This is Ares' side of Heroic Beginnings. Enjoy~!

Roughly 1000 years prior to HT and SF

The great and honorable kingdom of Shio Mizumi. So majestic, so powerful, so beautiful. And the Emporer, Arthur Alpha the first, ruling fairly and justly. On the top of the social ladder where the Anthrodytes, perfect cross-breeds of humans and pokemon. On the bottom, were the Pokedites, Pokemon more on the feral than humanoid side, yet still human-like. They were seen as slaves and/or lowly servants. The opression of these near-humanoid pokemon was terrible, sometimes even seen as objects. But that was about to change

Shio Mizumi Jails

A lone Pokedite Victini was was just lying down on the floor in my cell, waiting for the right moment... An Anthrodyte guard came by and noticed he wasn't breathing. "What the-?" He unlocked his cell and check his body which sprung and knocked him out! The Victini looked for and picked up the keys for the other cells. He unlocked them...

"My people! For too long, we have been slaves of these Anthrodytes!" The Victini raised his sword, declaring! "It is time we fight back and have our freedom and democracy, so says I, Apollo Victorious!" The Pokedites cheered, raising their own weapons.

18 years later

The entirety of the Pokedite race rebelled for their freedom that day. They terrorized Athrodyte citizens, destroyed landmarks, and slowly took over the city. This war went on for 17 years, until the Antrodyte leaders surrendered and let the Pokedites leave Shio Mizumi to start their own country, known as Victorium, nammed after the leader of the revolution, Apollo Victorious, a Victini. They also named their capital after him; Victory City. He was also given the chance to be their leader, but he turned it down, so the position was given to his right-hand-man, Asreal Von Vladimere, also a Victini. Each leader had a child during the war. Arthur and Elizabeth gave birth to a Female Suicune, which they named Addiline Alpha ii, after Arthur's mother. Leonardo already had a daughter before the war named Beatrice Shade. Apollo had a son he named Ares. Asreal had twin sons, Nova and Avon. These children will have their own story, and their legacy will be carved in stone.

This Fic will show my side of HB with events that Nightlaw and I need to agree on with some of each other's ideas!