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His sand rushed her at incredible speeds, clearly much faster then it had been years previous. She smiled, pleased that after two weeks of straight taijutsu spars he was taking her seriously enough to add in his special ninjutsu, sand. She felt absolutely giddy as she jumped from the ground with a chakra enhanced leap only to land gently on his sand using it as a platform to get to him. She avoided sand as it split off to grab her, dodging quickly as she raced at him.

Kankuro's mouth hung open, eyes wide as he watched from the sidelines. Not many people daring to get close to the action.

"Close your mouth brother, you look like a gapping fish." The blonde woman laughed at the puppeteer. He was not the only one openly surprised at Sakura's actions. The few people gathered watching stared never before seeing anyone else willingly encounter his sand.

She was in front of him now her powerful legs aiming a kick for his face, the redhead blocked with his arms. Sand armor cracked and fell from his forearm his body skidding backwards at the force exhorted. She was powerful. His lips widening into a smile, teeth were showing as he watched her every movement.

They moved in sync gracefully as if in the midst of an intricate dance, and in a way they were. She laughed, the sound light and thrilling to those watching. Fingers brushed her right thighs and suddenly two kamas appeared he quickly blocked his sand taking the shape of a double ended spear.

It was his turn to laugh, deep and loud. Her cheeks flushed, matching her hair as she enjoyed the sound. Each blow diverted or blocked with the large pole arm in his hands. Clearly he had been training with weapons too, good she enjoyed a challenge.

Pushing chakra into her specially made weapons (that cost her two a-ranked mission earnings) and also into her arms for an extra push she slashed at him quickly and with expert skill. The sand weapon crumbed in his hands before he had time to reform it or move her weapons were on either side of his neck. The sickle like blades crossed around him, she could with enough pressure enough chakra cut off his head.

She smiled widely at him, his eyes wide.

"You win." He conceded, his head giving the tiniest of bows. She threw her weapons to the air her hands flying through seals faster then most people could see, the kamas disappearing as if never there.

"You underestimated me again." Her lips pulled downward. He watched her fascinated by the way her teeth tugged on her lower lip.

"I apologize Haruno-san, it will not happen again."

"Sakura" His head tilted to the side. Not really understanding what she was trying to say to him. As if taking mercy on his lack of social skills she smiled.

"Just Sakura Kasakage-sama. We're friends after all."

He smiled at that pleased by her assessment, after all he really had only one friend for such a long time.

"Than you must call me Gaara."

"Alright Gaara-sama"

"No, Just Gaara."

"I couldn't" She flushed again; he found he liked the way the pink looked on her cheeks and was determined to see it often.

"Of course you can Sakura." His voice was soft and quiet with a slight raspy quality which only served to further her blush. He smiled at this, chuckling lightly.

"Alright, Gaara." He found he liked the way his name sounded coming from her and he smiled wider.

Baki watched in surprise at the sidelines, he had never seen Gaara act in such a way, never seen him lose. The pinkette had thoroughly impressed him, he remembered her as a pathetic slip of a girl that would never amount to anything yet her she stood tight clothes clinging to her body sweat covering her in a thin sheet with a large smile on her face speaking with the Kasakage like close friends.

Matsuri watched her sensei and crush smile and laugh with the beautiful rose haired woman. What did that Konoha-nin have that she didn't? She would give it to the other woman; she was graceful and incredibly talented if she could take on her Kasakage in such a way. Her eyes turned downcast as she walked from the training grounds and away free to wallow in the grief of not getting the attention of the man she so desperately wanted. At least she could take comfort in the fact that the Leaf ninja would be on her own way soon enough.

Temari had never seen her youngest brother laugh, and occasional half smile maybe but never had she heard that sound. To say she was shocked was an understatement of the highest proportions. Gaara seemed almost normal as she watched them talk Sakura's face alight with a blush at whatever was being said. The blonde woman smiled determined to find out how the emerald eyed woman managed to accomplish such a feat.

Kankuro had seen his brother kill without remorse, had seen him covered in the blood of his enemies with a smile on his face. The smile though, had always been sharp toothed and malicious teamed with palpable killing intent. These smile though, the ones for her, for Sakura, were softer, even gentle. Kankuro liked Sakura, she was intriguing and strong, and by the way Gaara was looking at her, he obviously saw it too. The dark haired man was jealous of his little brother. The gorgeous med-nin was not for him.

A week had passed since the spar that had changed everything. Gaara spent his free time in her company, they spared often (though not everyday as Kankuro and Temari made sure to monopolize her time) but more often they talked.

He was having a hard time sleeping he explained finding her sitting on a roof at 2 in the morning. She told him it was perfectly understandable based on the insomnia he had been forced to suffer through for years. She offered to help him, and because she was his friend, he trusted her and accepted her assistance.

She had hugged him then, excited that he was willing to trust her, sleeping near another shinobi left you vulnerable and he was intelligent, he knew what it had meant to accept what she had offered. He had been shocked, his eyes wide as her arms wrapped around him. She went to pull away her cheeks flushed as she quickly apologized for entering his personal space. He did not allow her the distance though as he broke out of his shock and pulled her closer his arms like a vice wrapped around her breathing her in. Her cheeks reddened further as he smiled against her neck.

His sand surrounded them as she closed her eyes, transferring them back to his room. She hadn't wanted to knock him out of use ninjutsu to make him sleep as she only had another two months in Suna and wanted to help him in the long run, not just for now. Really she shouldn't even be thinking of offering what she was about too, but she was tired, and if she could admit it to only herself she had enjoyed being wrapped in his arms.

So she lay down on his bed and gestured him forward helping him get into a good position. His head lay on her chest his arms around her eyes closed as he breathed her in. One of her arms wrapped around him the other running through deep red locks and they drifted off to sleep.

That was how Temari had found them the next day, it was almost ten and Gaara was needed so she had gone to fetch him. Opening his door Sakura woke but the red head remained sleeping his face now buried in her hair. The placement of their bodies did not go unnoticed by her, the amount of trust Gaara had to have in the leaf ninja was astounding, and if she was honest, she was a little jealous that he seemed to trust Sakura more then her (although she was sure he meant no offence). Careful not to wake him he pinkette raised a finger to her lips, the blonde understanding the gesture left the room with a smile, slowly and quietly shutting the door behind her. Gaara deserved a day off she told herself, she would make sure they were not disturbed. With that she was off to fill in for her youngest sibling for the day, pleased that he would get a much the break he clearly needed.