Natsu constantly going after Lucy to save her will not change if she is taken because let's face it he would risk his life for a total stranger because he will die doing what he believes is right.

"Laxus please we need you to help." Mira begged. "The master is hurt."

"How is it my fault that the old man picked fight he couldn't finish?" Laxus asked arrogantly.

"They are trying to take Lucy!"

"Who is that?" He asked. "Wait is she that new girl the one with the great rack? How bout this if she becomes my woman I will help out." He offered.

Cana glared. "Shut up you pig!"

"Now is that the way to treat someone who you're begging to help?" He asked with a smirk.

"Shut the hell up Laxus!" Cana choked on her drink and Maco fell out of his seat. Did Harry just insult Laxus. Harry the kid who used to follow Laxus around like a lost puppy and still looked up to him. "If you're too scared to fight just admit it. If you're to much of a prick to care about the rest of the guild then fuck off!"

Laxus was stunned into silence Harry was never rude to him. While not a kiss ass he respected Laxus too much. With nothing left to say the lacrama blinked out without another word.

"Jackass." Muttered Cana taking a drink Laxus was always arrogant but this was a new low.

"Guys outside there is something coming!" Alzack shouted kicking the door open. As he said that minor tremor shook the ground before another large one followed.

Rushing outside they saw exactly what was attacking. "What the hell is that!?" Natsu asked running outside feeling a bit fearful about it.

"It's a guild hall with enormous legs!" Happy shouted.

"Is it phantom Lord?" Loki asked.

Jose smirked upon seeing the Fairy Tail guild hall. "Fire the Jupiter Cannon!"

Outside the phantom lord guild the front wall lowered to reveal a massive Cannon. As darkness swirled around the edge of the cannon Erza ran out of the guild hall clad in only a towel. "Everyone down NOW!" she ordered before re-equipping in to a large armor that looked more like a wall then a an amor.

"That's her adamantine armor!" Happy shouted.

"Is going to try and block the shot?" Bisca asked in disbelieve.

"Is she crazy that will kill her!" Loki shouted. "Erza get out of there!" he told her in concern for her safety.

"I can't do that!" she declared. "If I do you will all die and I will not let that happen!" before anything else could be said the cannon fire. As the darkness of the blast collided with her armor cracks started to form.

"NO!" Harry and Natsu shouted trying to reach her only to be held back by Lisanna and Gray respectively.

Just when it seemed that she was going to fail the blast stopped. But Erza was not left unscathed her adamantine was shattered and she was knocked back.

"Makarov has fallen, Erza can no longer stand. Any chance of victory has slipped through your fingers. Surrender Lucy heartfilia and I will spare your guild."

"Not gonna happen!" Al shouted.

"Like any guild would hand over one of their own to monster like you!" Bisca shouted.

"You can kiss my ass!" Harry shouted Lisanna for once not scolding him. "I bet you can only fire that cannon one more time before it breaks!"

"Yeah!" Natsu agreed. "Besides we'll kick your ass long before you can shoot it again!"

The other members of Fairy Tail started voicing similar opinions. Erza looked up with tears in her eyes. "We would never betray her like that you would have to kill us first!"

"Damn right!"

"Yeah come and get her!"

"We'll kick your asses!"

"You can stop asking because we are taking everyone of you jerks down!" Natsu roared.

"We will tear that walking garbage can town piece by piece if we have to!" Agreed Harry.

While all this was going on Lucy was crying. Both out of shame for causing all this and happiness for the guild being willing to risk their lives to protect her.

Jose grit his teeth in anger. "You impudent brats I'm going to going to give you fifteen minutes to change your mind before I blow fairytail off the MAP!" As he said this hundreds of shades emerged from the base.

"Hey Cana this means that I only have fifteen minutes to break that thing right?"

"That's right Natsu better hurry!"

"Right Happy let's go!" Natsu called running towards the edge of the cliff before jumping off Happy catching him as he fell.

"We can't let Natsu have all the fun can we?" Harry asked with a smirk before shooting off into the air. Gray and Elfman following in suit. "Rai let's go!" He ordered. Flying by Natsu he called out to him. "Natsu I'm gonna look for the bastard that attacked the Master!"

"When you find him kick his ass!" he told him without turning his attention away from his current fight.

"With pleasure!" He shouted flying by into the upper levels.

"Where is that coward." he muttered looking around for the wind user of Phantom Lord. his eyes suddenly widened. "Shit!" he cursed right before a blast of wind knocked him out of the air and into a pillar.

"So sad for one so young to have to die!" Aria cried appearing in mid air.

"Don't count me out yet you Bastard!" he roared blasting the rubble away from him. Launching himself at Aria. "Blade Of The Storm!" around his left hand a small blade of wind formed with lightning coating the edge of it. Lashing with his left hand attempting to stab Aria he twisted out of the way. Only for Harry to flip over Aria and punch him in the chest before he could defend himself. "Bam! Right in the solar plexus!"

Gray suddenly stopped his fight with Juvia. "Did you hear that?" She questioned looking around for the source of the noise.

Gray nodded. "Yeah sounded like someone getting punched in the solar plexus."

"It is such a shame that such potential must be destroyed!" Aria weeped preparing a spell.

"Don't talk about me like I'm already dead!"

"Winds of the heavens" Aria chanted. A cyclone of wind formed and launched itself at Harry. But to Aria surprise instead of trying to dodge he just opened his mouth and inhaled, consuming the cyclone.

"Wind magic is useless against me Aria." He informed him with a smirk. "I'm the storm dragon slayer to me this is just a fancy dinner!"

"That may Be so but," Aria lifted his hands into the air and a massive wind built up. "There are other ways to attack you!" the pillars surrounding them lifted into the air and slammed down on Harry.

"Such a shame for him to die!" Aria weeped turning around to go back to his post.

"Thunderstrike of the Storm Dragon!"

"Gah!" Aria was sent flying away into a pillar. Standing there with his left arm outstretched smoke wafting off it was Harry. However he did not come out of Aria's last attack unscathed there was a large gash on his right arm and on his chest.

"What did I tell you about talking like I was already dead!" Harry asked. "We dragon slayers don't go down that easy! Bolt Of The Storms"

"Don't underestimate me!" Aria shouted blasting the rubble away from him. His blindfold gone. "I'm not an S-class mage for nothing! Vacuum Incarceration!" Around Harry formed a Sphere of air.

"Are you stupid or something?" Harry asked. "Wind magic does not work m- " He grabbed his throat choking on nothing.

"My vacuum magic is not the usage of wind, but the absence of air." Aria informed him.

"Harry!" Rai called out in worry. "You let him go you jackass!" Rai shouted blasting him with small bolts of lightning generated by his arm band. A gift from Harry saying that Rai needed to be able to defend himself.

"Annoying animal!" Aria said blasting Rai to the side with a burst of wind.

Harry was on the verge of collapsing he always relied on his wind magic and right now it was useless. His lightning was more of support than anything else. He'd always had trouble with lightning magic.

*boom* *cough cough* "I can't do it Laxus!" Harry told his teacher. "I can't control it!"

"That's your problem!" Laxus shouted. "Unlike other elements Lightning is uncontrollable!"

""Then what I am supposed to do!?" He asked frustrated he had been trying for weeks to get this spell yet nothing worked.

"Guide it! Don't try and control it. You are the lightning."

"But what does that mean!"

"Until you figure it out yourself, don't come asking me for help." Lazus told him walking off.

"Thunder-" *boom* "Damn it!"

Harry closed his eyes and focused. 'Don't control it guide it.' He thought. "Be the lightning.' his eyes flashed open and with one final cry of. "Thunder step!" He vanished in a flash.

"What! Where did he go!" Aria asked looking around.

"Roar Of The Storm Dragon!" A blast hit him in the back knocking him away. "Thunder Step!" in another flash he appeared in front of his enemy. "Slash Of The Storm Dragon!" with a right hook he sent Aria flying into the air. Only to reappear behind him again. "Whirl Kick of the Storm Dragon!" delivering an ax-kick to Aria's back he sent him crashing to the floor from which he did not get back up. "Take that bitch!" Harry muttered before collapsing to the ground unconscious.

On the roof of the mobile guild three members of Fairy Tail were have a discussion. "You were right look." Elfman pointed out.

"It's definitely drawing the magic circle much slower now." Gray agreed.

"So we were right." Mira said. "The magic giant is powered by the elemental four and it seems the forbidden spell abyss break is as well."

"We have beaten three of them so far." Gray said. "I beat Juvia of the Great Sea."

"Elfman took down Sol of the Great Earth with a full body take-over and Totomaru of the Great Flame was taken out with the Jupiter Cannon." Mira continued

"That just leaves Aria of the Great Sky." Elfman finished. "That cowardly bastard that attacked the Master!"

"We might not be in time to stop it though look!" Mira pointed down at the circle which glowed a bright yellow.

"Oh crap is that thing done!"

"We are so boned!"

"Stay calm everyone panicking will not help anyone!" Cana ordered. But privately she wondered if they were right.

On the roof of Phantom Lord

A sudden explosion rocked the mobile guild. "Man what is that matchstick up to?"

"That wasn't Natsu." Mira told Gray with a smile. "That was Harry."

"And judging by the magic circle it looks like he took down that coward Aria. LIKE A REAL MAN!"

"But how did Harry do that? No offence but he is not that powerful." Gray asked he has known Harry for years and he knew that Harry was not powerful enough to beat someone like that.

"Aria uses wind magic against Harry he is completely useless." Mira smiled the Master had been avenged. "Now let's go deal with Jose."

Later in the Phantom Lord Guild Hall

Harry woke up to the sounds of fight for a brief moment he forgot where he was and thought the guild was just in the middle of another brawl. He suddenly sat up. "Phantom!" he shouted. "Ow ow ow ow!" he winced pushed himself a bit too far with that flash spell.'note to self don't overuse thunder step.' he held his head before feeling a warm light overcome him. 'I recognize this feeling' He thought. "Master!" he exclaimed standing up to see several other members of Fairy Tail picking themselves up as well.

"Get out of here!" Makarov ordered his hands alight with magical power.

"But master!"

"No he is right we would only get in the way!" Erza admitted cursing herself for being so weak.


But nothing! Leave!" Makarov ordered.

"Damn it fine!" Harry shot off into the air flying through one of the broken windows. While Rai grabbed Mira who was to weak to stand. As Harry made his way off the wreck of the phantom lord guild hall a burst of magic knocked him out of the sky. "Shit! Flying on empty is not a good idea." he moaned rubbing his head. "Holy crap! They are really going at it huh." Another blast of magic caused a massive wave the size of the fortress to go out in all directions. "Is the power of a wizard saint?" He asked himself as another explosion rocked the building. While above the mobile guild storm had built up from sheer magical power before a massive surge of Shade magic dispelled the whole thing. "Is it over?" Harry asked himself when the quakes and tremors had stopped. "But who won?"

Within the mobile guild

"I will give you to the count of three Jose as per Fairy Tail tradition." Makarov told his fellow wizard saint. "Surrender and kneel and I will spare your guild."

"Surrender! To you!"


"Your entire guild is a bunch of garbage trash that is unfit to be considered equal to Phantom Lord!" Jose raved.


"I am willing to do what you are not Makarov! I am willing to KILL! DEATH WAVE!"

"3! FAIRY LAW!" A flash of light obliterated the death wave and immersed everything with the light. The light spread to engulf all of Mongolia for a brief second and in that second every member of Phantom Lord was disabled in an instant.

Outside the ruins of the Fairy Tail

"So this is Fairy Law." Harry muttered gazing at the light. "The light that banishes the dark- arrggg." Harry collapsed to the ground holding his scar black sludge gushing out of it. From that sludge a spectral being formed.

"I am lord Voldemort how dare you treat me like this! Your body is mine boy!" The specter launched itself at the boy only to be incinerated by the sacred light of Fairy Law. "No I am lord Voldemort you can't do this to me! I am lord Voldemort! I AM LORD VOLDE-" whatever remained of the spirit was destroyed by the light.

"The hell was that?" Harry muttered before collapsing to the ground.

"HARRY!" screamed Cana having seen both the spirit emerge from the scar and the light destroy it.

The Next Day At Porlyusica's

"Will he be ok?" Makarov asked with a frown on his face, how did he not notice the spirit within the boy.

"Yes," Porlyusica answered grinding up some herbs to help with his fever. "It seems whatever happened with the spirit has left him unharmed if anything he came out better than before."

"What do mean! He lying unconscious on the bed and has fever!" Rai yelled worried about his friend.

"Yes, but he is healing at an unnatural rate." She told them annoyed that they would question her area of expertise. "It seems that the spirit but weakened him physically and mentally. But now without his body which had gotten used to the constant weakness and adapted is more powerful than ever. Having the advanced healing it forced itself to gain to survive without threat of possession. if I had to guess I would even go as far to say that he is now immune or at least resistant to both mind magics and death magic."

"Immune to death magic?" Makarov questioned in disbelief.

"Wherever that spirit came from it was born of death magic the constant fight against it gave him a built up immunity." She saw Makarov frowning and looking down with his fists clenched. "There was nothing you could do Makarov. So stop blaming yourself!" She smacked on the back of the head.

"But why couldn't I sense the spirit?" He asked. "I am one of the ten wizard saints I should have sense such a malevolent spirit!"

"It was the same reason it could not possess him." She said. "It was powerful protection magic, extremely powerful. If I had to guess it seems who have cast this may have been on their way to rediscovering Fairy Sphere."

"Fairy sphere! But it is lost the only one of the three great spells still known to us is Fairy Law." He said in disbelief.

"Yes but like I said on their way, not there yet." She sighed. "It used love like Fairy Sphere. But unlike Fairy Sphere it only protects one person and also unlike Fairy Sphere it requires a living sacrifice."

"What!" Makarov shouted in outrage. "A living sacrifice!"

"Keep calm you old geezer!" She shouted slapping him on the head. "It has to be a willing one! Meaning just like that stupid guild of yours some idiot foolishly put themselves in harm's way to protect him."

"It was not stupid." Makarov smiled. "And it was a parent only a parent could so foolish put everything on the line for their child."

Outside Mongolia

"I'm back." Laxus smirked entering the town. "I wonder how that brat is doing?"

Laxus is like an older brother to Harry so his refusal to help did hurt.

Second Harry beating Aria is simply good choice in enemies any other member of the elemental four would have crushed him but Harry eats wind magic making only his most powerful spells useful against Harry. And i made up the vacuum thing it was reason for me to extend the fight because most if not all of Aria's magic would be useless against Harry.

Aria going down so fast A his magic was relatively useless and B remember erza took him down incredibly fast showing that while powerful magically he is not that good physically


Mterp558: sorry but it took all Harry had to take down Aria.

Thundramon: sorry but Harry will be frozen in time with Everyone else on the island. And yeah they will have a brotherly relationship.

Ultima-owner: is that a reference to something in the show or another TV show i don't get it.