In case anyone's curious about how updates will be handled:

I'm going to try to update once a day (this is to make sure I'm actually writing each day) there will likely be a few days that I miss (especially with Finals getting closer) but I'll do my best to be consistent.

There will be three types of chapters:
1) Extended scenes: when I extend a scene from the movie to fit this AU
2) Changed scenes: scenes from the movie where dialogue/action changes according to the AU
3) Extra scenes: scenes that are written specifically for this AU

Each chapter will be one scene long, so the length of the chapter is determined by the length of the scene. As such, extra and changed scenes will likely be longer than 'extended' scenes as they do not simply pick up where the movie left off.

This chapter will be changed scene

Judy tried not to cry out as Gideon unsheathed his claws. "And I want you to remember-"

"Gideon Garrison Grey! What are you doing?" Judy wasn't entirely sure what had happened, aside from the fact that Gideon was suddenly cowering in front of her rather than pushing her into the ground. She stood carefully, brushing the dirt off her shirt. "I said, what are you doing?" This time Judy could identify the source of the voice. He was another fox, taller than Gideon and probably older, and he did not look happy.

"I-I-I…. well I-" Gideon couldn't seem to find his voice under the hard stare of the other fox so Lacy, one of Judy's friends, spoke up instead.

"He took our tickets, mister," she explained. "Judy was tryin' to get 'em back for us."

"I see," said the fox. "Gideon, what's your side of the story? I'd like to know how you ended up with a kid bunny under your paw." Gideon looked at the ground, his ears flat against his head.

"I wanted the fair tickets," Gideon mumbled. He kicked the dirt, still not looking at the other fox.

"And taking tickets from other children is no way for a respectable fox to behave," the other fox said. "What would Aunt Gemma say?" He pinched the bridge of his muzzle between his fingers, letting out a sigh. "Come on, Mom and Aunt Gemma are ready to head home anyway, although I doubt you'll be getting desert with the way you acted."

"You're not gonna tell them!" Gideon gasped. His ears drooped even further. "Please don't tell them, Nick! I'll do anything."

The other fox, Nick, shook his head. "You lost that chance when I caught you about to sink your claws into that bunny. Now, give me those tickets and go wait for me by the entrance." Gideon scuffed the dirt and dragged his paws, but he eventually handed over the tickets and headed toward the entrance to the fair. "And you," Nick rounded on Travis, the weasel who had been backing Gideon, "You'd better scram or I'll find your parents too and tell them what I just saw. Am I clear?" Apparently he was, because Travis took off running without some much as a glance back. "I'm sorry for that," Nick said. He bent down and held out the tickets, "I believe these belong to you kids?"

"Thanks, mister!" Lacy cried. She snatched the tickets out of his paw.

Nick fixed his attention on Judy. "You okay, hun?" he asked. "I can find your parents if you'd like."

"I'm fine," Judy said. It wasn't quite true, her nose was still twitching and her heart was beating even faster than usual, but she wasn't physically hurt so she'd be okay in the long run. "Thank you for your help." She wished she could have done more, maybe even been the one to get the tickets back.

"I saw you kick him while I was walking up," Nick said. "You keep training like that and soon you'll be able to down a rhino."

"You're sure," Judy said, suddenly bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"I'm sure," Nick said with a chuckle. "But be careful, Officer Carrots. I'm pretty sure you have to make it through high school at least in order to get your badge."

"Got it," Judy said. Nick nodded to her, turned, and left, following the same path Gideon had taken just moments before. Judy carefully raised a hand to her cheek, the one which would have been bloody right now if not for Nick. Up until today, Gideon had been the only fox she'd known but maybe, just maybe, not all foxes were as bad as her parents would have her think."