I do not own any pokemon or anything related to them. The story is my idea. Everything belongs to its original owner.

Its my 15th birthday and I know that it's late but I've decided to start my journey. Like every new trainer I have a goal. My goal is to become the champion. Also, I plan on sticking to it.

I started in Littleroot Town where I got my first pokemon. This was my hometown so it seemed like a decent idea. I had chosen a Mudkip as my partner. I planned on getting everything off to a great start and have an advantage over the first gym leader. Everything I had planned was going great but all of the easy going time had to pass eventually.

Almost like bad karma, not even a half an hour after that thought crossed my mind, it started pouring. I started looking for somewhere dry. I had trouble with this. Eventually I found a hollowed out tree. I decided to duck in there for cover. I let Mudkip out to play in the rain, since he likes water and all.

The storm seemed to go on for hours. I'm assuming I fell asleep because next thing I knew, I was bright and sunny out. I also saw Mudkip laying down beside me also asleep. I got up and streched. I felt refreshed after the snooze although I wish I had my bed. At that thought I couldn't help but burst out laughing.


"Oops sorry Mudkip, I didn't mean to wake you" I said holding back my laughter.

He just shot me a dirty look, got up and streched. He came over and we started back on our way. The ground was wet and swampy I didn't like it but had to keep going. Although Mudkip appeared to be right at home like this. It was night fall by the time I made it to town. I checked into a Poke Center for the night and got a room. I figured it would be nice to shower and use an actual bed.

I got Mudkip in for a check up and got the key for my room. I made the bed and set out my pj's. I had some time before Mudkip's check-up was done so I started talking to other trainers in the Poke Center. Once I heard the buzzer go off I decided it was bed time. I picked up Mudkip returned him to his Pokeball went to my room and got changed. Then I let him back out, laid down and went to sleep.

The next morning came by and I woke up. After getting dressed and packed up I woke Mudkip and went to go get breakfast. Afterwards, I looked outside and wouldn't you know it, it was raining again. I sighed and ran next door to the pokemart. I bought myself some ponchos and went back out. Mudkip seemed to be enjoying the rain yet again, so I let him play as we traveled.

While I was traveling I had thought I heard a sort of cry. The suddeness startled me. I looked around to try to find the source of the cry. I couldn't find anything so I gave up and figured that it was just my imagination playing tricks on me. So I then continued on my way. Then, I heard it again, and it was louder. This time, I was paying attention to where it was coming from.

I went to where the cry was coming from and saw two small pokemon. They were what seemed to be a Mawile and a Ralts. I decided to watch them for a little while and maybe see the cause of the crys. I saw a mud puddle and when they walked across it I saw the Ralts slip and fall and the Mawile caught her. They looked like really good friends.

I wanted to battle them and catch them; make my first catches of my only problem is that Mudkip would have trouble beating them both but I will have to try. Especially since Mawile are so rare in this area. They are only normally found on route 113 just east of Fallarbor Town. Even then, they are still very rare in general.

When I walked out, I faced them and I called out Mudkip to battle and only Mawile seemed to jump in to battle. It seemed like it was really focused on protecting the ralts. Mudkip had a tough time fighting this Mawile a much harder time then any lvl 2-4 pokemon in the area should have been. But, he finally managed to take down Mawile after a bunch of tackles, and after a barrage of Water Guns to the face. I then threw a Pokeball and managed to catch it.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Ralts had turned and was running. We chased it pretty far and all the way to a river. It looked like it tried to stop, but it slid and fell in. I thought about jumping in to save it, but I looked ahead and saw some falls. The current was too strong for any human or Pokemon. Then it hit me, I could through a pokeball and catch it then run down and retreive the ball. So I went through with that plan and threw a Pokeball at it.

I had gone down to the bottom of the falls to check on my plan. I t actually worked! When I had gotten Ralts' pokeball i had decided to check on the both of them. I let Mawile out and she was really stubborn; wouldn't listen to a thing I said. Then I let Ralts out and it seemed overjoyed to see me. I decided it would do them good to be out of their pokeballs.

I was checking the data on the two of them. I checked the stats, the moves the types and everything. I noticed something intriguing; the Mawile was incredibly strong. My Pokedex showed that it was lv. 39. I was shocked that Mudkip was enough to take her down. She must have been through something really tough earlier.

It had stopped raining for the moment. I was attempting to work with them while proceding to travel. Mawile continued to ignore me. Ralts wouldn't let go of my pant leg and kept talking to Mawile. I just decided that my effort was in in vain. So I just let it go for the moment.

I found a nice flat spot to set up camp for the night. I put up a tent and wasn't tired yet so i looked through my pokedex more. Ralts was hanging on me again. This time I removed her from my leg and set her down.

"Ralts... Ra" She mumbled

She jumped right back and snuggled my leg. Looking into this, I found nothing. I found out later that night, while going through the Pokedex again, that they were both girls. It was starting to get late and Mawile just sat looking off into the woods. She refused to come over to the tent, so I had Ralts go over and talk to her.

The way they got along; it had seemed like they had been through something together although I couldn't tell if it was good or bad. Eventually, Ralts came back over and shook her head no. I know this meant that she wasn't coming over. So I laid down. Mudkip curled up in a ball beside my feet and Ralts was above Mudkip, trying to hold on to my shoulder. Once again I paid this no attention and went to sleep.