The Dark Prince Alliance

Lord Voldemort was sitting on his throne when a Jet Black Raven flew up to him with a message. Not recognizing the bird he ran multiple detection spells and discovered no curses or tracking spells opened it. To his surprise the letter was from Lord Prince.

Dear Mr. Tom Marvolo Riddle, I wish to meet with you to discuss a possible marital alliance between our families. I believe that we can reach an accord that will benefit not only our two families but Magical Britain as a whole. As you are aware the Prince family goes back to the time of King Arthur and I as Lord Prince have significant power in the Wizengamot, political power that I am willing to use to see some of your initiatives enacted.

I find myself in need of your specific skills to remove a thorn that is plaguing my only daughter and grandson. If you are willing to remove the bothersome thorn, my daughter will be available for remarriage and through blood adoption of my grandson you will strengthen your political power and influence. My grandson once he reaches majority can claim and will hold the titles of Lord LeFay, Lord Ravenclaw and Lord Prince, titles that each carry seats in the Wizengamot. The Prince family and my political partners are neither dark nor light but have always been and always will be Grey. As you are aware if I and my fellow Grey Lords voted in unison with the Dark Lords within your influence, there is nothing we could not accomplish.

I am aware that you are the child of the last Gaunt daughter and a muggle, but that is not an obstacle to a marital alliance but actually the reason I seek the marital alliance between our two families. Your "halfblood" status is the reason I seek you to marry my daughter. My only grandson is a halfblood same as yourself and due to it like both you and Albus Dumbledore has a strong magical core, with near limitless potential. We Purebloods, which I include myself as, are in need of new blood to strengthen our families and eliminate the genetic problems including infertility, madness/insanity and excessive amount of Squib children caused by too much inbreeding.

We have much to discuss and I have many ideas that I believe we could agree on. One that I propose is that instead of keeping the muggleborn children out of Magical Britain that we in fact blood adopt them into our pureblood families. This will prevent the child abuse that you and my grandson have both suffered being raised by muggles in the non-magical world. I am willing to propose legislation that would remove muggleborn children immediately upon their first showing of accidental magic from their non-magical relatives. It would order the parents oblivated and the children immediately placed with a Pureblood family.

Although the use of the term "muggleborn" is not actually accurate since they all come from magical ancestry. Please find enclosed 200 inheritance tests results conducted by Gringotts, from the five largest magical communities in the world which showed that each "Muggleborn" child was found to have magical blood traced back to a Pureblood squib child that had been sent by their family to the Muggle world. The Pureblood tradition of sending our squib children to the Muggle World has cost us.

I also propose that instead of the squib children being sent out of the magical world that they are blood adopted by one or more of the living extended families on their family tree thus reinfusing their magical cores and reawaking their dormant magic. Magical Japan has documented the success of the action to eliminate this problem throughout their society. In addition, I propose these formerly squib children then be married to one of the blood adopted muggleborns once they reach majority. Magical Britain cannot afford to lose the magical blood that Muggleborns have if we exclude them from our society and yet we must protect Magical Britain from the Muggle World.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can discuss an alliance between the Prince and Riddle families, to discuss an alliance between the Grey and the Dark. I am willing to additionally offer you my personal assistance to remove any political obstacles preventing you in claiming the title of Lord Slytherin as you are the most powerful remaining descendant of Salazar Slytherin.

Yours Truly,

Lord Prince

Finishing reading the letter Voldemort begins to laugh drawing the attention of his familiar, Nagini. "~ What is so funny hatchling? ~" Nagini asks as she winds around the throne and into his lap.

"Nagini, we may have the perfect opportunity to take control of the Wizengamot." Lord Voldemort waives the letter in his hand. "This may be the perfect opportunity to get the Grey Lords on our side."

"~ What does it say? Who is it from? I do not recognize the raven that delivered it. ~"

"This my slithery one is a proposal of a meeting to discuss a potential marital alliance with Lord Augustus Prince, head of the Grey side, for his only daughter's hand in marriage and the blood adoption of his grandson by me. He proposes in exchange for me eliminating a thorn in his family's side, that he will give his daughter's hand in marriage and provide political assistance in the Wizengamot."

"What do you think Nagini, should I agree to a meeting to discuss a potential alliance? What if it is a trap set by Dumbledore and his Order of the Phoenix?" Voldemort asks Nagini while petting her body.

"~ Everything has risks but what do you know of this Lord Prince? Is he a known associate of Dumbledore? Does he support Dumbledore in the Wizengamot? Plus no one says you cannot demand that the meeting occur in a secure neutral location, some place like Gringotts. Hatchling, what do you lose by hearing him out. ~"

"You are right Mother." Voldemort says sarcastically causing Nagini to swat him with her tail. "I will write Lord Prince stating that I am interested in learning more and request that we meet at 10 am tomorrow morning at Gringotts. I need to also send a letter to the head goblin requesting that Gringotts mediate our talks for their customary fee."