One thing I would like to get out of the way now I know all about the time travel eclipse gate thing i just won't mention it, For awhile at least. Also it did cause the timeline between the HP universe and the Fairytail universe to go out of sync so more it won't be until the grand magic games for Harry to go back. Another thing is that I will not go over every story arc that will include filler this starts during the war with Phantom Lord. the reason I won't go over every story arc is because sometimes he just won't have a reason to be there. Another thing is that I like Lucy but because of this story her being with Natsu will not make any sense you will see. Harry's appearance look up evil gray fullbuster the one with the gold jacket that is the one. Imagine that appearance with white in place of the blue and no curse marks. Last thing the event with Lisanna happened 3 years before cannon and Harry's last name is because he does not remember his own so he picked one based off his powers.

Lucy was looking around in surprise at how no one was angry about their guild hall being destroyed and acting as if nothing had happened. They just seemed to begrudgingly accepted it. "What the happened!" A young male voice shouted turning she saw a young black haired kid run in with a cat on his shoulder. "Who destroyed the guild?"

Natsu answered him before anyone else could say anything. "It was Phantom Lord!"

"What those bastards did this!" he yelled before a feminine hand smacked him on the head. "OW! What was that for Lisanna?" he asked rubbing his head.

"Watch your language." she reprimanded while the cat on his shoulder just seemed to giggle at that.

"Shut up Rai!" he shouted at the cat smacking it on the head.

"Don't hit me!" it cried before launching itself at his face.

"Aw get off me!" he yelled hitting the cat in a futile attempt to get rid of the feline.

"Who is he?" Lucy asked as the two tussled on the ground.

"That's Harry Tempest the youngest mage of Fairytail." Mira told her.

"Yeah I've heard about him didn't he stop that massive storm over in holboron a few months back?" she said remembering reading an article about a young Fairytail wizard with magic that could control the storms.

Gray let out a small laugh. "Yeah! Too bad it knocked him out for a week."

"Who is he though?" she asked.

"He is a Dragon Slayer like Natsu." Mira told her. "But instead of fire he controls storms. Which basically means he controls wind and lightning."

"Does that mean he can eat clouds?" she asked wondering how one would eat a storm.

"Yes, but he can also eat wind or lightning." Mira informed her. "He actually a lot like Natsu."

"An idiot with a knack for getting into trouble?" Lucy asked.

Mira let out a giggle. "Yeah I guess you could say that. But I meant be in the right place at the right time." she let out a smile remembering how lucky it was he was with them on that mission.

"What do mean I can't go with you!?" Natsu shouted at Elfman.

"A real man can defend his own family." He bragged flexing.

"Sorry Natsu." apologized Lisanna. "Maybe next time."

Natsu smiled, "Sure!" He said before walking off shooting Elfman a glare as he left.

As he sulked about stupid siblings he felt a tug on his shirt turning he saw a 9 year old Harry standing there. "What do you want?"

Harry seemed to glare at everything and nothing. "Would you go on this job with me?" He asked in embarrassment.

"Why do I have to come?" He asked Harry hated going on jobs with other people, they always treated him like a baby.

"Master says it is too dangerous for me to go on my own." Taking a look at the flier he saw why it was a b-ranked request to deal with a dozen vulcans. "So will you come with me?" he asked before a grin came over his face. "Or do I have to ask Gray for help."

"What no! I'll go with you that loser would mess it up!" He shouted completely unaware he had been played.

"Great let's go!" Harry exclaimed grabbing his hand and walking off.

At the train station they ran into Mira, Elfman and Lisanna. "What are you doing here Natsu? You can't come along and no matter how much you get Harry to beg me I won't change my mind." she said rubbing Harry's head while he scowled in annoyance.

"Stop that!" He shouted slapping her hand away.

"But I can't help it." she smirked. "You are just so adorable." she said giving him a hug pressing his face into her assets. "Now," she started turning to Natsu not letting Harry go despite his struggles. "What are you doing here Natsu?"

"Harry asked me to go on a job with him." he defended.

"Let me see that." she said snatching the flier from Natsu while still holding Harry. "It seems you are really lucky Natsu. Our mission is in the village next to this. I guess we get to travel together." she gave smile. "Isn't this great Harry?" She asked.

Harry finally managed to get free of her grip back away in fear. "Stay away from me foul demon!"

"Aw Harry that hurts my feelings." she told him placing her hand over her heart with a sad expression on her face.

"You can't trick me demon you don't have feelings!"

"You know most boys would kill to be your position." she told him.

"Why would they want that?" he asked in confusion.

Mira smirked. "Because they love them." she said emphasizing her chest. She turned to her sister with a mischievous smile. "Lisanna I bet in a few years you would love to do that with Natsu right?"

"Mira shut up!" Lisanna shouted face as pink as Natsu's hair.

"Why would she do that?" Natsu asked just as confused as Harry.

"Well Natsu that is because boy like mhmhmh." Whatever Mira was going to say was blocked by her sister covering her mouth.

"Shut up Mira!" she exclaimed covering her mouth.

Once they were on the train and it started to move Natsu immediately became green in the face. "I hate transportation." He mumbled.

"Me too." Harry agreed face slightly green. Lisanna just sighed and placed Natsu's head in her lap like she normally did when they rode a vehicle.

"Come here Harry I will help you." Mira ordered with a smirk grabbing Harry and placing his head back in her assets. Harry felt too sick to complain plus it did help a little.

When they finally reach the town for the mission Natsu jumped up in joy "VICTORY!" he shouted before Mira smacked him.

"Shut up!" she whispered. "Harry's sleeping." she said indicating to the sleep boy on her chest. "We will stay here and deal with our mission tomorrow." she ordered before walking up to the nearest tavern.

"I took out that last vulcan Natsu!" Harry exclaimed.

"No you didn't I did." Natsu disagreed shaking his head. Harry opened his mouth to object but a scream cut him off. Natsu's eyes widened in fear he knew that scream it was Lisanna. "LISANNA!" He cried out running towards the direction her scream came from Harry on his tail. Reaching the location of the scream they saw Mira on the ground unable to move and Lisanna in front of a monster with her arms open. As the beast brought it's arms down to crush her they acted Natsu launched himself at the beast with a cry of rage and Harry used his lightning magic to speed himself up to snatch Lisanna out of the way of the creature.


Turning they saw Natsu unleashing attacks like he never had before utterly destroying the monster. Lisanna tried to stand only to collapse to the ground. "You have to stop him!" She begged.

"What! Why?" Harry asked. "He should kick it's ass for trying to hurt you guys."

"That's Elfman!" she told him. "He tried to use take-over on the monster to stop it but it was to powerful for him to control." Harry's eyes widened and he launched himself at Natsu hoping to stop him. But he was batted to the side by the beast. The beast seemed to gain it's second wind and was fighting back just as ferociously against Natsu. Harry looked around for some way to stop them when he heard a crack of thunder. Looking up he smirked if this worked he would look awesome if it did not well he would be sore for a very long time. Flying up into the storm he started to eat the clouds unaware they were magical. As he ate the clouds he consumed well past his limit just when he was about to pass out from the overload he unleashed it all. "ROAR OF THE STORM DRAGON!" as the spell hit the Beast it was blasted into the mountain side. When the dust settled the Beast was gone and in it's place was Elfman. Harry laughed a little before collapsing. Unseen by anyone Harry's hair had for a brief moment had become a spiky electric yellow right before he unleashed his roar as he reached the apex of his power.

Mira smiled who knows what would happen if they had not been there. "MASTER! We aren't letting these Phantom as-" Lisanna glared. "Annoyances get away with this are we?" Harry shouted.

"Why should we bother with a bunch of cowards who attack when no one is around." The Master dismissed.

"No one was around?" Natsu asked.

"No," Mira answered. "They attacked at night after everyone left."

Natsu frowned. "That does not make it right!"

"Yeah!" Harry agreed. "The magic council forbids us to fight with each other but they attacked first." He pointed out.

"That's enough you two!" Makarov yelled.. Slapping Lucy on ass.

"Why did you hit me!" she asked her face tinted red.

"Master hands to yourself!" scolded Mira.

Makarov giggled and dropped down from his perch. "I have to tinkle." he told them running off.

"This is bull crap!" Harry shouted mindful of his language around Lisanna.

"If the master thinks this is best then we should abide by his wishes." Erza said.

"This hurts the master just as much as the rest of us." Mira said. "But we are already on thin ice with the magic council." Natsu and Harry just scoffed but did not say anything.

Later that night Lucy was on her way home with Plue. "I knew that rivalries between guilds could get intense but I didn't think they would attack each other." she smiled in exasperation. "And they have a reputation of being just as crazy as Fairy Tail. I almost joined them but I'm happy with Fairy Tail." she walked up the steps to her apartment. "They are like family." she opened the door to her room. "The hell!" she shouted sitting on her floor was Natsu and Happy with Erza, Gray and Harry at the table.

"Straight flush!" Harry gloated showing his cards.

"Nope four of a kind." Gray told him showing his were better. "Oh hey Lucy."

"What are you doing in my house?" She yelled.

"Safety in numbers." Harry said still playing cards. "Ha royal flush beat that."

"Damn." Gray cursed folding he could not beat that. Lucy looked on in confusion.

"Mira recommend we group up as Phantom Lord is most likely still in town." Erza told her explaining the situation.

"They most likely know where we live so we should spend the night together." Gray added having given up cards with Harry.

"I did not feel comfortable leaving young Harry here with a beautiful teenage girl so I decided to stay here as well." Erza said drinking tea she got from god knows where.

"But why do we have to be in my house?" she complained before seeing Happy and Rai going through her stuff.

"Hey look at this underwear Erza." happy said holding up a pair of sexy underwear for her to see.

"Look food!" Rai pointed out showing a container.

"Give me some." Natsu ordered. "I'm starving!"

"You really wear such a thing Lucy?" Erza asked scandalized.

"Could you guys just up I'm trying to sleep." Gray ordered laying out on her bed.

"You guys are making yourself too comfortable!" Lucy shouted in annoyance.

"Your right Natsu, Gray and Harry bath time!" Erza ordered while Lucy sighed that was not what she meant.

"I don't wanna!" Harry objected before Erza grabbed him.

"You're taking a bath even if I have to force you."

"Natsu help me!" Harry cried out reaching towards him but Natsu ignored him in fear of Erza. "you traitor~" he called as he was dragged into the bathroom.

As Harry was dragged into the bathroom Lucy noticed someone missing. "Hey where is Lisanna?"

"She's staying with her siblings Elfman and Mira." Natsu explained from where he was eating.

"So why can't we go to war with Phantom Lord?" she asked Fairy Tail did seem like the type for ignoring an attack on them.

"Because the Old Man is scared we can't take them." Natsu shouted.

"That's not it." Gray disagreed. "The problem is that we would destroy each other."

"Destroy each other but I thought Fairytail was the most powerful guild around?"

"We are but they are a close second. Their leader Jose is one of the ten wizards saints like Makarov." Lucy's eye widened in realization supposedly one of the ten wizards saints could level a city in one go with little effort. A war between two of them would be incredibly destructive. "Then there is Elemental Four and Black steel Gajeel the Iron dragon slayer. All of them on par with an S-class wizard."

"Yes and that is why we can not go to war with them." Erza said stepping out of the bathroom drying her hair. That night as Lucy went to bed she felt uneasy because something told her this was just the beginning.

The next morning the entire guild was standing in the park shaking with barely controlled rage because on the large tree in the middle of town was team Shadow Gear, Levy, Jet and Droy with the guild mark of Phantom Lord painted on their skin. "Phantom Lord." Natsu growled fist clenched in rage.

Suddenly everyone started to clear a path as the guild master made his way to the tree. Unlike usual he was dressed in his little jester costume instead he was dressed in his uniform of the wizard saints with his walking stick. "I can tolerate a lot of things. Our guild hall being destroyed, mocking us out loud but when you attack my children... YOU HAVE CROSSED A LINE JOSE! IF IT'S WAR YOU WANT IT IS WAR YOU WILL GET!" Makarov roared in rage crushing his staff while his magical power flared.

"Did you hear what Gajeel did to those Fairy asses." one member of Phantom Lord asked a buddy.

"Yeah we should go and have some fun too. Can't let him have all the fu-" he was cut off by the guild door being blasted off it's hinges and slamming into them.

"YOU WANTED WAR WITH FAIRY TAIL JOSE WELL HERE WE ARE!" Makarov shouted leading the charge. "ATTACK!" he ordered the guild members charging forward to fight with the members of Phantom Lord answering in kind. "Fire dragon's roar!" Natsu called out blasting dozens of Phantom Lord members aside.

"Take them down!" called a member of Phantom Lord charging up a magical blast. However to their surprise instead of block or dodging the spell Natsu and Harry opened their mouths and ate most of the magic.

"I'm all fired up!" Natsu called punching his fists together.

"I'm feeling electrified!" Harry said clenching his fists lightning dancing around his hands.

"They ate the magic but that means…"

"Their dragon slayers!"

Natsu smirked, "Now who wants to play with fire!" with that he started to obliterate the enemies.

While that was going on the members of Fairytail were having fun of their own.

"Purple Net!" called Maco trapping several wizards with his fire. "Wakaba now!"

"On it!" taking a drag of his pipe he exhaled. "Smoke rush!" and the smoke formed several fists which knock out the Phantom members.

"Guns magic: spark shot!" Call Alzack shooting down everyone in sight.

"DIE!" roared a member of Phantom Lord coming up behind him.

*BANG* "nice shot Bisca." complimented Alzack.

"Getting a little rusty there Al." she joked before taking aim "locked on target homing shot." she called firing her bullet curving around to take out as many members of Phantom Lord as possible.

"Get the old man!"

"Take him down!" cried several Phantom Lord members attacking Makarov. When his opened his eyes and in a flash the short old man was gone in his place was a giant.

"Wdwdwdwdwd"" roared Makarov in rage crushing a member of Phantom Lord under his hand.

"MONSTER!" shouted one fearful member of Phantom Lord.


"I thought Fairytail was a bunch wimps."

"They're so powerful!" quaked one member of Phantom Lord as they saw Fairytail tear through them like paper.

"JOSE! SHOW YOURSELF!" Makarov called out hoping that the coward would face him.

"ERZA!" Called Makarov drawing her attention. "I'll leave the rabble to you." he told her batting aside another lackey as he walked up the stairs.

"Yes sir!"

"Jose must be lurking on the top floor." Makarov muttered. "When I find him there will be hell to pay." walking up to the magically reinforced door he tore it down like it was not even there.

Gajeel smirked seeing their big gun disappear. Looks like it was time for him to play. He jumped down crushing the guild bar.

"Is that?"

"It's gotta be.."

"It seems Gajeel has finally joined the fight."

"It's the iron dragon slayer Black Steel Gajeel." Erza stated suddenly on guard before they were all small fry this was one of their big guns.

"YOU ATTACKED LEVI!" Roared Nab jumping up hoping to take him down by surprise.

Gajeel batted him aside without looking turning his arm into an iron rod, smashing him into the ground hitting several of his own guild mates.

"NAB!" Called Loki.

"What the- did he just take out his own guild mates in his attack?" Gray asked in disbelieve.

Gajeel just chuckled. "Show me what you've got." he challenged. "Unless you're too scared to face the great iron dragon slayer."

"To scared!" roared Elfman attacking changing his arm in the process. "A real man is not afraid of anything!"

Gajeel just chuckled blocking the attack with his arm. "Your Elfman right?" he asked before lashing out with a several punches that Elfman dodged before lashing with a kick showing that his arms were not the only thing he could turn into iron.

Elfman caught the kick with a some effort. "Not bad." Complimented Gajeel. "But let's see how you handle this!" To Elfman's surprise several more iron rods shot out of his leg in all directions. But instead of attacking him they attacked his own guild mates.

"You attack your own men!?" Elfman asked in shock.

Gajeel smirked. "That's because I knew it would distract you!" he told Elfman throwing his right arm forward punching Elfman across the room.

Natsu jumped in using Elfman as a springboard much to his chagrin. "GAJEEL!" he roared punching him into the bar.

What ever else happened was lost to Harry as he looked up feeling a massive build up in magic, wind to specific. The others may have been too busy fighting and unable to feel anything but makarov's own immense power but Harry was quite attuned to wind magic able to feel such a massive build up with ease.

He looked up to the source of the magic and what he saw shocked him. "MASTER!" he called jumping into the air catching him. The others looking on in shock. How had one the ten wizards saints been beaten so easily.

"ATTACK!" It seems with Makarov out of the way the members of Phantom Lord got their second wind.

"Don't get cocky!" yelled both Natsu and Harry at the same time blasting several of them away.

How ever despite the fact the more powerful members of Fairytail were doing fine the normal members were losing. Erza saw this and made the tough choice. "EVERYONE FALL BACK RETREAT!"

"WHAT NO WAY!" Natsu responded immediately.

"Real men don't retreat." Elfman objected.

"I can still fight." answered Maco hanging off Cana hurt from taking an attack for her.

"Retreat! That is an order!" with great reluctance the guild backed out of Phantom Lord's headquarters.

"It's over already." Gajeel sighed in disappointment hanging from the rafters. "I should've known those fairy wimps would turn tail and run."

"Retreating is so sad!" cried Aria.

"Aria I see you're just as depressed as ever." Gajeel said jumping up next to him. "But nice job on the old man."

"I just followed master Jose orders." he said modestly before crying. "But thank you!"

"Do you have to cry all the time?" Gajeel sighed. "So what happened with that Lucy girl or whatever her name was?" Natsu looked up at the mention of Lucy his amazing hearing catching every word.

"She has been captured she is being held in a gloomy cell at headquarters."

"So much for giving her a warm welcome huh." Gajeel laughed.

"No way!" Natsu whispered.

"What is it?" Happy asked turning his attention away from the battle raging around him.

"GAJEEL!" Natsu roared.

"We'll fight another day salamander!" Gajeel laughed as he faded out.

"Everyone out now!"

"No way!" objected Harry preparing another spell.

Erza put a hand on his. "Please." she begged she knew if the more powerful members like Gray, Harry, Elfman and the rest refused to leave the other members of fairy tail would stay as well.

"Fine!" Harry growled flying out of the building. They may have lost this fight but it was not over not by a long shot.

One thing I hate when people take the main character from another series and put them in place of the original making them more important, powerful, well liked. That they fix every problem and are omnipotent. Harry will be weaker than Natsu in terms of raw power and he does control 2 elements so his control over them is not as good. Harry beating the beast it was a fluke he was supercharged by the magic of the anima. Allowing him to enter dragon force for a brief moment long enough to beat it but nothing else normally he would lose. Lisanna did not disappear because Harry ate the anima portal before it could.