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They had noticed her when they first entered the parking lot the sheep among wolves. Plain to the unnatural beauty that surrounded her. They had arrived just two weeks before the girls behavior changed drastically to a somewhat social girl to a complete outcast among her friends. They no longer tried to cheer her up or include her in their activities, merely glancing at her with pity or disgust and carrying on. Only one girl had continually trying to help, that person was Angela Webber. But even her efforts were to no avail merely getting a half smile and was brushed off.

They had of course heard the news of the Cullen's leaving and noticed the lack of their presence. The girl had started to look unhealthy, losing weight, her skin getting more pale, and dark circles under her eyes. She drifted from her friends more beginning to sit at a different table, the Cullen's table, with a tray full of food that was untouched yet again.

This carried on for months until she sat at their table staring off. The twins looked at each other before looking back at the girl.

The girl on the left put on a smile. "Hello, my name's Kagome Higurashi and you are?" She introduced herself in her thick English accent.

The platonic girl snapped out of her stupor and stared at Kagome a second.

"H-Hi I'm Bella, I-Isabella, but Bella for short." Muttered tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, glancing at both of them. "I'm sorry I thought I sat over there." She said looking behind her.

"It's quite alright, maybe it's just been a long day."

"You can say that" Bella muttered.

"Oh wow. You're twins." She observed staring at them.

"Yeah, fraternal. I'm the youngest." Kagome said looking toward her sister.

"I am Kaori, a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Her accent was just as thick as Kagome's if not thicker.

Bella studied at the two sets of blue eyes peering at her, they had little differences between them. Kaori's nose and chin were a bit sharper where as Kagome had a roundness to hers. Kaori's eyes were a bit narrower to Kagome's almond shaped. Kagome's were a stormy blue while Kaori's looked like an electric blue, both seeming to have a sort of unnatural glow to them. They both had full pink lips, the same face and head shape, slightly pointed ears, and inky thick black hair Kagome's loose, while Kaori's was pulled into what looked like an expertly done bun, not a hair out of place on either one of their heads. Kagome had a full bang, while Kaori's swept to the right side. All in all they were kinda hard to tell apart, they hair is what mainly set the differences off.

"It's a pleasure to meet you to." Bella said finally. "How long have you two been here, I haven't noticed you around before?

"We have been here since August 27th" Kaori stated her voice very feminine, it sounded like a wind chime in the breeze it had an air of coolness to it.

"Yes about five months." Kagome said her voice around the same pitch as Kaori's but more bell like. Her voice was kind and cheerful.

Bella blinked "Five months already?" she thought.

"So what's your next class?" Kagome asked to make conversation.

"Biology." Bella murmured "Without Ed-him" She thought painfully.

Kagome smiled "Ours to" though they already knew what Bella's next class was.

"I haven't noticed you guys in there. Sorry." Bella said.

"It's alright we normally get there before everyone else and sit all the way in the back. " Kagome responded.

"Oh" Bella murmured.

Kagome gave a kind smile, her white teeth on display.

"Your teeth are pretty long." Bella said.

"Yeah a trait we both have. Like our eyes the pupils are a big difference from a normal person's." Kagome said gesturing toward hers and Kaori's eyes,

True to her word their pupils looked like those of a snake. Unnatural. Inhuman. Bella was drawn in.

"How'd that happen?" Bella asked in awe.

"Meh. Born this way." Kagome shrugged


RING! The bell rang.

"Let us not dawdle." Kaori said rising up along with Kagome gracefully trays in hand as they deposited them in the garbage.

"Would you like to walk with us?" Kagome asked hoping to give the girl some much needed company.

"Yeah sound…sounds great." Bella said.

"Excellent." Kagome said as they made their way to biology.

"They're so graceful, their eyes are so different, as well as their teeth. What are they?" Bella thought as they entered the classroom and went to their respective seats.

The bell rang again as teachings began, none of the girl's heads were in the lesson. More in space, though Kagome and Kaori kept a keen ear towards the teachers. As Bella continued her thoughts about the Twin's she had just met.

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