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A/N Contains American capital OC and mentions Confederacy capital OC.

Where did you get that Idea?

It was a quiet rainy day at America's house and DC, Molossia and Sealand were having a Disney Movie Marathon, including anything done by Lucas Film and Marvel Studios. Sealand did not have much interaction with the US Capital but from what he could tell she seemed to be a slightly more serious version of America in the body of a fifteen year old girl. London told Sealand once that DC used to smile more but that was before her step/ half-brother had been born. Sealand wished he could have met the capital back before the Civil War but that was not going to happen without the Tardis or any vehicle with a flex capacitor.

Richmond was not joining them for the movie marathon do to an argument with America earlier. Long story short Richmond was grounded or as DC put it in solitary.

Molossia knowing that DC did not want to talk about her brother looked through the movies on the table. "We have not seen this one yet." He held up Tangled.

DC nodded. "We just got that one I think the guys at Disney got part of the idea from dad. This should kill time until the nation's finish their little bonding exercise before the potluck starts."

While the two micro nations and Nations capital were having their movie marathon The Nations were having a potluck in the other part of the house.

The three watched the movie In silence until They saw Rapunzel hit Flynn Rider over the head with a frying pan.

"Does this remind you of anything?" Sealand asked confused.

"Maybe but I can't put my finger on it," Molossia was thinking hard as America came in the room.

"How about you three take a break and go get some lunch the foods all put out." America watched as the kids left the room.

DC grabbed a plate and loaded it up with lobster casserole pair salad and garlic bread as well as a slice of goat cheese and spinach flatbread pizza. Being a capital and having to try food popular with her siblings and the other nations at diplomatic events she had a much more extensive pallet then ether her father or her micro nation counter parts.

Molassia and Sealand went for the pizza and pasta that the Italy brothers brought and all three tried the pastries France brought.

It was at this point that the small group saw a very angry Hungary chasseing after Prussia swinging a frying pan like she meant business.

Prussia almost got away but tripped over his own two feet. "So not awesome!"

Hungary's Frying pan found its target with a loud clang.

Prussia fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Gilbird who had been sitting on Prussia's head before the frying pan made impact was now flying around the head of downed nation like something out of a Warner Brothers cartoon.

America's voice could be herd across the room. "Hay fighting at the meeting is fine but I will not have you fighting in my house!"

The small group of three was silent for a moment then DC got this look in here eye as if she just had an epiphany. "I guess art does imitate life"

With that the three went to finish their movie but not before DC saw her father head upstairs with a plate of food to check on her "brother."


DC- Washington DC Capital of the United States of America looks about 15 years old.

Richmond- Former capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War he looks about 10 years old. He and DC as well as America have A complicated relationship.