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Two figures gazed into the library. Boys in blue jackets, white shirts, ties, and blue slacks chatted with giggling girls in yellow dresses. One of the two moaned. He had short, messy brown hair, glasses, and was wearing a baggy brown sweater, a white button down shirt, and rust brown pants. The boy next to him had long golden hair pulled back into a barely recognizable braid, with strands sticking out in odd places, and his molten gold eyes gazed around in a bored expression. He wore a black jacket, black leather pants, black elevator boots with red soles, and a worn red coat. The two were about the same height, and the blonde was about a half an inch taller. His gloved hands carried a stack of books, and he sighed.

The first one closed the door. The two walked down the hallway, thinking the same thing. 'This school has four libraries, and to think one of them would be quiet…'

The brunette looked out the windows as doves flew past. 'I hope you're doing well up there in Heaven mom. Can't believe it's been ten years already…'

The blonde, on the other hand just stopped and looked back at the brunette. Following his gaze, his fiery golden eyes softened from a bonfire into a soft, warm sunset yellow. 'Hm, hope you're taking care of Mrs. Fujioka mom…'

They continued walking and stopped on the third floor, next to a door with a sign that said, 'Abandoned Music Room'.

The blonde grinned. "Finally! A place that should be quiet!"

The brunette opened the door, and a swirl of rose pedals blinded them. The two waved them aside, and glanced inside with confused expressions.

Inside the 'abandoned' music room were six guys. Two were tall black haired teenagers. One of them was wearing glasses and scribbling something on a clip board. There were two blondes, one of them was much shorter than he should be, with big brown eyes, and was clutching a pink stuffed rabbit close to his chest. The other was fairly tall, with charming violet eyes, and was in a dramatic pose in a chair. There were two redheads, identical twins, grinning at them, well, almost identical. One had his hair swept to the left, the other to the right.

The brunette sweat dropped, and the blond groaned. "Welcome to the Host Club!" The group cheered in unison.

The blonde took a step back, and the brunette gaped. "W-what do you mean H-Host Club?"

One of the twins moaned. "Oh, it's just a two guys."

"One of them seem a bit girly to me." The other remarked.

The blonde's left eye twitched. "I'M A MALE FOR YOUR INFORMATION AND AM NOT GIRLY!"

"Hmm, temperamental," the one with glasses noted. He looked at the red heads. "Hikaru, Kaoru, these two are in your class, aren't they?"

"Yeah, but they're shy, so we don't know much about them." They said in unison.

A light went off in his head, and the teen with glasses, Kyoya Ootori, smirked. "Well, welcome Honor Students."

The tall blonde blinked. "What? So you two must be Haruhi Fujioka and Edward Elric!"

Haruhi squirmed against the door while Edward stared at them in a bored expression. Haruhi stopped and peeked back at them. Ed raised an eyebrow. "How did you know our names?"

"Why you're infamous. It's now everyday commoners gain entrance into Ouran Academy." Kyoya supplied. Then he glanced at Edward. "And in ten minutes no less."

"C-commoner?" Edward stammered.

"You two have a lot of nerve to work hard enough to enter this school as Honor Students, Mr. Fujioka and Mr. Elric."

A hand slapped Haruhi's back. It was the taller blonde guy, Tamaki Suoh. "You must be a hero to all poor people!" He exclaimed. "You two have shown that even poor people can make it into a school like ours!" Haruhi started scooting away, and Edward smirked at his attempt. "It must be hard for you to be constantly be looked down upon by others."

"I think you're taking this 'poor' thing too far." Haruhi muttered, scooting towards a very amused Edward.

"Spurned, neglected, but that doesn't matter now." He pulled Haruhi close. "Long live the poor!" Pink sparkles danced around as roses flew up from nowhere. "We welcome you to our world to beauty!"

Edward snickered, and walked towards the door with Haruhi. "I'm out of this clown town!" Ed laughed.

Small arms grabbed Edward and Haruhi's arms and pulled them back. Ed looked behind him to find the small kid, Hunny, looking up at them with big eyes. "Hey! Come back Haru-chan! Edo-chan! You two are like superheroes or something! That's so cool!"

Ed looked back into his big brown eyes, and his gaze softened. "Sorry kid, but we aren't superheroes. We're only human like you." He gently pulled away. "Humans who couldn't save one little girl…"

"I'm not a hero, I'm an Honor Student." Haruhi muttered, then he realized what Hunny just called him. "AND WHO ARE YOU CALLING HARU-CHAN?!" Hunny yelped and ran to the group.

Tamaki slid by, "I didn't know that one of the new scholarships, would be so openly gay." He said thoughtfully.

Haruhi glanced at him. "HUH?! Openly- WHAT?" Edward face palmed.

Sparkles danced around the room. "Now, tell me what kind of guys you're in to."

He gestured to the other black haired teen, Mori. "The strong, silent type?" then Hunny, "The Boy-Lolita?" Then Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, "How about the mischievous type?" and then Kyoya, "Or the Cool type?"

Haruhi backed away, while Edward stared at them like they were idiots. "Uh…" Haruhi stammered. "I… Uh…." He backed up towards a vase. "I-It's not like that… Uh- We were just looking for a quiet place to read!"

Edward raised an eyebrow, and went wide eyed when Tamaki's hand stroked his cheek. "Or guys like me, the Princely type?"

He pulled away, bumping into Haruhi and they knocked over the vase behind them. Ed gasped and Haruhi whirled around trying to catch it.


The vase crashed and sharp pieces flew everywhere.

The twins looked at the shattered remains.

"Aw," One of them moaned. "We were gonna feed you that vase in an upcoming school auction!"

"Aw, now you've done it commoners, the bidding on that was supposed to start at eight million yen!" The other continued.

Edward and Haruhi paled. "WHAT?! EIGHT MILLION YEN?!"

Haruhi gaped, muttering, "How many thousand yen is that? How many thousands are in a million?"

"One thousand thousands are in a million and multiply that times eight, and that makes it eight thousand thousands in eight million." Edward supplied quietly. He looked back at the twins. "Uh, we're going to have to pay you back…"

The twins looked at each other and shrugged. "With what money?" They asked in unison. "Both of you combined can't even afford one school uniform!"

Haruhi gasped in realization, and self consciously looked down at his clothes, shaking nervously. Kyoya bent down and picked up a shard, as Hikaru commented, "What's with that grubby outfit you got on anyway?"

"Although Edward, those clothes look pretty cool though," Kaoru pointed out, and Ed grinned.

"Well," Kyoya started. "What do you think we should do Tamaki?"

Still shaking, Haruhi gaped at him.

Tamaki gracefully sat down in one of the chairs and crossed his legs. "There's a famous saying you two may have heard Fujioka, Elric." He pointed at them. "When in Rome, you should do as the Romans do." Dramatically, "When you have no money you shall pay with your body." He looked up at them with a smirk. "Starting today, you two are the Host Club's dogs."

Ed sweatdropped, 'Well, guess I'll always be a dog, first the military, now this dumb club...'

Haruhi stared at him, an image of a dog forming in his mind. 'I don't know if I can handle this mom…'

Everyone looked at Haruhi, who spaced out.

One of the twins waved a hand in front of his face. "Hello?"

'I've been captured by a bunch of boys who call themselves a Host Club.'

Hunny poked him. "Poke, poke?"

Haruhi promptly toppled over. And Ed blinked in confusion at his friend.


Girls giggled and chatted with the Host Club members around the room, as Edward stood by holding a tray with teacups and a teapot.

"Hey Tamaki? What's your favorite song?" One girl asked Tamaki.

He smiled at her, "The one that reminds me of you, of course." She giggled.

"Hey, Tamaki, I baked you a cake. Would you like to taste it?" Another asked quietly.

Tamaki brought her up close, and their noses nearly touching. "Only if you'd feed it to me, darling." She blushed, and closed her eyes. "Oh, how are you so dreamy?"

Edward sweatdropped, and walked over to a table, pouring some tea for the girls. They blushed as he gave them a polite bow and walked away. 'I sure am glad you told me to learn some manners Al…'

Something kicked his legs and he fell forward, and everything flew into the air. He dashed forward, with a yelp and grabbed the tray, catching everything as it fell back into place. Not a single drop was missing. He looked up at the staring crowd. "U-uh…"

The girls slowly started to clap in awe. Edward blinked. 'They're… applauding?'

One of the girls, one with long red hair and sharp, gray eyes next to Tamaki didn't clap. She glanced at Edward with a smirk, and looked at Tamaki. "Oh Tamaki, may I have a word with you?"

"Hm?" He glanced at her.

"I recently heard the Host Club is two little kittens without a pedigree."

He nodded. "Well, I don't know if I'd call them that." He pointed over at Ed who was smiling politely at a blushing girl. "That's one of them, Edward Elric." He looked over to see Haruhi walking in carrying a shopping bag. "Speak of the devil!" He waved. "Thanks for doing the shopping little piglet. Did you get everything on our list?"

Haruhi sweatdropped, 'What? Piglet?'

He looked at the canteen of coffee from the bag. "Hey wait, what is this?"

"Just what it looks like. It's coffee." Ed supplied, walking over.

"I've never seen this brand before, is this kind already ground?"

"What do you mean? It's instant coffee." Haruhi said simply.

The girls on the other side cocked their heads. "It's instant?"

Tamaki gasped. "Whoa! I've heard of this before! It's commoner's coffee! You just add hot water!"

The girls had started to gather around them. "I didn't know there was such a thing!" "So it's true then, poor people don't even have enough free time to grind their own coffee beans!" They all nodded in unison. "Mmm hmm!"

The Other Host Club members and more girls crowded around them in back.

"Commoners are pretty smart." Kyoya commented.

"100 grams for 300 yen?" Hikaru noted.

"That's a lot less than we normally pay." Kaoru agreed.

Ed inwardly moaned. 'All this over coffee?'

"I'll go back and get something else." Haruhi groaned. "Sorry for not buying you expensive coffee, geez."

"No, I'll keep it," Tamaki said, stopping Haruhi. Everyone but Haruhi, Kyoya, and Edward gasped. He stood up. "I'm gonna give it a try." They gasped again. "I will drink this coffee!" They gasped once more, and started to clap.

Edward sweatdropped.

"Alright Haruhi, go and make some of this commoner's coffee!" Haruhi glared at him. 'I hate all these damn rich people.'

"Oh Tamaki, now you're taking the joke too far." Haruhi and Edward looked down at the red headed girl. "Your pallet won't be able to stomach that crap. You don't have to drink it just because he bought it."

Edward narrowed his eyes. 'What did she just say…?'

"Hm?" Haruhi blinked.

"I'm sorry." The girl turned. "I was just talking to myself."

Haruhi raised an eyebrow. "Um…"

"Haruhi!" Tamaki called.

Haruhi stopped. "I'm coming…"


Haruhi dropped a spoonful of ground coffee into a teacup, and poured hot water into the cups. A few minutes later, he held out a tray with instant coffee. "Here."

Tamaki beamed. "Let the tasting begin!"

Some of the girls looked at it hesitantly. "I'm a little scared to drink this stuff." "I'm afraid if I drink this, my father will yell at me."

Tamaki pulled her down and gazed into her eyes. "What if I let you drink it from my mouth?"

"Well then I would drink it." She stammered. The other girls swooned.

Edward and Haruhi sweatdropped, 'This is ridiculous. Seriously, what's so appealing to that?'


"And so he had this nightmare that made his bolt straight out of bed!" Hikaru chuckled.

Kaoru gasped. "Hikaru! Don't tell them that story!" His eyes began to water as he looked down. "I told you not tell anyone that… How could you be so mean to me?"

Hikaru blinked. "I'm sorry Kaoru."

The girls quietly held their breaths and cuddled together, absorbing the moment.

Hikaru pulled Kaoru closer. "I didn't mean to upset you, but you were so adorable when it happened I had to tell them. I'm sorry."

A small tear trickled down Kaoru's light crimson cheek. "I forgive you…"

The girls squealed in unison, face red, "I've never seen brotherly love quite like that!"

Haruhi walked past them sweat dropping. 'What are they so excited about? I just don't get it.'

Mori and Hunny walked in, with Hunny on Mori's back, rubbing his eyes and yawning. "I'm sorry we're running late,"

The girls looked over, "Hey Hunny! Hi Mori!" "We've been waiting here for you guys! Hi!"

Mori put Hunny down without a word. Hunny yawned again. "I'm sorry. I was waiting for Takashi to finish his kendo meeting and I fell asleep." He rubbed his eyes. "And I'm not, completely awake." The females gasped, and squealed.


Haruhi stood by, staring at the small blonde. "Is that really a third year student?"

Kyoya walked up behind him, hands in his pockets. "Hunny-sempai may seem young and childish, but he's a prodigy."

Haruhi turned and looked at him with raised eyebrows. "And then Mori-sempai is strong and silent as his position."

"HARU-CHAN!" Haruhi stumbled back as Hunny tackled him. "Hey Haru-chan, do you wanna go have some cake with me?"

A bit dazed, Haruhi said, "I don't… really like… cake…"

Hunny beamed. "Then how would you like to hold my bunny Usa-chan?" He held up his pink stuffed bunny.

"I'm not all that into bunnies."

Hunny's eyes watered. "You don't like Usa-chan?"

Haruhi blinked at his bunny. It had small black eyes, long, furry ears, and a fuzzy body. He leaned in closer. "I guess he is kind of cute, huh?"

Hunny blinked, and looked at Haruhi with his large brown eyes. A light went off in his head, and he pranced off, "Take good care of him, okay?"

He hopped into a girl's lap and giggled playfully, rolling around as Mori silently watched him.

"They say they divided up each group by the Host's personalities to match up with our guest's preferences," Kyoya continued. "Just so you know, Tamaki is number one around here. He's the king. His request rate is 70%."

Haruhi blinked. "What's this world come to?"

"In order for you and Edward to pay off your eight million yen debt with us, you two will act as the Host's dogs until you two graduate..." He paused. "I'm sorry, I meant our errand boys. You two can try to run away if you want to Haruhi, but just so you know, my family enforces an army of one hundred officers." Haruhi gaped. "By the way," He straightened his glasses. "Do you have a passport?"

Haruhi blinked. "Huh?"

Tamaki slid by just as Edward stopped in front of them.

"You two are going to have to work hard to pay off that debt." Tamaki reminded them.

Ed groaned, "Yeah yeah, I got it already, geez."

"Little nerds," Tamaki breathed down Haruhi's neck and he jumped away, rubbing his neck. Edward growled, shaking with fury. "DON'T." He stepped forward, putting the tray he was carrying on a table. "CALL." He took another step. "ME." He was nose to nose with Tamaki now. "LITTLE!" Tamaki now found himself backed against a corner while Mori held Edward two feet off the ground by his arms.


The girls giggled at his little display, and Ed stopped, and raised an eyebrow at them. The he flushed with embarrassment.

Tamaki inched forward slowly and looked at Ed and Haruhi. "You two need a makeover or no girl is gonna look twice at you."

Haruhi raised an eyebrow. "But I'm not trying to get girls to look at me."

Ed nodded. "What's the point?"

Tamaki gasped. "Are you kidding me? It's the most important thing!" He held up a rose. "You have to act like a gentleman to please the ladies."

"Yeah well, I just don't think it's all that important." Ed said plainly.

Tamaki paused and looked at them in confusion.

"Why should I care about appearances and labels anyway?" Haruhi agreed. "I mean, all that really matters is what's on the inside, right?"

"I don't even understand why you have a Host Club like this." Ed continued.

"It's a cruel reality, isn't it?" Tamaki said, and the two sighed.

"It's not often a perfect person like mwah is created. Beautiful both inside and out."

"Say what." Ed deadpanned.

"I understand how you two feel that no one is as blessed as I am, but you must consult yourself, otherwise how would you go on living?" He spun around the room. "Why do you think they put art in museums? It's because its beauty should be shared with the world!"

As Tamaki droned on and on, Ed and Haruhi sweat dropped.

'There's a word that perfectly describes this guy…'

'What was that word? …' The twins stopped and looked over at the three.

'Hmm… Pain in the butt? No…'

'Annoying? … Nah, something more…'

"…But above all else Haruhi, Edward, you must remember how effective a glance to the side can be." Tamaki finished.

"Oh!" Haruhi smacked his fist against his palm, just as Edward exclaimed, "Got it!"

Tamaki raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Did I strike a chord?"

"Obnoxious!" They both exclaimed. Tamaki froze, and he curled up in the corner of the room.

Haruhi blinked. "Uh, sorry Tamaki-sempai, but your speech did strike a chord." Haruhi apologized. The twins laughed, and Kaoru placed a hand on Haruhi's head as Hikaru placed a hand on Edward's head. "You two are heroes all right!" They both said in unison.

'But he is a pain in the neck anyways.' Ed and Haruhi thought.

Tamaki stood up, spun around and winked. "Really? It did?" He held out his hand. "Let me teach you more my friends."

"Well we got him up quick." Ed stated.

"Bummer." Kaoru mumbled.

"Boss?" Hikaru asked.

"You can call me King!"

"You can teach them the basics of hosting…" Hikaru started.

"But they're not getting anywhere looking like that." Kaoru finished.

"They're not exactly Host club material…"

"Maybe if we take off Haruhi's glasses…"

"And redo Edward's hair…"

"It could help." They finished in unison.

Hikaru took off Haruhi's glasses while Kaoru unbraided Ed's messy hair despite the protests. It fell down to about mid section on his back. They stared at the two, and Tamaki shoved through and stared at them. Ed took a step back.

Tamaki gasped. He snapped his fingers, and Ed slightly flinched. "Hikaru! Kaoru!"

They saluted. "Yes sir!" Hikaru grabbed Edward's arms while Kaoru grabbed Haruhi's. They dragged them to the dressing rooms. Tamaki pointed to Kyoya. "Kyoya, my hair stylist!" Kyoya started dialing a phone number. He pointed at Mori. "Mori-sempai, you go to the eye doctor's and get Haruhi some contact lenses!" Mori raced out the door. Hunny looked up at Tamaki with big, hopeful eyes. "What can I do, Tama-chan?"


"Yes sir!"

"You… go have some cake."

Hunny pouted in his chair, nibbling a cake, muttering, "It's just you and me, Usa-chan… Everyone else said they were too busy…"


Ed and Haruhi were shoved into a changing room, and Hikaru and Kaoru held out uniforms to them. "Here, change into these uniforms!"

"Why should I do that?" Ed growled.

"What? But why?" Haruhi questioned.

"Don't ask why!" The twins said at the same time, and pounced on the two.

"AUGH! GET OFF ME!" Edward yelped

"No Wait! Grr… Fine! But you three need to GET OUT!" Haruhi growled, and kicked Hikaru and Kaoru out. Ed got out by himself and walked into a separate room.

The twins looked at each other as lights went off in their heads.


By evening, Hunny mumbled in his sleep, fourteen empty plates stacked next to him while the rest waited outside the changing rooms.

"What's taking them so long?" Hikaru asked impatiently.

"Um, sempai?" Haruhi's voice called out. The curtain drew back, revealing a boy with large brown eyes, short brown hair, and in the normal male school uniform. "Are you sure it's okay for me to borrow this uniform?"

There was shuffling in the next room, and Ed walked out. His long golden hair pulled back into a high ponytail, and bangs framed his face. A strange strand of hair stuck up like an antenna, and he was also wearing the male uniform. He still had on gloves though… His fiery gold eyes glared at them. "I can't believe you made me do that."

Tamaki's cheeks grew a light pink, and he swooned. "Oooo…. You two are so pretty! Like a bunch or girls! Adorable!"

"I DO NOT LOOK LIKE A GIRL!" Ed bellowed.

"Haru-chan! Edo-chan! You look so cute!" Hunny squealed.

"If we knew that's how you two really looked, we would have helped you out sooner!" The Hitachiin twins exclaimed.

"Who knows, maybe they'll draw out some customers." Kyoya shrugged.

"Well, that's just what I was thinking," Tamaki grinned. "Our errand boys are moving up the ranks!" He pointed at Edward and Haruhi. "Starting today, you two are official members of the Host Club!"

Ed and Haruhi blinked. "I will personally train you to be a Host, if you both can get one hundred customers each to request you, we'll completely forget about your eight million yen debt!"

"A Host?" Haruhi moaned.


"So, Edward, Haruhi, what kind of hobbies do you have?" One girl asked.

"What's your favorite color?"

"Do you wear contacts?"

"What kind of products do you use on your skin? It's so pretty!"

"How old are you?"

"Why did you join the Host Club?"

Ed's left eye twitched, and Haruhi stared at the three girls. 'How do they ask so much? I don't know if I can handle this.'

Edward sighed. "I like journaling and coming up with theories for the unexplainable, red and black, cause' they look badass, no, I don't do anything, fifteen, because I felt like it."

Haruhi stayed silent, and the girls looked at him expectantly. 'All we gotta do is get one hundred requests each, and they'll forget our debt. I know just the story…'


Tamaki stared at the two new Hosts from behind the couch, absorbing everything they said and the ladies' reactions.

"Oh, I see." One said quietly. "Your mother got sick and passed away ten years ago…"

"So who does the chores around the house?" Another asked, pity lingering in her eyes.

Haruhi looked up at her with big, brown eyes. "Oh, I do." He looked at her. "My mother taught me, she was an amazing cook." His eyes showed a tint of sadness. Tamaki's eyes widened at his story. Edward looked over at Haruhi, his gold eyes sinking into a murky brown. "When she went to the hospital, she left me a bunch of great recipes. It was fun to create each dish, especially when they came out good…" He gave them a forced smile. "I've had a rough childhood, but dad and I have managed to make it through okay…"

One of the girls looked at Ed, who was staring at the floor, his blank eyes dead and lifeless. "Edward? Are you alright?"

Everyone at the table looked at him, and Tamaki's violet orbs wandered over to the smaller blond. Ed blinked, and looked up at them. "O-oh, uh sorry… It's just that…" He gave a sad glance over at Haruhi. "Haruhi's story reminds me of my own…"

One girl put a hand on his left. "Could you tell us?"

Ed paused, and nodded slowly. "A-alright." He sat up straight and gazed into each of their curious eyes. Tamaki leaned forward in anxiety. "I have a little brother, his name is Alphonse. We were born and raised in a small farming town, with my mom and dad. But…" His gaze darkened. "My dad left us when I was around five, and my brother was four. He just got up and left us without even saying goodbye." His eyes looked down. "And then a few years later, we found out our mom was sick, and hadn't told anyone about it. There weren't any hospitals nearby, and a traveling doctor said it was incurable. She never stood a chance." Tamaki and the girls gasped. "So Al and I lived with my next door neighbor, Winry Rockbell, and her grandmother, Pinako Rockbell until Al was nine and I was ten. We were both extremely good in… chemistry, so we continued our studies with a family friend, Izumi Curtis and her husband, Sig Curtis. When we came back, Al and I got into an accident and Winry got me back up onto my feet with a temporary fix. After that, we burned down our home so we could travel to look for a permanent solution. I got a well paying job at the age of twelve, and I found a solution to Al's injury. He's still in a hospital back near my apartment, so I came here to attend school and find something interesting for him."

Haruhi stared at him. 'That's what he's been hiding? He's an orphan, his brother's in a hospital, and he's got a job?'

One girl stared at him. "Oh, sorry…" she whispered quietly.

Ed shook his head. "I don't need your pity. We've made it through this much, so we can still keep going." He gave her a small smile. "Besides, you got two good, strong legs don't you? Don't worry, just get up and use your legs. Make your own path, and don't let anyone control you like a dog."

She blushed, and all the girls squealed. "SOOO CUTE!"


"I just don't get how they're so popular." Tamaki muttered.

"They're naturals." Kyoya commented, standing beside Tamaki, who continued to stare at Ed and Haruhi, who were beaming at blushing girls.

"No training needed." The twins agreed in unison.

"Have you forgotten about me?" The same red head girl asked. Tamaki turned and beamed at her.

"Oh no. Sorry Princess," He said calmly, flicking his blond hair out of his eyes. "I'm just concerned about our two newest Hosts."

"Well that's obvious, Tamaki," She said, looking at him with stone gray eyes. "You sure have been keeping an eye on them."

"Of course. I have to, I'm training them to be gentlemen like me." Tamaki snapped his fingers, and Haruhi and Ed looked at him."Haruhi, Edward, come here for a moment." They blinked, and excused themselves from the giggling girls. They walked over, and Ed raised an eyebrow.

"What do you want?"

"I'd like you to meet someone." He gestured to the girl next to him. "This is my regular guest, Princess Iona Koji."

Haruhi blinked. 'It's that girl from earlier.'

Haruhi smiled. "It's nice to meet you!"

Edward beamed. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Tamaki gasped. He lurched forward and grabbed a very surprised Ed and Haruhi in a bear hug. He twirled around, ignoring their struggling. "OH THAT WAS SO CUTE! THAT EYELASH BASHING WAS AMAZING! YOU TWO ARE SO GOOD!"

Iona sweatdropped, and held up a hand in a 'stop' gesture. "Uh, Tamaki, I think that's enough…"

"MMRPH!" Ed yelped.


"MORI-SEMPAI! HELP ME!" Haruhi struggled. Mori looked up at the situation, and narrowed his eyes. A few seconds later, a light went off in his head. Haruhi was in the air, hanging from Mori's arms three feet in the air. Ed was stuck, Tamaki's arm covering his mouth, and he stared at Mori, despite suffocating. Tamaki sweatdropped and finally let go of Edward, who crouched down on the ground, gasping for air.

Tamaki raised his hands in mock surrender. "Uh, Mori-sempai, you didn't need to go that far…" Nobody noticed Iona glaring at Haruhi and Edward. "C'mon, let daddy give you a big hug!"

"I already got a dad, I don't need another one." Haruhi grumbled.


Haruhi rummaged through his locker just as Edward ran up to him. "Hey Haruhi! Have you seen my bag?"

Haruhi looked up. "Uh, no, sorry. I can't find mine either." Ed blinked.

"Oh… uh…"

Haruhi looked out the window, and looked down. He gaped. "T-that's my bag!" Down in the pond was a brown bag, books, pens, pencils, and notebooks. Ed ran up to the window. "Hey! Is that my bag in that tree?!"

Haruhi sighed. "Didn't think there'd be bullies at this school… Guess they're everywhere…"

"If I find the person who did this, they'll have a lot coming for em'!" Ed growled.


Haruhi stood ankle deep, barefoot and with his pants legs rolled up. Sleeves rolled up, He was bent over, feeling around in the water. "Must've been that girl. She seems to hate me and Ed…" He muttered to himself. "But I can't be worked up about her right now. I gotta find my wallet or I won't have any money for food this week!"

Meanwhile, Ed had abandoned his jacket on a tree branch and was slowly making his way up the tall oak tree. "This is one damn tall tree…"

"Hey commoner." Haruhi turned around to see Tamaki looking at him with raised eyebrows. "You and Ed have a lot of nerve skipping out on the club like that."

Haruhi paused. "Ah…"

Tamaki looked down at the pile of soaking books. "Why's your stuff all wet?"

"I, uh… must've dropped it…" Haruhi huffed and continued looking for his wallet. He stopped when a few splashes rippled the cold water. He looked up at Tamaki who now was searching through the waters.

"You don't have to…"

"Nah, s'okay," Tamaki reassured, "They say I'm dripping with good looks anyway."

Haruhi stayed silent and stared as Tamaki straightened up and held up his wallet. "Looking for this?" Haruhi didn't respond and Tamaki waved it in his face. "Hey, you're staring. Are you falling for me?"

Haruhi scoffed. "NO!" and snatched the wallet. Tamaki smirked, but it soon faded into a frown. "Hey, where's Edward?"

"OVER HERE!" They turned to see Ed scowling at them. His hair was dirty and messy, and a few twigs and leaves stuck out. A strand of hair was stuck to his cheek, and he was currently hanging upside down with a vine tangled around his right leg, waist, and right arm. His bag clutched tightly in his left arm.

Tamaki sweatdropped, "What happened to you?" He observed the teen a bit more. "And why are you in a tree?"

Ed huffed. "Oh I don't know, just taking a climb." His voice oozed sarcasm. "I was getting my bag!" He scowled more. "GET ME DOWN!" Tamaki shrugged and walked up to him. He started untangling the vines, and Ed fell on his head. "OW!"


"So your bag fell into the water?" Iona said, putting her teacup down. Haruhi sweatdropped. 'Why did she request me if it's obvious she doesn't like me?' "I also heard dear Edward's bag somehow got stuck in a tree! I don't know what I'd do if my bag wound up in one of those situations!" Iona looked into Haruhi's eyes, her stone cold eyes narrowing. "And you made Tamaki search that dirty old pond? You know he's a blue-blood." She sighed. "The only reason he's paying attention to you and Edward are because he's trying to turn you into gentlemen."

Haruhi narrowed his eyes. "That's it." Iona looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "You're jealous of us." Iona blinked, and her mouth was a perfect 'o'.


Ed raised an eyebrow at Tamaki, who seemed to be saying something cheesy and dumb, while the girls gushed and swooned. 'How is that dreamy? I just don't get it.'

He yawned, scratching the back on his head, while a few nearly girls blushed and swooned at how 'cute' he looked. Ed walked by, occasionally smiling at a girl, who would in return flush and faint.

He strolled by Haruhi and Iona, and chaos erupted. The table fell over, knocking Ed onto ground, a few pieces on glass embedded themselves into his legs. Haruhi had Iona on the ground, hovering over her. Iona screeched, "Help! Haruhi just assaulted me! Someone teach this commoner a lesson!"

Ed choked. "What?" He crawled over. "You two a-"

"Eek! Edward's in on it!"

The twins held identical jugs and poured the water on Ed, Iona, and Haruhi.

"What did I do to deserve that?" Ed growled.

Iona stared in shock at the Hosts. "B-but, why…?" Tamaki walked over and knelt down, helping Iona up. "T-Tamaki… Haruhi and Edward just attacked me!"

Tamaki gave her a dark look. He gently pulled her head up, and a venomous violet met a shocked stone grey. "Iona, you're the one who trashed Ed and Haruhi's bags."

"Y-you don't have proof if I did it!"

Tamaki made a tsk tsk sound. "You're a beautiful girl, but you're not fit for the Host Club." Iona's eyes widened. "And if there's one thing I know, Haruhi and Ed aren't that kind of people."

Iona's eye's filled with angry tears. "Tamaki- you… you IDIOT!" Iona pulled away and ran out.

Ed sweatdropped, sarcasm dripped out of his mouth, "Well that wasn't dramatic."

Tamaki helped Ed and Haruhi up, and Ed winced as he put his right foot down. Hunny looked at his legs with raised eyebrows. "Edo-chan, you're hurt!" Tamaki gasped and grabbed Ed's right leg thankfully, and Ed's head hit the ground again. "OW!"

He pulled away, and Kyoya walked up to them holding two bags. He handed one to each. "These are the only spare uniforms we have left. Sorry, but it's better than a wet one."

Haruhi looked at the uniform. "Thanks, I'm gonna go change."

Ed nodded. "Yeah…"


Tamaki walked up to the two rooms holding Ed and Haruhi, and pulled the curtains back. "Hey Haruhi, Ed, I brought towels for yo-"

He stopped at the sight. Haruhi was currently removing her shirt, and she looked back, blinking in bewilderment. Ed was on a stool wearing only a black T-shirt and white shorts. His still wet hair dangled down his back, and was currently trying to pick glass out of his legs. From the right shoulder down, and the left knee down was gleaming metal. Wires were seen between the gaps in the steel, and a few gears were turning. He looked up at the sound of Tamaki's voice, and paled. "Ah…"

The curtains drew back into place.

A light finally went off in Tamaki's head. Haruhi's a girl!


Tamaki's face was a bright red as he stared. The rest of the Host Club stood smirking. Haruhi stood in front of them sweatdropping. She wore the normal female uniform, a bright yellow dress with long sleeves.

"So cute!" Hunny exclaimed.

Haruhi rubbed her arm."Look guys, I don't really care if you see me as a guy or a girl." She looked each of them on the eyes. "I think it matters for who you are rather than what gender you are."

There was a mumble behind the other curtain, and Haruhi sighed. "Edward Thomas Elric, you get out here right now!" There was a low growl inside, and the curtain drew back, revealing a VERY annoyed Ed, he was in a black tank-top, and his black leather pants, his feet were bare, and his automail foot gleamed in the dim light.

He scowled at the Host Club's gaping faces. "Don't look at me like that," He glanced over at Haruhi. "Happy?"

She raised an eyebrow, but nodded. Ed moaned. "I still don't think this was a good idea… They'll just go blabber this," He gestured to his arm and leg, "To the whole school!"

Kyoya spoke up. "How far up does your leg go?"

Edward tapped his left knee.

"Does it hurt?"

"Why didn't you tell us?"

"That's so cool!"

"What is that?"

"How does it work?"

"Only during surgery, attachment, and being detached, or when it's wet outside, I don't want anyone talking about it cuz it's uncommon in your country, and I don't want to be thought of as a bloody cripple, no, it's not. I f you think this is cool, talk to my mechanic, this is automail, highly advanced prosthetics, and it's connected directly to the nerves. Automail functions on the electricity sent from my brain, multiplies the energy enough to move it, and it moves like a normal limb. Now can you PLEASE stop the questions?! And don't you go talking about this to ANYONE, or I'll have to snap off your legs and stuff em down your throat." Ed gave them a dark glare.

Hunny paled and clutched Usa-chan. There was no doubt Edward could do that.

Haruhi noticed the pale faces. "You know Tamaki-sempai," Tamaki blinked out of his 'scared-to-death-cuz-Edo-chan-threatened-me' trance and looked at her. "I think you were pretty cool back there."

He blushed in embarrassment, and his face heated to a bright crimson. He covered his mouth, slowly moving away trying to not let anyone notice.

Kyoya smirked. "You know, I may be wrong, but I think this is the beginning of love here."

Haruhi thought for a moment, and Ed went back into his stall to change.

"You know, maybe getting fawned over by a bunch of girls might not be so bad." Haruhi exclaimed. Tamaki gaped at her.

"No shit." Ed agreed from behind the curtain.

"I know!" She smacked the side of her fist on her open palm. "I'll just call everyone 'dude' and 'bro' now!" She giggled, and it turned into a humorous laughter.

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