting season." replied the Colonel.

"I see." replied Harry and he glanced out the windows to OPS. He could see Commander Weasley had arrived. He said to Dr. Weir and Colonel Sheppard as he stood "I'm afraid I will have to cut this meeting short as the person I need to speak to for my next one has arrived."

"That is not a problem High Chancellor. If we have any further questions we can talk to Alex, yes?" replied Dr. Weir as both she and Colonel Sheppard stood.

"Of course. And thank you for taking the time to meet with me." replied Harry and he watched the two leave the room.

It was only a moment later when Commander Weasley arrived.

"George, how are you?" asked Harry.

"I'm good High Chancellor and yourself?" asked Commander George Weasley as he entered the room.

Scowling a little Harry replied "There is no need to get all formal with me George Harry will suffice!"

With a cheeky grin George replied "Of course High Chancellor Harry!"

With another slight scowl Harry said to him "Please take a seat."

Nodding George did so. "I must apologise for the delay in getting here. I was over seeing the deployment of more repairs drones to be sent to Pacifica. The damage to her was a lot more extensive than we expected."

"Oh?" asked Harry curiously.

"Indeed, one of the piers was more damaged than the diagnostics indicated at first. It had broken off completely. We are repairing it and the star-drive along with the cities shield emitters. We estimate that by the end of the week we will be ready to test them and see if the city can fly. At least according to my twin that is." replied George.

"Very good, keep me appraised on that." replied Harry "Now for the reason I called you here. I want you to assemble a team and being ready to depart with me in two hours time."

George leaned forward and said "Where are we going?"

"We are going to Doranda. I need to see if our launch site remained intact after all this time. Not just that I am concerned about the project that was left there. I need to know if anything remains and if so we need to have the site and information brought under our control again." replied Harry in a very serious tone of voice.

George nodded a little and had already begun to select his team members. "How are we going to travel there?"

"We will take a jumper for the initial reconnaissance and go from there. Now I want to make one thing clear and seeing as it's you I am talking to I know I don't really have to. I am placing you in command of this. If we do find something salvageable or if the site is still intact I want a slow and methodical check, double, triple and even quadruple check on everything. I don't care if it takes six months, a year or more before we see any results if any." replied Harry in a serious tone of voice and with a frown.

George noticed his tone and said in a hushed tone of voice "You're really worried about this site aren't you?"

Sighing Harry replied "I am George, according to the reports and readings from when Avalon was launched the weapon that was being used as a spillway spun out of control. That weapons fire hit the cities shield and you know what happened. I can't even imagine the devastation we could find."

Nodding and stealing his resolve George squared his shoulders and replied "I will have my team assembled in the main jumper bay in ninety minutes ready to go. Is there anything else?"

Shaking his head Harry said no and with that George left to make preparations. Harry turned his attention back to the reports on his desk. Thankfully he only had a few to read through and then he would be up to date on everything. Well for the moment anyway.

It was an ninety minutes later when the team had assembled and where in the jumper just about to enter the event horizon of the wormhole headed for Doranda. As they exited the wormhole George immediately pulled up the sensor data. It was a moment later when George gasped and whispered "Merlin's mouldy nutsack!"

Harry snickered to himself his mind casting back to who was currently in the medical bay of the Hermes. His mind quickly caught up with George's exclamation and he looked at the man who was piloting the jumper. He noticed that George wasn't looking at the sensor screens but rather out the viewing port of the jumper. Devastation that was the best way Harry could describe the scene in-front of him.

He entire area was filled with the debris of a Wraith fleet. Chucks of cruisers and hive ships pin-wheeled in space all dead but their remains visible to all.

"Take us through this to the planets surface Commander." said Harry in an all business tone of voice.

"Aye, sir." replied George and piloted the jumper through the massive debris field that was left in orbit from the massive and terrifying battle that took place here so long ago.

As the jumper banked and entered the atmosphere the screens in-front of George lit up. "I'm getting some very faint energy readings. They seem to be coming from our destination."

"Alright take us in." replied Harry and he turned to the other eight people in the jumper with them "Head's up, we are heading in. As already discussed we shall proceed carefully. Nobody is to get ahead of themselves."

"Aye sir." came the joint reply.

As the jumper flew over the landscape all that could be seen was utter devastation before them. With one lone installation seemingly untouched by what had happened to the rest of the world.

As the jumper landed and then disembarked the quietly and quickly made their way into the complex. Everything was covered in ten thousand years worth of dust and grime.

As Commander Weasley and Harry stepped up to the terminal it sensed them and came to life. Diagnostics and reports began to appear.

"Sir, we have two bodies here." said the Lieutenant who had accompanied them from a position further into the room. Harry quickly made his way over and took in the mummified remains of two of their people. Closing his eyes Harry bowed his head in sorrow and whispered "See to the remains, also search the rest of the building and see if there are anymore bodies here."

"Aye sir." said the Lieutenant and he waved over one of his team and gave instructions.

Harry made his way back over to George who was ready through the reports that the system contained.

"How do the logs look?" asked Harry.

George who was reading through the logs, well not really reading them in their entirety more of a scan really replied "At a cursory glance it appears everything worked as it should have but there was a sudden power spike and it resulted in the creation of a form of dangerous exotic particle radiation which caused the power to surge activating the weapon system as a spillway for the power surges. Since the E.P.R. could not be contained within the containment field. I will have to give the logs a proper read through but the gist of what I am reading here is after the launch of Avalon the technicians tried to shut it down and where killed by the radiation."

Nodding Harry was about to reply when the Lieutenant from earlier came up to him and said "High Chancellor we have recovered three more bodies in the corridor leading to the test chamber."

"Thank you Lieutenant. George pull in whoever you need to on this. I want everything checked and rechecked, take as much time as you need but I want to know if this project can be saved or will it have to be scrapped." said Harry.

"Of course Harry, I will probably want to speak to Fred about this as well." replied George as he shut down everything again.

"Not a problem, you report to me on this and no one else. This is a classified project and until we know one way or another what we are going to do with the site. Also I want you to contact the Hephaestus station and have terraforming device brought through so we can heal the planet of the devastation. That means gentlemen and ladies you are all reassigned to this project." said Harry.

"Yes High Chancellor." was the reply.

George then moved to the centre of the room and taking out his wand from it's holster and cast a wide area cleaning spell. There was a ripple in the air and all the dust and grime from ten millennia vanished leaving clean surfaces and and work stations. Moving back to the station that he was originally at George then restarted the it. Once again the screens came to life displaying diagnostic reports.

Harry took this in and said "Right I am heading back to Atlantis. George I am borrowing the Lieutenant to take me back in the jumper. Once done he can return in the jumper and you can start to allocate whatever staff and resources you need."

"Aye sir." replied George. With that both Harry and the Lieutenant departed to take the jumper back to Atlantis.

It was several hours later when Harry had returned to Atlantis and was once again in his office. Although for the first time in quite a while Harry had caught up on all of his reports and was preparing responses to them. Commander Weasley had begun to assemble a team to work at the site with him. Apparently he had also spoken to his twin Fred regarding this and repairs where at a point on Pacifica that there was no need for his constant oversight which should be in two days Fred would also be heading to Doronda to work on the Arcturus project.

Harry was just about to leave his office and head to OPS when he paused hearing a beeping noise. Pausing Harry realised what it was and quickly pulled one of the stones he had given out to World Leaders he had encountered. Placing the stone of the desk he waved his had over it. The stone lit up and projected an image. As it resolved into the form of a person Harry quirked his brow and said "Ladon?"

A look of relief appeared on Ladon's face as he said "High Chancellor."

Frowning a little Harry said "Is everything alright, Ladon?"

Shaking his head Ladon replied "No High Chancellor, many of our people have fallen ill. We think it has to do with our power generation capabilities but we are unsure. One of our scientists mentioned a discussion with Dr McKay and they discussed radiation and how it could make a person ill and eventually kill them." with tears in his eyes Ladon continued "One of those that has taken ill is my sister. She is all I have left of my family. Please is there anything you can do to help us."

Standing Harry started to speak "We shall be there with aid soon Ladon. In the meantime I want you to shut down your reactors and evacuate the areas around them just to be safe. Also if you have a hospital or triage area move those affected to those areas and keep them comfortable. The first of us shall arrive within the hour."

Ladon sagged in relief and whispered "Thank you."

"I told you Ladon that we would not abandon you. We just needed you to get your house in order before we returned the stargate to the surface and you could deal with the rest of the galaxy again" replied Harry with a small smile.

Ladon raised his head and looked at Harry. He squared his shoulders and said "Thank you High Chancellor. I'll see you soon I have to go and get everything started."

Nodding Harry replied "See you shortly." and with that the hologram vanished as the connection closed.

As Harry made his way out to OPS he could see Alex was in discussion with Dr. Weir, Col. Sheppard and Chuck if he remembered correctly.

"Alex." he called out.

Hearing his name being called Alex turned and saw that it was the High Chancellor calling him "High Chancellor?"

"I need you to contact the station and find out which of our ships are either docked or in orbit, please." replied Harry.

"Aye sir." replied Alex and he set about his task.

Turning to Dr Weir and Col. Sheppard Harry said "I have been contacted by Ladon of the Genii. Apparently a number of his people including his sister have fallen ill. They think it has to do with their power generators. Ladon said that Dr McKay and one of their scientists had a discussion about radiation poisoning of something similar. I need you to start assembling relief teams to assist. Have them assemble in the jumper bay in thirty minutes."

"Of course." replied Dr Weir and just as she was about to contact Dr Beckett she was interrupted by Col. Sheppard.

"I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade here but are we sure that people have actually fallen ill. I mean this is the Genii we are talking about here and with what little contact and dealings we have had with them have always gone south as they have always had hidden agendas when dealing with us."

With a smirk Harry replied "Which is why I am having Alex find out what ship are in orbit. I shall have them dispatched to the Genii home-world. They can assist with medical aid and keep and eye on the Genii as a whole for us as we work."

At this point Alex interrupted "I have spoken to Commander Weasley and have been informed that the Zeus, Apollo and Athena are docked at the station and that the Aurora has just finished her shake-down cruise and is en-route back to Lantea. The Tria is still under going repairs and upgrades but she is hyper-space capable and can assist if needs be."

Harry thought for a moment and said "Have the Zeus, Apollo and Athena load with medical supplies and have tell them to have their med-bays loaded and prepared to deal with casualties with possible radiation exposure. The Tria can complete her repairs but inform Admiral Helia of the situation and to be prepared just in case. Also contact Admiral Herodotus on the Aurora and have them divert to the Genii home-world."

"Aye sir." replied Alex as he set about his duties.

"I have spoken to Carson sorry Dr Beckett and he has his team assembling in the jumper bay as we speak. Also he has informed the Alteran medical staff of the situation and they are also making preparations and joining Dr Beckett." said Dr Weir.

Chuckling a little Harry replied "A step ahead of me. Thank you Dr Weir. Can you contact Dr McKay and have him meet Col. Sheppard tell him to bring whatever equipment he thinks he would need to a radiological survey so we can determine what has happened."

"Of course High Chancellor." answered Dr Weir and she moved away talking into her earpiece.

Facing Col. Sheppard Harry addressed him saying "Col. Sheppard I want you to assemble a team of your marines along with Dr McKay and pilot one of the jumpers through with us. I want you to act as a guard for your people."

Dropping his voice a little John replied "You think this might be a set-up?"

"Let's just say that after reading your reports I am not willing to leave anything to chances." replied Harry.

"Aye sir." replied Col. Sheppard.

Harry started to move away from the group and as he did so he called out "Jumper bay in fifteen minutes people."

Entering his office Harry did a quick double check to ensure that he had his was and shield device. He tidied away some files he was working on and then headed back out to OPS. Passing behind the manned stations he was just about to climb the steps to the bay when Alex came running up to him.

"Sir, the Zeus, Apollo and Athena have reported that they are departing their eta to the Genii home-world will be in forty-five minutes. Admiral Herodotus has acknowledged and the Aurora has altered course eta one hour." said Alex.

"Thank you Alex." replied Harry as he started to take the stairs to the jumper bay a thought struck him "Have Atlantis medical on stand-by just in case this turns out to be more serious than we think."

"Aye." replied Alex and with that he turned heading back to his station.

Entering the jumper bay Harry could see the teams assembling supplies at four jumpers and their where further voices that could be heard coming from two of the jumpers above. As Harry made his way to the closest jumper he seen that it was already loaded with both medical supplies and what looked like crates of shrunken food items. Moving to the front of the jumper he saw that it was his old Hogwarts dorm-mate that was in the seat finishing his pre-flight checks.

"Well well if it isn't Dean Thomas." said Harry before he took in the insignia on his uniform "Or should I say Lt. Commander Thomas."

Dean turned to look at him and smiled "Harry, it's good to see you."

"It's good to see you too Dean. How are things? I wasn't aware you had be assigned to Atlantis?" inquired Harry.

"I'm doing great. I'm only here temporarily I was assigned to work in the Hephaestus station with Admiral Granger but I requested a temporary transfer so that I could see Atlantis." here he blushed a little and continued "I always loved the muggle stories about Atlantis as a kid but to know that it was our ancestor's who built it. Well it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up."

Laughing Harry replied "It does feel a little surreal at times to know our people built this city and so much more."

"That's very true." replied Dean before his trademark grin appeared "So how are things going with you and Hermione?"

Blushing a little Harry replied but with a sigh "Things are going really great. I just wish we could spend more time together. She's busy teaching the younger minds of our people and I am running from pillar to post trying to correct the mistakes our people made in the past before they can come back to bite us. We are planning a holiday soon though. But enough about my love life. Are you seeing anyone?"

As Harry spoke the door to the jumper closed and the jumper lifted from the ground moving into position to join the others that where departing. Dean who was focused on his task blushed a little and replied "I'm seeing Seamus."

Harry clapped him on the shoulder and said "I'm happy for you. Seamus is a good if somewhat explosive catch."

Dean snickered as the jumper positioned itself to enter the event horizon of the wormhole. "You've got that right." and with that the jumper shot into the wormhole and was catapulted thousands of light-years instantly across the galaxy.

As the small convoy of jumper's banked and begun their decent into the atmosphere of the Genii home-world a transmission came through.

"High Chancellor, we are receiving a a transmission. It's Admiral Herodotus on the Aurora." said Dean.

"Patch it through." replied Harry. Well aware that Dean had adopted a more professional demeanour now that the mission had begun. The holographic viewscreen appeared in-front of them and the bridge of the Aurora appeared showing Admiral Herodotus and some of the bridge crew.

"High Chancellor." said the Admiral.

"Admiral Herodotus, how was the shake-down cruise?" inquired Harry.

Herodotus replied with a huge smile and said "The Aurora-B performs excellently High Chancellor. We even tested the weapons systems apart from the drones that is as we knew they worked. I still cannot fathom why we did away with our ship mounted energy weapons in favour of just using drones and simple pulse cannons." he shook his head and continued "But enough about that. What are your orders for this mission?"

Returning his smile Harry said "I want you to scan the plant. Keep an eye on what the Genii are doing. Also we may need to use your medical bays so have everything prepared just in case. From the initial reports from Ladon it appears that we are dealing with radiation poisoning but be prepared for other types of injuries. The Zeus, Apollo and Athena will be entering orbit around the same time as yourselves. Deploy the ships as you see fit. One last thing is have the gate transported to your cargo hold. Depending on how things go we may be returning the gate to the surface. Also relay to those that are being transported to the surface to have their personal shields ready but not active."

"Are you expecting problems?" inquired the Admiral.

"Not really but it is better to be safe than sorry." replied Harry.

"Very well Sir. We will arrive in fifteen minutes. Herodotus out." replied the Admiral and the connection between the ship and the jumper closed.

"Dean relay to the other jumpers that everyone is to have their shields ready but not active, just in case." said Harry as the addressed the Lt. Commander.

"Aye sir." replied Dean and he sent a signal to the other jumpers relaying the orders.

It was five minutes later when the jumpers entered the atmosphere and headed towards the settlement that was on the surface. As the jumpers came in to land Harry could see Ladon and some others awaiting them. Once the jumper landed Harry exited the jumper and approach Ladon with Lt. Commander Thomas right beside him.

"Ladon." said Harry with a tilt of his head.

"High Chancellor, thank you for coming." replied Ladon.

"It is not a problem Ladon. Now I have Healer's and supplies ready to go just tell us where they are needed. Also I need to take a luck at your nuclear power equipment to see if it is causing the illness that has affected your people." answered Harry.

With a look of relief Ladon allowed himself a breath and said "Of course I have people to escort your Healer's to the areas we have set up as triage for this affected. Also I will take you personally to see the devices that we suspect have caused this issue."

Nodding Harry turned to Dean and said "Co-ordinate with Admiral Herodotus on board the Aurora and have him oversee the other ships in orbit and deployment of relief supplies."

"Aye sir." replied Dean as he tapped his combadge to carry out his orders.

Turning to Ladon Harry said "Shall we?"

"Indeed High Chancellor." replied Ladon and he turned to head to the entrance to the underground bunkers that contained the main Genii living areas. He never noticed the ripple in the air behind them as two cloaked Ensign's joined them obscured from vision but ready to intervene at a moments notice if Ladon or his people tried anything against the High Chancellor.