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Harry squirmed around in the tiny sidecar of the flying motorcycle. His hand brushed against the cold metal stuck in the waistband of his pants. He had bought the gun in a rather shady part of London, and considering how little it had cost, Harry suspected the sketchy man he had bought it from had stolen it. Harry really didn't care though-one man's misfortune is another man's gain, after all. And considering what he was going to use it for, and all the lives it would potentially save, Harry thought the cost of one stolen gun was definitely worth it. It was funny, Harry thought, that before his mentor died, he would of never considered it. Dumbledore's death had proved one thing to him though- even the best of men eventually, and if you didn't want to join them, you had to fight dirty. And killing Tom with a muggle gun, instead of the wand that the evil man would expect was definitely dirty. Harry was just glad the Mudungus was horrible guard, and Harry could slip out to London that day.

Harry groaned as the Death Eaters showed up. He couldn't use the gun until Volde showed up, as the minions would warn their master of all villainous ways. He sighed, and pulled out the wand, and flicked it, setting the tails of their brooms on fire. "Harry!" Hagrid gasped.

"Would you prefer to be dead?" Harry asked grumpily. He hated killing. He might need to do it, but he still didn't like it.

"You can't just kill them!" Hagrid protested.

"How did you expect me to detain them? First, we're in the air. Not possible. Second, the Ministry's fallen. Where do you expect me to put them. Third, they are murderers, Hagrid. They like killing and torturing people. Why would would I want to save them?"

Hagrid sighed, and looked like he was going to say something, but they saw a white shape flying towards them."It's You-Know-Who!" Hagrid gasped. Harry wished he had a wall he could hit his head on as he pulled the gun and aimed. Once he had a clear shot, he pulled the trigger. The metal bullet lodged itself into the Dark Lord's bright white target of head. Blood gushed, and the man fell. Harry smirked- killing him with a muggle weapon would kill the horcruxes, too. Harry had found it in a book in Sirius' house when he had gone to London. The book's author had known it was possible, but had died while trying to kill his own Dark lord, and he had tried to kill the Dark lord with a sword, as guns hadn't been invented yet. Needless to say, he had died gruesomely, leaving his son to publish the book. Then Harry screamed as his scar burned, and a black, sticky liquid oozed out. "Ew" Harry muttered. "He was in my head- no wonder the scar never faded over.

"Harry, you killed him!" Hagrid grinned as he watched the now mortal man fall. Even if the bullet in his head didn't kill him, the ground definitely would!

"Yeah, but now all of his minions are going to want to revenge. And they know where he was." Harry pointed out, which got Hagrid driving again.

Unfortunately, the Death Eaters caught up to them, and Harry light more brooms on fire. He hated to do it, as evil minions can apparently could get their hands on some very good brooms, but if he burned them, muggles would only find the bodies, and not the brooms. They would see the intricate masks, and assume they were a part of a cult, which was murdered all over the country, and not re-start the witch hunts. If there was anything that Harry had learned from Binns was that witch hunts were very dangerous.

Harry fought at least 30 Death Eaters before they made it to the safe house. Fortunately, since he lit them on fire the second he could, neither he or Hagrid were seriously injured, with only a few scratches apiece. Harry had a feeling that it would of been a lot worse it it hadn't of been for the little gun. Harry knew he still had to fight with the rest of the Death Eaters, and make sure the ministry was not corrupt, but he might actually make it to his final year of wizarding school! After that, he thought he would travel the world, and find a place they didn't consider him a legend, the second coming of Merlin. He definitely would never want to be an auror ever again- he had enough of fighting bad guys on the public's whim.

After fighting the rest of the Death Eaters, Harry lived the rest of his life in (relative) peace.

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