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Diversity Writing Challenge, g2 - a drabble collection consisting of drabbles 50-500 words
Becoming the Tamer King Challenge, Training Peak
Manga/Game Flash Bingo, #483 - rot
Ultimate Sleuth Challenge, Ch 3: event 7 - write a surprise

Finding Yuugo

Nokia waved and left and Yuuko, in a normal setting, would've just shaken her head, not sure what to make of her. Aiba looked sheepish as he helped her up and apologised. Yuuko considered slapping the hand away, but reconsidered and let him help her up. RizeGreymon snarled at Aiba's partners but left them alone. Yuugo slept, oblivious. The white ghost was gone.

Be the change, Nokia said. But not become Yuugo. She already knew that was wrong. Maybe the ghost was unrelated, and she was just trying to push Yuugo on to him as well.

She sighed. She was suddenly empty. Lost. Without direction.

She ran her fingers through her brother's dry hair. 'Hey, Yuugo, you were always better at this instinct stuff. What do I do?'

'Relax.' She was sure that was in her head, mumbled and heavy with sleep, until Aiba snorted.

'That's a fine how do you do.'

It really was, though she hadn't a clue how that had happened. It didn't even matter that Yuugo's eyes were still closed, and would be for a few more days, or there were bomb-level damages to be explained, or that more people than she'd thought knew of her own little personal quest to wake her brother up before he was a rotting corpse, or that she hadn't a clue what happened still.

Actually, that one did bother her a little, but not as much as it had until five minutes ago. But stil... 'Any clue how that happened?'

'Nope,' Aiba replied.