The wolves were having a meeting on the council rock when the black panther Bagheera appeared with something, or someone, riding on his back.

"Bagheera, what´s the meaning of this?" Asked Akela, the leader of the pack.

"Akela, I have come to you with… a new member for your pack"

"Another member?" asked Akela once again, he was really confused by the situation.

Bagheera turned his back and reveled his passenger, a man cub.

Among the crowd whispers and

"Is this some kind of joke Bagheera?! You know man is forbidden in the jungle!"

"He´s just a cub" said Bagheera "Look at him, without fur to protect him from the cold, without teeth or claws to defend himself, he´ll die"

"That´s how things work in the jungle, you should know it right"

Now Bagheera was in trouble, as the teacher of the younger wolves, and as a close friend to the leader of the pack, the black panther was aware that the pack had recently been blessed with new cubs and he had thought that the wolves wouldn´t mind to accept another cub, but apparently he was wrong.

"Please old friend"

Akela was really amused by now, Bagheera, the great hunter that everyone feared on the jungle was now begging him to accept a man cub in his pack.

"He doesn´t have anyone" Bagheera.

Akela kept silence for a few minutes, looking at the ground while debating if he should accept a man cub into his pack.

He descends from the rock and walked to the panther, then he saw the man cub who was on Bagheera´s back, he was ugly as a frog can be, small, naked, and without teeth and claws, the panther was right, the cub couldn´t survive without help.

The little kid saw him and tried to grab his nose but Akela backed away before the kid´s little hand could grab him, but that doesn´t stop him from trying again, when he finally could, he put his hand into Akela´s nose making him sneeze, the little man cub laughed.

"Fine" said the wolf walking again to the rock, and then he said to all his pack "I should accept the man cub into our pack, but there will be conditions Bagheera"

The panther was listening.

"First, you will taught him the law of the jungle, how to live and survive here, to live as a wolf and not as a man, you´ll be his mentor and protector"

"You can be sure I will" said the panther without fear, it wasn´t going to be easy, but he knew it was going to be worth it.

"Second, I can only accept him if a mother decides to feed him, otherwise you will have to look for another family"

Bagheera had to trust in the good heart of the pack.

"I will" said a voice among the crowd.

Everyone turned to see Raksha, the wolf that had recently become mother.

"Are you sure about this Raksha?" asked Akela.

"Of course, I have five cubs one more won´t make any difference" due to her maternal instincts there wouldn´t be a problem with Raksha adopting the cub as one of her own.

"Very well, and one last condition"

"Which is?"

"When the time comes… he will have to return where he belongs, with his own kind"

Bagheera nodded with his head, knowing that the day will come soon or later.

"But until then, he will be one of us"

With that said, multiple compliments and roars were heard in the council, but Akela quickly shut them with a powerful roar.

"Hello little frog" said Raksha walking to the cub, the little one looked at her and smiled, and so did Raksha, she licked him on the cheek and the cub started to laugh.

Bagheera felt calm, the cub was on good paws.

"If he´s going to stay here, he´ll need a name"

"Is true" said Raksha "How about… Mowgli?"

"Well, he clearly looks more like a frog than a wolf" Bagheera, then Akela join them.

"Too much problem for a cub who isn´t yours, not even the same species, why so bother?"

"Because… he´s special" said Bagheera looking at Mowgli "And I´m sure someday everyone will look at him, the same way I see him"