"Go away Steven, I'm still tired" Oriana complained one morning, as Steven kept shaking her.

"Come on Oriana! It's 10am already, why are you still so tired!"

Oriana rolled over, opening one eye to look at Steven "I was doing stuff, now leave me alone please" The half saiyan said, closing her eyes again and pulling the blanket over her head. She had stayed up late the night before, watching all of Camp Pining Hearts, after Steven got her hooked on it.

Steven let out a huff, walking down the stairs that led from his shared room to the rest of the house. He dropped down next to Pearl, pouting. "What's got you so pouty Steven?" Pearl asked curiously, glancing up towards the shared room.

"Oriana, she says she's too tired to get up. I'm so bored and I wanted her to come with me so she could meet Lapis and Peridot" Steven answered.

"Well why don't you go down to the barn and when she finally gets up, Garnet, Amethyst or I will take her down there" Pearl suggested, wanting to cheer Steven up, while also allowing Oriana to catch up on some sleep. She had been the one to send Oriana to bed, after finding her at 4 am watching T.V still.

Steven thought about the compromise "Okay fine" With that, Pearl watched as Steven went over to the warp and disappeared into its stream.

A few hours later, Pearl lightly shook Oriana "Hey Oriana, it's 2 o'clock. You have to get up now"

Oriana groaned and rubbed her tired eyes "Okay I'm up...where's Steven?" She questioned, yawning and opening her eyes as she sat up.

"He's visiting some friends...actually once you wake up a bit more, I'll take you down there to meet them" Pearl responded, getting up and leaving the room to allow Oriana time to get up. A few minutes later, Oriana came down the stairs wearing her normal long sleeved dark blue shirt that fell to just above her gem, with a pair of black leggings and dark blue shoes. Her blue hair was in a high pony tail on the top of her head.

"I'm ready to go Pearl" The hair saiyan child told the renegade gem. The pair of them got on the warp pad, warping to the barn.

Oriana looked around as she and Pearl stepped off the warp pad "Where are we and who are we meeting?" Oriana asked, getting nervous all of a sudden.

"We are at the old barn, and you're going to meet Lapis and Peridot. They are fellow Crystal Gems" Pearl answered her, as they walked up to the barn. "Steven! Lapis! Peridot!" The gem called out, as they got to the entrance of the barn.

"Oh hey Pearl, Oriana your finally up. Come meet Lapis and Peridot!" The half human boy said, as he ran up to them. He grabbed Oriana's hand and pulled her into the barn, stopping in front of a green gem and blue gem. "Lapis, Peridot meet Oriana. She's a half gem like me, and she's the one I was telling you about" Steven introduced.

Oriana awkwardly waved at the two new gems "Uh...hey"

"Hello, I am Peridot...Wait Steven you said she's only half gem, what's the other half?" Peridot asked, looking at Oriana curiously, as Lapis looked at her with more of a bored look.

"I'm half saiyan" Oriana answered, looking at her hands.

"I thought saiyans went extinct years ago" Lapis piped up.

Oriana shrugged "Most of them did die, but my father and a few of my old friends weren't killed. I mean there's only like a handful of full saiyans left, but there are some half saiyans"

Lapis nodded, before her eyes went to Oriana's gem and her eyes narrowed at it, causing Oriana to subconsciously cover her abdomen effectively hiding her gem from the blue gem.

"Anyways, Steven what were you guys doing before I got here?" Oriana asked, wanting to change the subject, before Lapis could ask about her gemstone.

Steven looked excited at that "We were building sculptures...Lapis and Peridot call it meep morp" He answered, before showing Oriana the sculpture's he made and explaining all about them.

"Okay, I'm hungry!" Steven declared "Peridot wanna come with me into town to get something to eat?" He asked, looking to the green gem.

"Sure, Lapis you'll be okay here with Oriana right?" Peridot asked, getting a nod from the blue gem. Before Oriana could say anything, Steven and Peridot were off to the warp pad.

"Red Beryl, that's what your gemstone is, isn't it?" Lapis asked, after Steven and Peridot were gone.

Oriana nodded, looking down at her exposed gemstone. "That's what my dad told me"

"I remember the Beryl's, I was just newly formed, and the few memories I do have of them before the Diamond authority took over are good memories. I worked under Red Beryl, she was a great ruler. You come from a strong gem. When the Diamond's took over, I was given to Blue Diamond. Those early years, I spend so much time questioning if my real master had gotten away, I heard rumors that one had gotten away. But thanks to you, I know my Beryl lived" Lapis said.

Oriana looked at her gemstone, running a hand over it. "I understand how Steven feels you know...everyone tells me that my mother, and her sisters were these amazing rulers. I won't ever live up to that...I don't want to live up to that, I want to forge my own path. And you know everyone tells Steven the same thing, you are all setting us up for failure because we won't live up to the unrealistic expectations that our mothers set. I don't even have any gem powers, all I can do it summon a weapon, nothing else. I can barely use my saiyan powers!" Oriana ranted, getting out the frustrations that she had been holding in for years. "I understand that everyone wants my mother back or Rose Quartz back, but that won't happen. Just except that I am Oriana, not Red Beryl"

"I had no idea Oriana" Steven's voice drew the attention of Oriana and Lapis. "I'm sorry that the gems made you feel like you weren't good enough, but you are good enough. It doesn't matter that your mother was Red Beryl, you are already forging your own path"

Oriana stood up silently and hugged Steven "Thank you Steven..." Oriana pulled away, but kept her hands on the smaller child's shoulders, looking him in the eyes "You are good enough to Steven, don't let anyone tell you any different. You are not Rose Quartz, and don't try to live up to that. If you just be yourself, then you've already done more than enough" Oriana stated, pulling him into a hug again, as a bright light blinded Peridot and Lapis.

As the light faded, a soft giggling could be heard. "What did we just do?"

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