"Hey, it's the Marines, yoi!" Marco yelled from the crow's nest.

"Luffy, Luna, get below deck." Thatch ordered as he drew his swords.

" But we want to fight!" The two argued.

Vista, a man with a mustache and two swords sighed. "You've only just started learning Haki."

Whitebeard finished the argument. "Aye brats, do what your brothers tell you." Whitebeard said as he tilted his head to the side and poured more sake into his mouth.

"Yes pops," Luffy and Luna said miserably as they went sulking below deck. Later at the after party, Luffy was still upset.

"What's the matter, yoi?" Marco asked in concern. He rarely even saw Luffy sad, but it always upset the rest of the crew whenever it happened.

"I wanted to fight with you guys." Luffy said sadly. Luna agreed with her brother.

"You're still learning Haki and you have not learned to swim yet either Anchor." Marco said teasing Luffy due to his mishap of sinking to the bottom of the ocean, like an anchor.

"Yeah well, at least I don't have pineapple hair!" Luffy countered as Luna giggled at the nickname they gave the first division commander. Her brother was so funny.

"What?!" Marco screeched. Luna and Luffy chirped Marco's new nickname several times. FInally, they had found a way to annoy the usually stoic and serious Marco, this was rather exciting news.

"I do not have pineapple hair!" Marco yelled, causing everyone in the dining hall to stop and stare at the commotion. They then laughed and agreed with the twins, Marco did have pineapple hair.

Luffy got bored and saw a chest near a laughing Thatch. He quickly grabbed the chest and opened it. Inside was a strange looking fruit with a lightning bolt stamped on it.

"Hey Luffy, what are you eating?" Thatch asked Luffy, then he saw the open chest. "Ahhh, spit it out Luffy! Spit it out!"

Thatch shook Luffy back and forth, attempting to make Luffy throw the fruit back up. Luffy wondered what the fourth division commander was doing, the fruit tasted awful but hey, it was food none the less. Suddenly, his legs turned to lightning bolts and zapped Thatch.

"Huh, that's never happened before." Luffy said, scratching his head in confusion.

"Luffy, you just ate the Goro Goro no mi! It's an Akuma no mi! Eating them takes away your ability to swim!"

"What?!" Luffy yelled. The entire crew continued to watch in curious fascination.

"You really are stupid, yoi." Marco mocked.

"Pineapple hair!" Luffy retorted, creating a tick mark on Marco's forehead. Luffy ran to Whitebeard's throne.

"Get back here." Marco shouted as he gave chase.

'Oh well, more food for me,' Luna thought as she reached over and grabbed her brothers plate.

'What the… a kid?' Red-haired Shanks thought to himself as he saw Luffy rush past him. He was here to talk to Whitebeard about the World Governments plans to defeat their enemies both had heard the rumors of the weapons. As Shanks approached Whitebeard's chair, he noticed the same child sitting on the armrest and sticking his tongue out at a fuming Marco.

Marco noticed the red-haired pirate approaching and said, "Are you here to join the crew?Yoi." He asked.

"No thanks, I have my own crew," Shanks said, politely declining the invitation. "But I am here to discuss something important with your captain."

"What is it?" Luffy asked, interrupting him. " By the way… do you have food?"

"Ignore that. If you give him food and he'll think you have it all the time, yoi." Marco explained.

"What do you want, you red haired brat? Whitebeard's asked, his wize voice joining in on the conversation. Whitebeard picked up Luffy and handed him to Izo, who placed him on the deck. Luffy listened in on the conversation between the two pirates.

"You know very well what I want, Whitebeard. We both have heard the rumours of the World Governments plans and weapons." Shanks implied. Whitebeard's only response to Shanks' concern was to laugh whole-heartedly.

"And so you would act upon mere rumours with no evidence to back up your suspicions. Think boy, otherwise you will end up dead."

"If you won't listen to reason, I will force some into you." Shanks threatened and drew his sword. "Who do you think I am? I am Whitebeard!"

Whitebeard pulled out his own weapon and the two clashed. Luffy and his sister Luna, who had by now gotten curious as to why Marco, hadn't managed to trick her brother, from leaving Pop's safety chair, as the two viewed it. saw their father under attack charged forward. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" they both yelled.

Luffy who reached Shanks first punched him in the gut, sending him towards his sister who unleased a spin kick sending the poor captain crashing into the railing of the ship. Shanks had been hit harder than that but he was expecting a weak throw. Shanks mumbled "sorry," before releasing a wave of Conquer's Haki. He was suffice to say he was surprised that both remained conscious.

"Hey put me down, Uncle Fossa/Auntie Izo!" the two yelled as Fossa and Izo picked the two up to stop them. Now the whitebeard pirates had tried telling the two that Izo was a Man. But Luna insisted that Izo must be a girl because she wore clothing that Ladies wore. "I'm going to kick his ass for attacking pops!" the two yelled

Luffy kicked and screamed as he tried to get away. "Put me down!" the twins repeated. Subconsciously, Luffy released Haki, knocking out members of the crew and others to struggle. they succeeded in getting free before being picked up by Pops. "Stay out of this brats! This is my fight, not yours!" He tossed the Luffy to Marco and Luna to Vista who both held on more tightly.

"I'm leaving," Shanks said suddenly. "There's no point in fighting you, although you're pretty strong."

"Yah," Luffy responded. "I'm going to kick your ass and surpass Whitebeard and his crew one day." Whitebeard laughed.

"Oh, you're going to beat us both one day? In that case, I'm going to entrust to you my most valuable treasure." Shanks said before handing Luffy his straw hat and placed it upon his head. "Return it once you have beaten both of us." Shanks said. He truly believed that Luffy could accomplish his goal in beating both him and Whitebeard.

"Hey Pops," Marco called. "You know as well as I what Luffy did. He subconsciously used Conquer's Haki, yoi."

Whitebeard nodded and replied, "It seems that's something else we will have to teach them.""What do you mean by 'them'?" Marco asked.

"If Luffy has it, his twin sister probably has it as well."

"It's Vice Admiral Garp!" Someone in the crow's nest called out.

"He seems more pissed than usual." Marco commented with a small smile, looks like the cat was out of the bag.

"So what do you want to see me about dad?" Garp remembered his son saying.

"I came to see my grandson and granddaughter! Why else would I come here for!?"

Garp had not met them, although Dragon told him around seven years ago that he had raised them himself. Now he was drastically changing the answer.

"Oh, I entrusted them to Whitebeard's care when they were born. They must be about seven now. I lied to you about raising them myself, due to the fact that I knew you would never have let them be raised by pirates."

"You did what!?" Garp said angrily in shock. He then threw a punch at Dragon, which was easily dodged. "Sorry old man, you're too slow!" Dragon said, smiling as he disappeared.

"Whitebeard! Give me my grandchildren!" Garp yelled at the Whitebeard ship.

Marco gulped, having seen Garp and Pops fight when Luffy and Luna were toddlers. They had been too busy playing with toys to hear the sounds of the battles. "We can't hide Luffy and Luna from him this time," Jozu noted.

"What makes you think we're going to let you take them, Garp!?" Whitebeard yelled as the ships clashed.

Luffy and Luna heard the sounds of battle and quickly ran upstairs to fight alongside the rest of the crew. No one was going to stop them this time. Luffy sent one of the marines flying overboard with a punch to the gut as the pair charged into battle.

'Children?' The marines thought to themselves. 'If we capture them, we may have an advantage.' They charged the two seven year-old twins, only to be punched and or kicked overboard.

"Oye, Luffy and Luna , get below deck!" Marco yelled. He really hoped Garp had not seen the two of them.

Garp was currently fighting Whitebeard, sending punch after punch. Garp became visible to Luffy and Luna's presence on the deck and he took a shot at Luffy. Whitebeard, seeing who Garp was aiming for, sent a Gura Gura no mi infused punch at Garp, whom easily dodged the attack and slammed Luffy headfirst into the deck. Luna attacked next, defending her brother. She was also slammed headfirst into the deck.

"Don't think I'm going to go easy on you two just because you are my grandchildren." Garp said, cracking his knuckles. Many of the marines and pirates stopped fighting at this newfound information. The battle cleared as the Marines returned to their battered ships and Garp sat down to speak with his grandchildren.

"What kind of grandpa punches his old grandson, you shitty old geezer." Luffy said, which Luna agreed with wholeheartedly. Seriously, what kind of grandfather slams their grandchildren headfirst into the deck?

"Hey, brats! Show your grandpa Garp some respect!" Garp yelled as he slammed them into the deck again.

"All you did is punch me again, you damn geezer!" Luffy snapped and again, Luna agreed with her brother.

"Someone needs to be taught a lesson in manners," Garp proposed as he glared at the twins, sending the siblings running away scared towards Whitebeard. "Shave!" Garp yelled, disappearing and then reappearing in front of the mischievous duo, Luffy and Luna gave him their puppy-dog eyes. No one could resist the twin's puppy dog eyes, not even Whitebeard. Garp was no exception to this.

"Sorry," Garp nodded as he ruffled the twins' hair. "Is that better."

"Yes, but you're still a geezer," The twins yelled as the two ran behind Whitebeard's chair.

"When I catch you two, you're dead!" Garp yelled as he continued running after them. Luffy stuck his tongue out at Garp, repeating the word "geezer." Whitebeard laughed.

"Hey Pops," Luffy said as he ran.

"What?" Whitebeard questioned.

"Geezer." Luffy said as Luna laughed until she noticed Whitebeard was giving them a glare. "You better hope that Garp catches you before I do, cause I will do much more harm to you then he will," Whitebeard said, threatening the twins. Luffy gulped before he and his twin sister Luna ran away from both old men.

Marco decided not to get between them and only watched as Luffy gave his pursuers the puppy-eyes. "I'm not falling for that!" Garp responded. He was stopped by Whitebeard. "If anyone's teaching those brats a lesson, it will be me or one of the crew."

Luffy laughed at Garp. "Don't think I forgot about the whole "geezer" thing. I'm going to have Marco and Thatch beat some manners into you, brat." Whitebeard said angrily. Luffy only gulped.


Garp sighed. His grandchildren were finally asleep.

"What are you thinking about, yoi?" Marco said, hearing the vice-admiral ponder.

"I'm wondering what's best for them. They seem truly happy with you and I don't want to take that away."

"You know, Luffy said before he fell asleep that he was glad you came and would be happy to see you again." Marco reassured,

"The little tyke said that?" Garp said, surprised. Marco nodded.

"I should probably get going. Tell Luffy and Luna that I'll visit them in a few months if it is possible."

One month later:

"This is not good." said Marco who was looking at the morning newspaper.

"what's not good Pineapple?" asked Thatch who had taken to calling Marco that ever since Luffy had dubbed him as having Pineapple hair. In all honesty Marco was getting sick of the stupid nickname. "Read the paper yourself" he said throwing the article at him as he spoke.

Kaido strike's kryrst

as we all know Kryrst is an island in the new world, the second half of the grand line for those of you unfamiliar with the term. Kryrst is completely covered in forest. It is that thick that you cannot see the sun upon entering, despite this the island is indeed colonized. The people living there have built their homes high up in the trees, carving out massive walk ways and stairs. Furthermore the island in question is under Whitebeards protection. A fellow Yonko and one of Kaido's three rivals. Is this a declaration of war by Kaido. How will Whitebeard respond? Especially with the rumors of Whitebeard taking in two children turns out to be true. The rumor first came about four to five years ago when civilians saw two kids boarding the Yonko's ship in question, not once but multiple times. Even though the islands changed the two were always described the same by different people. After a while the Marines were forced to investigate said rumors due to the numerus reports of the two kids in question, sending Vice admiral Garp the fist also known as the hero of the Navy to disprove or confirm the rumors. Garp tracked the whitebeard pirates down clashing near the Flust, another Island in the new world. (see page 29 for details) witnesses to the fight described it as watching gods clash. Garp confirmed the rumors as false even publically announcing them as false. Despite this the rumors and the reports persisted, surly with the rumors continuing there must be some truth to them.

"This is horrible" said Thatch as he finished reading.

"Luffy and Luna may be able to deal with the odd pirate and marine attack" said Thatch.

"But they'll be helpless against a Yonko's crew, Yoi" said Marco.

"What are we going to do? What are we going to do? what are we going to do?" Thatch repeated while running up and down the deck in a panic. Marco simply stuck his foot out tripping Thatch, and sending him face first into the deck.

"That hurt" he screamed while sitting up. "If you've calmed down." Marco began "I was going to see what Pops wants to do about it."

"Thatch food" the twins yelled loudly as they came bounding up to him. Marco leaned and whispered in "don't tell anyone, Yoi I'm going to give this to Pops then we can plan what to do."

A week later

"So why are you here Whitebeard?" asked Shanks, the older pirate let out a laugh.

"I have a favor to ask?" Whitebeard responded.

"I'm going to regret this but what is it?" asked Shanks,

"I need you to take in two certain kids of mine you may remember your little scuffle with them, a week ago." said Whitebeard, "I know your already fond of the two" he continued.

"Well I was going to say yes and offer to take them in while you fought your war with Kaido anyway, however I was thinking of taking a vacation to east blue your ok with that right."

"Take them where you wish within reason" said Whitebeard. "Luffy Luna" he called.

"Yes pops" the twins yelled as they came bounding up to their father.

"Do you have everything you need?" asked Whitebeard.

"Yep pineapple hair is bringing it over" said Luffy.

"Will you stop calling me that, yoi" Marco snapped, dropping Luffy and Luna's bags onto the deck of Shanks's ship.

"Nope" said Luffy popping the p.

Marco's voice turned serious "now remember you two listen to Shanks and do what he tells you to do, and most importantly don't eat him out of ship and home."

"We promise Marco" the twins yelled excitedly, after all this would be the first time they would be without their familys supervision while away from the Moby dick

one week later: east Blue: Foosha village

"What the hell is the old geezer doing here" yelled Luna as she barely managed to dodge a punch.

"I don't know" Luffy yelled back, who was running beside her "heck he didn't know we're staying with Shanks."

"Get back here you two" yelled a vengeful looking Garp. This had the opposite effect as the two doubled their attempt to get away.

'Was that Luffy and Luna being chased by Garp' thought Shanks before sighing out loud "I need to stop drinking" he said. That's when it hit him he hadn't had anything to drink "hang on Luffy, Luna uncle Shanks is coming" he yelled giving chase, preparing to clash with Garp the hero.

Garp stared the Red hairred brat's crew stared him down, Luffy, Luna we're shoved protectively in the middle.

"I think we have a misunderstanding here" spoke Garp.

"Yeah right" said Shanks, his defense not wavering. "What reason do you have to chase two kids around all morning."

"I'm their grandfather" Garp said rather plainly, causing most the crew to stare in shock.

"Yeah but all you do is hit us your old geezer" yelled Luffy, "Yeah" Luna agreed.

"Show your grandpa the respect he deserves" yelled Garp hitting the two, somehow getting into the center of the circle.

"So how did you end up looking after my two grand kids ?" asked Garp things had calmed down since this morning and now Shanks along with Garp were sharing a drink.

"Whitebeard asked me to ?" Shanks answered "I'm sure you've heard the news about his war with Kaido."

"Yeah" said Garp "so that's why huh, better that they don't get involved with that" spoke Garp in on of his rare serious moments. "So how long are you going to stay here?" Garp asked suddenly.

"Probably a year" answered Shanks taking a swig from his bottle.

"I'll drop in when I can" spoke Garp before finishing his drink, before walking off into the night

'Well today was certainly interesting' thought Shanks now where did those two brats go.

The next morning

Luna walked alone the beach it's not like she was doing anything wrong, she could still see the ship, besides she needed time to think unknown to Garp and Shanks, she had overheard their conversations. This wasn't a vacation, Pops wanted them safe away from the war that had been started. It hurt to know, how many of her family were hurt all already, how many were dead, how many put on a brave face during there goodbye party. She had thought something was odd at the time, but decided not to worry about it. Now she was regretting not pressing for answers. Unlike her brother she was rather intelligent and preferred to think things though. So why didn't she ask what was bothering Marco, and her other uncle's and aunts before their departure. Angered she kicked a stone only to cradle her foot in pain. It was then she noticed a strangely colored fruit with a few swirls had watched up on the beach. Not really thinking and hungry as she had skipped breakfast she stuffed it into her mouth disgusting she thought but food was food and just like that she teleported into the kitchen of Shanks ship everyone stared at her.

Shanks broke the silence "hahha looks like we have two Anchors Haha."

"At least I don't have Tomato hair" Luna retorted.

"Hey your just copying my pineapple hair joke" interrupted Luffy.

"I do not have Tomato hair" yelled Shanks.

"Shut up you two and have your breakfast" said Lucky Roo, placing a plate of food in front of them.

"Hey Luna want to explore the island with me?" asked Luffy.

"But didn't' the two of you get to explore the island yesterday?" asked Shanks.

"No the geezer chasing us prevented any exploring" reasoned Luffy, and just like that the two ran of into the forest with excited calls of adventure. It didn't take long for the two twins to run into trouble at lest trouble by east blue standards. A massive tiger stood in front of them 'excellent, he's about the same size as the average grand line tiger' thought Luffy who brought a hand up "lightning bolt" an instance later the tiger collapsed

"Sabo di-did you see that" stuttered Ace

"Yeah I saw it" Sabo replied calmly

Author note: this is a rewrite of my story Lightning Luffy. The reason why is because I lost inspiration for it plus it wasn't as good it could of been till next time