This will be an 'in medias res' (flashback) story. So enjoy~

Shio Mizūmi... A dark, starry but tragic night

In the palace, there was angry, grieving grunting and screaming... Followed, was a young adult Pokedite Victini crying outside the entrance, running while carrying a baby boy Pokedite Victini with him. He rushed to a nearby hill so he could sit down and weep. Surprisingly, his son was still asleep as he cried.

His name is Ares Victorious and his son he carried was Victor Victorious. "Why...? *Sniff... Sniff!* I could not believe such injustice and fraud...! And I had tainted myself with it!" Ares sobbed as he held his son tightly.

At that moment, a Pokedite Meloetta named Athena. She looked pitiful at the prince she supported. "My leader... I know it is truly devastating but I've found something in Pendragon's room!" She explained, showing him the large papers to him.

"Hydra...? Ugh, when might he enact on them?" Ares said, still deadpan devastated.

"Well, it's... Tomorrow early morning or later. At least that's what the very last part says. So perhaps we can recall how all this tragedy happened?" Athena asked, making Ares sigh.

"*Sigh...* I suppose we have plenty of time to look back on our lives... Especially mine, my wife... And our two children..." Ares whimpered when he mentioned his wife and children, looking at baby Victor sorrowfully.

Meanwhile, at a faraway crash site...

A pale-white Manaphy called Hydra with sickly-black lines and yellow feral eyes was walking towards a gigantic object which resembled an alien warship. "Hah... Hah... Well, our attack on Shio Mizūmi was a bust... But~..." He said, grinning evilly. "Well my brother-in-arms, it seems you won't be the only one with a spaceship from outer space~!" He exclaimed before laughing maniacally and transforming into a Kyurem-like dragon monster! He dug through the ground and dirt to dig up the huge thing! But he didn't have enough time to maintain his big form and hardly made a dent in his digging so he turned back into his normal Manaphy form. "Argh, by the time I uncover this block of scrap heap, it'll be early morning or later! Augh...! I suppose I have plenty of time to think back on my life on how I came to be now..." Hydra said, grumbling as he used his axe as a makeshift shovel.

Back with Ares, Victor and Athena

The two sat under a tree with Vic lying between them. "It all started back when I was just 13..."

Victorium: 7 years ago...

At night, a younger Ares was sitting by his front lawn of his father's whitehouse. He was sitting in the stairs, bored. "*Sigh* Dad almost never comes out of his office and plays with me... Huh?" As Ares was sitting grumpily, he noticed a falling object heading towards down Earth! The impact shook the ground and scared him but he was interested to fly via psychic to the spot where is crashed.

When he got there, Ares saw it was a strange alien spaceship which is on fire and an alien person crawled out of it! "*Gasp* Is he an Anthrodyte!?" Ares hid behind a bush. He didn't look like a Pokemon but he looked very bipedal. The alien noticed him and raised a hand, signalling for help! Ares was a bit hesitant but went to his aid.

As the young Victini pulled him to safe place, the alien spoke a strange language. "What? What are you saying?!" The alien soon adjusted something around the side of his head. His words sounded gibberish at first until the next second... "Fire extinguisher!" He said, surprising Ares! "There!" The alien pointed to a black metal cylindrical tank with a hose and nozzle!

Ares then carried him to the tank and they pulled it out. Ares held the tank and positioned the hose so the alien could spray the fire extinguishing chemicals, putting out the fire on the ship!

They both collapse in relief, Ares was glad to help but the alien made some weak grunts. "Y-You there... Thank you..." He said, confusing Ares. "Uh, thanks." The alien then brings out some kind of sphere which prompted the Victini to touch it, causing it to shine brightly and make some kind of light scanning him! "There... Everything I had in my ship belongs to you now..." The alien explained, on the verge of death. "What are you talking about? I don't understand!" Ares said, begging for more information but the alien was almost passing away. "Before I forget... I am... Tenno." Tenno introduced himself with the last of his breath.

"No..." Ares muttered sadly before looking at Tenno's spaceship. He came closer to it and raised the ball at it. Unlocking the doors, shining an amazing light, showing all the awe-inspiring technology inside! "Whoa~...!" Ares said and went to get his parents.

Resolving Origins

And that's it for now, will post more when I'm ready~! ;)

Oh and just so you know, Tenno and his spaceship are based on Warframe's Tenno and ships. Just look up in Google, "Warframe Wiki" and look at all the cool stuff in that wiki~