Interesting fact Cait can mean pure or innocent meaning Cait shelter's name meant shelter for the pure aka Wendy. Even the name was a hint for wendy about what it really was.

Wendy was literally skipping back to the Cait Shelter guild, a bright beaming smile on her face and birds cheerfully chirping. "I half expect a rainbow to suddenly appear behind her," Lucy whispered to Lisanna making her giggle and nod.

"I can't wait for you all to meet everyone else, Nabon is a lot like Natsu always looking for a fight." she giggled. "Though he normally isn't as destructive as Natsu."

Natsu frowned at that. "Hey!" he exclaimed outraged. "I am twice as destructive as anyone else!" Lisanna sighed.

"You totally missed the point there Natsu."

"Yeah Matchstick, you're not supposed to blow stuff up." Gray told him causing Natsu to look at him genuinely befuddled.

"We're not?" he sounded honestly confused. "Then why do we always do it?"

"Because you are all a bunch of reckless idiots with no sense!" Lucy shouted as she pouted remembering all the jewels she could have if it wasn't for their destructive tendencies. Oh, the rent she could pay and clothing she could buy. Then again with her luck, Natsu would end up setting it all on fire anyways.

"Huh, why do you say that?" Natsu asked and Lucy wanted to cry out in anger, sadness and a dozen other emotions.

"There there Lucy." Lisanna the only other even slightly sane member of the team said patting her on the shoulder comfortingly. "It's okay you get used to it." she tried to offer some comfort but that just made Lucy even more depressed.

"I don't want to get used to it!" she cried. "I want it to stop." she wept looking towards the heavens.

"That will never happen." Laxus said chuckling. "This guild is chaos incarnate. If you wanted peace and quiet you should have joined another guild."

"I should have shouldn't I." Lucy agreed her shoulders slumping in defeat, "bye bye peaceful life it was nice knowing you." Lucy said finally conceding a normal life was impossible.

"That's the spirit!" Harry exclaimed. "Embrace the madness." He proclaimed making everyone laugh.

Wendy and the rest entered the village and found the master of the guild Roubaul waiting for them.

"Welcome to our humble village." Roubaul bowed before them. "I hope it does not disappoint."

"It is a fine village." Jura told him with Sheila adding.

"Small But homey." She decided, Natsu looked around with an eager to look on his face.

"Where is Nabon?" Natsu asked looking around for the guild member. "I want to fight him, no one is more destructive than me!"

"Don't worry matchstick that was never up for debate." Gray told him and the insult flew right over Natsu's head.

"Damn right!"

"If you wish we have set aside few clothes for you to change into." the elderly man gestured to a tent of to the right. "After that, I would like to address you all."

"Thank you." Lisanna said bowing, she shot Erza a look as the normally quite formal (at least in the company of strangers) girl was staring off into the distance lost in thought.

Harry looked through the traditional Nirvit clothing trying to find something to replace his tattered clothing. "We could repair your coat if you wish." One of the coat shelter guild members offered. "We could have the sleeve fixed very quickly." He told Harry gesturing to the shredded sleeve, I side effect of his last attack on Cobra.

"Nah it can be a reminder of that time I kicked the ass of Cobra." Harry said smirking at Cobra who just smirked back.

"Yeah because everyone knows miracles only happen once." He shot back.

"Give it a few years and he will be kicking your ass all over the world." Laxus told him chuckling. "By the way Harry happy earlier birthday." He pulled an MMP (magical music player) similar to his own.

"You said you wanted one right." He tossed it Harry who snatched it out of the air with a grin.

"I don't get what's so special about MMP I have one too." Cobra told Laxus.

"Those don't work for powerful lightning mages we short out the machine, gramps had this made for me a few years back, it charges itself off my own magical aura and can ignore a fair amount of magic before it gets fried." Laxus said tapping his own MMP. "I needed to get this thing replaced every three months before I learned how to fix it myself."

"Yeah well that's neat and all but I need something to eat." Gajeel said and Natsu nodded in agreement.

"I could eat a horse." Natsu said rubbing his stomach and licking his lips at the thought of food. "Do you think they are going have a feast!" Natsu asked hopefully.

"Cool it Matchstick don't be rude and ask them that." Gray warned knowing that with his lack of tact Natsu might do just that.

"I must admit I too am hungry." Jura said as he finished changing into a new cleaner set of clothing. "I would not be adverse to a nice meal."

"Yeah sucks to be you guys." Harry smirked as he inhaled and fed himself, in such an Etherno rich environment he could fill himself up on the air, though admittedly it was pretty bland though not as bad as the air in the big cities. Now places like coastal towns had great air, tinted with the storms that constantly happened it added a great deal of flavor. Of course while air was the most abundant of all the known dragon slayer elements currently it was also the least filling, Natsu could devour a whole tree on fire and be ready to go within moments Harry would have to eat a lot more air as there was a much lower magic density in the air then fire.

"You dragon slayers are something else." Lyon muttered shaking his head. "We should get going I am sure they are waiting for us."

"Sure thing but first maybe you two should get dressed." Harry suggested walking by the two ice mages who both looked down and noticed they had undressed.

"Oh come on I just got changed!" Gray shouted running around and getting dressed once more.

"You know sometimes I wonder if that really is by accident." Laxus said with a smirk as they headed out.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Gray asked eyes narrowing.

"It's mean we think you like to strip!" Natsu told him with a smirk.

"The hell I do!" Gray growled at Natsu.

"That would be easier to believe if you weren't naked!" Natsu retorted and Gray saw that once again he was naked.

"HOW!" he whined running back to grab his clothes.

Harry laughed alongside the others. "Hey, guys!" Wendy waved running towards them the other girls following behind her.

"Hope we didn't keep you all waiting for long." Lisanna said walking up to them. "There was just some many outfits to choose from."

"Yeah, I can see why their clothing is so popular." Lucy agreed. "It nice but durable." she noted, that was a real problem for her, finding clothing that could withstand the beatings she got on jobs. Natsu certainly didn't help with all fire he was always throwing around. Honestly, if she didn't know he was too stupid to come a with any plan that was more complicated then go here and kick ass she would think he did it on purpose.

Wendy smiled at the praise her guild was getting, it wasn't known for it's fighting ability and she was happy about that she didn't really like fighting.

"Nah we weren't here too long we had to wait for Gray to get dressed he kept stripping." Natsu said as the ice mage came back once more dressed.

"Hey you made it, how many times did you strip on the way?" Cobra asked with a chuckle.

"Hey you lost to Harry I don't want to hear it from you!" Gray muttered making Harry let out an annoyed growl.

"What's that supposed to mean I can kick just as much as- OW!" Lisanna smacked him on the back of the head.

"That's why it's embarrassing." Gray told him with a smirk. Harry stuck his tongue out and turned to Erza.

"Hey, Gray and Natsu were fighting on the way here!"

"NO, we weren't!" Gray said immediately he and Natsu throwing their arms around each other in a buddy-buddy fashion.

"We getting along just like the best of friends!" Natsu agreed nervously.

"That's right best buddy!" Gray agreed looking at Erza terrified while Harry smirked in victory.

"Wimps!" Laxus coughed into his hand as the two played at being friends. The two shot him a dirty look, but Erza barely noticed not even giving her usual reaction.

Roubaul smiled at the collection of mages from various guilds. "Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus Lamia Scale, not to mention Wendy and Carla." He began looking at the group all of them were standing in front of him except for Wendy and Carla who stood next to him. "I commend your efforts not only in stopping the Oracion Seis but Nirvana as well. Speaking as representative of our regional guild league I, Roubaul offer my deepest gratitude." he bowed. "Nabaro, my thanks." the members of the various guilds smiled in pride, it wasn't every day you could say you took down one of the big three dark guilds.

"We were happy to help you! Master Roubaul!" Ichiya said jumping to the front of the group giving a grand bow to the leader of Cait Shelter. "It was a hard-fought victory we fell into the deepest depth of despair but in the end, the shining light of hope brought us out of it and brought us to victory."

"well-said master!" His ever-loyal fellow guild members said clapping politely.

"that shining light is probably that spotlight he is hogging." Gray muttered.

"I know did he even fight anyone?" Lucy muttered back.

"better question did he do anything at all?" Harry responded and they paused they honestly couldn't think of a single thing he did to help out. To be fair he was taken out by surprise in the beginning but to act like he single handed took down the entirety of the Oracion Seis was kind of annoying.

"Let's have a party!" Natsu exclaimed still feeling hungry.

"Aye, sir!" Happy exclaimed jumping into the air.

"Yes, indeed it is time to get down!" Ichiya said holding a carrot he got from... somewhere up to his mouth like it was a microphone. his lackeys echoing his every word. "And Party." he finished before he and his fellow guild members began to jump around.

"Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yes!" they exclaimed dancing in a strange fashion.

"I could party." Gray agreed, having for the third time in an hour stripped yet again though at least this time he remembered his pants.

"Put some clothes on!" Lucy screamed blushing fiercely.

"Indeed a party sounds like fun." Lyon agreed also stripped down to his pants.

"You too!" Cried Lucy exasperated.

"So Cait Shelter are you up for getting down?" Ichiya asked pausing in his dance for a moment.

"Oh yes!" the members of Fairy Tail agreed laughing as they did the same strange dance as the members of Blue Pegasus.

"Oh Yes!" Wendy shouted with a laugh jumping into the air. She paused and blushed when she realized none of her fellow guild members joined her. The others froze with her as the solemn faces of the members of Cait Shelter killed the mood, not a single one smiling.

Wendy looked at her guild master confused, why wasn't he happy? wasn't this the who reason they got together.

"My apologies, I have failed to tell you about the Nirvit people." the members of the alliance were confused at that why did the history matter that much. they beat Nirvana, sure it might be an interesting story to hear but that was no reason be all mopey.

"It's no big deal, but we will listen to what you have to say." Natsu shrugged looking at Happy who nodded in agreement.

"Aye Sir."

"it's alright Master, you don't have to tell us if you don't want to." Wendy assured him gently but he shook his head.

"it is important, I ask that everyone listen very closely to the tale I am about to tell." he requested. "First let me clear the air about something." he said before glancing around his village. "The truth is we aren't the descendants of the Nirvit People."

Wendy stepped back away from her guild master in shock. "What?" but then why were they here? Why did they claim to be so?

"Indeed, we are the Nirvit themselves." he looked in the direction of the fallen Nirvana. "many years ago, four hundred to be exact Nirvana was created, fashioned by my hands."

"what?!" Lyon exclaimed. "four hundred years!" He couldn't believe it.

"Four hundred years." Happy said dazed, unable to believe this old man was really that old.

Wendy let out a gasp of shock, why wasn't she told this? Why didn't any of the others tell her?

"I thought if my dream of Nirvana was made reality, I could end the ghastly wars that plagued the world. I would do so by reversing the morality of the minds of those set on the destruction of others." He told them his voice heavy with shame. his eyes clouded over in memory. "we made our home there and we took great joy in what we had accomplished with peace. We were a shining beacon of light in a once dark and shadowy world." he sighed and looked incredibly weary. "however despite our best intentions, we could not change the fact for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." he shook his head. "Nirvana turned darkness into light not by chasing it away but rather absorbing it so to speak."

Wendy gasped and the other grimaced they could see where this was going. "the world years for balance and order." Roubaul continued. "light serves no purpose without the darkness and vise versa. Light is born from darkness and Darkness is born from light. the two are forever intertwined."

"that's how it worked out for us." Gray agreed, nodding as he remembered what had happened to Sherry and Hot-Eye. while both had their morality inverted Sherry turned back once the reason for her darkness vanished, in that Lyon returned alive. the darkness was driven away.

"overnight like a disease the evils we had removed from the world infected us."

"It did?" Wendy asked so softly even Harry had trouble hearing her. she sounded so shaken.

Roubaul looked at her before closing his eyes in memory. "It was a nightmare, engulfed in rage and hatred we slaughtered each other until no one was left standing." Lisanna put a hand to her mouth completely horrified at the thought of this peaceful guild, these people's ancestors killing each other as a result of trying to do good. "that's not true, for I was the only survivor." he shook his head. "even in this case survivor is misleading as my body ceased to function many years ago. what you see before you is a projection of the man I once was. as punishment for my sins. I a powerless spirit have stood guard over my creation for four hundred years. watching for the one who would one-day destroy Nirvana and consign it to the pages of history." Finally the old man smiled. "Now I can vacate my post as those who I have been waiting for have come."

Wendy closed her eyes and her hands shook. "no," she said her voice cracking. "why didn't you tell me?"

Roubaul sighed closing his eyes and his form seemed to shimmer. then one by one the members of Cait Shelter began to vanish.

"what's happening!" Wendy asked looking around scared and confused. What was going on? Why was everyone vanishing? "Makuna Nobel, Nabon!" She called desperately as they vanished.

"they are all vanishing?" Hibiki said were they all spirits bound here like Roubaul.

"Why are you doing this?" Wendy asked tears streaming down her face as one by one everyone she knew vanished. "Please don't go!" she begged.

"I have deceived you Wendy, for that I am deeply sorry." Roubaul said in a hoarse tone. "All your fellow guild members were specters, they were nothing but illusions."

"Are you kidding me!" Natsu exclaimed man this old man was Hey.

"Illusions with their own personality?" Lyon mutter in disbelieve.

"that's takes powerful creation magic." Jura said is tone belaying his awe.

"No more than that we could interact with them as well." Sherry reminded him.

"This is beyond anything I have seen before," Lucy admitted her tone full of awe. "Most ghosts can barely knock over a candle, he can create an entire village's worth of people with their own personalities and interact with the world."

"For many years I lived in this deserted village alone always keeping a watchful eye over Nirvana." the last of the guild members were disappearing until all that was left was Roubaul. "Until one day a boy came to me with a companion needing help." Wendy gasped, Jellal. "His eyes had burned with such intensity and sincerity that I had no choice but to take her in. I had resigned myself to a solitary existence, but there she was."

Roubaul's eyes clouded over as he remembered the little girl waking up and meeting him.

"Hey, Mister?" Wendy asked quietly. "what is this place?"

"Um well." he rubbed the back of his head in thought, to be honest, he was so surprised he was going to be taking care of a child that he didn't even think of something to tell her. "How do I put this..."

"He lied to me." Wendy decided tears welling up in her eyes. "He said he was going to take me to a magic guild." she buried her head in her knees.

"Right!" Roubaul exclaimed throwing out his arms as if presenting something. "this is a guild! A magic Guild filled with people of all shapes and sizes."

Wendy looked up wonder in her eyes. "Wow! Really?" her tears gone.

"Go on and see for yourself." he offered already having crafted several illusionary people. "your new friends are all out there waiting for you."

"I filled the village with apparitions so she wouldn't be alone." he explained and Lisanna put a hand to her mouth.

"You created an entire guild just for her?" she asked in disbelief.

"NOBODY I CARE ABOUT IS A REAL PERSON?!" Wendy cried hands on the side of her head as she felt her entire world collapse around her. "HOW COULD YOU DO SOMETHING SO CRUEL MASTER?!"

"Calm down my dear." he told her gently. "Neither you nor Carla need those imaginary friends anymore." He gestured to the Guild Alliance standing behind her. "You are surrounded by real friends who care for you." he smiled brightly and laughed, even as Wendy wept. "A bright future awaits you, embrace it with open arms," he advised as he disappeared in motes of light.

"MASTER!" Wendy cried running towards his vanishing body.

Roubaul's disembodied voice continued to speak. "To each and every one of you. I owe my deepest gratitude. I know I can leave Wendy and Carla in your hands."

Wendy sobbed as she felt her guild mark vanishing, revealing it had been an illusion just like everything else. "MASTER!" she cried falling to her knees sobbing as she realized everyone she knew and cared about was gone, having never been real in the first place. Everyone was silent as the young dragon slayer wept, grieving for her lost guild.

"I know all too well, the pain of losing a loved one." Erza said softly kneeling down next to Wendy and placing a hand on her shoulder. "But you will heal and we will help you."

"Yeah." Harry agreed. "Fairy Tail kind of collects people like us." Harry said with a forced smile. "You will fit right in with rest of us in Fairy Tail." He said offering her a place in Fairy Tail. Wendy looked around and saw the rest of the Fairy Tail members smiling at her softly, letting her know she would be welcomed at the guild.

Done so sorry it took over a year to update this i just couldn't think of a good way to end this chapter until recently. I love Wendy as a character she develops so nicely so I wanted to do her justice and even then a lot of this is almost word for word from the anime.

Also someone asked so let me be clear no fucking marriage contract! I hate those, it's a cheap excuse to put people together.