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"Garnet! Pearl! Amethyst! You're that Oriana? What happened to her?" Steven asked, seeing the sleeping girl in Garnet's arms.

Garnet walked over to the couch and laid the blue haired child on it, covering her with a blanket "We didn't hurt her Steven, she cried herself out...someone really hurt her inside" Garnet explained, turning to the half gem, who she looked at like a son.

"Garnet was it really such a good idea to bring her here? We have to think about Steven, we don't know anything about this girl. She could be a homeworld gem" Pearl pointed out.

"She's not a danger to Steven, I don't see that in any of the possibilities" Garnet responded, before looking at Steven "She'll need some Steven-y influence" Garnet told Steven with a slight smile, before a soft groan drew everyone's attention. "You're awake" Garnet commented, seeing Oriana's deep and dark blue eyes.

Oriana looked around as she slowly sat up, her eyes stopping on Steven "No, I can't be here...I'm too dangerous for him, I don't want to be a danger to him" She exclaimed, standing up quickly and stumbling.

"Oriana how many times have I told you not to let Trunks near your weapons! It's not safe for him, he's still just a little kid" Bulma chastised, as she entered the room to see Oriana and Trunks playing with the daggers.

Oriana took the dagger away from Trunks "I'm sorry, I was practicing and he took one. I didn't give it to him" She insisted, biting back the tears in her eyes. She hated to get in trouble.

"Come on Mom lighten up, this is no different than when I train with Dad or Goku" Trunks pointed out, looking between his mom and the slightly older girl.

Bulma turned to Trunks "Stay out of this Trunks, you are just a kid. Oriana is older than you, she should know better"

"Oriana is it...why do you keep insisting that you are dangerous?" Pearl asked with genuine curiosity and concern.

Oriana avoided looking any of them in the eyes, biting her lip to keep the tears back, she felt like she was weak for crying so much. "I overheard her say it lots of times" The blue eyed adolescent answered in a soft tone, her voice hardly audible.

"Who?" Steven asked, only getting a shake of the head for an answer.

Garnet knelt down in front of Oriana "You aren't dangerous Oriana, I would have seen it if you were, and you are welcome to stay with us" Garnet told the clearly emotional distressed girl. "You don't have to tell us anything you aren't comfortable with"

Oriana looked at Garnet, looking at her eyes through the glasses, she saw nothing but honesty in them, Oriana giving a small nod. "Okay...I'll tell you everything" She said, believing that they would agree with her, that she was dangerous, after knowing her story.

"I was born on a Frieza controlled planet 15 humans years ago, he was a horrible ruler who killed my dad when I was 5, my mom already long dead. Just before my dad was killed he forced me to get in an escape pod, and just before it left, I watched him die. I didn't know where my escape pod was going to go, it ended up bringing me here to earth. On Earth, I was all alone and scared...for 3 long years I was all alone, until I was caught stealing by the people who became my surrogate parents, Bulma and Vegeta. They already had one child, a little boy named Trunks. Once they found out that I was half Saiyan, Vegeta asked me to stay so he could train me. For 7 years I lived with them, I liked living there but 2 years ago I started overhearing Bulma talk about how she thought I was dangerous...all because of this stupid gem...but I never hurt Trunks ever, I would have sooner died then let him get hurt. Finally a few days ago, I left...before I could prove Bulma right" Oriana told the four crystal gems.

"You weren't in the wrong, by the sounds of it, this Bulma character was in the wrong. You aren't dangerous at all, or at least you shouldn't be with the proper training" Pearl told her, feeling a genuine sadness for the girl.

Oriana looked at them surprised, they really thought she wasn't a dangerous person "Really?"

"Of course, I mean we are training Steven to use his gem powers, I'm sure we can train you as well" Pearl told the gem-saiyan hybrid. "But first, who is this Frieza person you mentioned?" She questioned.

"Oh, he was an intergalactic dictator"


"Yeah, Goku beat him first, but he came back. Then a Trunks from the future came and beat him for the last time." Oriana explained, as if it were just a normal occurrence.

Pearl opened her mouth to ask more questions, only to close it a moment later.

"What? We met Future Trunks lots of times...he came back in time, using a time machine that he and his mom made. The future he comes from though is a dark one, but cause he warned everyone of what happened, that future won't come to pass...or I guess it still does cause of the multiverse theory..." Oriana stopped, seeing the bewildered looks on the Crystal Gems faces. "What? Did I say something wrong?"