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"Hey" talking


"Stop saying Hey" attacks/great power

Previously on Luffys Thunder Legion:

The straw hat pirates and nami had sailed away from the island two hours ago and were getting ready for bed. Luffy was taking first watch of the night. He sat on one of the girls lawn chairs and was relaxing peacefully in the moonlight until a shadow fell over him.

He looked to see nami stand above him in a large white dress shirt, presumably her sleep attire with a conflicted look on her face.

"What's up" Luffy asked her. She started squirming trying to get out what she wanted to say.

"I just wanted to thank you and your crew for saving my life if it wasn't for you guys I might be dead or worse" Nami said with a quick bow of her head. Before running off.

Luffy just laughs and continues to enjoy the quiet and peaceful night.


Chapter 7: The Liar And The Butler

The crew of now 5 had been traveling for about a week and only stopped on one island that was filled beautiful and unique creatures that they had never seen before and met the island resident Gaimon, who use to be a pirate but got stuck in a treasure chest and was left on the island by his crew. Luffy decided to help him achieve his dream of collecting the treasure atop of an odd shape boulder.(A/N. It is technically to small to be a mountain and I can't think of what elses to call it.)

Unfortunately Luffy found five empty treasure chests up there. Another group came before Gaimons crew and got the treasure. Luffy offered Gaimon condolences but also made Gaimon look on the brighter side as to how luck he was that they came now or else he might of been dead, he and Gaimon shared a friendly laugh. Luffy offered Gaimon a spot on his crew but Gaimon declined stating he enjoyed being the guardian of the forest. Luffy and his crew left left the island with a new friend in their hearts.

They were currently heading to the Gecko islands to stop and resupply. Currently the sisters were tanning, Alvida wearing her usual bikini while Leona was wearing a nice black bikini with a skull and crossbones on the right side of her bikini top and another one on the back of her bottoms. Zoro was doing his usual, sleeping. Nami was currently steering the ship and Luffy was doing maintenance on Kitetsu and Tenshi. The sky was as peaceful considering it was thundering and lightning yesterday.

"Nami how far away are we from the nearest island of the archipelago." Luffy asked.

"Were pretty close to it right now should be able to see it on our right hand side soon."

"I wonder if there is a place to get a bigger ship there, I mean the fishing boat we have is big enough to last us through east blue but once we get to the grand I fear this ship will be torn apart." Luffy mused allowed

"As far as I know of the island there is no shipwright on the Island, so the possibility is slim to none." Nami said.

And nami was right the island as quite small it maybe hold a single very small village.

"Well only one way to truly find out prepare to dock the boat," luffy shouted out get a call ayes and yeah from Zoro and the girls.

(on the island)

4 sets of eyes watched the boat approaching the shore line.

"Captain what should we do." A voice asked it sounded like that of a kid was about to hit puberty. (since they don't give a definitive age, I am making them around the age of 10/11)

"You go set up the flags while I go hide." The apparent captain said.

"CAPTAIN." Shout the three kids together.

"All right,all right." the captain said and then told them his plan.

(with luffys group)

Luffy and the crew pulled the ship up to the northern dock of the island. They all got off the ship and stretched to get their land legs back in order. After a few minutes everyone was back in good order. They began to walk in land. The moved about 5ft before Luffy and Zoro grabbed one of their katanas. Seeing their powerhouses stand on edge the rest of the group got on edge as well drawing their weapons. They see what set off the two boys in the form of musket ball launched at them.

A boy about 16 stepped out on the ledge that was above them he was standing at about 5'8 and had curly black hair. The boy was wearing a brown pair of overalls with a white sash around his waist atop his head he wore a pair of goggles and on his wrist was a blue and white band.

"Behold. I am the great pirate captain Usopp, tremble in the wake of my presence for I am the captain of 5,000 men" the named Usopp said. The entirety of the Straw Hat crew looked at the teen with varying interest and expressions the most amused was Luffy, followed by Leona then Alvida and Zoro and finally nami who just stared at him blankly before she simply said.

"Liar" Usopp looked shocked at nami for seeing through his lie so easily.

"Okay so maybe I exaggerated a bit on the numbers but I have many men under me just look" Usopp said pointing towards the bushes and tree line on the side of him to see 6 flags popping up and being waved up and down.

"I am gonna guess three" Nami said. The moment the words left her mouth three kids popped out of the bushes holding a pirate flag in each hand.

"AHHHHH. SHE KNOWS" the three shout and take off running back to the village.

Zoro re-sheaths his sword and just continues to walk on,Usopp, severely intimidated by these people takes and loads one of his special stars and prepares to fire.

"Stay back or I'll shoot. I swear." Usopp said this caught everyone's attention. Luffy frowned slightly before having an idea.

"Leona let me see a musket ball please?" Luffy asked as he drew his pistol and held out a hand for the musket ball. Leona did as asked and tossed one to him which he caught and loaded. He pointed the pistol at usopp and said.

"My shooting against yours who is better. You may have better accuracy and skill than I do but do you have the heart to pull that and shoot me before I shoot you. When one draws a weapon always be ready to follow through with what it is intended to do." Luffy says as he looks into Usopps eyes. Usopp stares into luffys eyes for seconds but to him it felt like hours before he flinched. The stone cold eyes that luffy had were filled with unmatched conviction.

"I couldn't even match the eyes of a real pirate let alone the conviction" usopp admitted. Everything was silent before Luffy laughed and pointed his pistol at himself shocking all but Alvida and Leona. He pulled the trigger only for the musket to roll out and hit the sand.

"This gun wasn't built with any real firing mechanism. It was designed more to help control the accuracy of what it really fires which is this." Luffy said as he held up a hand with his pointer finger up. Lightning begins to gather to the fingertip and then you can see it generating into a small blue orb. Luffy points it out to sea and then releases it. A large laser was fired off. It was bigger than any of the ones Luffy had previously fired. Usopps eyes shine with a stars at the sight of a laser.

"It also helps in compressing it down instead of such large shots like that" Luffy says. Broken out of his stupor Usopp wonders something and asks it.

"How much power do those things pack?"

Luffy takes his time to think about it before answering.

"Well there are many variables in can depend on how big it is, how much I compress it, how much power I use in forming one just now was low power but highly compressed so it didn't have much destructive power but plenty of piercing power from the compression. But if I let it grow and with compression I would figure I could level a small island. Something about this size or a little smaller. I never really tried to test my theories." Luffy said shocking everyone and giving Usopp a heart attack.

"you're that powerful Luffy?" Nami asks.

"Not really I mean like I said this is just speculation." Luffy said with a shoulder shrug.

"Well we were just looking for a place to get some food, booze and maybe a ship" Luffy told him. When Luffy said this Usopp became very nervous.

"Well we can give you food, booze and supplies but a ship is not likely" Usopp said as he leads them to the local bar.

Immediately after entering the bar Luffy and Zoro ordered 5 mugs each. Luffy orders a big piece of meat and Zoro just asks for more alcohol,Nami orders a cob salad and some red wine, Alvida and Leona order a strawberry parfait.

After settling into the booth luffy states something to Usopp.

"So correct me if I'm wrong but you are Yasopps kid right?" Luffy said.

"You knew my dad." Usopp stated more than asked.

"Yeah he was real annoying when it came to talking about you he would do nothing but brag about his handsome son.I wanted to electrocute him more than a few times." Luffy said filling usopp with pride that his father spoke of him in such a way. Luffy began to tell Usopp stories about his spent quite a bit of time talking before Usopp asked something.

"So you're here why exactly"

"Were looking for someone willing to give us a ship to use. Do you know anyone? Asked Luffy. Hearing this Usopp became really nervous for some reason and was fidgeting in his seat.

"No I don't sorry but hey if you're looking for a new crew mate I'll join up. Usopp said

"Really?" Everyone at the table asked.

"Yeah all you have to do is make me captain" He said thinking they were instantly going to agree with him.

He was shocked to hear them all say no to him instantaneously after he made his demand to join the crew. After complaining about them being cruel usopp said he had to leave for a designated engagement. The crew of 5 just continued to eat, drink and talk until the kids who were with Usopp came into the shop brandishing toy swords for weapons.

"What did you do with the captain" the tallest kid with indigo hair said. He was wearing a black hoodie , orange shorts with a brown sash around his the top of his head was an orange bandana with a skull and crossbones on it. his eyes were covered by his hair.

The crew just continued to eat before Luffy burped.

"Excuse me. Man that was some good meat" Luffy said. The kids grew nervous.

"M. m. meat" another one of the boys stuttered out. He was pudgy boy with blonde hair and and glasses. He wore a yellow shirt under a blue vest he wore brown pants with brownish-yellow sash around his waist. They look and see Nami's wine glass filled with red wine and the girls parfaits. They began to become scared at the ideas that their young little minds are creating it also doesn't help that they hang with a notorious compulsive liar.

"Your Captain" Zoro starts to say with a playful murderous grin on his face causing the kids to start shaking in fear.

"Was eaten" the kids start screaming

"Ahhggggg monster lady!" "why the hell are you looking at me!" the interaction had the whole crew laughing

"This is not funny! Zoro that was to far for a joke" Nami complained.

"That was a joke?" the last of the boys said he was tan skinned. He wore a green shirt with a skull and crossbones on it. He had a teal sash around his waist and was wearing blue shorts. The most distinct thing about him was the green hat he wore.

"Yeah. your captain said he had to go a designated engagement" Luffy said using the exact words usopp did.

"Then he must of went to the mansion on the hill" the one with the hat said.

"Why?" Nami asked. The three boys all smile.

"To lie" the three boys said.

(with Usopp)

Usopp arrived at the mansion and snuck in using a hole in the hedge before climbing up a tree and sitting on the branch next to a window and lightly threw pebbles at it to get the attention of the person inside.

"Usopp-kun it's so great to see you." The girl said a shining smile on her face.

"Same to you Kaya, how is your health?" Usopp asked her.

"It's fine so what grand story do you have to tell me today" Kaya asked. Usopp took a moment to think before snapping his fingers.

"How about the time the great captain Usopp fought the world's biggest goldfish"

(with the straw hat pirates)

"So the Ojou of the mansion has been sick since the death of her parents two years ago and Usopp goes and tells her stories he makes up to cheer her up" Nami says repeating what she was just told by the three little boys who they learned were named Ninjin, Tamanegi and Piiman. Luffy joked that all you need were three kids named beef, potatoes and broth and you had stew, this got a giggle or smirk out of everyone.

"Do you think she would be willing to commission a boat for us" Luffy asked as the reached the gate the kids guided them to the opening in the hedge and each and everyone of them went through except Luffy ho decided to jump over the fence.

"Don't know you have to ask her yourself" Ninjin said. They saw Usopp sitting on a tree branch talking to a beautiful girl sitting in the window sill.

"Well we don't have to look far for his motive" Leona said. The three boy looked at her with confusion while the older teens understood at her and Alvida and nami smirked at this. Zoro chose not to comment and Luffy just whistled innocently.( don't ask me why I just found it funny)Luffy calls up to the girl trying get her attention. When he achieves that he asks.

"Are you the Ojou of this mansion" he says in a respectful voice shocking his crew.

(He was respectful to her) they all thought.

"Yes I am. Who are you." Kaya asked. Before Luffy could respond Usopp started talking for him.

" he is a pirate who heard of me and has come to join my crew" Usopp said puffing out his chest in a sense of bravado.

"No. my name is Monkey D. Luffy and I am the captain of the straw hat pirates.I wish to inquire about commissioning a ship for us would you hear us out." Luffy asked politely while bowing. Kaya was considering his request and was about to accept his request when a voice caught the group's attention.

"What is going on back here" a man in his late thirties(that seems about right) said. He was a tall man with slicked back black hair. His attire was a white collar shirt, black suit jacket with gold trimming and black dress pants. He had glasses that seemed to magnify his cold black eyes.

"Who are you peasants" the man asked.

"Klahadore these people are here to make a request of me and I have decided -" she started but as cut off by Klahadore.

"I don't want to hear this Ojou-sama please go lie back down you must rest" Klahadore said before he scanned his eyes over the group gathered and laid them on usopp who was trying to slip away unnoticed by anyone.

"Usopp why does it not surprise me you are involved in this. What kids from the town coming to join your "pirate crew". Honestly you are just worthless space" he said.

"Klahadore! That was unnecessary apologize Usopp-kun right now" Kaya reprimanded her butler.

'I only speak the truth ojou-sama after all he is the blood of a filthy pirate" this got a reaction out of Usopp like Klahadore wished.

"Don't speak about my old man like that" Usopp said clenching his fists. Klahadore smiled sinisterly at usopps reaction.

"Why? He is nothing but a no good pirate who has contributed nothing to society in any shape." Klahadore said. Usopp unable to take it anymore punches klahadore sending him to the ground. What he didn't see was the smirk that came to his

"SHUT UP you don't know anything. I might be a compulsive liar and a coward but I am proud to have the blood of a pirate in me he left me and my mother for the life of the sea and adventure and one day I will go out and experience what he has and when I meet him again I will tell him about all the adventures I have had with my crew. I will never lie about who he is." Usopp tyraided. Klahadore got up off the ground and readjusted his glasses.

" you see Ojou-sama he is nothing but a despicable thug who will amount to nothing in life" Klahadore said simply. No one noticing the underlying smirk that he had.

Usopp was about to go for another swing at Klahadore but luffy stopped him from doing so with a simple grab of his fist.

"Stop Usopp by fighting this bastard you lower yourself down to his the injury to your pride instead of the disgrace of letting him win." Luffy told Usopp.

Everyone was in awe of the young captains words and every one gained even more respect for hi-

The sound of a stomach growling brought them out of there thought.

"I'm hungry." those two words brought a collective sweat drop from everyone ruining the moment.

"Tch whatever I'm out of here" Usopp said deciding to take off running to get away from klahadore.

"Guess we're out of here too guys later kaya" Luffy said before disappearing in front of them shocking the island natives but not Luffys crew.

"Well you heard the man time to leave' zoro followed after his captain wherever he went rest of the group followed after him.

(with Usopp)

Usopp ran to the south port on the island to stare out at sea and think on what he heard today he came here when he watched his father sail off with the red haired pirates.(A/N. my guess is that his father was picked up by shanks just before he arrived at Luffy town so usopp would have been old enough to see his dad off cause he remembers what his dad looks like)

(stupid old butler he doesn't know what he is talking) Usopp thought as he watched the seagulls flying around at sea wishing he could be out there as a great warrior of the sea.

"Hey Usopp what's wrong." Luffy asked as he stood next to Usopp.

"I just can't stand that man never have and never will. He acts so superior like he's the owner of that mansion when he's only there because Kaya can't seem to realize what he is like."

"Yes he is a bit of a hard ass but still when you leave this island there are a million more of him out there so if you let this one get to you now you'll never survive out in the grand line." Luffy said.

"I know but he is up to something against me and I hear there is a real weirdo who walks funny on the island."

"You mean that man moon walking." Luffy pointed over the edge of the cliff down on the rocky beach and indeed there was a man moon walking. He was older man looking to be in his late twenties to early thirties. He was wearing a blue blazers jacket, a white shirt and green pants. Atop his head he wore a blue adventurer's hat covering his long gray hair and over his eyes he wore a pair of heart shaped sunglasses. The most noticeable and unusual thing about the man was that he had what looked to be a purple and red striped goatee on his face.

"Uhh I thinks so I have never seen him before so I wouldn't know anything about him." Usopp whispers not wanting to draw attention to him and luffy.

The weird stood there dancing to some music that neither Luffy or Usopp. After a minute Klahadore appeared.

"Captain kuro it is good to see you again." the strange man said. Klahadore or Kuro as the the man called him pushed his glasses up in the way he usually does it.

" I thought I told you never to call me that anymore as far as the world is concerned kuro of the hundred plans is dead." kuro says.

"K-K-Kuro of the hundred plans. He was a pirate with a bounty of 16,000,000 beri. But he was supposedly killed by the marines years ago. But this means he's been alive all these years and posing as Kaya guardian." Usopp told Luffy.

"Is the crew ready for tomorrow. We strike at dawn not a minute earlier not a minute later do you understand Jango." Kuro asked/told jango. Jango instantly began to shake his head out of fear.

"Yes capta- I mean Klahadore the crew is ready to attack the village and assassinate the young Ojou just like you want."Jango told Kuro. Hearing this shocked Usopp while luffy just glared at the two and was prepared to move on them if necessary.

"Don't call it assassinate call it an unfortunate accident that happened to befall her." Kuro told Jango with that cruel sadistic smirk on his face.

"We need to get out of here and warn the village that a pirates are going to attack." Usopp told luffy.

"That's not going to work Usopp, you are a notorious liar to the island and they don't know me and I'm a pirate myself it would be better we spent our time preparing for them." luffy tried to make usopp see the logic but usopp wouldn't listen to him.

Usopps panicking brought attention to the two pirates below onto them.

"Well,well it looks like we have some eavesdroppers." Kuro said as he spotted Usopp and Luffy.

" I apologise captain I should have notice them before." jango said before taking out his chakram pendulum and begins to make it move back and forth.

"Look at the pendulum, follow it with your eyes, you feel yourself getting sleepier and sleepier. I'm going to count to three and when you hear django you will fall asleep. 1. 2. 3. Django" the moment jango said Django he fell backwards and fell asleep.

Usopp sweatdropped at this, Kuro just shook his head in exasperation and Luffy laughed finding it amusing the guy fell to his own technique.

"You still haven't fixed the problem with your hypnotism Jango, pathetic" Kuro said looking down at Jango. When he looked back up he saw that Luffy and Usopp were would be worried if not for the fact that when Usopp tries to tell the village about the attack it will be taken as one of his lies no one will believe him. And with that assurance he began a slow walk back to the mansion.

(with Luffy)

After Luffy used his powers to get him and Usopp away from Kuro Usopp took off running around trying to warn the village about the impending attack but no one would listen to him. After trying the village he ran to the mansion to warn Kaya only to be shot by her trusty butler Merry.

Usopp was walking a snails pace down the road tears in his eyes from the way kaya stared at him with fear and a broken heart at what he was telling her and believing he was lying, that look destroyed him.

"This was what I was telling you before it would be better if we just prepared instead of trying to warn the village now we have wasted time waiting for you so let's get started on the preparation" Usopp looked up and saw luffy and his crew standing beside him all looking ready for a fight except for nami who looked willing to help but not happy about it.

"You're willing to help me protect this village?" Usopp asked them.

"Sure I mean it's a good thing to do and it saves countless lives and if they have a ship that I like then we can take it so either way win-win." Luffy said with a goofy grin on his face.

"Thank you guys thank you so much." Usopp.


Everyone turned to see the Usopp pirates with their toy sword and toy guns in hand looking ready for a battle.

"We heard about the pirates and you usually tell us when you plan to spread a lie so this must be true. We're ready to fight by your side captain, usopp pirate to the death." Ninjin told usopp with Piiman and Tamanegi nodding in agreement.

Usopp looked at the kids and lowered his head so they couldn't see his eyes before shooting up laughing.

"I lied." usopp said through the laughing.

"What" was the cumulative reaction among the kids.

"Yeah that bastard butler pissed me off so much that I decided to spread a lie about him across the island, funny right" as his laughter became louder the kids began to join in on his laughter. As they continued to laugh the kids began to walk away.

"Captain I know you like lying but that is going to far you have lost my respect." ninjin said with the others nodding in agreement" and with that said they began to walk back to their respective homes.

"That was the right thing to do Usopp the less they're involved in with this the better off they're"nami told him.

"Yeah lets just hope they will forgive me. So what's the plan"

"the plan is…"

(next morning: just before dawn)

Luffys plan involve two teams of three being at the north and south docks on the island the only ways into the island. Team A was Luffy, Nami and Usopp at the south port And team B made up of Zoro, Alvida and Leona were at the north port.

Of team A the only one up was Luffy who took final watch. He was sitting on the cliff performing maintenance on Kitetsu. When he looked and saw that the sun would come up soon. He stood up and walked over to Usopp and Nami sleeping under a tree he shook Usopp awake easily enough and he took off running into the woods. Luffy shook his head and went to wake nami when he noticed a stray hair in her face. He gently pushed it back behind her ear so as not to disturb this moment of peace.

" Belle-mere don't leave." Nami mumbled in her sleep as a tear went down her face and Luffy wiped it. Namis eyes fluttered open at feeling Luffys touch on her face, when she looked up to see him looking down at her a tsunami of emotions hit her along the lines of confusion, embarrassment and anger. Confusion as to why Luffy was kneeling over her, embarrassment at how she might look just waking up and anger at him for staring at her while she slept.

"What are you looking at you pervert. Its creepy to stare at a lady while she is sleeping" nami huffed. Luffy seeing an opening couldn't pass it up.

"Really well I don't see a lady I see you so it can't be creepy and I was coming over to wake you up." Luffy told her. This angered her even more and was about to give him an ear load if not for the screaming Usopp coming towards them.

"Th-th-the pirates are coming they'll be anchored on shore in just a few minutes what should we do." Usopp screamed out as he began to panic.

"Calm down the first thing we're gonna do is see how many of them there are then we're gonna kick their asses." Luffy said as he started walking down to the beachfront to greet the enemy.

"Okay I'll send out the signal to the others to come to our port to back us up" usopp said as he took out one of his burning stars.

"No don't call them until we know if this is a pincer attack or not, we call them to us and it turns out the enemy planned a two prong attack and we leave the village defenseless while we're fighting here. Wait until I tell you to call them, if they do a pincer attack we should see the attack signal from them at any minute if they don't give the signal then that's when you do it." Luffy told him.

In all but a minute the black cat pirates ship was anchored on land and the crew were jumping off onto the soft sand. The entire crew departed the ship with jango in the front. Altogether not counting Jango the crew numbered 38.

"So it's you again the man who can resist my strong hypnotism, men kill him"jango ordered.

"Wait I have a question for you jango" Luffy said to Jango.

"And. what. Is. That?" jango asked doing many dance moves as he was talking.

"Is this the all of your crew or did you send half of it to the other side of the island?" when luffy asked this jango looked at him as if he was stupid.

"And why would I do that it is easier to attack them straight forward."jango said.

"k good to know, Usopp give the signal for them to come help." as soon as Luffy said that Usopp took a pellet out of his bag and shot high in the air the pellet imploded releasing red smoke that could be seen all around the island.

'K now all you have to do is hold them off til they get here Luffy" Nami said fully confident that Luffy could take on the entire crew with his devil fruit powers.

"You are half right Nami, you guys have to hold them off til Zoro, alvida and Leona get here" he said as he walked up the path and stopped at the top of the hill and sat down with his swords in his lap.

"WHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT" Nami and Usopp both screamed with looks of dread on their faces.

"This is not the time to be kidding Luffy we can't be expected to take on 38 pirates by ourselves."nami said. Luffy rubbed his chin in thought.

"Fine you're right expecting you two with no real experience fight 38 blooded pirates is asking too much you guys. I'll give you a handicap." luffy stood up before lifting the pure white blade of Tenchi out of its scabbard slightly, he then brought it back down and ten of the black cat pirates fell over in with sword wounds covering them..

"There now there is only 28 of them 14 for you,14 for Usopp you should be able to take care of them without any trouble." luffy said as he sat back down.

"Luffy why not just beat them all now you obviously can do it so why not?"nami asked luffy.

"Simple to make you guys of all of us nami you are the weakest and if you want to go to the grand line to steal treasure you need to become even stronger than you are now. And Usopp to be a brave warrior and meet your dad on equal standing you must be able to handle weaklings like these ones with as much ease as I could. The other three should be here in five minutes defeat as many as you can in that time span, also look behind you nami." luffy said before closing his eyes.

Nami did as luffy told her and saw two men running at her with their weapons drawn to kill her quickly she grabbed her staff and slammed it down on one of pirate's head while moving to the side to avoid being skewered by a knife, nami quickly moved her staff off of the unconscious pirates head and slammed it into the side of the second pirate cracking a rib or two before jamming the butt of the staff into his face.

Ussop was firing off his trick shots and all his weapons trying to take out the enemy. He finally reached into his bag and pulls out a chalk board.

"Usopp Noise." and began to scratch his nails on the board causing the pirates to fall over with there hands cover their ears.

"Now suffer the power of the Usopp Hammer." as he pulled out a rubber mallet and began to beat the pirates into unconsciousness.

( so that's 5 beaten by Usopp and 2 beaten by Nami, oh make that three for nami.) Luffy thought as he watched usopp and Nami slowly beating as many of the enemies as quickly as they can. A few of the pirates got passed Nami and Usopp and were heading towards Luffy.

"Do you really want to do that? I took out ten of your friends in a second and they're still alive now imagine what I could do to you." luffy asked them grabbing the handle of Tenshi to unsheath the weapon.

The men instantly went running back to the others. Slowly the two novice fighters were being overwhelmed and Luffy was contemplating if he should jump in and save them or not and see what their true limit was he saw another two guy get thrown up and out of the circle no doubt by Namis staff techniques he hear a small explosion and saw three guys fly back with two others being hit by them, seem like usopp has a tight area explosive device.

"LUFFY HELP, WE NEED HELP HERE. " Nami screamed out hoping this would be enough to get him to move and end this. Luffy was going to but a blur that was only luffy saw who it was ran past him and into the crowd of pirates and after a second the remaining 13 black cat pirate were thrown a strewn around the area and at the epicenter of this gigantic attack stood zoro in a three sword stance with his bandana on top his head.

Coming up from behind Luffy was Alvida and Leona. Both looked a little tired from running from the other side of the island to here but nonetheless alright.

"You guys did pretty well taking out 15 of them before the others got here. But Zoro and Alvida could have done that by themselves so it isn't as impressive but still it was more than I thought you guys would have taken out." Luffy said to the two weakest fighters.

"Well sorry that I spent most of my career as a thief avoiding fights. And it's not like were demons like you three we're only human." Nami yelled at Luffy for his bluntly spoken words.

"W-What the hell are you monsters." Jango asked

"We're the strawhat pirates the crew of the next pirate king Monkey D. Luffy, that's me." luffy told Jango.

"Well if you want to be pirate king you got to deal with my my zombie party" Jango said before he took a piece of wood and smashed it against the pirate ship with a loud crack of the wood, so loud it brought the entirety of the black cat crew awoke.

" black cats look at my pendulum you feel yourself getting sleepy, when say I django you will not feel any pain and you will be invincible one. Two. Three. Django." when jango said that the entire black cat crew became like a pack of destructive mindless zombies. They began to destroy everything in sight one of them even destroyed the the stern and figurehead of of there own ship.


Two shadow appeared on the deck of the blackcats ship. One was of normal but was extremely skinny with a hunchback, he had green hair that parted at the end with a long strand that curled in on itself on the left side of his head and two pieces of hair that curled on each side of his head, atop his head was a pair of cat ears like many of the other pirates. He wore a navy blue button up short sleeve shirt with a purple bow tie. For pants he wore blue shorts that were way too small for him.( what they are) the final piece to his outfit were brown gloves on his hand with short bladed claws at the end of them.

The next person was also male. He was an overweight man with short black hair that was barely seen on his face was a mask of some sort that covered his right and made him look like he had a black spot on the right side of his face making him look like a black and white cat he wore a reddish-purple pants with vertical stripes on them and no shirt with a white cape, like the other man he had on gloves only his were white and his claws look more like what you would see on a cat thin with sharp point on the end.

"Sham,Buchi get down here and fight you lazy felines." Jango yelled up at them.

"B-but were are just the guards of the ship no way we can fight such strong people" Sham stuttered out.

"Tch, sending out more weaklings just plain annoying." Zoro complained was about to charge the two newcomers when suddenly a blur went by him and noticed his two regular Katanas were taken from his hands, Behind him was sham holding the two blades in reverse grip.

"Hahaha you idiot we're just pretending in truth we are much stronger that the typical pirate some say we're even stronger than captain Jango" sham said.

While zoro turned towards Sham to fight, buchi charged towards the sisters of the straw hat crew and jumped in the air planning on crushing them under his overweight body. Leone moved out of the way while Alvida just stood there unconcerned about the obese man coming down on her.

(dumb woman get crushed under me) buchi thought as he came in contact with her.

He was shocked that when he touched her instead of crushing her his body was thrown off and into the cliff side making a deep impression in it. Seeing he was still conscious alvida took her mace and swung knocking him into the dream world.

"That was boring." alvida said plainly.

Jango was horrified at what he saw. The undeniable beautiful woman had just beaten one of the nyaban brothers with literally one movement of her body, how buchi went sliding off her body he had no idea.

"zoro why are you having such difficulty with that man?" Leone asked, wondering why their first-mate was struggling against an obvious weaker opponent.

"I'm not exactly adept at using only one sword to fight. I skipped over it in training and focused on developing my two sword style and then three swords. So my one sword style is left a little undesired." Zoro said as he slashed at sham intent on dismembering him to get back his swords.

"Wow so basically unless you have two swords you're useless?" Leone asked the question being a rhetorical one. She broke out laughing at this and Luffy joined in finding this quite funny.

"What are you laughing at Luffy you haven't even lifted a finger to help us fight these pirates, so how about you get off your ass and HELP" Nami complained yelling the last part.

"Yeah I guess I better step in and end this so no one gets hurt" luffy stood up and took Tenshi and threw it towards Zoro to use.

Zoro caught the white katana and looked at luffy " why just this one and not both of your swords?"

"Because if it wasn't for my devil fruit this sword would have killed me already. This blade is blood thirsty and its favorite is its wielders blood." luffy said patting the handle of his Kitetsu.

Luffy began walking towards the pirates turned hypnotized berserkers pulling out kitetsu and began letting sparks fly off of his body.

He stopped in front of the horde before moving at lightning fast movements and stopping at the back of the horde, blade dripping blood. One by one the berserkers began to fall unconscious from pain all covered in slash or stab wounds a couple unlucky souls having lost an arm.

Nami, usopp and Jango were shocked at what they just witnessed or more accurate what they didn't witness, luffy had moved so fast that nami and jango couldn't see anything that had took place. Usopp had only seen a blue blur.( luffys lightning that is released from his body is blue like it was with enel.)

" now there is only two I'll give you a choice collect your unconscious crew and leave never returning to this place or end up like them. Your call either way this village is protected, choose wisely" Luffy told jango and sham.


Everyone turned to see who had shouted out in fury and saw kuro standing there dressed in his butlers uniform a duffle bag over his shoulder. The reactions around the still conscious pirates went from boredom in the case of Luffy, Zoro, and Alvida . Curiosity and boredom from Leone and fear from the rest.

Kuro swept his eyes over the scene before him, his anger growing every time his eyes pass over an unconscious black cat until landing on the current captain of the black cat pirates.

"Jango when did I say were you to commence the attack on the village?" kuro asked his tone icy.

"Y-y-you said to attack at dawn captain" Jango answered dutifully hoping not to enrage his former captain more than he has already.

"Yes I did. So why is it that it is past dawn and the village has not been attacked, why is it that young Kaya still draws breath. Do you not take following my orders seriously enough, do you believe you have the right to disrespect to me. You have three minutes Jango to beat these neanderthals and begin the attack on the village. If you are not done within that timeline I will begin eliminating everyone here starting with you. Your time starts…." kuro pulls out a pocket watch and waited till a new minute begins. "Now"

Like starting pistol went of jango started slapping every black cat pirate awake in hopes of them helping in fighting the enemy in the form of Usopp, luffy and his crew. The only ones he was able to wake up were the ten that luffy knocked out in the beginning and buchi.

"Alright now all of you look here if we don't beat them in two minutes captain is going to kill us so look here look at my ring when I say Django you will all be the world's greatest warriors and will crush all enemy under you. One..Two.. DJANGO"

The ten who were knocked unconscious began acting very brazenly, acting as though the people around them should be worship them. And when Jango ordered them to attack the strawhats they blew him off as though he was a fly.

"Why should we fear captain kuro? He has been doing nothing other than serving a sick girl for the past two years, he has grown weak and me and buchi could easily beat him." sham wondered aloud. Kuro looked at them and fixed an icy glare on the brothers.

"I suggest that you quit that train of thought now and do as I have ordered you or this shall end most unpleasantly for you" kuro told the Nyaban irked the brothers at his arrogance.

"Will show you not to look down on us you bastard" Sham and buchi charged kuro claws ready to strike the man down. When they reached their target nothing but a set of footprints was left where Kuro was standing. The two were confused until they felt a blade touch their necks, behind them kuro stood wearing a pair of black glove that had ten long katana blades coming out of the finger tips like claws.

"Now I'm going to kill you for your stupidity, it's just like everyone says if you want something done do it yourself. It seem that you looked my time limit gift and insulted me so you're no longer necessary but you are also witnesses so it is time for you all to die." Kuro told everyone around him the ten black cats that were awake started to back up and run to the black cats ship before kuro appeared in front of them in tent to strike them down.


A fist smashed into Kuro sending him flying into the black cats pirate ship. Destroying the bow of the ship.

"Kuro I can deal with you wanting to kill me and my crew because we stand in the way of your goal, but what I can't deal with is killing you nakama when they become irrelevant to your plans." Luffy told him standing where kuro was between the Nyaban Brothers both of whom looked at Luffy as if he was god incarnated, that was until Luffy smashed a fist into their faces.

"You are going to pay for that imbecile. I am going to end you life so prepare for my most fearsome attack." kuro said as he took a stance of relaxing all the muscles in his upper body while tensing the muscles in his legs.

"Cat out of the bag." with great speed that only luffy was able to follow kuro began to attack the black cat pirate crew littering the with several shallow slash marks when he made his way towards luffy he just passed right through him and then was stopped when luffy grabbed him by the back of his collar causing Kuro to gag and cough at the oxygen being forced out of him.

"Now you've pissed me off Kuro." as Luffy was speaking everyone who was alive/conscious could hear the power in Luffys voice, the black cat pirates were fearful, Zoro was impressed, Usopp was a mix of awe and fear, Nami,Alvida and Leone were impressed the latters less so than the former but they were also feeling something else than anyone else. They were feeling turned on by the power that luffy was releasing.

Luffy removed Shodai Kitetsu from his sash and everyone thought he was going use it in combat instead he took the string tied to its sheath wrapped it around the handle and threw the sword into one of the passes walls. This confused some of the people here except for Alvida and Leone.

(with the others)

"He's decided to take this serious." Alvida said confusing the rest of the strawhat crew except Leone who just nodded.

"What do you mean Alvida?" nami asked.

"Let me put this simply have you ever seen naruto fight using nothing but his fist?"

"No?" was the response this time from Zoro curious where this was heading.

"Luffy growing up had two older brothers and a grandfather that wanted to toughen luffy up through what he called "tough love"" she said making air quotes around tough love. "So when luffy wasn't being thrown into extremely dangerous situations by his grandfather he was fighting against his two older brothers to get stronger. Once when luffy was eight and I was twelve his grandfather forced me to go with luffy and I watched luffy fight three tigers with his bare hands luffy only having his devil fruit powers for a year had trouble controlling them still and by accident released a static charge from his fist paralyzing the tigers, which he then killed and ate." alvida explained leaving out that the reason he had to fight the tigers in the first place was because she had thrown a rock that had hit one of them.

"So what he can paralyze people with a punch, I've seen martial artists who could do the same thing." Zoro asked.

"After learning how to do that of his own will Luffy trained so that he could kill any enemy just by making contact with them and he could either do it with there being no pain whats so ever or it could be the most excruciating thing you have ever experienced." this caused everyone to shiver at the cruel fighting style.

(Luffy vs. Kuro)

Luffy threw Kuro up in the air before vanishing in lightning and appearing above him and kicking him to the side and disappearing again before hitting him with a double handle axe( when you put your hands together in a prayer motion and slam it down on someone) slamming it into Kuros back sending him rocketing down to the ground. Kuro smashed into the ground creating a small crater where he landed and bounced up in the air where luffy appeared and kick him again to the side and once again luffy appeared above him and performed an axe kick slamming him into the stone pathway, creating a crater double the size of the previous one.

Shockingly somehow Kuro was still alive and conscious blood was dripping from where his skull was cracked he was having trouble breathing and could feel blood filling his lungs he was going to die, Kuro knew he was a dead man he saw his plans slipping away all because of some punk with a devil fruit.

"I'm going to put you out of your misery now Kuro I was sickened by the fact that you tried to kill your own crew but I'm even more disgusted by the fact that you would go back on the pirates creed, once you sail under the skull and crossbones you live your life as a pirate. You have dedicated yourself to the creed and you can't back out when it gets too tough." Luffy told Kuro as he reached down and put his hand on the back of his neck. He was about to end Kuros life when Kaya suddenly appeared and threw herself over him, stopping him and slowly pulling his powers back.

"KAYA WHAT ARE YOU DOING." Usopp screamed confused as to why his friend had jumped and saved her would be killer.

"He's beaten and broken, he can't hurt me or anyone else anymore. Please stop I don't want to see anymore death in my life." Kaya said tears in her eyes as she begged Luffy to spare the crooked butler.

Luffy stared at Kaya debating whether it was right or not to spare the antagonist of the entire fight or grant the sick girls plea. With a sigh of defeat he backed up away from Kaya and Kuro.

"Fine but don't touch him if I'm going to spare him I'm sending him off as is." Luffy said.

Luffy walks towards Kuros crew both awake and unconscious he picks up two of the unconscious ones and starts moving them to there ship.

"Hey Nami if you are going to be stealing their treasure now's the time, and remember we get 5% of any you find." Luffy called out behind him to the young woman.

Realizing what he said Nami ran towards the blacats ship and began looting it of everything that holds value while complaining about how she agreed to luffys deal to help her steal and loot pirates in exchange for 5% of all spoils.

After a few minutes of loading the unconscious black cats onto their ship Luffy turns to the conscious black cats that have stood frozen fearing if they move they will incur Luffys wrath.

"Alright your crew is on you ship now get out of here and never return to this place in fact you might as well turn yourself over to the marines you won't survive in the grand line."(1) Luffy tells them, instantly they all take off towards the ship mustering as much strength as possible to get their ship off of land, soon they were sailing away from the island.

"Well that was entertaining to watch." Leone said, watching as luffy walked over and picked up his supreme grade weapon.

Luffy walked over to Kaya who was standing by Usopp compartmentalizing everything that had just happened and coming to terms with the fact that her most trusted butler and caretaker had planned to have killed.

"Are you alright Kaya? I hope you are feeling well to be walking around?" Luffy asked her trying to be as polite as possible both because of what has just happened to her and because he wanted to request a ship from her.

"I'm fine just a little upset is all and thank you for sparing his life." Kaya thanked the young pirate.

"Your welcome you did not sign a contract with the skull and crossbones so you should not have to experience death as much as I have." luffy said sadly thinking of all the people in his life who have died.

"Now you were coming to me about a ship yes?" Kaya asks inquisitively.

(three days later)

Three day after the incident with the black cat pirates Luffy and his were lazing about waiting to be called by Kaya about their ship.

Luffy was so bored he went down near the ocean and used the his powers into the water, Nami who was passing by was confused as to what he was doing until she saw something coming towards the shore. Luffy began to raise his arms up and the something turned out to be liquid gold surrounded by lightning, Luffy then began guiding the trail of liquid gold onto shore and it began gathering forming into a cube of solid gold that was 2'x2'x2' in size and when Nami looked at it she saw that it was purest gold she had ever seen, no signs of impurities or anything that would diminished its value, what's more is that she saw him pulling stuff out of of it and seeing it not covered in gold she saw it was precious jewels such as diamonds, rubies and amethysts.

Nami seeing this ran to him and demanded to know how he did it, Luffy explained that while gold is a non-magnetic metal in its liquid form he can encase it in his lightning and bring it up to the surface and the manipulate it into the form that he wanted, to prove this Luffy manipulated the gold again then turned it into a gold statue of Nami. Nami was in both at the ability to pull gold from under the sea and at the beauty of the statue.

"How much do you think this is worth?" Nami asked.

If I were to guess I would say it is worth about two hundred million Beli give or take a few hundred thousand, of course that's just based off of what people have offered me when I make my statues out of gold."

"You make statues out of things other than gold?" Nami asked.

"Yeah I learned that I could do this with any metal that magnetic and gold, when I showed my grandfather he said I should learn how to do this and make it look good so he forced me do this until I could make any statue I made look like it was done by a master artisan." Luffy said shivering when he thought of his grandfather.


Nami and Luffy turned and looked to see Leone running towards them, excitement clear on her face.

"Whats up?"

"I just came from kayas, she said that the preparation on our ship is done and we can leave today. Hey that's good luffy now make one of me naked and then put it in the captains quarters so you can look at it whenever you want or better yet I'll stay in there." Leone said with a bright grin that nami couldn't tell if she was kidding or not, luffy on the other hand was holding back a blush at the images that came into his head.

"Come on let's go see the ship." luffy said as he turned to the statue and using the same skill he did be for melted the gold and began separating it into small little orbs before the gold orbs began flattening into the shape of coins before the gold quickly hardened keeping the shape of coins and landing into luffy pockets bulging them significantly.

(at the coast)

At the coast luffy and the girls had found the rest of there crew there looking at was they assume was there ship.

The ship was a three masted caravel class ship, it was fifty Feet in length and twenty feet in height the ship looks to be designed to hold the capacity of 10-20 people, but from the looks of it it would only take a hand full of people to properly sail it. It was a standard ship with the figure head being that of a goat.(if you don't know what the strawhats going merry looks like then you are no true one piece fan)

"This here ship is one of my own design and has been affectionately named going merry" Kayas loyal and true butler merry told them. Merry was a man in his mid to late thirties, who looked like a sheep, in a blue butlers uniform. Merry walked up to Luffy intending on explaining to him how to steer the ship but he got moved over to Nami and Alvida who were in al intent and purposes the navigators of their ship.

"Explain it to those two cause it won't make a lick of sense to me, I'm going to be moving our stuff into the ship."

As Luffy began moving towards where they had anchored their boat he noticed a third boat, a small dinghy next to there ready to ship off. As Luffy contemplated why it was there he heard a loud shriek coming up the hill and saw that Usopp with a large bag filled to the point that it could be rolled like ball on the ground,coming down at them screaming about being stopped.

Luffy obliged his wishes by sticking his foot up and using it to stop the runaway bag along with putting his foot in Usopps face.

"Dank whou." Usopp said through Luffys sandal. His response was a no problem, Luffy was curious what was with the bag.

"You guys have inspired me to set off on my own adventure to come back and tell Kaya stories that are true, I want to become a brave warrior of the fighting pirates and monsters like a real pirate." Usopp said with such conviction that Luffy couldn't hold the smile off his face.

"All right thats a good dream to have." Luffy said. As Luffy began to move the crews possessions onto the going merry he noticed that Usopp had Pulled Kaya away from everyone else to speak with her in private, unfortunately he sucked at reading lips but when Kaya Kissed him he kind of got what they were talking about. He had an even harder time keeping the smirk off his face when Usopp came back over dazed out of his brain.

"How was it?" this broke Usopp out of his daze.

"How was what?"

"How was your first kiss?" The moment heard this Usopp began to panic, which luffy found amusing.

"Wh-what d-do you mean the great Captain Usopp has kissed thousand of ladies and has thousands more waiting to be kissed by him" Usopp said in a haughty nature. Luffy just smirked knowing he has found a subject of amusement for him.

"Well Luffy I'll see you again someday out on the great oceans, bye bye." Usopp said getting into his dinghy and was getting ready to cast off.

"What are you talking about?" Luffy said to him.

"What do you mean what am I talking about I mean I'll see out at sea again some day although we'll be enemies then and It means will have to fight." Usopp continued his thought process but it ended when luffy appeared next to him and threw him onto the going merry.

"You're joining my crew Usopp." luffy said.

"You mean you're making me captain"


Hope you enjoyed.