The lab was ready for the new baby. It didn't seem like any time had passed since Adam, Bree and Chase had been here. Chase hadn't been that much older than his two week old daughter was now. 17 years ago, Donald had brought his three bionic children, stolen from his brother Douglas to his basement to eventually train them to become bionic superheroes. Destined to save the world with their amazing abilities. Although they weren't his biologically, Adam, Bree and Chase were his kids, he raised them, trained them and loved them like his own, but two weeks ago he had been blessed with his own baby daughter.

He had taken the time off from looking after the Elite Force and checking into the Bionic Academy every now and then to spend the last few weeks of Tasha's pregnancy with his wife. Leaving Chase and Bree a note as to his absence and Douglas to look after Adam and Leo. (Although Donald would like to think it was the other way around.)

It was only three days later when Tasha felt contractions and Donald rushed her off to the hospital in the early hours of the morning. Eddie annoyed with all of the noise, whining that Tasha could be a little quieter.

They ignored him.

When they got to the hospital the nurse took Tasha into her room and Donald made a quick call to Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo to let them know what was happening. An hour later Adam and Leo turned up and not long after entered Bree and Chase.

"Big D! Is everything okay? Where's Mom?" Leo's words echoed off of the white walls and was met by a few unkind looks from the nurses as he raced down the corridor to meet up with Donald alongside Adam.

"She's fine, got her here nice and early. She's in the best possible hands, Leo." Donald said, putting an arm around his step sons' shoulders.

Just as he finished his sentence, a piercing scream came from Tasha's room.

"Might want to tell Tasha that, I don't think she agrees with you." Adam commented, looking with concern at the door of the hospital room.

Donald had to agree, his face was pale and his hands became sweaty. He gave up the façade he was trying to comfort Leo with and started pacing nervously.

Bree zoomed in super speed on full blast at the news of the family emergency, Chase being dragged along with her. "Is my sister here yet?" She squealed in delight, "I can't wait to meet her!" Completely ignoring the terrified look on her father's face.

Chase rolled his eyes and noticed Adam and Leo, "Uh, guys? Not that I'm happy to see you and all but who is looking after the students right now?"

Adam scoffed, "Ah, Chase, give me some credit! I left Douglas with them, it's not like he has any history with kidnapping children and using them to create his own personal bionic army to take over the world!"

Ignoring Chase's eye rolling Leo smiled, "It's good to see you guys again. We've really missed you."

Chase grinned, "yeah, nice to see you too."

The teenagers shared a hug, but were pulled apart from the scream that arose from Tasha's hospital room.

To Be Continued…