Welcome to my new story. I was inspired the other day and just couldn't stop. This first chapter goes through events relatively quickly to catch you up to where I want to be in the story line for what I am going to put down. That being said, things are about to change. Does not follow cannon, so I hope you enjoy anyway. I have a couple more chapters already written to be typed up so after I finish writing another chapter I'll post more. I'm hoping it wont be too long between updates I'd like to stay ahead on this story. Thank you for giving this story a chance. It's my first Naruto story and only my third fanfiction! SO...

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The first time he met her she was an empty shell, barely even beginning. He didn't think much of her then, spent minimal time with her, never training with her one on one, personally he found her whiny and unremarkable. Haruno Sakura had good chakra control that much was clear when she effortlessly took to tree climbing after one demonstration. Obviously she was a genjutsu type, she probably didn't have any elemental chakra natures (not uncommon coming from civilian families) and he found her undeniably weak, in mind and body. Her stamina pathetic, her chakra reserves minuscule, she would never make it past chunin, if she even got that far. She was really a waste of his time and talents, but still as a member of his team he had to include her, but that didn't mean he had to focus on her at all.

The last Uchiha was an undirected prodigy and if he trained him (instead of the love struck girl following him around) he could be something special, he could go far and protect their village. In fact Hatake Kakashi even had a Sharingan and would be able to assist Uchiha Sasuke where no one else could.

The Kyuubi container was another powerhouse he had been given to teach, really he supposed with two students having unimaginable potential he had to get a dud too, it was only fair after all. Uzumaki Naruto was his late Sensei's son, therefore it was fitting that he had the opportunity to begin his training. Although he was pleased as Legendary Sannin (and author extraordinaire) Jiraiya took over his training and making him his apprentice.

He did not know what happened to the pink haired girl who had been on his team for a year. He figured she quit being a kunoichi; she wasn't cut out for the life anyway with all her complaining. She was from merchant civilian family anyway so she had probably living her life in the civilian district a genin for life.

So with Sasuke's betrayal and Naruto off training with Master Jiraiya he felt he owed Konohagakure a debt for his ignorance and he returned to ANBU keeping busy with missions. He made in through town quickly, in and out as fast as he could, oblivious to the world around him.

She was furious. Rightfully so! Stupid men trying to dictate her life, telling her what to do, acting as though she needed saving. Well she didn't, not anymore.

Naruto had left her after Sasuke's deflection. I'm off to train he said, I'll be back and we'll get back that teme Sasuke he said.

Who said she wanted to get him back, stupid promise. Gods she was pathetic back then. So when he left and her 'Sensei' had disappeared from her life without a trace she was determined to get stronger.

She would be strong enough to fight her own battles, to stand in the front lines of any situation and protect those around her. She would stand in front of her friends and protect them from doing the things that would give them nightmares, she would do anything and everything to be the best so those she loved would never have to suffer for it.

So she trained hard. Tsunade was strict and sometimes harsh, but she relished the challenge. She had spent barely a year under Kakashi's tutelage and she resented him for not training her, for not preparing her for the world she would have to face behind those large village gates. For the evils that the world seemed to drown in, for the death of her parents, for the loneliness she felt in her very soul. He could have helped her, he could have tried, but he did not and she would show him one day that he was wrong to dismiss her.

She picked up jutsus with remarkable speed, her photographic memory and asset that no one had predicted. She did not need a Sharingan or unlimited chakra stores she just needed someone to direct her, to watch and to encourage growth. Tsunade had done that. Her harsh training ensured Sakura always tried her best, always got better, her techniques and jutsus quickly learned and perfected.

Shizune taught her next, poisons and antidotes interesting the pink haired girl. She was determined to be the perfect shinobi; her hands could heal and could kill. She could cause massive damage or she could cause none. One touch in the right place and she could end your life, her knowledge of the chakra network and human anatomy with made this small delicate looking girl incredibly deadly (although only few really knew her capabilities).

Rock Lee had eagerly agreed to be her sparing partner, her chakra increased strength helping her keep up with him (although he did insist on weight training). As her taijutsu improved Lee had taken to inviting Huyga Neji for their spars, at first he had been hesitant but as he watched her move he had been impressed and took to joining them at least once a week.

Tenten not far behind enjoyed practicing her aim on Sakura and as Sakura improved and the injuries from projectile weapons disappeared they switched to katana, sais, staffs, axes, scythes, fans, kamas and Sakura's personal favorite the kusarigama (she had her own Black fang). Each day they switched never becoming compliant as they fended off each others attacks. They improved together becoming good friends and enjoying friendly team spars with Neji and Lee.

Sakura refused to remain stagnant so she kept busy, her skills helping at the hospital only in extreme circumstances (her friends usually just appeared at her apartment when in need). She spent most of her time on missions, training or reading texts on jutsu and different herbs. Not many people in the Hidden Leaf village had water infinities so she resigned to reading the few scrolls she could find dedicated to it. Earth natures were easier to find but she preferred not to ask people to reveal their jutsus as she did not like owing favors.

Nara Shikamaru quickly became her favorite mission partner with his quick thinking and careful planning. The boy really was a genius, so after making chunin she made sure to be on his team as much as possible. When Shikamaru, Neji and herself made jonin they tried to remain together in a three man squad, each person watching the others back. Their mission success rate the best of any jonin team.

A month before her sixteenth birthday Naruto returned to the Leaf Village. Team Seven Naruto called them still excited at the prospect of being back and Lady Tsunade let them know they would be testing their skills to see where they ranked in becoming a team again. At this Sakura frowned, Shikamaru and Temari heard the conversation play out and while she look amused he frowned with Sakura, they were a team Sakura, Neji and him, everyone knew that.

Tsunade had just smiled knowingly at him and sent off Naruto Sakura and Kakashi to battle. Sakura only showed her extreme strength allowing Naruto to come up with a distraction plan going along with it, not willing to show them what she really could do.

Jiraiya was underwhelmed by the girl Tsunade had taken on and told her so, Tsunade and Shizune just laughed, leaving the area to be cleaned up by a different earth user later (Sakura refused those mission stating that they should go to people who needed the money and couldn't manage the kind of missions she was prone to taking with her jonin team).

Word came to the village asking for assistance the Kasakage had been kidnapped by the Akatsuki. They departed to retrieve him, not willing to allow the Akatsuki to collect all the jinchurikis.

While in Sunagakure Sakura healed and provided and antidote for Kankuro keeping two with her while she made her way with her 'team' to get Gaara back. They met up with team Gai after each fighting a mock version of Hoshigaki Kisame and Uchiha Itachi and unsealed the chamber holding Gaara's recently deceased body. With it they found Sasori of the red sand and Deidara, Deidara creating a clay bird and taking off with Gaara's body, Kakashi and Naruto following close behind.

Lady Chiyo and Sakura were left to take care of the poison puppet master Sasori. They defeated Sasori and as he died he granted them a boon, he told them of a spy he had a where to meet him. Lady Chiyo then sacrificed her life to bring back Gaara and they made their way to Suna to return him. His people greeted him with joy in a reunion he had never expected glad that his village cared for him as he did for them.

They buried Chiyo and Sakura remained in Suna to help with the sick and injured She relayed the message Sasori had given her to Neji (as she trusted him explicitly) bidding him fast and safe travels the remaining members of both teams made their way back to Konoha.