"Everyone, get out here!" called Luffy as his crew emerged from different parts of the ship. "What is it captain?"

"It's time I told you what haki is."

"Finally" said Zoro while Kuro looked puzzled. "What is haki?"

"Rather than tell you, I think I'll show you." Luffy smiled. "Nami, attack me any way you wish."

The crew was shocked, thinking they hadn't heard right. "Just do it." Nami drew her staff and attacked. Luffy mumbled.

"A strike to my legs," He skillfully dodged it moments before Nami swung.

"He predicted it," A shocked Usopp said. Kuro raised an eye brow while Zoro smiled. He wondered if could learn this haki.

"A strike to my head," Luffy sidestepped the blow.

"A strike to my back," he mumbled before doing a back flip to avoid it.

"How you do that?" asked Nami. She was starting to think Luffy could really beat Arlong. "That is observation haki, one of the three forms of haki. It allows you to sense objects and beings that can't be seen or too far away to be seen. If strong enough, you can sense movements when they are made or even before the're made."

"In short, you're reading our minds." said Kuro. Luffy nodded. "Hang on, but you said there are three forms. " Usopp piped.

"Another form is called Armament haki. Simply put it's like wearing invisible armor that is as strong as your willpower. If the armor is strong enough, it becomes the offensive power causing harm to the attacker. You can also use it to increase the destructiveness of your attacks and it can practically be embedded into just about anything such as blades, staffs, arrows, pebbles, and even an entire ship if your good enough. However the best thing about this armament haki, is it allows you to by pass devil fruit defenses such as Logia uses such as myself, it's also a requirement for Vice Admirals to have both observation and armament. The final form is conquers haki or kings haki, unlike the other two this one can't be learned it can only be awoken, as for what it dose well i'll show you a demonstration" a massive pressure suddenly pushed down on them all forcing them to the ground as they struggled to maintain conscience and as quick as it appeared it vanished "what the hell was that it felt like I was about to pass out" spoke Zoro.

"That was conquers haki it's basically my will against your since my will was stronger, that was the result had I kept going you most likely would have passed out, this only works if theirs a massive difference in strength between me and the ones i'm focusing it on."

"With that kind of power, you should be invincible." awed Usopp. "Even if you see it coming, what's the point of it if you can't do anything to stop or evade it." Zoro and Kuro pointed out.

"When can we start learning?" said an eager Zoro. Kuro was grinning madly at the prospect of getting stronger. "Who the hell is this guy that we have chosen to follow as captain," thought Nami and Usopp.

"We can start training today, but we have a lot of stuff to cover lets start with devil fruits, a devil fruit will give the eater and unknown ability, once consumed you will somehow know the name of your devil fruit. They can be found in three main categories, paramecia, logia and zoan. The abilities of a paramecia vary so much that the easiest way to classify them is any devil fruit, that doesn't fit into the other two categories such as Buggy's chop chop fruit, or my Pop's tremor tremor fruit which allows the user to create and control earth quakes, they are considered the weakest of the three categories."

"Um what was that LuffyI could have sworn you said that White beard can create earth quakes" said Usopp who was cleaning out his ears to make sure he heard correctly.

"You heard correct Usopp, now onto Logias. The ability a logia is any devil fruit that allows the user to produce control and transform into an element or force of nature making them intangible. I myself fall under this category and logias are considered the strongest out of the three. Finally we have zoans. Zoan types all have the ability to transform into animals they always have three forms their original form a hybrid form such as a half leopard half human, and their full animal form. However the interesting thing about zoans is that they have two sub categories, ancient zoans which allow the user to transform into ancient creatures such as a mammoth, and then we have the mythical zoans which allow the the user to transform into mythical creatures such as a phoenix." 'I think i'll leave out devil fruit awaking for now after all i don't think we'll encounter an awakened user' thought Luffy

"Now then I think we should start our haki training we'll start with observation haki since it's easier to learn"

A few minutes later had Nami swinging a bat at a blind folded Usopp while kuro was swinging his bat at Zoro who was blind folded as well, after an hour of this kuro and Nami were blind folded. "I think that's enough for today, now then onto the six powers."

"Um Luffy what are the six powers?" asked Usopp.

"The six powers are a martial art comprised of six techniques they are Shave"

"Wait where'd he go?" asked Nami.

"That was faster then my Pussy foot maneuver." remarked kuro

"Yo i'm over hear." spoke Luffy from behind them causing them all to turn around "Now in order to use Shave you need to kick the ground ten times in an instant, i wouldn't recommend trying it until you've built up the sufficient leg strength, the next technique requires even more leg strength then shave as such being able to use Shave is a requirement" an with that Luffy jumped and then he before hitting the ground he jumped again "this is called moon walk and you need kick the air so hard that it propel's you upward."

"I see it I just don't believe it" said Usopp.

'Just what kind of monster are you' thought Nami.

'It seems even without his devil fruit. The captain is incredibly strong' thought Kuro.

"Ok next up is tempest kick it requires being able to perform moon walk before attempting and this is what it dose" at this Luffy turn towards the ocean before unleashing a kick to everyone's shock a blade of wind cut though the ocean "i think that one's self explanatory" said Luffy as he watched his flying blade cut clean though an out cropping rock.

"You kicked the air so hard it creates a flying blade of wind!" yelled everyone in shock.

"Yep" said Luffy "next we have the two defensive techniques of the six powers Paper body and Iron body for paper body you make or your muscles go limp and relax allowing your body to flow around attacks like a leaf or piece of paper, as for iron body you tense or your muscles till their as hard as iron, though this technique renders you immobile, and finally the last one is finger pistol, simply put a bullet is not needed to pierce someone's body. You can pick which ever ones you want to learn but just so you know iron body is inferior to armament haki, learning tempest kick requires both shave and moon walk and finger pistol requires the user to get close to the target, anyway that's lunch" spoke Luffy.

"Get out here, you stinking pirates!" someone yelled out. Currently the crew were just finishing lunch, but was rudely interrupted. Luffy decided to handle the commotion.

"You think you can kill my partner?" A short ragged man yelled. Luffy smirked before punching him and sending him into the wall. Zoro stopped and listened to the stranger rant on. "That you Johnny?"

"Who's saying my name?" He was slightly dazed from the punch. Zoro realized the two were from his bounty hunting days. He then noticed Yosaku was sick, and Nami identified it as scurvy. She began squeezing lemons. Upon curing Yosaku of scurvy and being introduced as the two bounty hunters, they then set sail for the sea restaurant, Baratie, to find a cook for the crew.

"Never seen that ship before," said a marine. "I'm Luffy, we only made our flag the day before yesterday." However he was cut off. The marine identified the bounty hunters. "I know you. You're that bounty team that goes after the small fry."

"You think small fry would go after these guys?" they said throwing the wanted posters in the air. However they were ignored. "They're an eyesore. Sink em!"

"I've got it," said Luffy, "Tempest kick" a blade of wind cut the cannon ball clean in to before continuing on and cutting the ship in half "Ops didn't mean to make it that powerful oh well no biggy. Ok guys lets go in and enjoy some food" said Luffy as if nothing had happened.

"Good afternoon, may I escort you fine gentlemen and lovely lady to a table" spoke a blonde man in a suit.

"That would be wonderful, thanks" spoke Luffy.

Lieutenant Iron fist Fullbody was not having a good day due to one of the waiters clearly swapping the wine from what he had requested leading to him being embarrassed in front of his date, and everyone else dining at the sea Restaurant baratie currently he was stewing in hatred and anger and plotting how to get the bastard waiter fired for changing the wine, a commotion to his right drew his attention and his eye's widened in shock, these were the pirates whose ship he ordered to sink so why where they celebrating as if they just found trove of treasure.

"Oy you pirate scum, why aren't you at the bottom of the ocean?"

"Simple because I sank your ship first, what did you expect to happen when you fired a cannon ball at my ship" said Luffy.

"I expect you to sink and die!" yelled Fullbody as he approached the table the seven were sitting at.

"As if fodder like yourself could even scratch our ship, now please leave your ruining my dining experience" Luffy said Politely.

"Your not eating crap!" yelled Fullbody as he brought his down toward the table. At the same time Luffy kicked the table with just enough force send sliding out of Fullbody's reach as he found the bladed tip of a Ji at his throat "fodder like you often die first, you challenged me with no comprehension of my skill and no understanding of your own limitations by doing so you have placed yourself at my mercy, and i have none for fools like yourself" before any one could blink Luffy had reversed his Ji thrusting the blunt end into the Marine's chest sending him flying into the wall "my deepest apologies for disturbing everyone's meal" said Luffy while bowing "oh no not at all" spoke everyone in fear of a pirate who had toyed with the marine as if he was a bug.

After a few minutes Fullbody regained conscience. It was then a marine ran into the restaurant "Lieutenant! Lieutenant!" he called "The prisoner he escaped while the ship was sinking!"

"Impossible! When we picked him up, he was on the verge of starvation. We haven't given him anything to eat." Iron Fist Fullbody looked confused. Suddenly a gun shot fired and the marine dropped dead as Gin walked into the restaurant and sat down at a table and putting his feet up to rest on said table "Give me some food. Now!" he yelled,

"How will you be paying?" asked Patty.

"Does a bullet sound good?" said Gin putting the gun to his head.

"So you're saying you don't have any money," said Patty before bringing his massive fists down upon the pirate. He proceeded to kick him out of the restaurant. However he was saved by Sanji who brought him a plate of food. Luffy asked him to join his crew. Sanji however refused which Luffy then refused his refusal. As Gin set sail he warned Luffy about going to the Grandline, which Luffy told him he was still going to go. "Brat!" yelled Zeff. "Get back to work!"

"Come on in," Nami said as Luffy opened her door on the ship. She had her own women's quarters and was spending time planning. Luffy was on a break. "You're leaving soon aren't you."

It was more a statement then question, but Nami nodded anyway. "I don't understand why you won't just tell me whats or let me help."

"I don't want you to die!" Nami sobbed as she burst into tears. Luffy smiled before pulling her into a hug. Nami smiled softly at the warmth and comfort of Luffy's chest. "Stick around, Hawk eye's in east blue"

"Luffy who's Hawk eye" They were still hugging.

"One of the seven warlords and the worlds greatest swordsmen."

"Luffy whats a warlord"

"There are seven pirates sanctioned by the world government in return for having their crimes ignored, they must lend their strength to the world government when they call"

"I can't stop you if you decide to take the ship and go just as you can't stop us from following."

The next day..

"It's Don Krieg flag ship!" the customers screamed in terror as they proceeded to run. "Why is he coming here?" Sanji asked.

"Maybe Gin came to repay his debt to you." Luffy suggested.

"Absolutely not." spoke Kuro.

"No, I don't think that's it," replied Sanji as they waited for Krieg to arrive. They found him on the verge of starvation and begging for food. He was refused until Sanji placed a bowl of food, which Krieg began to stuff into his mouth. "Sanji duck!" yelled Luffy. Sanji realizing what Luffy meant. He ducked, avoiding a fatal blow from the pirate fleet captain.

"Don Krieg, why did you attack him?" asked a shocked Gin. Krieg only injured his shoulder. "This is a nice ship. I'll take it and as for you cooks, prepare meals for a hundred men."

"Looks like I will be cooking one-hundred more meals," said Sanji as he walked to the kitchen. He was stopped by the other chefs.

"How about some dessert?" yelled Patty shooting at Krieg with a cannon-like weapon. Krieg appeared unharmed and he ranted that he was the strongest and would become the Pirate King.

"The one who will be Pirate King is me!" Luffy interrupted. "And as for the strongest, you are no where close to Pop's level!"

"I'll let you take that back." Krieg snarled.

"No need. The truth is you're just fodder, who has no idea how big the world really is." Luffy lectured.

"How can you say that?" a chef questioned. Luffy frowned. "It's simple. I don't fear this pitiful worm." He said it casually, as if this was normal. Krieg was about to show Luffy real fear when Zeff placed a sack of food, interrupting them.

"This is about one-hundred meals. Take it to your men and go." Krieg examined him before recognizing the older male.

"You're Red Foot Zeff." He began explaining who he was and that he had bedn on the Grandline. "Give me you're log book." Zeff refused.

"I will return once my crews been fed" spoke Krieg.

It was then Johnny and Yosaku "Big bro Luffy, Big Sis Nami she stole the going merry."

"I guess that means we better follow her."

"Now men, take that ship and the Grandline will be ours!" Krieg yelled.

"We're going back there?" one of the crew questioned. He was tired and scared at the same time. He was then shot in the hip. Suddenly a slash went through the ship, slicing it in half.

"It's him!" A crew mate yelled in fear as Mihawk unsheathed his blade. "Don't screw with us!" He warned pulling out a pistol.

A bullet shot at Mihawk however it was altered by a slight tilt of the blade. "I've never seen a sword handled so gently or with such grace" said Zoro.

"Brute force alone is not the secret to powerful swordplay" Mihawk dully stated.

"Did you also use that sword to cut this ship?" asked Zoro.

"Correct" Mihawk replied.

"So it's true your the best, I set forth for only one reason to meet you"

"Your goal?" asked Mihawk uninterested.

"To beat you." stated Zoro drawing his swords, and pointing them at Mihawk. "Let's go."

Zoro immediately rushed Mihawk "Oni Giri" his attack was immediately stopped by a small pocket knife that Mihawk had drawn. Stopping Zoro's blades mid swing.

"W-what" Zoro gasped how is that possible he stopped my attack with nothing but a pocket knife. "I am not that far behind the worlds greatest!" yelled Zoro as he launched viscous attacks.

"Such powerful sword play" Mihawk Remarked before dodging and striking Zoro in the back of the neck. Almost cuasing him to lose conscious.

"Tiger.." Mihawk lunged forward his knife piercing Zoro chest.

"Why do you not step back" he asked

"If I retreat even one step I'll be shattering all the promise I've made" answered Zoro.

"Yes that is called defeat" stated Mihawk.

"And that's why I will not step back" said Zoro.

"Even if it means death?" asked Mihawk.

"Death would be better" replied Zoro. 'Such a strong will he prefers death over defeat' thought Mihawk.

"State your name" spoke Mihawk.

"Roronoa Zoro" he said.

"I'll remember it" Mihawk said drawing his black blade. "It's been awhile since someone like you has come along as a swordsman courtesy I'll use the worlds strongest blade."

"I appreciate it three sword style secret technique..." Zoro began to spin two of his blades in a circle "three thousand worlds!" finished Zoro, as he rushed past Mihawk his blades shattering and blood squirting from his chest.

"What now?" asked Mihawk seeing that Zoro had sheathed his remaining blade, and was facing him.

"Scars on the back are a swordsman's shame" replied Zoro.

"Well said." said Mihawk before bringing his blade down and slashing open Zoro's chest. Despite this Luffy did not move, his first mate was fine, as he vanished and reappeared at Mihawk side.

"It's you," said Mihawk, recognizing the boy in the strawhat. He had seen him cheering on Thatch along with another child when the two clashed blades roughly ten years ago. "What do you want?"

"East blue is boring how about a spar" said Luffy while drawing his Ji.

"I'm mainly here to kill time but a spar against you sounds interesting." spoke Mihawk.

Immediately the two charged each other steel on steel rang out constantly sparks flying at the intense clash of the two warriors testing each other. A lance of lightning soon formed in Luffy's left hand who surprisingly threw it at the warlord who ducked just in time. It continued on till the horizon before exploding into massive blue dome of energy easily stretching several miles across. I can't let that hit me thought Mihawk who just brought Yoru up in time to block Luffy's Ji who had appeared behind him ad to his surprise the bladed Tip started to slowly cut though his haki infused blade, he quickly disengaged

"I think that's quite enough don't you if we kick it up any further will risk destroying what little footing we have." reasoned Mihawk.

"I agree" said Luffy.

"Well that certainly killed my boredom" spoke Mihawk.

Everyone had watched in the battle in awe of the two titans. Usopp cowered in fear behind Kuro, who looked in amazement. 'He held back on me.' the man thought, remembering the short battle not long ago. Zeff appeared the only one not surprised having found out that Luffy was raised by the Whitebeard pirates during his stay.

Writing this chapter was fun and i enjoyed on, another note i haven't heard from my beta reader in two months as such i'm looking for one again. As for how Luffy nearly cut thought Mihawk haki he dose this by using his devil fruit to send an electric current though the bladed end cuasing it to vibrate at high frequency. don't forget to review favorite and follow.


Nami was currently making her way to Arlong park when some kind of bright blue light zoomed overhead.

With Arlong

"Nami should be back soon" he said.

"Whats that blue light heading towards us" spoke kuroobi.


"What was that?!" yelled Genzo who heard a massive explosion.

"It came from Arlong park" spoke a villager

"Everyone stay here I shall investigate"

Upon arriving at Arlong park all he found was a massive create and the charred remains of several fish men.