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After that day Bella had once again began to drift in her mind; half-heartedly acknowledging people, and faking her wellness, though it didn't fool anyone.

As Bella sat at the table on a Friday morning, staring at her bowl of cereal rather than eating it, until Charlie Swan's fist came down hard on the table.

"That's it, Bella! I'm sending you home." He said forcefully.

"I am home." She mumbled mystified.

"I'm sending you to Renée, to Jacksonville." He clarified

Watching in exasperation as Bella's foggy mind made sense of what he had said to her.

"What did I do?" She said, face crumbling. Thinking that she hadn't done anything to deserve being sent back to Jacksonville.

Charlie had a severe scowl on his face. "You didn't do anything. That's the problem. You never do anything." He said.

"You want me to get in trouble?" She asked missing the point.

"Trouble would be better than this…this moping around all the time!" He said red faced.

That stung Bella a bit, thinking her charade was morose free.

"I am not moping around." She said in defense.

"Wrong word" He conceded. "Moping would be better- that would be doing something. You're just…lifeless, Bella. I think that's the word I want."

Apparently that struck home and she sighed.

"I'm sorry, Dad." She was trying to sound meaningful, but it came out flat, even to her standards.

She thought she had been fooling him, fooling everyone but apparently she hadn't. Keeping Charlie from suffering had been her main goal. Had Kagome seen through her? Kaori? Angela? Jessica? Mike? It made her even more depressed to think that everyone knew she was…"Moping".

"I don't want you to apologize."

She sighed again. "Then tell me what you want me to do."

"Bella" he said hesitantly, carefully, looking at her face for her reaction to the next word she was about to utter. "Honey, you're not the first person to go through this kind of thing you know."

"I know that." She said her face showing a very limp grimace.

"Listen Honey. I think that – that maybe you need some help." He suggested.

"Help," She questioned.

He gave himself a moment to thing his next words over, carefully. He frowned.

"When your mother left, and took you with her," he said inhaling deeply. "Well that was a really bad time for me."

"I know, Dad."

"But, I handled it," He pointed out "You're not handling it. I waited, hoping it would get better."

He stared at her and she quickly looked down. "I think we both know it's not getting better."

"I'm fine" She mumbled.

He ignored her "Maybe if you talked to someone about it. A professional."

"You want me to see a shrink?" Bella's voice was a tad sharper as she finally grasped it.

"Maybe it would help." He tried

"And maybe it wouldn't help one little bit."

To her psychoanalysis only worked if you were brutally honest. But it wasn't a desire of hers to spend the rest of her life in a padded cell.

He examined the expression on her face.

"It's beyond me Bella- maybe your mother-"

"Look," She said voice flat. "I'll go out if you want, I'll call Jess or Angela. Maybe even Kagome or Kaori."

Charlie faltered "Who are Kagome and Kaori?" Having not heard of them which was in their case a good thing that a police chief hadn't heard of them, though he knew everyone it being a small town.

Bella sighed. "They're some new students I sat with at school yesterday."

"Well that's not what I want, I can't live through you trying harder. I've never seen someone trying so hard. It hurts watching that, but at least you made some progress." He said

"I barely paid attention," she thought

She then decided, that pretending to be dense would help.

"I don't understand, Dad. First you're made because I'm not doing anything and then you say you don't want me to go out." She mumbled.

"I want you to be happy, no not even, that much I just want you to not be miserable, getting out of Forks will help or at least give you a better chance."

"I'm not leaving" She said.

"Why not!" He demanded.

"I'm in my last semester it would screw everything up." She said making up an excuse.

"You're a good student- you'll figure it out."

"I don't want to crowd mom and Phil."

"Your mother's been dying to have you back." He said.

"Florida is too hot."

For the third time Charlie's fist came down on the table, and he refused to tolerate Bella's excuse.

"We both know what's really going on here, Bella and it's not good for you. I refuse to tolerate." He breathed in deeply. "It's been months, no calls, no letters, and no contact what-so-ever. You can't keep waiting for him."

She glowered at him, heat growing but not quite reaching her face. It had been months since she blushed from any emotion except for fear. She thought he knew the subject was forbidden.

"I'm not waiting for anything. I don't expect anything." She said in a monotone, denying the truth.

"Bella-"Charlie began voice thick with emotion.

"I have to get to school" She interrupted she snatched up her uneaten breakfast, and dumped the bowl in the sink. Not wanting to deal with anymore conversation.

"I'll make plans with Jessica." She called over her shoulder, refusing to meet his eyes. "Maybe I won't be home for dinner." We'll go to Port Angeles and watch a movie."

Leaving out the front door before anything else was said.

She was one of the first few who got there, the plus side to her efforts was she had a good parking spot, the downside she had downtime which she always tried to avoid.

Before, she could think about Charlie's accusations, she pulled her calculus book from her bag, and turned to the section they were supposed to start that day and began trying to make sense of it. Math was a horrible subject to read, though she was getting better at it. In the last several months she had been able to get and keep a low score of a low 'A'. Mr. Varner was happy because he thought it was his teaching skills, whatever floats the man's boat. She stayed there for quite a bit, and wound up practically running to English. It seemed while she was at school that time was on her side, and flowed away rather quickly. After the bell rang and she began to pack her bag.


Recognizing Mike's voice, she seemed to already know what his next words would be.

"Are you working tomorrow?" He asked.

"Tomorrow is Saturday isn't it?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'll see you in Spanish." He waved and left not bothering to walk her to class.

She left to Calculus. Thinking about her options with Jessica in Calculus It had been months since she had greeted Bella in the hallway when they passed each other. She was obviously offended, by Bella's antisocial behavior, she was sensitive the most about it. After a lesson with Mr. Varner she turned toward he offended friend.

"Jess?" Her nose wrinkling in a grimace waiting patiently for her to turn towards her.

She twisted towards her in obvious surprise. "Are you talking to me, Bella?"

"Of course," She muttered trying to be innocent.

"What? Do you need help with Calculus?" Jessica asked her tone sour.

"No." Bella shook her head, "Actually, I wanted to know if you would…go to the movies with me tonight? I really need a girl's night out?" The words fell from Bella's mouth stiffly.

"Why bother asking me? Weren't you with the new girls yesterday?" She said, her tone sad but still unfriendly.

"You're the first one I think about when I want girl time. Besides it was only coincidence that I sat with them, plus they won't be here for a week." Bella said with a small smile hoping it looked genuine.

She seem very stunned "Well I don't know." She hesitated.

"Do you have plans?"

"No…I guess I can go with you. What do you want to see?" She asked.

"I'm not sure what's playing," Bella hinted she hadn't been paying attention to the current events." How about that one with the female president."

Jessica looked at Bella oddly, "Bella that one's been out forever"

Bella frowned," Well is there anything you would like to see?"

Jessica's bubbliness began to shine in spite of her attitude towards Bella, as she began to think out loud.

"Well there's that new romantic comedy that's getting great reviews. I want to see that one. Besides my dad just saw Dead End and he really like it."

Bella jumped quickly jumped at the name of the movie. "What's that one about?"

"Zombies or something. He said it was the scariest thing he'd seen in years."

"That sounds perfect." Zombies over romance for Bella any day.

"Okay." She seemed surprised "Do you want me to pick you up after school?"

Jessica smiled a tentative smile, with shy friendliness before she left. Bella's own smile was a little late but she thought Jessica saw it.

The rest of the day passed by rather quickly, Bella thoughts stayed focused on her upcoming plans. From experience, she knew that once Jessica started talking mumbled responses, and nods, at the right time was all that Bella really required, when with her. And she couldn't wait, as the haze swallowed her again.

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