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Birka, above Dawn Island

On the island of the clouds two devil fruits lie together. These two fruits are the Goro-goro no mi shaped like a blue pineapple and the mythical zoan tori-tori no mi thunderbird version shaped like a bushel of yellow grapes. A man walks near them. The man was tall and had a muscular frame, his ears were stretched out reaching the center of his chest. this man is Enel. He sees the two fruits and decides he is going to eat them. He starts to reach for the fruits. Because of his weight added to the cloud under the fruit loosens and they fall down to the blue sea.

"Damn it, I am hungry" Enel screams.

-Goa kingdom, Dawn island, Foosha village-

Below the sky island a boy wearing shorts and a white shirt with an anchor on it walks towards the local bar to hang with his pirate friends. He feels the need to look up into the sky and sees two things falling to him. He reaches his hand out and reaches to grab the falling objects.

"Shishishishishi come to me falling object "Says Luffy and he waits. The first item lands a few feet away from luffy.

"Ah, nuts I missed it. Wel,l I'll catch the next one blurg."

Luffy says to himself, but as he was talking the second item fell in his mouth and he swallowed slightly choking on the item. After a few seconds he is able to breath again.

" blegh, that was disgusting" Luffy yells. His yells attract the attention of one of the pirates. he was a big round guy, wearing a green shirt, a pair of brown pants. Atop his head he wore a bandanna and had sunglasses on his face. He was snacking on a chunk of meat.

"Hahaha what's wrong luffy eat some bad meat again." The pirate asked with a grin as he tore a piece of meat off the chunk.

"No, I didn't lucky. I ate this weird looking fruit and it tasted like death, the other fruit is over there on the ground." Luffy replies

Lucky looked at the fruit luffy was talking about and his eyes popped and he dropped his meat.

"...Luffy did the fruit you ate have the same swirls on it as this one" Lucky stutters out.

"Yeah! And it tasted disgusting, I mean worse than vegetables" Luffy replies shaking his arms around to emphasize his point and doing so caused him to shoot lightning at a tree and starting a fire.

" Ahhhh, how did that happen" luffy shouted out in shock. He looks towards Lucky for answers but only sees a dust trail heading to the bar in curiosity he goes to the bar after picking up the other fruit on the ground and taking it to the bar, momentarily forgetting what happened.

He reaches bar and hears lucky voice yell.

"Luffy has eaten a devil fruit and has another one on hand."

A moment of silence went through the bar before…

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat" The entire population of the bar yells. At that luffy walks into the bar and everyone stares at him, as if waiting for him to turn into a leprechaun.

"What are you staring at, and whats a devil fruit" luffy asks innocently. The bar is in total silence till shanks the captain of this crew answers him.

"Luffy a devil fruit is a fruit that grants you powers depending on which one you eat." Luffy looks at shanks for a few minutes before saying.

"So it's a mystery fruit" and with that everyone but Luffy and Shanks sweatdrops.

"In a sense that is true luffy" Shanks replies.

"Shishishishishishi yeah that means all i need to do is learn to swim and I'll become the pirate king in no time" luffy says in excitement.


Shanks tries to smack luffy but his hand passes right through him in little static coming of luffys body

(so he ate a logia fruit eh and it seems to be the power of lightning) thought shanks.

"Luffy anyone who eats a devil fruit becomes a hammer in the water meaning you can't swim anymore" Shanks says to luffy.


Was all that as heard by the bar until….

" Whaaaaaaattttttttt"luffy scream

End of chapter 1

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