Warrior, Daughter, Sister, Storyteller.

Summary: Wendy James has held many titles over her very long life. She was a fearless Neverland warrior, adopted daughter to both a Pixy Queen and a Pirate Captain and protector of many a lost boy. Each title came with its own responsibilities and now she is facing a new challenge. Can she protect her newest charge, her brother Henry Mills and save the man that christened her Wendy Darling?

AN: this story has been rattling around in my head pretty much since Hook first appeared. I always wished Henry had someone who was really and truly in his corner and believed him from the start, so I took it upon myself to give him that person and this is what happened. This story is AU in some places and cannon in other but I hope to make that clear as we go along. So, here we go again.

Disclaimer: If I owned Once Upon a Time there would be a whole lot less angst but probably nowhere near as entertaining, so I clearly don't own it, luckily for all of us.


Henry Mills hated being home sick from school. Obviously feeling ill was never fun but that wasn't the worst of it for Henry, no the thing that bothered him the most was that his Mother Regina would turn into his second shadow. She barely left him alone for a minute, she was always there checking if he needed anything. When he was a little kid her constant attention had made him feel special but he was nearly 10 years old now and he didn't need her there to wipe his nose every time he sneezed.

Henry was currently tucked up in bed due to a particularly nasty cold that he had had for almost a week. He was feeling a bit better each day but he really wanted to be well again already, he had a trip to plan.

He knew it was dangerous and kind of stupid but he was getting out of Storybrook as soon as he could. He wasn't going forever, just long enough to find his birth Mom so she could come back with him and save everyone in town from his other Mom's curse.

Soft footsteps on the stairs warned the boy he was about to be checked up on, yet again. He just had time to hide his to do list under his pillow before the door to his room creaked open. Henry was only slightly surprised to see that it was his Sister coming to see him instead of their Mother.

Technically Angela Mills wasn't his Sister but Henry didn't care he loved her anyway. Regina had adopted both of them and until recently Henry had secretly hoped that they had the same parents but he now knew his birth Mother was only 27 and Angela was 19 so that wasn't possible. If he was honest with himself Henry had always known that he and Angela couldn't be biological siblings because she was cursed like the rest of the town while he wasn't.

The young boy often wondered just who Angela had been back in the Enchanted Forest. She must have been pretty important if the Evil Queen wanted to hold on to her in this world by adopting her.

"Hey Hen" the auburn-haired woman in the doorway whispered "how are you feeling?"

"OK" Henry told her truthfully "where's Mom?"

"She has a city council meeting that she couldn't get out of, so Granny let me out early and she sent you soup" Angela said brightly holding up a canton for him to see. "Do you feel up to eating anything?"

"Angie, I have a cold, I'm not dying" Henry grumped at her already reaching out for the soup. He loved Grannies food.

"Did you want me to read you some of your book?" His Sister asked as she gave him a spoon and settled herself beside him on the bed.

Henry was too busy eating to say anything but Angela took the almost frantic nodding of his head to mean yes. Henry was perfectly capable of reading the book all by himself and he had do so many times but he always loved it when Angela read to him. She was a natural storyteller, according to their Mother.

Angela flipped through the heavy pages of the book until she reached the place she had finished reading last time. Princess Snow White and her daring Prince had just discovered the Evil Queen planned to curse them all and only their unborn Daughter could break the spell.

Henry listened intently as Angela read page after page about how the Prince, the Princess and their advisers came up with a plan to save their future saviour.

Angela had lost count of how many times she had read these stories to her little Brother in the year since his teacher had given the book to him. He had become obsessed with the fairy tales, Angela knew Regina was worried, at least she pretended to be but both of her adoptive children knew the truth. Really, she just wanted Henry to forget the stories so she could pretend she had the perfect little family that she had always wanted.

Angela loved Henry's stories as much as he did and it made her feel closer to her Brother when she read them to him, so she was going to carry on reading as long as he wanted to listen.

The decision to leave the enchanted forest and give birth to her daughter in a strange land weighed heavily on the Princesses mind but it was not her only concern. As she looked around the war council she couldn't help but feel guilty that everyone in the room would have to endure the curse while she and her beloved baby would escape it. It hurt to think that she couldn't save any of them, but then her eyes landed on two of the women that sat at the table.

They were dear friends and valuable allies to her but unlike everyone else in the room they were not her subjects. They had been sent to the Enchanted Forest by the Queen of the Never Pixy's to help her and her Prince win their war against The Evil Queen, now that war was all but over, they could go home, they could be safe from the curse. Snow wanted to kick herself for not thinking of it sooner.

"Tinkerbell, Wendy I would like to speak to you in privet Please" she said rising to her feet with a grace that was hard to pull off whilst heavily pregnant.

The two warriors approached her with a causation that told Snow that they must have at least suspected what it was she wanted to talk to them about. "Both of you should return to The Neverland's before the curse is upon us" she told her friends as soon as they were alone.

"That's not going to happen Snow" Tinkerbelle stated firmly, the Pixy Princess had never liked to run from danger.

"We're not leaving you" Wendy confirmed, she and Tinkerbell had learnt long ago that standing together was the only way they could ensure victory.

"You must" Snow insisted "The other Pixy's that came with you have already gone back and Blue cannot guarantee how long the portal between our worlds will stay open, you have to go home now, you can be safe there". Snow White didn't beg often but she was close to it now.

"Safe isn't a word usually associated with Neverland" Tink muttered earning herself a glare from both Wendy and Snow.

"We came to help you defeat Regina and we haven't done that yet" Wendy reasoned with her worried friend.

"There is no defeating Regina" Snow sighed "not this time".

"Yes, there is" Tinkerbell cut in "you heard Blue, if you complete the wardrobe in time then you will win Snow, you may have to wait 28 years but you will win".

Snow could not believe how stubborn both the Pixy and the young woman were being. She wasn't sure if she should be touched or enraged by their loyalty and determination to stay.

"Please you need to go" now she really was begging "I don't know for sure what the Queen's curse will do to anyone not born here and I can't bear the thought of you two suffering along with everyone else, not when there is a chance you could be spared".

Something in the Princesses desperate tone must have gotten through to the Pixy because she gave Wendy a hard look before agreeing to Snow's request. Despite her human companion insisting that she wanted to stay Tink declared that if it was that important to Snow that they go then she and Wendy both would leave that very night.

Snow could not remember the last time she had felt so much relief but sadly that emotion was short lived because the neither the woman nor the Pixy made it to the Neverland portal. They were attacked by The Evil Queen's solders as they travelled through the forest. Wendy was taken captive while Tink was badly wounded. It took months before the Pixy was well enough to leave the safety of Snow's castle again but as soon as she could she was out searching for her lost friend.

No one knows if Tinkerbell ever found and freed Wendy as she planned or if the two of them fell prey to the curse Snow had so badly wanted to protect them from.

Angela looked up from the book to find that not only had Henry finished his soup but he had also fallen asleep. Laughing softly to herself she removed the carton and spoon from the boy's bed and tucked him in.

"You know what Hen?" she whispered to the sleeping child "that last part of your book is wrong, I know exactly what happened to both Wendy and Tink" she told him. "Technically they were cursed but I could never see being your Sister as a curse, I love you little man" she said smoothing down his unruly hair before she left him to his dreams. Dreams that she knew were full of fairy tales where good would always win and there was no magic stronger than that of true loves kiss.

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