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"Stop that."

"Stop what?" He asked innocently, feline eyes blinked mockingly back at her from where he was sitting on her desk chair while she was standing in the middle of the room, trying to attach the long sleeves of a dress she had on the mannequin.

"You're staring," she mumbled through the pins she had at the corner of her lips, giving him a dull look as she plucked one pin out to make one of sleeves stay in place. "And you're not exactly being discreet about it."

"I wasn't staring."

"And my ass is made of chicken." She deadpanned.

He chuckled. "Fine, so maybe I like watching you work," he ignored the way she clicked her tongue. "You have all these expressions passing through your face that it's," he shrugged. "Kinda intriguing, I guess."

She raised an eyebrow at him. "You find my expressions amusing, Chat?"

He let a grin form. "Maybe. They're so lively that you could probably be on a play and the producers would probably be so impressed with you that they would hire you the moment they saw you."

She gave a short laugh. "Very funny. Now, go do something else other than stare at me. I can't work when there's someone watching whatever I'm doing."

Groaning, he threw his head back, looking absolutely ridiculous as his lanky legs were stretched unceremoniously in front of him, where he was against the gracefulness his name sake held. "But I'm bored."

"What do you expect me to do?" She snorted, tugging the dark red cloth she winded around the mannequin to straighten the creases. "Read you a story book?"

He hummed thoughtfully from where he stared at the ceiling, tapping a clawed finger onto his cheek. "Actually, that's not a bad idea."

"Shove off."

Sighing dramatically, he rested the back of his hand onto his forehead in a dainty pose. "Is this the way you treat your guest? I'm losing my mind from boredom and you just don't care?" He shook his head. "I am utterly insulted, honestly."

"As I recall, you're the one who decided it would be an excellent idea to drop by my house for the night," she pointed out dryly, shooting him a look. "I'm only letting you in this time because I didn't want a stray to be frozen to death on my balcony."

"The master of the house is so kind," he smirked, peering at her. "And I'm truly grateful."

"Sure." She mumbled, stabbing the pin into the mannequin.

"But come on, princess," he whined, straightening himself up so that he could give her a pout. "You've been working for over an hour, let's watch a movie or play video games or something."

"I have work, Chat," She insisted, waving away his protest. "Go find something else to do if you're so bored."

"But what?"

She threw her hands up. "I don't know, learn how to knit or something," she pointed to the basket full of multicoloured balls of yarn huddled at the corner of her desk. "The stuff's all there. Now, don't make a peep of sound and learn something new for the day."

"But," he stared at the basket. "I don't know how to knit."

"And that's why we're blessed by the internet to search for things," she quipped, flashing him a wide smile when he scowled slightly. "It's a fascinating hobby, you should try it."

He grumbled, switching on her desktop computer. "Fine." There was the sound of mouse clicking. "You know, I like it better when you're not sarcastic."

"Too bad." She replied without missing a beat.

After a while, she heard the faint cheery talk of a woman who began to teach Chat the basics of knitting while she continued rearranging the dress to her satisfaction. A moment later, there was the irregular clicking of needles accompanying the woman's voice, and everything was peaceful for a while that she was getting pulled back into the zone of fashion.

It wasn't until something heavy fell to the floor that was loud enough to snap her out of her thoughts and looked up in bewilderment.

Only to see that Chat Noir, one of Paris's respected heroes and loved celebrity, was tangled in yarn of many colours from where he laid on his side, pawing at the black yarn back and forth as his green feline eyes followed it defiantly, his tail lashing behind him.

She gaped at him.

She didn't keep an eye on him for fifteen minutes and this was the result?


Startled, he leapt up, only to fall down again when they both saw more yarn was tangled around his feet, letting out a yelp when he hit the floor with a much louder thud that Marinette cringed, glancing worriedly at the trap door.

When her parents didn't check up on her, she let out a sigh of relief, before shooting him an icy glare.

He only shrugged slightly from where he was tied, his face held no ounce of guilt. "The yarn was fascinating alright, but not to what you imagine it to be."