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Vital Company

Chapter 14: Quarreling Qualm

The deep soothing instrumentals of Space Oddity coursed smoothly over the machine's annoying beeping sound, and straight into Lorelai's ears as it gently stirred her from her bottomless sleep. The bright light behind her eyelids created a glowing reddish tint that begged to be seen. She immediately squinted at the offensive light directly above her.

She compelled her eyes to flutter in attempts to adjust to the brightness, as well as allow herself to take in her surroundings. She slowly scanned the space around her, noting that she was definitely in a hospital gown in a hospital bed. The stiff mattress, pungent aroma of bleach and disinfectant products, along with crisp white bedding helped her connect the dots of her setting.

The quench blue-colored walls were littered with paintings of white fluffy clouds in the shape of various zoo animals. Her eyes roamed further and reached straight ahead, – just as Major Tom was calling out to Ground Control for the second time – and spotted a big whiteboard covered in neat, blue-inked writing that was seamlessly perched up on the wall.

She felt the corners of her lips being pulled upward as she skimmed over the nurses' and doctor's names and information, to read the bold words that decorated the bottom of the board.

Welcome to the world, Baby Danes 1 & Baby Danes 2!

Congratulations, Mommy & Daddy!

Lorelai squeezed her eyes shut as she permitted those magnificent words to be embedded into her brain, but as she was absorbing her current situation, she heard a soft cooing sound overpower Major Tom as he informed Ground Control that he had made it past one hundred thousand miles.

She quickly snapped her eyes back open and whisked her head towards the spot where the sound came from, only to be met with the most captivating sight she had ever seen.

Her smile lit up about another thousand watts as she gazed in adoration at her husband, who sat in the brown reclining glider chair with two tiny little bundled up babies that were safely nestled in each of his arms as he hummed to them his improvised lullaby. Lorelai then realized that it in fact wasn't Mr. Bowie, but rather Mr. Danes, who had melodiously roused her from her slumber.

She internally applauded Luke for being so thoughtful all those years back when he had dutifully written down and fetched every CD she had rattled off to him on the night of their first date.

Over the years she was always able to wear down his rebuttal as she got him to let her blast the music over his stereo in the diner after hours as she waited for him to clean up, or in his apartment, while he cooked them their meal for the night, or even in his truck with the windows down on their way to somewhere, causing him to laugh heartily as she sang her head off. And evidently, some of her beloved music had crept their way into his liking and stuck with him.

"You know," She softly called, making her consciousness known, causing Luke to quickly lift his anxious cobalt eyes from the sleeping babies in his arms as he instantly locked them with his wife's stunning, sky blue orbs, "even though I do know, you can still tell me that you love me. You don't have to hum that part." She joked as she smiled teasingly at him, her eyes dancing with overflowing glee.

"Hey." He whispered back as his lips curved into a small concerned smile, "How are you feeling?" He asked as a distressed crease formed in the middle of his brows.

"A bit groggy, but I'm okay now." She replied as she flashed him a reassuring smile, knowing she had given her husband a really bad scare a while ago.

"I almost…" He paused as he swallowed thickly, obviously having trouble saying the words out loud as the fear in his eyes briskly overshadowed his previous sense of serene, "I almost thought I lost you." His tone was low and raw as his inner torment dripped thickly in his voice.

"Oh Hon, I'm so sorry." She breathed out quietly as she felt her heart ache for him in her unintentional cause for his momentary panic, "I'm okay. You can't get rid of me that easy." She gave him a small grin, attempting to lighten the mood, "Besides…" She began as she shrugged, allowing her face to light up with another breathtaking smile, "I promised you that we would go together."

The darkness in his eyes shattered away with her words, and her beautiful smile calmed his worried heart that clamored in his chest, "You remember that." He told her firmly as his trademark grin etched its way onto his face.

He inhaled a calming breath, before he glanced down at the two babies in his arms, then returned his eyes up to her, "So, you ready to finally meet our boys?"

Lorelai's smile kicked up another notch as she nodded vigorously, and reached her hands out, "Gimme."

Luke exhaled a silent chuckle at her excitement as he very carefully stood up, and made his way over to her with a baby in each arm, "Get comfortable." He told her as he gestured his head towards her pillows.

Lorelai cautiously sat further up and fluffed her pillows in the back of her, "Wow, look at you, Super Dad." She praised him with a flirty smile, "By the way, you look incredibly hot with them."

A pink hue took over his cheeks as he glanced down at their children in his arms, before returning his gaze to his wife, "Yeah, well get ready," He began, "so I can hand them over, and tell you the same thing."

"Hmm," She hummed her delight, "incredibly hot and a sweet talker." She nodded her approval, "Thank, God I was smart enough to lock you down," She lifted a finger to brush over his platinum wedding band that rested on his left ring finger as it flashed her a glimmer, "otherwise other women would try to steal you away from me."

Luke determinedly held her gaze as he shook his head, "Not a chance." He answered solemnly, sending waves of heated pleasure throughout her body.

"Good." She concurred as she smiled shyly. She broke their gaze as she relocated her attention back onto the babies, "Okay, I'm ready." She said as she waited for him to pass the first baby over.

"Okay guys," Luke stood flush up against the side of Lorelai's bed as he leaned over, and gently placed the first baby in her arms, "I'd like you to officially meet the most amazing woman in the world;" This caused Lorelai to smile uncontrollably as she skillfully maneuvered the first baby to rest facing towards her on the underside of her right forearm – right over her white, electric bolt looking scar – as her palm cradled his little head, "your mom." Luke finished as he repeated the process with the second baby – this time placing him in the exact position his brother was in, but on her opposite arm.

Lorelai carefully bowed forward and delicately placed a kiss onto each boy's head. She resituated herself as she looked over and smiled at her husband – who had nudged his way onto the bed to sit beside her, "They're so perfect, Luke."

He wrapped his right arm around her shoulders as he pulled her tight up against his chest, placing a kiss on her temple, "Just like their mom." His deep timbre right against her ear, caused a warm shiver to roll down her spine as the hairs on the back of her neck blossomed with electricity.

Luke tipped his head closer and feathered his lips against hers, before capturing her full, pouty bottom lip between his. After a moment, he reluctantly released his hold on her mouth and pulled back to gaze lovingly into her ravenous eyes.

Lorelai ardently held his intense stare as she slowly ran her tongue across her bottom lip, savoring the taste of Luke, "I swear, these next six weeks better fly by." She growled playfully, a trace of seriousness laced in her tone.

"Tell me about it." He chuckled lightly as he pressed his lips to hers once more, and gave her shoulder a soft squeeze.

She switched her gaze back onto their two boys allowing her smile to return, "I just love them so much." She whispered in amazement as she truly felt her heart grow in size.

Luke flashed a smile of his own as he agreed, feeling the enormous amount of unconditional love for their two newborn children, "Me too."

"We did this. That's us, Luke." She told him, mindful of keeping her volume low, but still full of joy, "These two beautiful, teeny, little human beings are half you and half me." She added as she looked back up to him, her smile never leaving her face.

"Half you and half me." He repeated in a daze as he reached his left hand out – the platinum band resting on his ring finger winked shamelessly again as it caught the reflection from the bright beam up above – and tenderly grazed the back of his fingers along each boys cheek, "I love that."

Lorelai silently giggled as the little boy in her left embrace wiggled after feeling his father's touch, and raised both arms, tucking his curled up fists behind his head as if he knew what position was most comfortable for him.

"Look at this cool guy." She nodded towards the boy that moved, "Is that better for you, my little dude?" She asked him as she shifted her fingers a bit, and brushed her thumb over his cheek, causing him to snuggle down deeper into his cozy position.

She smiled at him before she drifted her eyes over to the other boy who still hadn't made a peep, "How about you, my handsome little buddy?" She asked the boy as she repeated the gesture with her thumb over his cheek, which surprisingly caused one corner of the boy's mouth to curl up in a small smirk.

"Oh my gosh, Luke!" Lorelai gasped, "Do you see that? He's smiling at me."

Luke grinned as he nodded his acknowledgment, altering his eyes from his relaxing son to his smirking son, "You like your mom's voice just as much as she does, huh, bud?" He teased, gaining a small shoulder nudge from his wife, causing him to let out a low chuckle as he gingerly smoothed his index finger over the boy's tiny fist that lay on his chest.

Just as Luke was about to pull his hand back, the baby boy stretched his hand up and wrapped his tiny fingers around Luke's much larger index finger.

Luke's smile dropped instantly as he felt the air from his lungs expel out of him, the same effect taking place to his wife on his right, hearing her gasp as she watched him and one of their sons bond over their affectionate connection. She saw Luke desperately try to tame down his emotions, but the shimmer from the brazen tears that formed in his eyes was unmistakably pleading to spill over.

Lorelai's eyes held tears of her own, only she didn't even attempt to hold them back as she looked at him admiringly and whispered, "I love you." Those words holding an endless amount of meaning towards him.

Luke returned his watery gaze to her before both of their eyes slipped shut as he leaned over and pressed his lips to hers, melding their mouths together in a passionate fusion. He pulled away to allow his eyes to stare genuinely into hers again, pouring out everything from within the depths of his complete heart.

"I love you…" He whispered back, "so much, Lorelai." He leaned in for another kiss but was unfortunately interrupted as there was a soft rapt on the door.

"Luke?" Lorelai croaked as she attempted to blink her bleary eyes open, but was having trouble doing so, due to the bright white light above her, shining directly into her eyes, "Luke?" She tried again, the lack of moisture in her throat causing her voice to sound rough.

She glanced around and saw doctors and nurses surrounding her as they indistinctly chattered. The faint noise caught the attention of the two nurses that were closest to her – one being on each side, holding each arm still as the rest of the team worked on them.

"Doctor Sanders, Doctor Nichols, she's awake." The nurse from her left informed both doctors, causing the man that was wrapping her left hand in thick, wet plaster to look up.

He paused his movements as he spoke, "Ma'am, I'm Dr. Mitchell Sanders. You're at John Skinner Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut. Can you tell me your name?"

Lorelai blinked hazily at Dr. Sanders as she finally answered, "Lorelai." She tried to clear her throat after hearing her voice come out raspier than she had expected, but winced immediately when the stinging sensation shot up her dry esophagus, "Lorelai Gilmore." She got out.

Her head pounded and she felt all sorts of disoriented as she found herself once again, laying in a hospital bed, but instead of being encompassed by Luke and their newborn babies, she was surrounded by strangers in scrubs and masked covered faces, who were all bustling about around her.

"Lorelai, do you remember what happened?" Dr. Sanders asked as he split his focus between listening to Lorelai and finishing her cast.

She attempted to sit up a bit, to see what exactly was going on, but her head felt as if she had been in one of those crazy, fake wrestling matches where the guys in those ridiculous costumes blindside their opponent by hitting them in the back of the head with a steel chair.

"Ow!" She groaned as she lay her head back down slowly.

"Careful!" Dr. Nichols warned, finally speaking up, "It seems that you took quite a spill. You hit the back of your head pretty hard when you fell. Thankfully we didn't see any visible injury there besides a little swelling, but you did suffer a minor concussion, and you have a semi-deep laceration on the underside of your right forearm. Thankfully, it didn't reach the muscle tissue, so there was no need for stitches – although there will be light scarring, but I applied glue and a few butterfly bandages to hold the skin together, while it heals. I'm also going to wrap it to keep the bond secure."

Lorelai nodded distantly as she shifted her gaze from her left arm that was being cast up, to her right side – where Dr. Nichols had just spoken – to see him holding her wrist gently in his glove-covered hands as he displayed his work. She saw what looked to be a transparent river of glue dressed neatly over her once open incision with four white butterfly bandages placed in an offset line, like a crooked bridge mending the skin together.

She was about to question Dr. Nichols, but instantly paused as she felt an unbearable sharp throbbing pain shoot up her left arm, causing her to yell out in anguish. She looked over towards the nurse who stood on her right just in time to see her placing a needle into her IV, placed at the top of her right hand.

"Lorelai? I'm just giving you some mild medication to help with the pain, but I need you to stay awake." The nurse said as she covered the tip and returned the needle onto the silver tray, "Lorelai?"

"It hurts. Oh my God, it hurts." She groaned in agony, "It… hur–" The words died on her lips as the noises from the background faded and the relentless pulls from the darkness swallowed her into its void.

"What the hell did you do?" Came Liz's admonishing voice from the dining table behind him, causing Luke to whip around to face her as he scowled deeply at her.

"What?" Luke barked as he flung his hands out towards his side, mystified by his sister's unwelcomed attack.

"You let her go!" Liz shouted in disbelief as she gestured towards the apartment door.

Luke shook his head in bewilderment, "What was I supposed to do?"

"Fight her!" She retorted without delay as if the answer was obvious.

He reared his head back as his brows furrowed, "I didn't think I'd have to say this, Liz, but I don't hit women." He growled as he made his way over to the kitchen table.

"No." Liz waved him off, reclaiming her seat, "Not physically fight, Luke."

Luke pulled out the chair across from his sister and plopped down, "Well then what the hell are you talking about?" He asked in aggravation, still not knowing what his sister was trying to get at.

"Fight verbally, bro." She answered easily, "You can't let her talk like that to you. She's got no right." Liz frowned, thinking back to the maddening words she overheard, "That shrew's lucky I didn't barge out into the hallway, and give her a piece of my mind."

"What do you mean?" Luke asked slightly offended towards her previous comment, "You heard the way she tried to demean my relationship and attack Lorelai, but I didn't let her. I defended Lorelai." Luke replied as he fisted his hand on top of the table, knowing he had made sure to protect the honor of his fiancée against Anna.

"Yeah, I heard that." Liz nodded in agreement, "That was really good." She shrugged as the corner of her lips turned down a bit, "Granted, I wish you had used more colorful language towards her, but still–"

"My hands are tied. I can only do so much, Liz." He answered through clenched teeth, looking at her almost helplessly, "Anna holds all the cards when it comes to April. As much as I don't like it, I still have to keep things civil."

"But that's just it, bro! It doesn't have to be that way." She started, "If you fight for custody rights to April, Anna won't hold all the cards anymore."

"Liz, you don't think I've thought about that? But you should know better than anyone," He shook his head grimly, "the judges almost always side with the mother in these sorts of cases." Luke replied dejectedly.

"I'm not gonna lie – in most cases – yes they do, but in your case, there could be an exception." She began, a bit excited to lift her brother's hopes, "You didn't know about April. Anna withheld that information from you for twelve years, – unfairly I might add – and would've continued to do so had it not been for April scrounging around through her mother's things and hunting you down to do the DNA test for her science thing, right?"

Luke shrugged, still not seeing his sister's point, "Yeah, so?"

"So?" She looked at him and rolled her eyes at his cluelessness, "What did you do once you found out she was yours?"

"I jumped in." Luke shrugged again, "I offered to pay for things, to spend time with April. I wanted to do the right thing."

"You wanted to do the right thing!" She exclaimed, knowing that answer, "You always try to do the right thing, even if the right thing isn't always what you want to do. That's just you, Luke, and the judge will see that." She told him on a role, "Anna kept this kid from you for over twelve years, but once you found out about her, you dived right in as a dad. And if you try to fight for custody, that'll only show the judge that you're that much more committed to staying in April's life. And you fighting for those rights is showing that you're willingly taking the initiative to try to guarantee that."

"Well, yeah, what else was I supposed to do?" He shook his head, "I couldn't sit by and not do anything." He said with distaste as he thought of how Christopher did exactly that to Rory and Lorelai.

"Exactly, bro and a good judge will take that into serious consideration. I really think you've got a chance. You just have to go for it, despite the odds." She shrugged a little as she tried to encourage her brother.

Luke exhaled a heavy breath, "I don't want April to feel like she's in the middle."

Liz pressed her lips together as her brows lifted, "Newsflash, bro, she already is."

"Legal matters always tend to get ugly. I don't want that for April. I just want what's right." He told her, shaking his head sadly.

Liz nodded understandingly, but forged on, "Do things seem right to you, now?" She asked him gravely, her dark emerald pools giving him a pointed stare that made it known she wasn't just talking about the April situation.

Luke looked at his sister with unreserved suffering in his eyes as he sighed heavily, knowing what he was gonna say next wasn't exactly a secret, "Nothing has been right… for a while now."

He didn't regret April coming into his life now that he knew her and built a relationship with her, but he also constantly found himself berating that minuscule, but thunderous inner voice that rang in his head about the fact that April was never supposed to happen, because Anna was never supposed to happen.

He knew he couldn't change the past, but a part of him – a bigger part than he cared to share out loud – wished he could.

Liz watched him absorb his thoughts for a bit, before she spoke again, "So, what are you gonna do?"

"I'm gonna make things right." He told her firmly, making it known that he was indeed talking about his situation with his absent fiancée as well.

"Good." She smiled at him, "That's really good to hear, bro. Now…" Luke returned his attention towards his sister as she crossed her arms over her chest and continued, "Tell me what's going on with you and Lorelai."

Luke dropped his eyes to his clasped hands that rested on the table as he took in a staggered breath, "T.J.'s not the only one who left town." He finally said softly.

Liz's eyes bulged out a bit, but she quickly regained her speech as she shook her head, refusing to accept what she heard, "No. Lorelai wouldn't do that to you." She said confidently, "Not for good at least."

He blew out a rueful chuckle, before he returned his cheerless gaze to his sister, "I sure as hell hope not."

Liz felt her brows knit together as she asked, "What happened?"

Luke shook his head slowly, trying to recall the rules for the insufferable situation he and Lorelai were in, "She said we needed a break."

Her eyebrows lifted high in surprise, "As in break up?" Liz questioned, still not able to wrap her mind around what her brother was telling her.

"No." He answered quickly as he shook his head again, "She made sure I knew it wasn't that."

"That's a good thing, then." Liz interjected as she nodded her reassurance, her worry swiftly diminishing after hearing those words.

"She said we needed some time apart." Luke continued on sullenly, "We have to go seven days without any sort of contact – meaning; no talking to one another or seeing each other for the full seven days. She told me she thought that we weren't gonna get married anymore." He breathed out a pitiful laugh, still pissed at himself for causing Lorelai to doubt his commitment to her, "She said that I…" He stopped to clear his throat as he rubbed his right thumb into his left palm, "I've been pushing her away, and that I've built two separate worlds – ones that I didn't seem to want to join between April and her."

"Well, is that true?" Liz interrupted quietly, knowing that her brother had a habit of getting lost in his own head at times, which could unintentionally cause him to drift away from the people around him.

"I didn't mean to…" Luke sighed and looked down at his nervous hands again in shame, knowing that, that was technically not the truth, "I mean, I was gonna properly introduce them eventually–"

Liz reared her head back baffled as her face contorted in confusion because clearly, she must've heard him wrong, "Wait, wait, wait!" She held up both hands to stop him, "You mean you haven't even properly introduced them yet?" She asked incredulously, her voice raising an octave above her normal level.

Luke cringed, humiliated at hearing the disbelief in his sister's voice, "No."

"Oh, Luke!" She exclaimed, the disappointment clear in her tone, "What are you doing?" She asked him, shaking her head with her mouth slightly agape, "I'm surprised it took Lorelai this long to leave."

Luke snapped his head up and narrowed his eyes at her, "Thanks." He replied sarcastically.

"Well." She shrugged unapologetically with a frown etched on her face, suddenly sympathizing for her future sister-in-law, "So, what's your great excuse for not letting them meet?"

Luke glanced up at Liz, steeling himself for her wrath that he knew would come once he informed her of his senseless explanation, "I told Lorelai that it was too soon. I said that I needed to build a better relationship with April without her, because once she got involved it'd be all over for me." He saw Liz scrunch her face up and look at him as if he was deranged, "I told her that once they met, April would like her better and forget all about me, so I didn't want her to get involved yet."

"Aw, come on! You didn't?" She questioned in shock, "She's your fiancée!" She emphasized loudly, "Now that's gotta be the dumbest thing I've ever heard you say, Luke."

"You don't think I know that, Liz!" He bellowed, throwing his hands up angrily, still livid with himself for his own stupidity, "I know that now, that's why I'm trying to do everything in my power to fix the mess that I've made." He exhaled heavily as he tried to calm himself. He looked off to the side, trying to gather his words as his restless hands continued to wring together, "I know I screwed everything up between Lorelai and I. I know I'm the one that pushed her away. I'm the reason that she's sad and alone, and questioning our relationship. I'm the idiot that made her leave, but I'm scared, Liz…" He added softly watching his palms rub furiously together, "I'm so scared that I'm gonna lose her…" He paused at hearing his voice crack. He tried to swallow the lump in his throat, but it didn't budge as he continued, "I can't lose her, Liz." He finally looked up at her with tears brimming in his eyes as he shook his head, his nose flaring slightly as he clenched his jaw and softly added, "I just can't."

Liz nodded silently, truly feeling sorry for her older brother. She knew he loved Lorelai more than anything. She remembered the first time he had inadvertently slipped her name in one of his stories that he recalled to her over one of their sparse phone calls a little over a decade ago. She could hear the smile in his voice, and the joy that it brought to him to just talk about her.

He never talked about any woman before – not once – no matter their relationship, but it seemed with every one of their phone check-ins, he couldn't help but constantly mention this amazing friend of his named, Lorelai. She smiled slightly as she thought of how far gone in love her brother had already been with Lorelai all those years ago.

"I know." Liz finally replied, "You make sure Lorelai knows it too when she gets back. And don't ever let her forget it." She added.

Luke nodded his agreement, not trusting his voice just yet to talk normally.

"Now, you better keep your head out of your ass." She joked lightly, causing Luke to breathe out a soft chuckle, although there was an undercurrent of seriousness in her tone, "And you keep fighting for what you want, bro. You deserve to be happy. You and Lorelai." She said sincerely.

Luke gave her a small smile, "Thanks, sis."

She nodded and gave him a smile of her own, "Okay, well, I better get going." She said as she stood up and grabbed her purse from behind her chair, "I am jazzed about going furniture shopping for the baby."

That made Luke frown a bit as he stood, remembering the situation his sister was in with her husband, "You want me to go with you?"

Liz waved him off as she made her way towards the door, "Nah, we're good. You've got some things of your own to do." She said as she gave him a sharp look, "You better wipe off the dust from those yellow pages and get to hunting for a good lawyer, big brother."

"Yeah." He agreed as he followed, "You call me if you need anything, you hear?" He told her firmly.

She smiled at her brother's protectiveness as she made her way out the door, "Don't worry, I will. I'll check in with you soon."

"Okay." He nodded and lifted his hand to give her a short wave.

"Good luck!" She called as she descended the stairs.

He closed the door and let out a loud gust of air. He made his way over to the antique desk in the corner on Jess' old side of the room and grabbed the old phonebook from one of the desk drawers. He quickly began to flip through the pages in search of a good lawyer.

He skimmed down a few columns until his finger landed on a law firm specifically for family custody cases. He hastily ripped the page out, before strolling over to sit on his bed, and reached for his cell phone that was still perched on his nightstand from the day before. As he flipped the phone over in his hand, he immediately saw the flashing blue light at the top, indicating that he had a new voicemail.

He quickly pressed the center button on the phone, before pressing the tiny receiver up against his ear. His blood surged loudly in his ears, causing him to press the phone even harder to it, trying to drown out the unwanted distraction.

The female's robotic voice droned over the receiver, "You have two new messages." Luke squeezed his eyes shut, praying to God, that at least one of them was from Lorelai, "New message…"

"Hey Dad," Luke breathed out an inadvertent saddened sigh at hearing April's voice over the earpiece instead of Lorelai's, but quickly shook off that awful feeling as he listened to what his daughter had to say, "I know I was supposed to come by the diner and hang with you today, but my mom picked me up from school instead." He frowned at that information, knowing April was scheduled to visit with him for a few hours after school.

"She told me there was a change of plans, and I couldn't see you today. She seemed really upset, and she wouldn't tell me why, but I think I might know." He clenched his teeth, seething with the unsuspected change Anna made without even bothering to notify him.

"I'm sorry if I got you or Lorelai in trouble, I really didn't mean to." Luke inhaled sharply at the mention of Lorelai's name, "I just really loved my party, and all my friends kept talking about it at school." This truly made Luke's heart soar just to know that his daughter had genuinely enjoyed her party that he somewhat threw, that wouldn't have been successful without Lorelai, "I think my mom was annoyed that I kept bringing it up, and now all of a sudden she told me I couldn't come to visit you today. I just wanted to let you know, so you wouldn't expect me. Sorry again. I'll talk to you later. Bye!"

Luke exhaled loudly, knowing that a colossal battle was coming. He was so glad he had been able to talk to his sister because now he felt a teeny bit prepared. He removed the phone from his ear and pressed nine.

"Message saved." The female robot rang, "New message…"

"Hey," It was her. Her voice alone caused Luke's breath to catch in his throat as his heart raced wildly in his chest, "I'm so sorry, Luke." He listened intently as Lorelai apologized softly, "I didn't mean to make you worry. I promise I'm safe. Paul Anka and I made it to the place in one piece." He heard her breathe a sad laugh, and it tore at his heart.

"I don't want you to lose focus on what we're supposed to be doing with this time apart, okay?" He heard her sniffle, which caused him to instantly squeeze his eyes shut as he propped his elbow onto his knee and dropped his head into his hand, "I can't lose you either, Luke. I can't go through that again." Her voice cracked towards the end, and he knew she was trying her hardest not to cry. He hated that he wasn't there to hold her, to whisper reassuring words into her ear, to wipe her tears dry, or to kiss all her doubts away.

He missed her so much and it was driving him crazy that he couldn't see her yet.

"I need you in my life, Luke… I need you." She sniffled loudly as she tried to take in a shuddering breath, her voice had already been hushed, just above a whisper, "I'm not going to tell you not to call, but please, don't think that I'm ignoring you if I don't answer, okay? I just want to stick to the rules, because I really do feel like it's working already. This is probably the most we've shared with each other in the past four months." Luke shook his head in shame, hating that what she just said was in fact true.

"I promise you, if you still want me just as much as I still want you, then we will make us work." Luke felt the return of the wet heat burning the back of his eyes as they begged to escape, "I love you, Luke. I love you so much…" He exhaled a staggering breath, unknowingly permitting a few stray tears to roll down his cheek.

"End of message."

Luke pulled the phone down from his ear and quickly pressed nine.

"Message saved. There are no new–" The robotic woman sounded, right before he pressed end.

Luke gripped the phone tightly in his hand as he blinked hard, allowing more tears to stream down his face. He swiped them away only for more to cascade down. He was unable to rid the helpless feeling that swiftly began to overwhelm him. Lorelai had left that message for him last night, so technically they now only had a little over five days left.

He missed her so much and he needed her there with him. It made his hope rise at hearing her declaring her need for him in her life, but it also made his heart plummet at hearing her still present doubt in her voice. Once the full week was over, he was determined to chase all uncertainty away about their relationship. They would be together, and he wouldn't let anything or no one get in their way. He vowed to make sure that that was definite.

He lifted a flannel-covered arm and wiped his face dry before he retrieved the yellow piece of paper that he had previously torn out, and with shaky fingers, he dialed the big bold number of the family custody law office of Wells, Pike, McNally & Gallow.

After what felt like hours of talking to a couple of snooty-sounding lawyers, and answering their countless amount of questions, Luke was finally able to set up an appointment with one of the firm's most experienced lawyer for Friday at nine in the morning.

Luke was on a mission. He gathered all his documents that Mr. McNally had advised him to collect, and placed them neatly into a manila folder on top of the corner desk, ready for his meeting on Friday.

He made his way back over to his bedside and picked up his phone. He held down the number one button and pressed the phone tightly to his ear as he held his breath. After the fourth ring, her voice rang into his ear, but unfortunately, it was just her recorded message. He let out his breath in a loud whoosh before the beep sounded and proceeded to talk to her voicemail yet again.

"Hey, it's me… again." He began apologetically, "I just got your message, and I wanted to–" He paused, trying not to sound too pathetic, but carried on not really giving a damn, "I need you too, Lorelai. You have no idea." He said lowly, "We are gonna fix this, okay?" He nodded resolutely as he clenched his fist, "And I also wanted to tell you…" He inhaled loudly, "I love you, Lorelai. I love you… so much. Be ready, because in just five more days…" He chuckled out a breath, "I'm never leaving your side again."

He let his last words hang in the air for a bit, before he brought the phone away from his ear and ended the call, replacing his phone onto his nightstand.

He exhaled an exhausted sigh and looked down at his wristwatch. He saw that it was an hour past happy hour at KC's, and he had a good feeling that the person he needed to confront would be there. He sprang up onto his feet, grabbed his keys, and headed out the door, hoping to fix yet another problem from his overcrowded plate.

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