Luna rushed excitedly though the Forrest this morning newspaper clutched tightly in her hand, as she headed towards the tree house where herself and her brothers now lived, ironically she could of just teleport to their home. However she did not want to rely on her devil fruit to do everything, otherwise she end up like all those other overconfident devil fruit users.

"Luffy, Ace, Sabo great news" she called there were several loud bangs and crashes before someone presumably Ace Called out.

"God dam it Luna it's too early for this" said Ace appearing at the rail.

"Now, now Ace i'm sure our sister has a good reason for waking us up" Reasoned Sabo.

"IS IT FOOD ?!" yelled Luffy.

"No Luffy it's not food" said Luna appearing in a flash next to Luffy "it's even better."

"What could be better then food" asked Luffy.

"Oh i don't know how about the fact that Pops is on his way."

"Y-you mean Whitebeard's coming here" said Sabo trying to keep his trembling voice under control.

"The strength that rivaled his" whispered Ace.

"Yay i get to eat Thatch's tasty food again."

"Yep isn't it great" said Luna sounding far too cheerful.

"Well now that we're all up i suppose we should get some breakfast" spoke Sabo, collecting there pipes and other supplies the four kids headed off into the Forrest to catch or find their breakfast.

"What's wrong Marco?" asked Whitebeard,

"I don't know Pops, I just have this uneasy feeling" He answered.

"You know you could go on ahead" suggested Whitebeard.

"But what if we run into the admiral or the vice admiral's" reasoned Marco.

"I'm pretty sure your brothers and I can deal with a few Marines besides I have the same uneasy feeling, at this rate we will arrive at about the same time as the world noble, and I think things will go a lot smoother if we have a commander already there to ensure their safety."

"Thanks Pops" said Marco before flying off into the night sky.

"So what do we do now" asked Luna.

"Well we still have repair the tree house from last nights storm" Answered Sabo.

"Well what are we waiting for there should be plenty of scrap wood we can use at the Grey Terminal" said Ace.

"Maybe we can find a telescope" cheered Luffy.

It was around Midday and currently four kids where currently collectly driftwood unaware of the approaching danger.

"Ace, Sabo, we need to leave now" Spoke Luna.

"It's too late for that Sis we're surrounded" reasoned Luffy just before the four siblings could form a circle two shots were fired entrapping Luffy and Luna in separate nets.

"I feel weak" said Luffy.

"It's sea prism stone" said Luna.

"Dam it let them go" Yelled Ace and Sabo as they beat back the thugs that were surrounding them however it didn't take long for them to be captured as well.

"Now, now Sabo you shouldn't struggle."

"Father" said Sabo.

"We got them just like you wanted" said Bluejam.

"Well here your payment and make sure they never bother Sabo again."

"I think that can be arranged" said Bluejam.

"No wait father I'll do everything you say just don't harm them" spoke Sabo.

"No Sabo don't, don't sacrifice your freedom for our sakes" yelled Luna.

"Such insolents, you filthy commoner do you not realize Sabo is my son as such it's his duty to live how his father demands."

"This is goodbye" said Sabo.

"Sabo!" all three kids screamed.

"Luna you can teleport Sabo out right?" asked Ace.

"To what end. It would be pointless, and it will just cause an endless game of cat and mouse until his father dose something drastic, besides Pop's will be here soon and then we can storm High town to get our brother back. Sabo should be able to hold out till then."

"She's right Ace, we can't do a thing for Sabo at the moment" said Luffy.

Ace took a deep breath before calmly asking "ok so what do we do."

"I don't particularly trust BlueJam but I think it's our best option for now" said Luna.

"Agreed" said Ace "so we continue moving the supplies he wants us to move."

"I guess" said Luffy.

A circle of endless smoke and flame surrounded them as the fire raged on with no end in sight, burning down Grey Terminal.

"Ace" cough "I think this is the end" cough said Luna.

"Don't talk like that Luna i'm almost though the rope, then we'll make it out of this together" reassured Ace.

"If only we didn't have these dam sea stone necklaces on." said Luna.

"Lu what's wrong?" asked Luna who had noticed her brothers silence.

"It's Marco he's here" replied Luffy, "Marco save us!" he screamed.

Marco glided around the massive fire continuing to circle it, hoping he would see, hear or his haki would pick up his nephew and Niece when he heard it. Immediately turning around he flapped his majestic flaming wings doubling his speed, and flying though the burning trash heap without worry, his phoenix power made the flames harmless anyway. Before gliding to a smooth landing in front of three kids "luffy what have you done this time, Yoi."

"I haven't done anything to anyone" said Luffy.

"Truly?" asked Marco.

"Yep" replied Luffy.

"Need I remind you two that we're in the middle of an inferno here!" yelled Luna.

"Right" said Marco taking out a knife and cutting the rope setting them free, soon after Ace quickly removed the sea prism stone "time to go" said Luna as she grabbed hold of Ace and Luffy "see you on the other side Marco" and immediately she disappeared leaving a shocked Marco behind. "I should have figured" said Marco he then transformed and flew out of the burning trash heap.

"Were far enough away we should be safe here" spoke Luna as all three siblings watched the raging fire "those nobles are scum" spoke Ace.

"Sis, Ace I'm going to signal Marco" said Luffy as he raised his hand before firing a lighting bolt directing above them.

A few minutes late a flaming blue bird could be seen flying towards them in the night sky. It didn't take long before said bird transformed into Marco, started free-falling the last few feet "Now then Luffy, Luna aren't you going to introduce me to your new brother Yoi"

"This is my brother Ace, Ace this our uncle Marco say hi" spoke the two twins.

"Hi, nice to meet you I guess" said Ace.

"Nice to meet you to Ace, now as I understand it isn't their suppose to be four of you not three."

"Sabo's been kidnapped" said Luffy.

"And you haven't done anything to get him back" retorted Marco.

"Sabo's not really in any dangerous his bastard noble father kidnapped him, and we were going to wait for Pop's arrival before I teleport him out right onto Pop's ship, as we sail away. hopefully by the time his father realizes what's happened Sabo we'll be halfway across east blue with us" reasoned Luna.

Marco was gob smacked at Luna's plan a he stared and stared before saying "I take it you guys have a place to stay."

"Yep" said Luna "please hold onto my hand, okay first time teleporters hold on tight" spoke Luna before all four dispeared in a flash.

"So where are we now?, Yoi" asked Marco.

"Dadan's place" said Luna.

"Home to the fiercest mountain bandits on the island all so they tell themselves" stated Luffy.

"This is where you've been staying Yoi" Yelled Marco.

"No we've been staying in the Jungle" said Luffy.

"The Jungle" Marco's voice had gotten louder.

"And guess what" Luffy continued "The animals are about the same size as regular grand line animals."

"Luffy you can stop talking now" said Luna who had noticed the furious look Marco was sprouting.

"That's it I'm not leaving you two alone with Shanks again Yoi" stated a furious Marco.

"Why?" asked a clearly oblivious Luffy.

"Well Let's see first he lets your sister eat a devil fruit, then he leaves you here in east blue without adult supervision, and then you end up living with bandits is there anything else i missed."

"Hey Shanks didn't leave us here without adult supervision he entrusted Garp to keep an eye on us" said Luffy.

"How the hell did your grandfather find you here? Beside i don't see him doing his job Yoi" said Marco.

"That's kinda my fault you see i'm kinda of his adopted grandson" said Ace.

"Will you brats shut up!" yelled Dadan as she open the door "with all the racket your making none of us can sleep" she said marching up to them. Before her eye's caught Marco in her sight "who the hell are you."

Marco put on the brightest smile "Well, hello there, i'm Marco the Phoenix first division commander of the whitebeard pirates" and Curly Dadan did the same thing she did when Garp first showed up on her doorstep she promptly fated from shock "well that went well, Yoi." said Marco only to notice all three kids had rushed inside, he soon followed suit.

The next Morning

The Moby Dick was floating just out of sight of the world Noble's ship as it arrived at Goa kingdom "Guess this means we wait" said Thatch "a pity really i won't get to meet are new siblings what were there names again Arse and Spazo" Joked Thatch, as he looked though the telescope spying on the welcoming ceremony. "Holy shit" immediately Thatch jumped over the railing swimming as fast as he could. Vista and Jozu looked up from their poker match just in time to see a world Noble open fire on a small fishing vessel with a child on it. 'Come on kid where are you' thought Thatch as he arrived at the wreckage a few minutes later dive after dive he took determined to find the kid and save him. Resurfacing after another dive his haki finally picked up something faint a short distance away, it didn't take him long to find the child after that holding him in one hand he began to swim back towards the Moby dick, It wasn't long before he was back on deck and the nurses and doctors took the boy off his hand for treatment.

'Come on pick up pick up' thought Marco as his den den mushi repetitively rang, before letting out a sigh of relief as he heard the fimilar sound of the den den mushi being answered "I don't care who you are take it to Pops now, we have emergency!" yelled Marco

"Right away commander Marco" replied somebody.

"Marco did you find Luffy, Luna and our New brothers?" asked Whitebeard.

"Yes but we have a problem they've gone after the World Noble when they heard that Sabo was killed bye the bastard, I don't have much time but we're going to have to storm the island and hope we can get to the world noble before them" spoke Marco.

'Well shit' thought Whiteboard "My sons we're storming the island" yelled Whitebeard.

With Luffy, Luna and Ace

"Before I execute you tell me what did you hope to gain" asked admiral Akainu. It was curiosity that stayed his hands from killing these three beaten and exhausted kids in front of him. Don't get him wrong he was still going to kill them, he just wanted to know why they would try to harm a world noble.

All three looked the admiral in the eye without any sense of fear before responding at the same time "To avenge our brother."

Of all the things admiral Akainu could think of for doing this, this one had to be the most stupid reason to attack a world noble, however it showed how loyal the three were to their friends and family for that he would make their deaths quick, his arm soon turned to magma dripping small amounts onto the ground he cocked his arm back and began to throw the magma punch forward. it was then the entire island started to shake throwing Akainu off balance and causing his magma fist to destroy several houses, and completely miss the three brats that had started this mess. It was then he was sent flying into several more houses by a kick.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size yoi!" yelled Marco his phoenix form receding as he stared down the Admiral.

"Seeing as your here i take it the island shaking is his handy work" spoke Akainu as he stood up and brushed some dust of his shoulders.

"you'd be correct" replied Marco before whispering to Luna "take Luffy and Ace and run for it there's no chance i can take him and protect you three at the same time yoi."

And Luna did just that running though the chaotic streets as marines and pirates clashed alike.

"I see them" yelled Izo as he sniped several marines that had attempted to sneak up on his siblings.

"Vista your up" yelled Thatch as he lazily knocked back several marines, clearing a path for Vista who soon reached the three kids who were surrounded by dozens of marines. He quickly joined the fray breaking the marines circle formation along with Luffy, Luna and Ace. It wasn't long before they were behind the commanders where Whitebeard was commanding the battle "seeing as you three are here and Marco is not. i take it he is battling the Admiral."

"Yep i can take you right to him" said Luna.

"Jozu your in charge, make sure to hold them here" yelled Whitebeard before he vanished with Luna.

"It seems like I'm going to have to teach you a lesson Magma brat" said Whitebeard as he appeared.

Akainu silently cursed to himself a he was pushing Marco back and would have been able to kill him if the meddling old geezer hadn't arrived, speaking of which how did Whitebeard get here so quickly. Thats when his eye's landed on the girl he had previously engaged before Marco had shown up, he had assumed she had eaten some kind of devil fruit, that allowed her to teleport considering that she kept vanishing, and reappearing where her brothers were, and teleporting them out of danger, it was why the three brats had manged to survive so long against him, his train of thought was broken when Whitebeard began to speak "Marco take Luna and go help your brothers deal with the remaining marines I won't be long here."

Marco nodded before grabbing Luna's hand and vanishing.

"Jozu whats going on?" asked Marco.

"The marines are practically broken their fleeing into the jungle" it was just then the walls surrounding the city broke into pieces as Akainu flew though it before bouncing along the ground before skidding to a stop. Akainu shakily got to his feet, his fists turning to magma as Whitebeard slowly walked towards him "Surrender you can't beat me, your forces have fled or lay dying in the field you yourself are injured and out numbered."

Akainu responded instantly "Die pirate scum!" he yelled throwing his fist forward "Young fool" were the last words he heard before a second quake hit him shattering the bones in his body and darkness soon claimed him.

"Let's go" sighed Pops before turning around and heading towards the Moby dick with his sons and daughters.

Goa kingdom attacked.

Goa kingdom has been all but destroyed it's beautiful city in ruins after the whitebeard pirates attacked it, our brave marines defended it but they were no match for the emperor and his crew. Not even admiral Akainu could stop the brutality of this attack, our brave admiral was found unconscious, and terribly injured, and was rushed to hospital. Futher more after searching the city for survivors the World Noble Saint Jarmock was found terrified but unharmed. After he calmed down we interviewed him for details. According to Saint Jarmock this all started when three kids attempted to take his life. Forcing admiral Akainu to engage them, it was shortly after this that the island started to experience earth quakes which signaled the arrival of Whitebeard and his crew. Who quickly overpowered the marines, however according to some marnies the three kids were seen being rescued and protected by the Whitebeard pirates thats right folks it looks like the rumors are true of whitebeard taking in two kids though it seems that their was a slight mix up with the numbers. Regardless all three have been given a 50 million berry bounty i think the reason is quite obvious as to why, and as for you concerned citizens the Whitebeard pirates were last seen heading straight for the grand line.

"Well they know now" said Marco as he finished reading. (Authors note, the rest of this chapter is some members singing songs on music night and isn't that important you have been warned)

"Will you stop being a worry wart and just enjoy music night" spoke Thatch as a small circle formed consisting of Whitebeard, Luffy, Luna, Ace, Sabo, Marco and Thatch "I'll start" spoke Whitebeard as he took the mike.

"Oh the power to be strong

And the wisdom to be wise

All these things will come to you in time

On this journey that your making"

"I love this song" sighed Marco as he sat back and closed his eyes while listening to pop's singing.

"I do to" whispered Thatch.

It wasn't long before Pops finished his song followed by applause of the group before passing the mike to Luffy.

"Tell everybody i'm on my way

New friends and new places to see

With blue sky's ahead yes i'm on my way

And there's nowhere else that i'd rather be"

"This one's a good one" whispered Pops as he listened to his youngest son singing. A few minutes later Luffy had finished his song and passed the mike to Luna.

"We are we are natural ordinary fam-mily

But we can all agree that we are we are close as close can be.

So it don't matter what it looks like we look perfect to me

We got every kinda love i feel so lucky indeed"

"This is a good one" were the general commits flying about as Luna continued her song but like the others she soon finished before passing it to Ace.

"Here i am, this is me

There's nowhere else on earth i'd rather be

Here i am just me and you tonight we make our dreams come true"

It's a new world it's a new start"

Like the others Ace soon finished before passing the mike to Sabo.

"Whatever you do, i'll do it to

Show me everything, tell me how

It all means something and yet nothing to me

I can see there's so much to learn it's all so close and yet so far"

Once finished Sabo passed the mike to Marco.

"There are things in life

You learn and, oh in time you'll see

Cause out there somewhere it's all waiting

If you keep believing" once finished Marco passed the mike onto Thatch.

"Hey brother there's an endless road to rediscover

Hey sister know the waters sweet but blood is thicker

Oh if the sky comes falling down

For you there's nothing in this world i wouldn't do"

Like the others Thatch soon finished his song before getting up and placing it back in storage, soon after returning the group soon broke apart with Sabo being escorted back to the infirmary by Thatch while Marco made sure the twins got ready for bed.

Author note it's been ages since I've updated this story i'll try not to leave the next update to be so long thanks for reading


Fleet admiral Sengoku was dancing and for joy as he had finally gotten rid off the cursed paper weight, it was then Aokiji opened the door and went wide eyed at the dancing and singing fleet admiral, he slowly closed the door before running for the hills trying in vain to bannsh the image of the dancing, singing Sengoku from his mind, later Aokiji would need years of therapy to get over the dancing and singing fleet admiral.