Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 9

It's been about a week since Robin and Zoro stopped me from making an irreversible mistake. Pretty much everything has gone back to normal, though I feel a lot more in the moment then I did before, feels like I'm really here now. I notice when the crew talks to me or asks me how my day is going, where as I could swear before that never really happened. It doesn't feel forced or awkward, it seems like it's always been a thing. So I take it in stride and act as normal as I can.

The only really notable difference is I feel Zoro's eye on me a lot, ok let's not sugar coat it, if I didn't know better id think he was trying to burn a hole into my body. I've been doing my best to act normal around the idiot while I figure out what I want to do but he is not making it easy on me. After all this time I'm finally gaining the attention of the one I want and he wants me too, but I still feel a bit unsure. When he keeps his eye on me like that though all I can think about is tackling him to the floor and having my way with him, or him having his way with me I don't actually care at this point.

I had given him his bandana back a few days ago; I had managed to get the blood off with no visible stains left over so I was pleased I managed that. My neck currently bares just a sliver of a pink scar, chopper asked how I got the wound and it was difficult to lie to him, but I just felt so ashamed that I couldn't tell him what happened. Luckily he let me go but I could tell he was upset I didn't tell him what happened; I just can't bear to see the look on his face if I were to tell him.

Luffy also noticed it, a lot quicker then I imagined he would; to be honest I wasn't expecting really anyone aside from Chopper of course to notice. I don't think I'll ever forget the look he had in his eyes as he ran the tip of his finger on the mark nor what he said to me.

I'm in the middle of wiping down the table as the door to the galley opens up and Luffy walks in. "Hey Luffy, you can't be hungry now we just had dinner not twenty minutes ago." I didn't bother to look up as I was focused on cleaning the table.

I'm startled as my arm is gripped tightly then my body jerked up and forwards, I blinked rapidly as I find myself mere inches away from Luffy's face. He looks torn between sadness and frustration. I blurt out, "Luffy, what hap..!" my words catch in my throat when I notice he's raising his left hand and I shrink back in fear he's going to strike me, I squeeze my eyes shut and stay still because surely I deserve it.

I flinch as I feel the sensation of the collar of my shirt being pulled down and something pressing gently against my neck, I wince as the cut stings; it's only been a day and a half since it happened. I crack open my eyes to see Luffy staring at my neck as he strokes the cut with just the tip of his finger, he looks extremely troubled and confused. I'm suddenly flooded with a terrible feeling of shame and guilt, he knows what I did, I cause his face to take on this shattered look when the only look he should have is a bright and happy one. I feel my eyes water as I watch my dear friend try to figure out what went wrong, why I would do something like this to myself.

I cannot help myself as I fling my arms around his neck and hug him tightly. "I'm so sorry Luffy!" Hot tears slowly fall down my cheeks as I feel my heart tear itself in to pieces and I am reminded yet again what a fool I was for not seeing how my friends love and cherish me.

Strong arms slowly wrap tightly around my back, squeezing me close. "Sanji, please don't ever try to leave us like that again. We love you, please don't do that again." Luffy words are breaking up as his voice cracks from crying and I feel my soul is shredding along with my heart at the sound of it.

"I swear I won't again, if I'm feeling bad I'll talk to you or one of the others right away, I promise!" I squeeze Luffy as tightly to me as I can, willing him to please stop crying. I don't let go for what feels like an hour, not until his body stops wracking with sobs.

Finally he pulls away; his eyes are wide and a little watery still. I pull out my kerchief tell him to keep it as he blows his nose noisily into it. "Sanji, you're like a brother to me, I've already lost one please don't let me loose another one." There isn't really a word for how absolutely terrible I feel after hearing that, waves of shame, guilt and terrible sadness wash over me and all I can do is beg Luffy to forgive me.

He pulls himself together and rubs his eyes vigorously before finally giving me a 500 watt smile, "I forgive you Sanji, I believe you when you say you won't do it again."

It wasn't quite his biggest smile but I knew that was the best I would get considering how much we both cried. I rush over to the fridge and take out some ingredient and slap together a large meaty sandwich and give it to Luffy. He smiles and laughs, "Shishishi, thanks Sanji! You're the best!" He all but skips out of the galley hollering for Usopp to see the cool giant sandwich he just got.

Later that evening we happen upon a small island maybe six times the size of the Sunny, Luffy immediately calls out for a beach side grill out and the rest of the crew cheers in unison at the prospect. I toss out orders to a few of them to get the fishing rods out and catch us a ton of fish. Luffy, Usopp and Franky are all over it and quickly run to fetch the rods and bait. I glance to my right and see Zoro leaning casually against the railing eyeing me up, Shivers dance up and down my spine. I swiftly light a cigarette and holler out for him to move his mossy ass and help me bring down the grilling equipment. He huffs at me but obeys my orders with no complaint.

Some hours later the sun has set and the crew has been fed. Brooke is up in the crow's nest on watch and I have a special Sake bottle in hand. I step gingerly around the sleeping forms of my friends as they lounge around on the beach enjoying full bellies and a warm crackling fire. I scope out Zoro dozing off to the side of the camp against a large palm tree, he's relaxing facing away from the Sunny towards the moonlit ocean. I approach him and glace around to see everyone is still fast asleep. I inhale deeply through my nose and clear my mind, I prepare myself for what I'm about to do.

I remove my jacket and toe off my sandals; I'm wearing a tank top underneath and some looser hangout shorts. I light up a fresh cigarette as I take note that he has his swords next to him off to the side so they shouldn't get in the way. I step one foot over him so he's directly under me and I sit down so I'm in his lap, knees on either side of his hips.

He breaths in deeply and slowly opens his eye blearily looking up at me. He blinks quickly to clear his vision as he gazes up at me. I take a deep drag and tilt my head up, exposing the long column of my neck as I exhale the smoke into the night air. I know how he likes it when I smoke, his eyes are always on my lips and I can only imagine the dirty thoughts this pervy Swordsman must have running though his mind.

I glance back down to his face to find him looking at me with both lust and slight confusion. I stub out my cigarette having gotten that boost of confidence the nicotine usually gives me and uncork the special bottle of sake. I eye him lustfully and take a small swig of the Sake; I set the bottle back down and lean forwards. I press my lips to his and he immediately reacts by placing his hands on my hips and griping me firmly. I cup his chin and angle his face up farther and thumb his mouth open, once he complies I share the swig of sake with him, he gulps down half of it and I take some for myself.

I throw all worries behind me and just ravish him, our tongues slide together and our bodies rub tenderly of their own accord. Nothing really needs to be said between the both of us; he knew I would come to him when I was ready. He was kind in respecting my wishes even though he was giving me the lusty eyes the entire week, the idiot. I smirk at the flashes of memories of the past week of him creeping around and gazing at me as he mouths at my neck.

I push him back gently and pull off my shirt eager to feel his skin on mine. As soon as my shirt is off he's touching my chest, stomach and sides sliding his fingers all around and thumbing over my nipples, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. I sigh happily and push his robe off his shoulders wanting to see his tan skin in the moonlight.

He nudges at me and I scoot backwards so I'm sitting on the sand instead of in his lap. He unties his robe and removes it completely along with his pants and underwear, boots having been removed earlier in the evening. I drink up his gorgeous form and quickly follow suit, shedding my remaining clothing and tossing them off to the side. He seems awe struck as he slowly looks me up and down. It feels like he's not just lusting at me but really looking, committing it to memory. He gently puts his hand against the middle of my chest and pushes me so I fall back onto the soft sand.

He lays his body on top of mine and props himself up on his right elbow. His left hand combs through my bangs and moves them out of my face. Zoro leans forwards and kisses my cheeks and forehead murmuring, "You are truly exquisite."

I feel my face flame up at the honest comment. I drag him down so he's laying on me fully and kiss him till we are both breathless. I can feel his erection twitching against mine along our stomachs and I cannot wait any longer for us to be a part of each other.

I had prepared myself ahead of coming out here to find him, so I wiggle around until I'm lying on my stomach and he's molded against my back. We are facing the dark ocean, with the moon large and hanging low in the star speckled sky above and around us.

Zoro leans down and whispers in my ear, "You sure you want it like this?" He moves his hips slightly and rubs his firm penis against my rear. I shiver at the feeling of how warm he is compared to the cool breeze coming from the ocean in front of us. I nod yes and spread my legs a bit so he's nestled in between.

I can feel the tip of him nudging against me so I do my best to relax. Luckily the toys I've used helped me prepare somewhat for the real thing. The heat of him finally entering me is one I've longed to feel and couldn't ever properly imagine what it would be like. I hear Zoro let out a low grunt as he fully seats himself inside of me resting against my back, his arms framing my own on the sand.

He gives me a moment to adjust to the size of him before he shallowly thrusts into me, he keeps his back molded to mine the entire time and I cannot get enough of the feeling of his warm skin against mine. His hands engulf mine on top of the sand and we thread out fingers together as he speeds up his movements. I do everything I can to keep my voice down since the rest of the crew is sleeping not too far away. Zoro nuzzles my neck and licks at the faint mark left there of a time I will both never forget and wish I could.

His moves are rough and I cannot keep down the moan the rips through my throat as I cum hard into the sand under me. The clenching of my entrance sets him off just after and he bites down onto the base of my neck and growls deep in the back of his throat, the action shocks me and turns me on so hard that I find myself coming again though less than the first time around.

We both catch our breath as he slowly pulls out of me and moves his body to lay on my right. I roll over so I'm facing him, he sits up slightly to grab the thin blanket I didn't notice before and drapes it over both of us. He lies on his back and drags me so I'm laying half on top of him. We take our time and relax, whispering to each other and gently kick each other as we get back into our standard bickering. We drink up the rest of the Sake and fall sleep content in each other's arms under the endless starry sky.


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