OC's mother was Egyptian her dad was Greek the orphanage kept the name her parents had given her Anta Aella ( she has no last name), she grew up in an orphanage and often snuck out she picked up English and taught herself how to fight and learned how to pickpocket and she learned the street's of Egypt very quickly, then when she was 7 she snuck on a Oriental ship and became friends with the Captians twin daughter and son. She grew up with them learning how to sail, fight with weapons (knives ,swords, daggers) and she was taught martial arts. She learned Japanese and Mandurian pretty quickly however she only knew passable Chinese and how to curse in Korean. When she was 16 she decided to travel the known world and learn as much as she could. When she turned 17 she traveled to England where she met Evy, Jon and their parents. She is 6 feet tall and unlike Egyptian woman she does not cover her head, she does not wear dresses, she does not stay quiet, she speaks her mind and say's what she wants when she wants. She has golden brown skin color, wavy black hair cut at her shoulders with blond and red tints in it. Large Azure blue eyes with brown flecks close to the pupil. She was given a tattoo at the orphanage and had a saying drilled into her so much so that she remembers it all her life. She also got six other tattoos, an ahnk on her left ring finger, the Udjat symbol in the center of her coller-bone, the Maat symbol on her left ankle, and the ancient kanji for black panther tattooed on her right shoulder as that's what the Japenese called her for her skill's an intricate design that covers her right hand on both sides and showing two different colored blossoming lotus flowers and lastly a full back tattoo that has a black hooded figure wielding two swords standing on-top of a pile of skulls, blood is dripping from the swords and onto the skulls, the figure is outlined because there is a large full white moon with golden tints right behind the figure, above the figure in Japenese kanji it says, "Let death fall swiftly upon the enemies of my family for if not I will bring it to them slowly". . Three earrings in her left ear and four in her right.

OKAY I THINK THAT'S EVERYTHING. ENJOY AND REVIEW (I'm re-writing this story and adding some details for all those who already read this story and are confused as to why I'm reposting chapters you have already read.)


I yawned and stretched before standing up and getting ready to leave, I glanced over the pond, my eye's widened as I saw a girl running across the frozen surface.

I looked around and saw there was no one else before looking back at her and watching in horror as she fell through a patch of thin ice.

Immediately I ran forward choosing my footing wisely but quickly before lying down to evenly distribute my weight as I got close to the hole.

The girl was gasping and trying desperately to stay afloat.

I reached out,

"Come here." I said as I reached as far as I could.

The girl reached towards me and when I got a hold of her arm I started wiggling backwards while keeping a tight grip on her.

"Give me your other hand as well and be ready. I'm going to yank your arms very hard, and I need you to throw your body towards me when I do okay?" I told the girl.

She nodded as she coughed up some water and gave me her other hand.

With a quick tug and skillful maneuvering I had her out of the water and onto the ice beside me in a minute.

Then I drug her backwards from the place she fell through and when I knew it was safe I picked her up,

"I need you to guide me to your house, you can't fall asleep okay?" I said.

She nodded her whole body shivering and her teeth chattering as she gave me directions.

I rang the bell of the house she pointed out to me and the door was opened seconds later.

A beautiful Egyptian woman stood in the doorway,

"Oh no!" The woman gasped before moving backwards letting me step inside the home.

"She needs to get out of her wet clothes, dryed and put in new clothes. You should aslo give her some hot tea with a little bit of whiskey to get her blood flowing." I told the woman as I followed her to what I assumed was the girl's bedroom.

The woman nodded and thanked me, I told her I would show myself out and I started towards the door.

I almost made it to the door when a boy who looked around my age came running down the steps towards me.

"Mother wants you to stay so she can thank you properly, my names Jonathan by the way." The boy said sticking his hand out for me to shake.

I smiled,

"Hello Jonathan, it's nice to meet you." I replied.

And that was the day I became a friend of the family Carnahan.

I taught Jon how to pickpocket and I told Evy stories about Egypt and other places that I had visited.

Their parents trusted me and I soon became like a part of their family and I loved it.

I had always wanted a 'real family' something that I had never really had before, so this was amazing to me.

Then in 1920 when Evy and Jonathan's parents were killed in a plane crash I stayed with them for a year trying to help in any way possible.

When they started to receive money from their parents will Evy spent it only as she needed it, however Jon spent his money on liquor and became a drunk much to Evy's dismay, I didn't like it either but I knew everyone had different ways of dealing with pain.

When Evy moved to Cairo we rented a flat together although I wasn't there for weeks on end as I loved to travel and learn new things.

Evy started a job at the Cairo Museum of Antiquities and Jon became an archaeologist, though not a very good one seeing as how he was drunk most the time.

Years passed and I started to wonder if I would ever fall in love, not that I hadn't had relationship's but I didn't feel love for them more like a lust and after a few weeks it was ended usually mutually.

I came home to find Evy packing some clothes in a rather full suitcase one day and something in me told me that things were going to be interesting from now on.

"Hey Evy, where you going?" I asked.

"Oh Ella! I'm so glad your here. Jon and I are going on an adventure. A man claims to be able to show us to Hamunaptra." Evy said excitedly.

"The city of the dead? Sounds like fun, mind if I tag along?" I asked, not wanting to miss the chance of an exciting trip with my honorary little siblings.

"That would be wonderful!" Evy said happily.

I grinned happily and eagerly said, "I'll go change and re-pack."

After both Evy and I had finished packing, Jon came to pick up Evy and was surprised to see me.

After we had a happy reunion we all headed for the docks.

"Do you really think he's going to show up?" Evy asked Jon.

"Yes, undoubtedly knowing my luck. He may be a cowboy but I know the green, he's as good as his word." Jon said.

"Well personally I think he's filthy, rude a complete scoundrel I don't like him one bit." Evy replied with a bit of a pout making me wonder about what this man had done as Evy usually liked everyone.

I saw a handsome man coming towards us as Evy was talking.

"Hmm…I wonder..." I thought watching him get closer.

"Anyone I know." The guy said causing Evy and Jon to turn around.

The priceless looks on their faces caused me to bit my lip as I tried to hold in laughter.

Evy's mouth fell open and the man looked at her raising an eyebrow as he waited for her to speak.

"Oh...um...Hello." Evy breathed.

Jon immediatly spoke up then, "Smashing day to start our adventure then, hey O'Connell."

"Yeah, yeah smashing."

The guy, O'Connell, said as he reached into his jacket pocket to check for his wallet.

I smirked at his actions, they told me this man had clearly met Jon before and he must have lost something in the process.

My attention was diverted so I didn't hear the rest of their exchange in favor of getting a parcel from one of my contacts that was waving me over.

After handing him the money I owed him I turned back towards the barge just in time to see Evy and Jon walk up the plank behind a short and round man wearing a red fez.