"What do you mean you can't find her?!" Preston Northwest said, slamming his hand on the sterile lab table.

"I-I mean that she can't be found," The scientist said as sweat started spurting on his brow. "It's like she up and vanished. Maybe if we had more time-"

"That's exactly what we don't have," Preston said, his face turning as red as a beet. "Time. The longer she's out there, the more of a chance we have of being exposed. Now, I expect her to be back on this table by the end of the day, or your assets will be liquidated."

"Y-yes sure," The scientists said. He quickly rushed away and into the office.

"Doctor Soboru?" Preston said, turning to a Japanese scientists with a black turtleneck under his white lab coat.

"Yes, sir?" he said in a very thick japanese accent.

"Where are we on the plasmatic identification radar?" Preston asked.

"The PIR prototype is ready for our first field test," the doctor said.

"Good. You may proseed, then." Preston Northwest followed Dr. Soboru into a dark room only illuminated by a central holographic computer console in the center. Dr. Soboru presse few buttons on a control panel, which opened up a small, circular hatch.

"The sample, Mr. Northwest," he asked, holding out a hand.

"Yes, of course," Preston said. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a vial of dark-red liquid. He handed it to the scientists, who then in turn placed the vial into the hatch. The hatch closed, and the holographic projector displayed the image of earth. The map then zoomed in onto North America, then the U.S.A., then Oregon, than Gravity Falls. Finally, the map stopped just outside of the Northwest Mansion. A red dot blipped just outside of the perimeter.

"That's impossible," Dr. Soboru said. "It must be malfunctioning. It says that Subject 27 is just outside of these walls."

The ground suddenly shook, causing expensive technologies and flasks of chemicals go flying to the floor.

"It isn't malfunctioning," Preston said, standing up and wiping his hands off on a handkerchief. "She's here. That damn girl is resourceful, I'll give her that. But it won't be enough."

"FIRE!" Mabel yelled. She stomped her foot down on the activator button, sending a metal tube into the stone wall surrounding the mansion. The tube then sent out a small shockwave, shaking the whole structure.

"Portable earthquake shells," Stanford explained, giving Mabel another tube as they stood on a bluff adjacent to the mansion. "Designed it myself as a non-lethal artillery projectile." Mabel happily took the weapon and launched it, sending more shockwaves across the hill.

"I see movement at the front gates," Stan said, looking up from his binoculars. "Begin with phase two."

"Sir, yes sir," Dipper said with a fake salute. He turned to Pacifica and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Ready Sif?"

She gave a small nod and pulled the straps tight on her backpack, making sure that the teeth inside were still there.

"Dippers, ATTENTION!" Dipper called. The army of 5 dozen Dippers simultaneously straightened up. "You know what to do. Lieutenant Tyrone, you're with me, Mabel, and Pacifica."

A Dipper with a number 2 on his hat stepped forward.

"All right then, let's move out!" Dipper said. He and the other 3 climbed into the golf cart. Dipper started up the engine. "CHARGE!" He yelled. The golf cart sped off down the hill, flocked by an army of angry 12-year-olds.

"Are you sure about this?" Pacifica said, her voice bumping over the road.

"A bit late to ask now," Dipper said with a grin. "Mabel?"

Mabel stood up out of her seat with an RPG on her shoulder. "I AM THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION!" she yelled as she pulled the trigger, sending a rocket straight into the large, wooden gates. Burning wood, stone, and steel flew everywhere, sending a cloud of ash into the air. The silver chariot broke through the smoke, racing into the gardens.

"Where on earth did you get that?" Pacifica yelled over the roar of flames and the tiny electric engine.

"Gift from Grunkle Stan," Mabel yelled back. "I have an AK-47 stashed under my bed."

"I'll pretend that's normal," Pacifica replied. The golf cart suddenly lurched to the side and tipped, sending its passengers to the ground.

"We have eyes on a small cart heading this way," the head security guard said, looking over the balcony with binoculars. "And it appears that Subject 27 is on board along with three other children."

"Good, let her come to us," Preston Northwest said with an evil grin. "Use the pressurized air cannon."

"But Sir," the security guard said. "They're just kids-"

A loud explosion interrupted the burly man, blowing apart the main gates.

"Kids with highly explosive weapons. Do as I say, or I will personally make it so you can never hold a pen properly again!" Preston yelled, his voice filled with rage.

"Yes, Sir." The man saluted and pulled a radio from his belt. "Use the air cannon," he said into the small device.

A sudden burst of sound and air erupted from the garden, sending the shiny electric cart spinning on it's side.

"Direct hit," the security guard shouted into the radio.

Preston noticed movement from beyond the gates. He squinted his eyes in hoped to get a better look. What he saw shocked him. Before the manor, stood rows upon rows of identical figures; for they were all short, pale, and wearing red shirts, black vests, and blue and white caps.

"It's the Pines boy," Preston breathed. "So you want to use fire? Well, I guess that we'll have to fight you with fire. Soboru," he said, turning to the doctor that stood behind him. "Release all the subjects. We must extinguish this flame."

The doctor just stood there, the only thing moving was his almond-colored eyes as he blinked in disbelief.

"NOW!" Preston yelled, whacking the doctor in the side of the head with the notepad that he was holding.

"Yes sir," Dr. Soboru said as he ran off.

"Ugh, my head," Pacifica said as she put her hand up to her temple. She looked around her, taking everything in. How did she get into all of this? The golf cart lay on its side, crushed from some sort of invisible impact. Dipper still sat in the driver's seat with this seat belt still on. He looked relatively unharmed, aside from the split lip and the small trickle of blood that ran from his nose. Mabel lay a few feet behind the cart, for she tried to bail from it when she first felt the impact coming. She too looked unscathed, but she did have a nasty looking bruise on her ankle. It was probably sprained.

Pacifica tried to get up when she felt a warm weight on top of her. She looked to find the other Dipper. Tyrone, was it? He had several bruises and scrapes across his body, most notably a large gash across his forehead. She could feel his warm blood dripping onto her hand. Not really thinking of what she was doing, Pacifica tore off the sleeve of the jacket she was wearing and tied it across Tyrone's head, trying to suppress the bleeding.

"Don't die now," Pacifica said as she lightly kissed the clones forehead. "At least he's not the real one. That would be embarrassing." She stood up as Mabel and Dipper began to stir. She went over to them to see if they were more or less alright. She was interrupted when the large doors on the manor flung open. All Pacifica really saw was a wave of blonde hair coming towards her. The onslaught was halted by another wave of brown hair. The two sides clashed with each other. Given that one side was made up entirely of weak 12-year-old nerds with noodle arms, and the other side was made of petite 12-year-old heiresses, it was a very pathetic fight.

"Dipper, you okay?" She asked as she knelt by Dipper's side.

"Yeah, yeah I'm good," he said, struggling to undo the seatbelt that kept him encased in the wrecked chariot. It didn't help that one of his arms was trapped underneath a piece of fiberglass. "Can you reach the knife in my left vest pocket?" he asked.

"Sure," Pacifica said as she reached into his vest to seize the knife. Not only did she pull out the knife, but she also pulled out a red leather-bound book with a golden hand on the front.

"I see you still have your nerd book," Pacifica joked as she cut at the vinyl strap.

"Laugh all you want, but this has saved my life more times than I can count," Dipper said, finally escaping the metal and plastic death trap. "Where's Mabel?"

"Right here!" She yelled, holding the fairy bazooka in the crook of her arm. Dipper noticed that she wasn't putting any weight on her ankle.

"Mabel, are you okay," Dipper asked, concerned.

"I'm good enough to fight. We can worry about the small things later," Mabel said with a reassuring smile.

"Okay then," Pacifica said. She trusted Mabel, but Dipper still looked skeptical. Huh, that was weird. She trusted Mabel? Pacifica shook her head to get herself out of her day dream. "My parent's should be inside, probably holed up in the Panic Room."

"Lead the way," Dipper said, gesturing for her to go first. Tyrone was starting to stir, so Mabel made it her duty to make him comfortable before they went inside.

The war raged around the three as they carefully made their way to the front doors. As they tried to avoid flying bodies, Pacifica couldn't help but notice that Dipper's hat was missing. A gust of wind blew into his face, momentarily revealing a constellation-shaped birthmark on his forehead. If they were under normal circumstances, Pacifica probably wouldn't poked some fun at Dipper. But for now she thought it best to just ignore it.

Mabel pressed her ear to the door. Not hearing anything, she gestured to them that it was safe. Pacifica pushed open the large, oak doors. It was dark in the grand hall, which was strange. All of the lights were off and all the shades were drawn. The three stepped inside and into the dark.

Pacifica took no more than ten steps inside when she felt gloved hands grip her arms and lift her up. She let out a shriek, only to be interrupted by another hand camping itself over her mouth. The hall was suddenly flooded with light from the fixtures around the room. Pacifica's father stood before her, and evil smile on his face and look in his eye. She was being restrained by a burly security guard. She looked around frantically for Dipper and Mabel, who were also being held by guards.

"I gotta hand it to you, darling," Preston began, obviously boasting about his apparent victory. "You're more cunning than I thought."

"Pacifica didn't reply, but instead spat in his face. Her father turned away and took a pocket hanky from his blazer to wipe off his face.

"Such poor manners," he said, turning back to her. "Why do you resist me? It's for the good of the family."

"There is nothing good about this family!" Pacifica screamed, trying to loosen the guards grip, but to no avail.

Preston's face suddenly grew sinister. "You have been poisoned, my sweet," he said as he reached into his blazer again, this time pulling out a- Oh no!

"NO!" Pacifica yelled as her father pulled a shiny silver revolver from his coat. She couldn't believe it. Was this a dream? She desperately struggled against her captor's grip.

"And to think," Preston said as he twirled the gun in his hands. "That it all started with a boy." He pointed the gun at Dipper, who was now handcuffed and kneeling on the ground. The boy's eyes grew wide as the man pulled the trigger.

Pacifica screamed as the boy's now lifeless body fell to the ground.


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