Jack flitted through the artic air with Baby Tooth dancing alongside him. Their laughter was contagious as they made their way towards the snowy ground. He landed gently into the snow, letting his staff glean across the ground creating soft patterns of frost ferns a top the snow.

"Catch me if you can Baby Tooth!"

"Jack!" she cried out in exasperation and joy as she flitted after him. She had grown a bit since she had first said his name, she could no longer curl up easily in his hood, but would curl up at his side when he had his rare moments of sleep. She was the size of a small baby now and could comfortably fit in his arms.

It certainly made games more interesting. More games of tag where he could feel her small hands without her barreling into him. Small accounts of tickle fights with incredible peals of laughter. And when he could, he would find and clean discarded baby clothes or baby doll clothes to give her so she could have moments of dress up and feel like a little princess she acted like. Granted, they had maybe a lone cavern at the Southern tip of Chile that housed their belongings but it was fine with Baby Tooth.

"Jack!" she giggled out once more, flitting next to him. She jumped to his back and he allowed himself to fall to the snowy ground, rolling in the fluff.

"Alright baby, you got me," he smiled. She laughed once more and nuzzled his cheek. He sat up and held her close. Blues and whites were surrounding them in their little world. Except, their was a glint in the distance, something off color from the cooler colors something brighter and more warm. Baby Tooth realized Jack had seen something and stopped giggling. She turned her head and looked over and followed his line of sight.

They both turned their vision back to one another, and raced towards the abnormality in the snow filled land. The thrill of discovering something new besides baby teeth. It took no time at all to reach the, now revealed to be golden egg shaped device. Jack lightly touched the object with the crook of his staff. It moved slightly by his touch, yet, it had no frost pattern cascade over it as was typical with his powers. Somehow, that meant the object was, warm, despite being half buried in snow.

Baby tooth flew down and landed on it carefully. She tapped it a few times before running her fingers across different etched marks that ran along it. As she looked over it, Jack had noticed that the moon had seemingly just appeared above head, it's light, not speaking to him, but radiating... Something.

he looked back down when he heard Baby Tooth gasp and fly up, back into his arms. The odd golden thing hissed, and released some sort of pressurized gas as it opened up. Jack held his staff, ready to fight if need be. Hey, he had been attacked by smaller and far less plausible creatures and items. Who knew what the golden thing could do?

Jack and Baby Tooth's bodies tensed as the device fully opened.

From there, was confusion. Jack and Baby Tooth blinked in confusion seeing a light grey, near white colored rabbit, bathing in the moon's light. About the same size as Baby Tooth in fact. The rabbit stretched and made a crooning noise. Jack reached over, but hesitated to touch the fuzzy little creature.

Baby Tooth didn't hesitate though as she placed her dainty hands on it's face. The rabbit crooned again and began to shiver as the wind greeted it. Jack didn't miss it as he picked the small bunny from the device and put him in his jacket. It might not warm up the little bunny, but he couldn't lift the... Whatever it was, and he could get the little bunny somewhere a little warmer. The bunny calmed down and seemed to curl up near his chest. There was a faint but consistent rise and fall of chest from the bunny

"C'mon, Baby Tooth. Let's get somewhere warmer. I'm not the warmest person for Cottontail to cuddle up to."

Baby Tooth crossed her arms in slight annoyance. She wasn't mad though. Just a bit miffed that their game had to be put on hold. That and there was something niggling in the back of her mind. The marks on the golden object seemed incredibly familiar. Something she felt she should know.

She didn't focus on it for long though as she had a race to win against Jack.

"You are just a clingy little bunny aren't you?" Jack asked trying to get the little guy to stay by a tree or something. Instead, the bunny seemed more than content snuggling up to Jack and fall asleep. Each time Jack tried to walk away from the bunny it would run up to him and cling to his side. Baby Tooth was giggling with each little chase with Jack and the bunny.

"You gonna help me Baby Tooth?" Jack asked as the bunny laid on his foot. Baby Tooth shook her head, enjoying the show far too much. Jack pouted at his smaller friend and then looked down to the bunny. With an exaggerated sigh, he reached down and picked the bunny up. The little bunny yawned and curled up in his arms. As the bunny exhaled however, both Jack and Baby Tooth were taken by surprise seeing a small blue and mostly translucent cloud come from its lips.

"Did-Did you see that?" Jack asked his feathered friend. Baby Tooth nodded in disbelief. She then looked up to the sky, where the moon was going out of the sky as the day was less than an hour away. Her eyes narrowed slightly. Her mother had always spoken praises of the moon and how he had brought the guardians together to face off against the wicked Pitch Black.

She had mentioned he created many spirits.

"Manny?" She whispered. Her fingers flew to her mouth. Another word. Not that Jack heard her soft spoken word. He was dealing with the apparent new spirit Manny had thrust into the world. Just like she had heard that happened with Jack when he was born from a lake. Only this was a bunny. Wait, a bunny? The only bunny spirit... Was Bunny. And he was technically a...

She sucked in air through her teeth in a hissing manner. Not to be mean, but just in shock.

"Pooka," she spoke. Her shock was far less than saying Manny. She figured it had to be the shock.

But for Jack, he was surprised to hear her say words other than his name.

"Baby Tooth?"

"Jack," she sighed. She flew down and joined the bunny in Jack's arms.

Beneath the surface of the earth, Pitch Black was pulling old scrolls from his days as the Golden General, searching for a certain spell. He glanced through a few before settling on one. A cruel grin appeared on his face. His eyes glistened with malice.

"Perfect," he muttered. He lay a small paperweight on the scroll, marking the first of what would be many spells to complete his project. He then walked over to a small cabinet, and grabbed a dark bottle. He returned to the table, opening the cork on the bottle. Inside the bottle seemed to be light itself as a golden hue made itself known within the confines of the cavernous lair.

Pitch poured a small amount on the table and began reciting an incantation. He knew, it would be a few weeks before he would see how well this small specimen would turn out.

I really want a nap. So I will bid you all a see you later thing.