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As the light faded, a soft giggling could be heard. "What did we just do?"

"Oh my Kami! Did we fuse? Is that how gems fuse?" The newly combined gem asked, looking at their green hands. They had a light emerald green skin tone, with a big mop of blue and black hair that matched their blue and black eyes. They wore a pair of black leggings, along with a shirt that showed their...one gem? "Wait aren't I supposed to have 2 gems?" The new gem asked, looking to Lapis and Peridot, who both looked shocked and confused.

"Uh normally I suppose, but I guess since you and Oriana have a gem in the same spot, it fused your gems as well" Lapis answered, after getting over her shock. "Wait what's your name?" Lapis questioned.

"A rose quartz gem, mixed with a red beryl gem...I suppose that would make us Emerald" Emerald answered, looking at their gem which was half pink and half red.

"What the heck is that!" Peridot exclaimed, seeing a brown monkey tail come out from behind Emerald.

Emerald looked the tail "It seems that by fusing, Oriana gained back her tail" Emerald responded with a shrug. After a moment the pair came apart, unused to being fused.

"Steven I'm sorry, I had no idea we would fuse. I'm so used to the way saiyans fuse, had I know that we would fuse I never would have..." "Stop Oriana, fusing is good. You didn't do anything bad" Steven interrupted her.

"You aren't mad that we fused?" The blue haired adolescent asked, looking him in the eyes trying to see any anger or similar emotion.

"No why would I be mad?" Steven asked, looking at Oriana with a concerned look.

Oriana looked down "Saiyans don't fuse like that, it can only be done when both are consciously aware that they are fusing and they do this dance thing. I had no idea that Gems could fuse, I don't want you to feel like you were being forced into it in anyway."

Steven nodded, giving a quick glance at Lapis, remembering her time spent as Malachite. "I understand, and you didn't force me in anyway Oriana. It was nice to fuse, I've only ever fused with Connie"

"I've only fused with Trunks and Gohan, but those were only because we were greatly out matched in a fight. I've never fused simply because of a strong emotion, and it felt so different. Fusing with Trunks or Gohan, I still knew exactly who I was and I maintained a semblance of control, but fusing with you just now...it was like..."

"Like you didn't exist...but at the same time you did" Lapis finished.

Oriana nodded "Yeah"

"I want to go visit them" Oriana spoke up, as the group of gems was relaxing one evening, a few days after the Emerald incident. Steven and Oriana had decided not to tell the gems about Emerald, and had gotten Peridot and Lapis to agree.

Pearl looked over to the blue haired girl "Are you sure? We will support you, but we just want to make sure that it's what you really want" The spear using gem inquired.

Oriana nodded "I have a few loose ends I need to tie up with them, and I'm done running away from it. I am ready to face Bulma. I have been thinking a lot the last few days, and I realized when I left there I did so rather childishly. I should have stayed and gotten her side of things, well I'm ready to hear her side and tell her how she made me feel...I mean I don't think I will be able to live there again, I feel at home here in Beach City, but I would like to be able to go back there sometimes and see them without any hostile feelings" Oriana explained, looking at the 3 gems and Steven. "I want to do this alone though" The demi saiyan added.

"No" Garnet stated simply.

"Garnet is right, it would be safer it at least one of us went with you, in case it gets hostile" Pearl agreed.

Oriana sighed, looking between the 3 gems. "I'll take Garnet and Steven" She answered after a few minutes of careful decision making, while she had nothing against Amethyst or Pearl, Garnet just seemed to be the best choice for this and besides if all went well, she could always being the other two Crystal Gems next time she visited.

"Then it's settled, we will leave tomorrow morning" Garnet said, standing up. "Now you two need to get some rest, we've got a busy couple of days ahead of us"

"You're sure about this Oriana?" Steven questioned softly, after the Gems had gone into their separate rooms.

Oriana sat up and looked at Steven "Yeah I'm sure, like I said before I don't want there to be any negative feelings between me and Bulma or the others. I really do miss them, they were my family for the last 7 years"

"Okay, then I support you" The dark haired boy said with a smile, before a yawn escaped him. "I'll see you in the morning Oriana" Another yawn "Night"

Oriana chuckled softly "Good night Steven"

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