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Summary: A talk about a bottle of Scotch. Follow-up to 08x19.

"Their Captain"

"Babe," she whispered, spread over his chest and running a hand through his bed hair.


"That was your best Scotch, not just the most expensive."


"The Scotch, that Brown was drinking. That was your most expensive and best bottle of Scotch."

"Okay," he said slowly not understanding, and not really liking where this was going.

"How come we never drink it?"

Yep, that's exactly where she went.

He sighed looking at her through the light from the street and running a lazy finger through her arm.

"I know he betrayed you, he betrayed us all, and I should hate him but – he was my friend Kate. He was more than my friend. At first he was the only one who wanted me there in the precinct, you know? Who greeted me with a smile when I arrived. Made me feel welcome and not just an annoyance the mayor was foisting on them-"


"No, Kate. That's not what I mean. I mean – I don't regret using my contacts to get to shadow you because I've got some of the best things in my life because of that. A new family, the love of my life and I know I'm part of the team now, but I also know that in the beginning, that's how you and the boys saw me, and I don't really blame you. And Roy didn't treat me like that. He was my captain too. Maybe for shorter, but he was and I never knew why."

"He said you were good for me. That I wasn't having any fun before you came along."

"Well, you weren't," Rick said self-assured and she slapped his arm for good measure.

"What I mean is – I know I'm supposed to hate him, and I do at times, when I think about how he could have given you closure. How if he had stepped up when this mess first started your mother would have never been a victim but at the same time, I miss my friend, my mentor, my captain."

"Me too," she whispered as if she was confessing to a horrible secret. "And then I hate myself for missing him."

"The last time I drank from that bottle, we all drank from that bottle. The day I bought the Old Haunt. He touched that bottle. And I just can't bear the thought of that Scotch ending. The Scotch he drank from. Is that stupid?"

"No," she shook her head. "You think he'd be happy?"

"How so?"

"I think he shipped Caskett from the start."

Rick smiled at her use at the name he had given them all those years ago. "Yeah, me too."

"I remember how we talked about how the DA would only be remembered for his one mistake and not all the good he'd done," she continued. "I think maybe we should remember Roy for all the good he tried to do to atone for his mistake."

"I think so too," he kissed her lightly and hugged her close as they started reminiscing of stories of their Captain.

A/N: Did anyone else notice the red bottle of Scotch Caleb Brown was holding? I love when they bring up stuff from older seasons! Like the Captain Castle nameplate on Castle's desk.