Dirty little secret

The shitty cooks been acting weird, I've noticed it recently on and off, and it looks like he's in one of those moods again today. Its breakfast and he's still serving the ladies as he normally would but he's tense, his features are slightly constrained like he's struggling with something. I eye him from across the table as he sits back down; he notices right away and gives me a sharp glare before quickly averting his gaze back down to his plate, head lowered so far that his hair covers both eyes.

'Yep, definitely in another weird mood,' If past experience says anything he will be offering to stay on the ship tonight since we are docking at port in a couple of hours. I have no idea why he always does this instead of going out and enjoying the new town but, he's been doing this for a couple months now. Well at least in the morning he should be better, at least that's how it usually is.

The Sunny has docked at a fairly normal looking town this time around, I gaze out at it after having helped make anchor, assisted by Sanji as usual. I watch Sanji as he gracefully jumps down from the upper rigging to land almost silently onto the deck just in front of me. It always fascinates me how silent and graceful Sanji's body is with his long lean form and legs that go for miles.

"Well I'm off to get the shopping out of the way now before it gets busy in the town, you need anything?" Sanji asks while shaking out another cigarette from his carton.

I scrutinize him as he cups one hand around his cig to light it, "No I don't think I do, I'll just wait till we all go into town later for drinks. You going to stay back on the ship tonight?"

Sanji flinches a bit and quickly looks me in the eye, "Well, yeah I guess I will. I don't mind, it's nice to have time to read or write out new recipes in peace." He gives me a wary look just before walking off with a small wave and proceeds to get the cart out and make his way into town.

'Not that I care what the hell he does but he was definitely lying about that.' I watch him as he wheels the cart through the docks and disappears into the town.

It's some hours later when the chef finally returns hollering for some help with the load of supplies he's retrieved. Franky and I make our way over and get everything up onto the deck in good time.

Nami comes out onto the deck and yells out, "Ok is everyone ready to go to the bars now!?" The majority of the crew including myself all agree heartily as it's been quite some time since we've been docked. The only silent member is Sanji who after a moment gives a fake smile and says, "I'll stay behind tonight and guard the ship, you guys go on ahead and have a good time. Luffy try not to piss off too many locals!" he struts back into the kitchen without giving anyone a chance to disagree.

Some hours later…..

The majority of us are all pretty smashed but still ready for more fun and games. I step outside and go around back to take a leak, this is probably the closest to completely drunk I've been in a good while so even my vision is a little wobbly. I turn around and start to head back in, not really focusing too much until I realize I've been walking for much longer then I should be. I look around me and find myself back at the docks standing in front of the Sunny. 'Che, the one time I wasn't trying to find my way back here I wind up here, figures… Well I guess I'll just go in and see if I can mooch any Sake off the Shitty cook since I'm here.'

Making my way up the deck towards the kitchen I hear what can only be described as a strangled yell, immediately sobered up I have my hand on Wado and determine the noise came from the kitchen. I make my way up there cautiously and am about to open the door when I hear something that makes me stop dead in my tracks, a low throaty moan.

'There is no way I heard that right.' I place my ear against the door to see if I can hear the noise again and this time I hear quite panting. 'Oh that purvey bastard, what poor girl did he trick into coming on the ship with him, I am so going to get him in trouble if he brought a woman on board.' I make my way over to one of the port holes and peek in, as soon as my eyes adjust to the darkness in the room lit only by a few spaced out candles, I spy a pale form hovering on the floor. I notice the person is naked and also happens to be Sanji… wait Sanji…. WHAT! My hand flies over my mouth to cover a shocked gasp and my eyes almost fly out of my sockets at what I witness.

He's stark naked squatting with his weight on his feet and his hands behind his back on the floor to support him. I notice belatedly that he's facing me; I panic for a moment until I realize he's blind folded himself. His knees are spread apart far enough to seem uncomfortable. As much as I try to look away I just can't seem to tear my eyes away from his prone form, muscles bulging and twitching under the skin, as he arches back and sweat runs down his neck. His lips are parted, small gasps and moans slipping out.

I'm confused at what he's doing until he starts lifting himself up slightly only to drop back down again slowly, as he does this his head drops back and he moans loud enough for me to glance behind me to be sure no one else came back early. It's when he keeps going that I finally realize what it is he's doing, I can just make it out when he lifts himself up even higher, that kinky shit is riding a dildo. I cannot believe I'm really seeing this; Sanji, a woman crazed maniac is fucking himself on it like he's been turned into some sex crazed animal. Sanji gives another shout that sends shivers of pleasure down my spine and I watch enraptured as he grips his shaft with his right hand and starts to get himself off. After a few final thrusts and jerks of his hand he finally finishes with a loud cry followed by a few whimpers as he rides out his orgasm, cum splattering on the floor in front of him.

I quickly look away and up to the sky, 'OK, so there's no denying I enjoyed that about as much as he obviously seemed to.' I feel my face flush as I shift uncomfortably due to the tent in my previously loose pants. I turn away quickly but quietly and decide to take a walk around the docks to give him time to put himself back together and give myself time to think about what the hell I'm going to do now.

To be continued…