Upon arriving in the City, I felt a gentle breeze. It really felt like home. It felt like i didn't have a care in the world. I couldn't help but look straight up, close my eyes and take a deep breath.

"The air tastes good here. It's nice to not be in a big city for once." I stated.

"I know what you mean. The towns and cities are so different compared to the forests, and paths connecting the towns." Gardevoir replied

It was about dinner time as we arrived. I was hungry and I'm positive the others are getting there.

"Hey, let's get to that battle!" Gardevoir spoke up pulling on my arm.

"Not now." I replied releasing my arm from her pulling.

"Why not?"

"It's late."


"It's dinner time."

"We can eat later."

"I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry."

"The gym leader is probably eating right now."

"Then after."

"He's probably done for the night."


At that I couldn't help but sigh. "Look, it's late, I'm hungry. Let's challenge him tomorrow."

"Why not tonight?" Gardevoir asked.

"We were just on the road for ten days. Let's rest for the night." I replied.

"I guess that makes sense." She sighed back.

"You're a handful." I told her.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked.

"Nothing. Nothing at all." I replied.

"Screw you!" She yelled.

"Later." I responded.

She froze in place. Her face went bright red. "We are in public!" she hissed.

I almost died of laughter. I actually fell to the ground laughing. It was great.

As I picked myself up from the ground. She looked at me with her arms crossed. "You proud of yourself for that one?" She asked.

"Very." I said still smiling.

"Of course." She sighed.

After a few minutes. we started over to the Pokemart. I wanted to restock on supplies and also get dinner for the group. Gardevoir and I were going to get something different.

After shopping we went to the Pokemon Center.

"Good evening, how can we help you tonight?" Joy asked.

"One room for the night please. I said.

"Alright here's your key. Your room is #211. right up the steps and to the left." She replied.

"Thanks." I said back as I took Gardevoir's hand and walked towards the room.

Once there. I set out five bowls filled them with tonight's dinner and let everyone out of their ball.

"Where's mine?" Gardevoir asked.

"You and I are going out tonight." I replied.

"Oh okay! It's been a while." She said excitedly.

"Yeah it has." I agreed. "While they are eating I'm gonna take a shower. That has also been a while. I probably stink."

"Oh! mind if I join?" Gardevoir asked.

"Sure." I replied.

About 20 minutes later we got out of the shower, dried off, got dressed and left the bathroom. Everyone was carrying on and eating. They were all enjoying themselves and I didn't want to interrupt them.

"Hey Mawile, you're in charge for now. Gardevoir and I are going out for a few. We'll be back later." I told her.

"Maw." She replied as I turned to Gardevoir.

"She said okay." Gardevoir replied.

At that we headed out.

When we left the Pokemon Center, I saw Gardevoir look up into the sky as we walked so I looked up as well. It was a deep navy blue. It was beautiful. Then I heard a slight chuckle.

"What's so funny?" I asked Gardevoir.

"Just that you were right about it being late." She replied.

"What about it?" I asked back.

"I realized that I was overly hyper when we got here for absolutely no reason." She admitted.

"Oh yeah! That, you were." I agreed.

"Hey!" She exclaimed back as she playfully punched my arm. " You weren't supposed to agree with me."

"Yeah, yeah." I teased back.

"So, where are we going?" She asked.

"Hmmm, good question." I responded.

"Wait, you don't know?"

"When do I every plan this far ahead."

"What about the gym battles?"

"Besides that."

"The paths we take."


"Our battles."


"The best course of action to keep us healthy."

"Okay, Okay I get it." I pouted in defeat.

"I win." She giggled as she stuck her tongue out at me.

"Alright, here we are." I said as we stopped.

I saw Gardevoir look up to examine the building in front of her. The sign said Fulla Chicken. She looked either really mesmerized or confused by the place. I really couldn't tell which it was. It was kinda funny but also kinda cute at the same time. After a minute or two I decided to snap her out of her trance.

"You coming?" I asked as I started to head inside. She quickly turned to me and followed close behind.

We found a seat and sat down. Shortly after a waitress approached.

"Hello, how are you today?" She asked.

"We're good." I replied as I received a menu she handed me.

"You wouldn't happen to have any picture menus here, would you?" I asked.

"No, we don't." She replied looking visibly confused.

"Okay that's fine." I said.

"Can I get you anything to drink today? " She asked.

"Oh, Tony, can get that brown bubbly one again?" Gardevoir asked me excitedly.

"Sure." I told her. "Two Cokes please."

"Two? But your one person." The waitress said.

"One's for my Pokemon." I replied.

"We don't serve Pokemon here." Waitress replied.

"Why not?" I asked visibly annoyed at the comment

"Because we serve human food here." She replied snobbishly.

"Forget this place!" I yelled. "Gardevoir come on. We'll go somewhere that likes pokemon"

I heard a lot of commotion behind me. There was a lot of yelling. I didn't bother to look back though. This place wasn't worth it.

"Why were they being mean to me?" Gardevoir asked.

"I don't know. Some people are just jerks. It's best to ignore them." I said as I pulled her close to me.

"Yeah I guess you're right." She sighed as she held me tighter.

"Wanna know something?" i asked.

"What?" she asked back.

"After what just happened, I guarantee this place won't be open much longer." I said.

"That does make me feel a little better." She said smiling slightly.

"It's not the same place, but I know somewhere that won't judge. Let's go." I said as I took her hand.

It's not much but I took her too the local fast food place. We went inside and got in line. Nobody gave a second look. She also wasn't the only pokemon here either. It was perfect. Before we knew it, it was our turn to order.

"Hello, how can we help you tonight?" The cashier greeted.

"Two chicken nugget meals and two colas please." I responded.

"Alright $13.78 please." The cashier responded.

After the payment we received our order and found a seat.

"You, drink this." I said giving Gardevoir a drink.

"Okay." She replied softly. However, her eyes lit up as soon as she took a sip.

"How is it?" I asked.

"It's that bubbly drink from before!" She exclaimed.

"Yep." I replied. And here is your food.

"Ohh wow! These are soo cute! What are they?" She asked.

"They're called chicken nuggets." I said. " Try one."

I watched her pick one up and bite into it. Her eyes lit up even more.

"They're cute AND they taste good." She exclaimed more.

"They are pretty good." I replied while opening a ranch cup and a ketchup cup.

"What are those?" She asked with her eyes sparkling.

"The red is ketchup and the white is ranch. They make the food taste even better." I told her.

"No way."


"For real?"

"Try it?"


"Just dip it in." I told her as I demonstrated.

She broke one nugget in half and tried both. Her face was glowing with the ranch, but the ketchup, not so much.

"I don't like the red one." She said.

'That's fine everyone's different." I said.

We spent some time enjoying our dinner time. Most of it was her marveling at her food. While I enjoyed her doing so. It was fun. After about 45 minutes, we decided to head back to the Pokemon Center. Upon our return. Everything was cleaned up and everyone was asleep. It was nice to see that everything was fine. Then a red beam appeared putting them back into their pokeballs. I turned to see Gardevoir doing it.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"I don't want them waking up yet." She replied.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"I don't want our night to end yet." She said pulling me close.

"So you mean...?" I started.

"Yeah, I still want an egg." She said as she pulled me in for a kiss.

The next morning I woke bright and early. I was feeling really well rested. I turned to see my lovely fiancè happily sleeping next to me. She had the cutest look on her face. I got out of bed to use the bathroom. When I got back out, she was sitting up awake.

"Sorry if I woke you." I apologized.

"No, you're fine. I should've been up by now anyway.

"Alright. On that note though, today's the day. Are you ready?" I asked.

"Ready for what?" She asked back.

"Our final gym badge." I replied.

"Oh yeah! You bet!" I exclaimed.

"And guess what else." I said

"What?" She asked.

"You're not gonna battle today." I teased.

"What, Why?" She asked.

"I dunno, just wanted to see what you would say." I said.

"So I am battling then?" She asked.

"Yep, if the other three can't pull it off." I replied.

"That's a relief. You had me upset." She sighed.

"Sorry. I thought it would be funnier than it was." I apologized.

"You're forgiven." She said.

"Can i get a kiss?" I asked.

"Nope." She teased back.

"Aww you bully." I huffed as i turned to go to the bathroom.

"Hey, come here." Gardevoir called.

"Yeah?" I asked as she grabbed my arm.

"You forgot your kiss." She replied as she pulled me in.

"But, you said..." I started after she let me go.

"I was teasing you back. And you're right it is fun." She chuckled.

At that we both laughed a little. Then we both got ready and started for the gym. It wouldn't take long as it is right next door.

"So who are is battling today? Gardevoir asked with a weird look on her face.

"I'll start with Breloom. He's fighting type he has the advantage. Then I want to follow with Delphox and Mawile. Then you bringing up the rear.

"Hey, on second thought, could I not battle today?" She asked.

"Why's that? You were so hyped earlier." I asked.

"For some reason, my stomach started hurting. I thought it would go away but it hasn't yet. I'll let you know." She told me.

"You didn't eat anything weird, did you?" I asked.

"No, I haven't." She replied.

"That is concerning. I'll decide on the fourth when and if the time comes then. Please let me know." I told her.

"I will." She said.

At first I planned on this being just another gym battle. Then as we walked through the doors, a realization hit me. A memory came back. This wasn't just a gym leader. May's dad probably has some words for me, either after or before the battle. I must've tensed up, because Gardevoir looked at me again.

"So, welcome back." Norman greeted me in a monotone voice.

"Hello Norman sir." I greeted back trying to be polite.

"Two things." He started. "First, what are you here for? And second, we need to talk."

'I knew it!' I thought. "I'm here for a gym battle, and I thought so." I answered.

"Okay, then come with me please." He motioned to the back.

I followed him to a comfortable looking room. It was like a small apartment. Had a kitchen, a living space, a bed and a bathroom. He motioned to a table.

"Take a seat please." He said.

"So, last time I saw you, I was under the intention that you would be travelling with my little girl." He said with folded hands as I sat down.

"That was the original plan, yes." I said.

"Next thing I heard, that you ditched her outside of town." He said. "After I welcomed you into my house, fed you, let you stay the night."

"I took her to Littleroot. She got her Pokemon and we started on our way back." I started to tell the story. "We went to the Petalburg Woods after, I caught a Pokemon then we went to the Pokemon Center. After that her mother made threats toward me for whatever reason. Then May started making advances that made me uncomfortable since she's 5 years younger than me. Then proceeded to be mean to one of my Pokemon so I told her that we can't travel together." I explained.

"May was always a pathological exaggerator." He said.

"I'm sorry?" I asked.

"She came by with another boy named Brandon. She started to tell me all of these negative things about you, however he kept changing her story to defend you in a way. I wanted to confirm things."

"Okay, I'm glad things are cleared up." I said.

"Except, I don't believe that my wife would do act that way towards someone." He said.

"I'm not telling you to believe me." I started as Gardevoir tugged my sleeve. "What's up?"

"She's close by, May too." Gardevoir said."

"Okay, thanks." I said then turned back." You could always ask them. They are apparently in the gym right now."

"Let's do that, I need to confirm this." He stated as we went back to the gym.

We got out there and I saw May's mom started to open her mouth when she saw me.

"You here for our daughter again? I told you, that you'd be sent away if you tried. I'm calling them right now. You'd better stay put." She snarled.

"No you're not." May said.

"Why would you talk to me that way?" Her mom asked.

"I agree with May." Norman stated.

"Why?" May's mom asked.

"This man is here for a battle and I simply wanted to talk to him. Now I need I talk with the two of you later." He said as he turned to me. "And I owe you an apology."

"It's all good." I replied.

At that the mom stormed out of the building leaving May behind.

"So battle time?" He asked me.

"Please." I replied.

I watched May walk to the spectator area.

We started to go to our battle positions, but my sleeve was tugged again. This time she was holding her stomach.

"Tony, it hurts more." She said.

"Can she use the bathroom?" I asked Norman.

"Uhh, sure" He said looking puzzled.

"Okay, go try to use the bathroom. See if it helps." I said.

With that she nodded and turned to walk away.

"This is the first I'm hearing of a Pokemon using a human bathroom." He said.

"She doesn't like going outside for that." I said.

"You learn something every day." He said. "Anyway, ready?"

"Absolutely." I replied throwing out my first Pokeball as he did the same.