Jack was certain he had never had wilder single day in his life.

Sure he had wild moments when it came to raising Ibern, Baby and Comet, but being kidnapped by a member of the Big Four and seeing not only the inside of the North Pole, but going to the inner workings of the Tooth Palace, and now Bunny's own Warren.

Not to mention the complete and utter madness of the Boogeyman attacking. Jack just knew that Baby was going to lose it when he told her and Ibern would be hot on her heels with Comet being worried and following close behind.

Jack would be right by her side when it happened. Her sisters were very important to her, despite having avoided them for over a century.

"We're going to be swimmin' in belief before you know it," Bunny said in his excited tone. Jack jumped when he saw small eggs running around on strange little feet. Most ran towards Bunny. A few ran uphill seemingly going after something. Jack didn't know if it was normal but assumed it wasn't when Bunny's ears perked towards the hill. His hands twitched all too much like Ibern's when he heard something odd. He was going to pounce. On what, Jack wasn't sure.

But there hardly held the air of chaos the Nightmares had within the Warren.

Ibern's ear cocked up slightly and held back a curse. He flipped his hood over his head and scooped the little girl into his arms. Baby Tooth tensed, while crouched low, her wings were wide spread, ready to take to the air. Comet took in the nerves of his companions and waited. He didn't move as a small egg landed on his sandy mane. The three weren't entirely sure what they were going to do knowing that all the guardians were in the warren. But it should've been a warning. Where there was one little walking egg, there were hundreds more.

"Son of a-" Ibern hissed out as the wave of eggs appeared and overwhelmed them. Or they would have, had not for a tall something or other jumped in front of the small group. The being stomped on the ground making Ibern flinch and the eggs stop in their tracks. The rag tag group of winter following spirits froze. Ibern held his breath and pulled his cloak tighter around his body. Baby Tooth darted behind Comet, quick as a whip. Comet stared cusiously at the six foot tall grey and white pooka. His eyes darted over to his cloaked compainon who had done well to hide his features.

"Who are you blokes?" he asked with a dark undertone, "An' how'd yah get in mah Warren?"

Comet didn't waste time answering or thinking. Doing what rabbits did best, he jumped upward with the little girl in hand, more importantly away from the infamous Easter Bunny. The little girl shrieked with laughter as his fur tickled her as they were airborn. Bunny's eyes followed the Ibern's cloaked form as Baby darted behind Comet. There would be no easy way to explain her appearance all to similar to her mother sans the color. Comet, to their credit was more than willing to be a steady wall between her and those who dared try and take a peek.

"Oi!" Bunny leapt after Ibern. Ibern kicked Bunny mid air as gravity took hold of him. His foot pushed Bunny back mid air. North wasted no time rushing in from below to try to grapple the falling Ibern and child. Jack flitted slightly faster than the Cossack and shot a swirl of ice to create a slide of ice, sending Ibern back to where Jack assumed the rest of his small immediate family was. It was where he leapt from after all. He shot ice between around the location, encasing the group in a glistening dome. He stood between the guardians and the dome with his staff in hand.

"What is going on here?!" Tooth cried out in a slight flurry of panic.

"Oi! Why'd yah fill mah garden with ice!?" Bunny yelled, slinking over from where he had been kicked. His teeth bared and his eyes narrowed at the winter boy.

"Why is my family here?!" Jack bit back. He took in a quick breath and held his defensive position, "You asked for my help and I said yes. You have no right to bring my family into this."

Sandy's eyes widened and he shot out sand to stop Bunny from entering an aggressive tirade.

"Sandy? Vat are you-?" North was cut off as well as Sandy made his way forward. He stood calmly before Jack Frost, keeping an easy smile. An image of a snowflake followed by a flurry of smaller flakes, then a question mark. Jack's bright blue eyes were clouded in confusion for a moment before understanding the unorthodox communication.

"They aren't like me exactly."

Sandy then gestured to the icy dome, then proceeded to "shiver". Jack snorted at the suggestion. His stance grew less tense.

"They're winter, just like I am if that's what you're asking."

"An' how'd a bunch of wintah spirits get intah mah Warren?"

Jack's expression morphed to confusion, thinkging the Guardians had kidnapped them, before melting away in epiphany.

"Oh! Oh." Jack's stance became more casual. As he turned his gaze to at the dome, he assumed that it had to have been Ibern's tunneling since his kidnapping by the one person who was like him who he actively avoided. "Give me a moment. Would yah?"

Bunny's lips peeled back in irritation, his teeth grinding slightly. He tried to take a step forward when Sandy again blocked him. A knowing gaze was sent to the large rabbit. Bunny huffed, his glared locked on Jack. Jack walked over to the dome and knocked the ice with his knuckles. A soft and undoubtedly winter chime rung through the air with a slight scent of pine lingering.

Jack turned to face the Guardians with a meek smile. "Give them a moment."

Ibern's ears perked up hearing Jack's winter call. It was a fairly new skill they had discovered as the group had to work more independently. Jack had pounded on the ice in frustration when he couldn't find them after an avalanche in the Himalayans, sending the resounding sound that called them forth, similar to the Guardians' Aurora Borealis. But unlike the light show, they were actively pulled towards Jack. Simply put, they needed to come in physical contact with him to get the urge and the sound in their ears to go away.

"Pretty!" the little girl laughed squirming in Ibern's arms.

"She seems entranced by the ice," Baby Tooth giggled as she slipped out from behind Comet.

"By the ice..." Comet echoed. Comet looked through the opaque ice. They were a simple being. They were happy to go where Jack had called them. Unlike Ibern and Baby Tooth, they didn't waste any time heading to Jack. Their body softened and slid between the ice domes hair fracture cracks made by the oppressively held spring day warmth. Small particals of sand coursing through making gold and black viens. A small price was the loss of sight and hearing but they could still feel. They felt the cool ice. They felt the slight melting water. Soon, small portions could feel air. Then skin and ground as the urge to find Jack was quelled.

Sand gathered together to reform their body. Features returning much like how they were "born." Eyes opened to see Jack not alone. But with the odd Bunny, the taller and greener Baby Tooth, a large bearded man, and a smaller, far more golden version of himself. The four they had not met before eyed him with wonder, disgust, and/or caution.

"Comet, these are the Guardians."

"Guardians," Comet repeated, commiting their forms to memory and status.

"Long ears is Bunny-"


"-feathers is the Tooth Fairy-"


"-Tall bearded man is North-"

A barked laugh came from the impressive man.

"-and short stack is Sand Man."

Comet blinked, his eyes locking with an enthusiastic albiet cautious Sand Man.

"Sand Man," Comet repeated as he turned his gaze to Jack.

"He's a lot like you. Except he delivers good dreams to kids."

"Dreams to kids?"

Sandy's eyes widened, perhaps recalling shooting stars of the past sometimes able to mimic or echo others. He made his way to Comet and grabbed their hand. Comet looked down, wide eyed at the older shooting star. Sand Man's hand was far softer than their intermixed sand. A kin to the softest of snow falls but far warmer.

"Easy Sandy. Who's to say we can trust this bloke?" Bunny stated somewhat agressively.

"Trust this bloke," Comet responded. Jack's snickers made him think it was the right thing to say.

Been a while huh? Thought I would do something nice today. A story update seems right.